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Overview of Building One, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria in Australia

Discuss about the Analyze Property Markets For Client On Building One.

The purpose of this report is to critically analyze property markets for client on Building One, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton Victoria Australia. Again, the concept of current market analysis at global level as well as in other capital cities in Australia, Melbourne and suburbs in Australia will be examined in the report. Moreover, we will consider economic conditions associated with property markets along with unique issues relating to property and geographical aspects. Finally, the report will consider the impact of geographical and property aspects together with future trends with appropriate rationale. Typically, property market can be defined as the process of buying, selling, and renting of building and land. In that connection, property market analysis for 195 Wellington Road, Clayton will be based on the process of selling, buying and renting of buildings and land.

The main purpose of the subject property above is lease agreement. This property has affordable and fully fitted office space that is characterized by three main aspects. First, it offer high quality fully fitted tenancy. This allows clients to fully enjoy the property. Second, the subject property has on site cafés and conference centre. This provides a unique place where people gather for meetings and other activities. Lastly, the property is characterized by secure underground parking that is well furnished to satisfy clients (Malin & Maidment, 2003). Again, 195 Wellington Road is located within the “Unipark” office precinct. This property allows clients to align themselves with main tenants such as Canon, Beonic and Lockheed Martin. The concept of property market is much related to housing and real estate. Therefore, we can correlate property market to real estate market in terms of market entry and property management.

Australian property markets are invested by different investors all over the continent. This investment platform allows people to invest in different types of property in Australia.  They also allow clients to access real-time property valuation data in order to determine prices for these properties. Moreover, property markets enable clients to access property and suburb insights that are readily available for sale in property markets within Australia. In order to get a foot into property markets to access property such as Building One, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria in Australia, the clients are required to have as little as 5% of the property purchase costs (Malin & Maidment, 2003). This enables them to invest so that they can live in their ideal homes.

Analysis of Subject Property

Another analysis in subject property enables clients to build their own property portfolio. This process requires a minimum investment of 1% of property purchase costs. In this case, the client is required to begin to construct a diversified property portfolio from different aspects such as commercial and residential within Australia. In addition, subject property enhances the process of accessing tools and insights from investors with remarkable experience. This process applies a network of like-minded investors so as to apply the available toolkit and platform necessary for property selection (Marshall, 2013). Again, the process enables property management to attract as many clients as possible.

The process of acquiring property in the market involves four main steps. The first phase involves finding the property. The client is required to find the property available in the market that satisfy his or her demands. This process involves comparative analysis of different types of properties so as to come up with the best property that correspond to client’s financial capacity. The second phase involves buying the property. The market ensures that each property is subdivided into 100 block. The client is allowed to but one or more blocks in orders to cumulate the required property (Marshall, 2013). The third phase involves management of property bought by the client. The management process involves safe keeping of rental income and capital returns that are generated by the property. The last phase involves maturity period. This period is estimated to be 5 years where property owner can vote to sell or keep the property.

Property market analysis for clients on 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is based on high performing investment in Australia. According to JLL’s Metropolitan Sales Team, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is truly an extraordinary opportunity to clients whose main agenda is to invest in property markets. The clients are attracted by certain features of 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC. Some of attractive features of this property include; modernized four level office building that was constructed in 2008. This building is approximately 4239 square meters and has carrying capacity of 207 car packing space. Again, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is leased to high profile tenants such as CSRIO and Canon. The full rental costs are estimated to be $1,678,000 per year. Another factor that attract clients to this property is strategic position that contain major arterial access points (Reece & Walker, 2007). In addition, the property has an exceptional location thereby becoming one of the best suburban commercial precincts that allow a solid ongoing tenant retention. Moreover, the concept of modern nature of 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC allow excellent depreciation. Lastly, the property set a series of office assets with value driven expectations on prices.

Current Property Market

195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC has wide markets from global levels and other capital cities in Australia. In addition, the property market is distributed in Melbourne and suburb property where 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is located. First, we analyzed the global property markets so as to determine the distribution across the globe. From global property market point of view, the property to be sold in advertised so that potential customers can be informed. For the case of 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC, the advertising process involved is well diversified in order to reach potential customers across the globe (Reece & Walker, 2007). The first stage in adverting process is where sales agents are required to create property advert, upload photos of that property and indicate the required description.

The next stage involves selecting the most appropriate package that satisfies the requirements. Again, it is important to pay marketing expenses so as to publish the advert. The property is usually published via before it is distributed automatically to different networks. The process ensures that the property owner deals directly with all enquiries generated by selected networks (Holmes et al, 2015). Finally, the money is saved after selling the property to international buyers. Typically, the current global property market for 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is conducted through online platform via use of modern technology. The current global markets for the property under consideration include Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Middle East. These markets are reached through agent pricing.

The other current global property market is initiated through owner pricing model. There are great tips provided by on how to access property from the market without intervention of an estate agent and realtor. The process is purely based on owner pricing. The first stage is to prepare to sell. For example, the owner of 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC should prepare to sell the property to potential customers by selecting the most appropriate websites to utilize so as to reach global clients. The owner can use local websites in Australia and integrate with other international websites such as for global marketing and for Europe (Krugman et al, 2012). In order to make global property market sustainable, the following steps should be applied in owner pricing model. First, price the property to sell. It is very important to consider all the requirements when selling property at global level so as to set a reasonable price that will not put the clients off. Due to unfavorable competition in this market, it is important to price the property competitively. In order to compute the most appropriate price of a property, it is advisable to calculate the usual realtor fees that should be saved when selling the property directly without intervention of sales representatives.

The second stage involves selecting the most reliable websites to sell the property by owner. More expensive property may attract few potential customers. It is important to select a website that attract potential customers through marketing and advertising (Kotler et al, 2010). Third, consider how social media can be applied to sell property of 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC. This property can also be sold to the global market through twitter where the owner apply hash tags on twitter to attract clients and adverting property via YouTube.

The next current property market for 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC to be considered is local market in Melbourne, suburb property along with other capital cities in Australia. First, we consider the current property market in Melbourne. In this market, there are a number of highly qualified licensed real estate agents and valuers who act as buyer’s advocates for clients for this property. This market is based on valuation principles that provide accurate and reliable advice on the current property fair market value (Holmes et al, 2015). Buying of property have been simplified in Australian market and capital cities through the concept of Location Score.

Typically, Location Score has become one of the best and simplest tool to apply when buying property in Australia. For instance, if an investor focus to buy a property in Australian capital cities and suburb places, Location Score is currently the best property market tool that indicate potential for capital growth in Australia. It also provide a property-research platform that enable investors to interpret big data relating to every suburb in Australia thereby reaching a wider market scope. In every month, Location Score provides each suburb in Australia with houses and units by using key potential indicators that calculate the forces of demand and supply in the market (Hitt, 2014). For the entire current property market, Location Score is very applicable for market analysis on 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC. It is also highly valuable to property investors, buyers’ agents, real estate agents, financial planners, property investment advisors, mortgage brokers and insurers. Lastly, several stakeholders in 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC should apply global property marketing approach so as to fully distribute risks across the globe. These stakeholders include home buyers, accountants, property researchers, property managers, valuers, lenders, insurance providers and risk analysts.

There are several capital cities in Australia that demonstrate current property market along with property prices. On December 2017, the property price index dropped by 0.3% across Australian capital cities (Hausman, 2007). This rate was obtained from several capital cities such as Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne and Perth. However, the market trend in the capital cities has not been consistent due to different rates of jobs growth, population growth and affordability hurdles.

Property markets for client on Building one, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC have been exposed to several economic conditions that either facilitate market growth or decline market growth. The economic conditions are also distributed to global markets and other capital cities in Australia. Property markets across major capital cities in Australia has been changing gradually. According to head of research on property market in Australia Tim Lawless, Sydney has experienced growth figures in property market by December 2017 (Fletcher, 2012). On the other hand, property values in Melbourne dropped for the first time since February 2016 where dwelling values dropped by a rate of 0.2%. The decline is attributed by highly population growth, increased rate of jobs growth as well as reduced affordability hurdles.

The importance of property market in Australian economy has received much attention from investors and other stakeholders. In Sydney for instance, property market value has dropped in the past two months despite a remarkable and strong growth in the market. Financial crisis in Sydney is the main cause of decline in property market values (Dunn & Norton, 2013). The decline is also predicted in other parts of the country. However, the property market value for 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC is likely to increase due to economic growth and labour market conditions that are likely to attract more clients to buy or lease the property.

The first issue relates to property affordability in Australian where property prices increase as a result of booming demands as well as constraints on the supply (Dann & Dann, 2007). From geographic point of view, capital cities in Australia have shortage of land that limit expansion of property. There are also shortage in skills required to design property in Australia. Property should be expanded to suburb regions in Australia where land is plenty.

The other unique issue to the subject property sector and submarket to property type in terms of demand for property (Dann & Dann, 2004). The demand for office space on 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC has been dominated by professional service through a gross take-up of 32%. In that connection, the major capital cities in Australia focus to know the submarkets for property so as to satisfy the demand from the clients.

There are several consequences of geographic issues to development. First, shortage of land in capital cities in Australia is a clear way to design major investments in suburbs in Australia. The population growth in Australia is increasing thereby demanding a better supply. In that connection, demographic issues affect the value and pricing of property in the major capital cities. Property owners tend to sell at high price without considering economic conditions in Australia. This affects many residents since young investors are unable to reach the price value set by property owners. Another impact relates to demand and supply of property in major cities in Australia (Daft, 2015). The residential markets are segmented since the properties are highly differentiated. In that connection, the submarkets holds certain risks and rewards. 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC must consider these issues so as to mitigate any negative impacts.

The population in Australia is undergoing rapid growth and the properties available have no capacity to satisfy the population. In January 2018, the value of property has been declining in major capital cities in Australia. Some of the cities affected include Sydney and Melbourne. Based on this trend, other cities are likely to face similar decline in the future if the issues mention in the above context are not fully mitigated (Blaxtel et al, 2006). However, there are several positive trends in property markets. First, the use of modern technology has been utilized to sell properties in the local and international markets. Clients across the globe have been able to express their interests on property such as 195 Wellington Road, Clayton VIC so as to lease offices and other facilities (Lindeman, 2011). In the future, the market will be able to sell property located in suburb areas in Australia so as to enhance demographic distribution of properties in Australia.


In conclusion, the concept of property markets in Australia has been fully distributed in major capital cities and suburb areas. Stakeholders such as risk analysts, property managers, real estate valuers and property investors have managed to pull up together so as to enhance the process of buying, selling and renting property and land (Bell, 2005). The market covered at local and global levels have be fully initiated so to maximize the platform provided by property markets.


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