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Make of Galaxy Tab

Discuss about the Psychological and Social Factors.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet computer has been chosen in this report. The components and the physical description of the Galaxy tablet computer are going to be discussed in a detailed manner. In this case, its screen size, resolution, storage capacity, camera, battery and many more features of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is going to be explored. The software and the hardware from which these tablets based on their operations are discussed. The type of sensors that Galaxy tabs are featured is going to be explored along with its connectivity, software operating system, camera and hardware features.

The hardware description is going to be elaborated. The software programming languages on which these tablets are based on their operations are to be explained. Samsung Tablet computers are very handy in nature because they are light weighted in nature. They are portable devices and hence very easily carried from one place to another. They are more to use as compared to computers because of their portable nature. However, they have certain demerits like they lack certain evolved features tat are possessed by laptops and desktop computers. But these are very minor as compared to the enormous features and usability advantage of tablets.

The name of the chosen device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. It is basically shortened form of a computer. In another sense it can said to be like a mobile PC.  The Galaxy tablet computer comprises of a mobile operating system along with a entire covered touch screen display that is the LCD touch screen display. Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched in the year 2014, June. The tablet has the feature of display near about 10.5 inch and with a resolution of 2550 pixels.

It also comes with a operating system, a processing circuit and alsoa rechargeable battery. Table have their own I/O capabilities. These basic input and output tasks helps them to perform their basic tasks. They have the front facing or that of the rear facing camera, a microphone, a proximity sensor, a magnetometer and a Hall Effect sensor. Some of these tablets are also having their own finger print sensor that only after sensing the specific finger print provides access for login into the system. Tablets can run thus for various software. They along with many hardware capabilities like camera, text, email, voice call, video call, maps calendar, notes, contacts, App store, virtual assistance and many more (Boyd and Ellison., 2007).

Types of Primary Memory

Samsung Galaxy Tab S is small and light weight in size. They range in around 10.5 inch display features. The composition and the parts by which they are framed are pictorially shown in the figure.

The most important function that makes it more usable at time as compared to other tablets are its slate like features. These tables are usually does not come with the keyboard like system. Hence the absence of its key board like feature it can be worked easily with the help of its in built touch screen feature. The key boards are in build in its touch screen facility.

This tablet device is more useful when it is considered to be used as a portable device. It is highly portable device and it can be carried along anywhere and in anytime it can be used. Moreover the setablets can be used along the windows operating system. It makes the tablet computer easy to use due to its unique features of user interface.

Galaxy Tab is featured with a screen size of 10.5 inch, resolution of 2550 pixels, storage capacity of 16 GB, Processor of 1.3GHz octa-core, RAM comprises of 3 GB, rear camera in the range of 8 megapixels and front camera of around 2 mega pixel. Android 4.4 is adopted as the latest operating system of Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.5. The battery capacity is range in 7900 mAh. The general weight of Samsung Galaxy Tab is around 460 g.  As far as the physical footprints of Galaxy Tablets are concerned, there are two major architectures that dominate the tablet market. They are the ARM Holdings, ARM architecture and Intel's AMD's x86. Since 1981, Intel's x86, including x86-64 has powered the "IBM compatible" PC and Apple's Macintosh computers.

The CPUs of these Galaxy Tabs also have been incorporated and transformed into the digitisation and smaller in size in the form of tablets. They in hand provide more efficiency in the performance along with their ability to run ore fast and more accurately. They can also run with efficient performance while running into the full versions of Microsoft Windows. The touch screen display makes use of the gestures of the fingers in order to operate the tablet computer (Cetin?, Cristiana and R?dulescu, 2012). On the sides of the device, there are some in built feature sin the form of power button, speakers, head pone jack and a USB port.

The various components of the Galaxy tablet computers vary from display module to the battery pack up. The memory and the sensory parts like PCB. ARM has been the CPU architecture of choice for manufacturers of tablet computers that comprises of (95% ARM), PDAs, digital cameras (80% ARM), set-top boxes, DSL routers, smart televisions (70% ARM), storage devices and tablet computers (95% ARM). This dominance was began with the release of these mobile centric devices and it works compatible with power-efficiency 32-bit ARM610 processor. It is originally designed for the Apple Newton in the year 1993 (Boyd and Ellison., 2007). And that ARM3-using Acorn A4 laptop is in 1992 (Chaffey, 2013). The chip was adopted by Psion, Palm and Nokia for its PDAs and later for the smart phones, camera phones, cameras, etc. ARM's licensing model is supported by this success by allowing device manufacturers in order to license alter and fabricate custom SoC derivatives tailored to their own products. This has helped manufacturers extend battery life and shrink component count along with the size of devices (Eric and Duncan, 2014).

Main Method of Storage

Memory is one of the prime components of Galaxy tablet computer. There are several types of memory placed inside the tablets. They can offer various ways of storage inside the device. One of the way is the temporary storage and another is that of permanent storage device. One is the primary memory and another type is the secondary memory. Primary memory again is classified as DRAM, SRAM and DRDRAM.  Primary memory is also known as the volatile memory. RAM is part of the volatile memory since once the power is off, the data which is not stored gets removed permanently. Whereas the secondary which is also known as volatile memory. It can be classified as the PROM (programmable ROM), EPROM (erasable programmable ROM) and EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable ROM). They are non volatile in nature and no further stored action is required. They are permanently stored instruction inside the device (Smyt, 2007).

There are important types of memory present in the tablet computers. They are the RAM, ROM and the cache of the system. RAM stands for the random access memory and ROM stands for the read only memory. The read only memory is that part of the memory which can be used only for the purpose of reading and it cannot be thus used for further editing or modification of the file. The random access memory on the other hand is widely used for the storage purpose where editing and addition into the storage space is also possible. The cache on the very way is a type of memory which is a temporary based memory.

The primary storage of Galaxy tablet which is also known RAM i.e. (random access memory). Samsung Galaxy Tab has an inbuilt feature of 3 GB RAM with a facility of expandable storage. The expandable storage type is microSD. It is expandable up to 128 GB. It can perform both the operations of reading and writing. However the major drawback with this type of storage is that once during power failure during the process of memory access, all the data gets deleted automatically. Secondary memory is an external type of memory where permanent memory is stored. The external storage media such as floppy, hard disc and cache memory are those storage devices where the data are stored through these external sources. Programmable read only memory ie. EPROM is a large storage media that can offer some of the erasing features. PROM chips are used to write the data once and perform the reading activities many times (Waghmare, 2012).

There are various type of  memory present inside the system has been discussed in the earlier topic. There is another memory known as the memory card which can be used for the external purpose. They have been classified in the form of internal storage memory and that of the external storage memory. Random access memory i.e. RAM is the main part of the memory in the tablet computer.

How do Galaxy Tablet PCs really work?

The processor used in Galaxy Tab is 1.3 GHz octa core. A Galaxy tablet PC is build up by assembling multiple hardware components. Variety of its components is same as those found in a regular desktop computer or laptop. Other different components are mentioned below.

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Stylus
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Graphics Processor
  • Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE, CDMA Network
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • GPS System

Unlike other regular computers, the key usage of Galaxy tablet PC is the ease of convenience while on the move. This is where the mobility becomes an important factor in this tablets while choosing or purchasing a tablet PC (Werner and Kumar, 2003).

Almost any tablet PCs including Galaxy Tab comes with a touch screen enabled display. This makes it easier for an end-user to conveniently to interact with the tablet. Many manufacturers also has provided a stylus, which is a touch tool for interaction with touch screens. Every touch screen has a gesture or touch controller microchip which helps to detect and process the touch interactions from the end-user (Gurau, 2008).

Accelerometer is a component that helps to determine motions and movements in a Galaxy tablet PC. This feature is highly used while playing video games and also features in entertainment apps. Gyroscope is an component which can determine the orientation of Galaxy tablet display. That is, the display layout that can change according to the way  hold a tablet PC – vertically or horizontally.

Graphics processor an another important feature helps run graphic-intensive apps and also games. It can render high definition pixels onto the display (Merisavo and Mika, 2004).

Network connectivity can come into picture when talk of mobility is concerned. A user must be able to connect to the Internet via different types of networks depending on its availability. Wi-FI, GSM, LTE, CDMA and others are types of network connectivity.

Galaxy Tablet PCs can be plugged into a power source or can also run on recharged battery. This feature particularly helps in using it while on the move.

GPS system helps you determine your location on apps like Google Maps. It is also used in apps that help navigate through cities and countries (Pai and Arnott., 2013).

The instruction set that is also known as instruction set architecture (ISA). It s basically a machine language that is a part of computer programming. The processor obtains instructions in the form of command from the instruction set. It helps to guide the processor to perform the tasks in a specific set of instructions. The instructions set comprises of the various important sub components such as addressing modes, native data types, instructions, interrupt, memory architecture and external I/O. An important example of tablet computer’s instruction set is the x86 instruction set. This same instruction set is also used in the Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon processors.

It is a software development framework for managing and developing product. Scrum works on the principle of dual recognition. It works when the customers can change their mind on they need with the change in situation creating an unpredictable challenges for which a planned approach may not be feasible (Salehi, Mirzaei, Aghaei and Milad, 2012). Scrum is based on evidence based Empirical Approach.

Based on the system analysis of the two adaptive methods Scrum and Unified Process (UP), used to  develop CPU instruction set in tablets. Galaxy tab has many background scenarios which has come into the picture. After the analysis of Scrum, it was found that Scrum has much limitation (Yannopoulos, 2011). One of the major demerits of Scrum is that for dispersed and part time developers the ongoing and continuous interaction becomes a major challenge. In Scrum a very good form of leadership is required to accomplish the entire process of system analysis and development.  Collaboration is the major contribution feature for accurate result. Also in Scrum, a very careful planning is required (Smyt, 2007). However in Unified process, the organization that utilizes the Unified Process (UP) has less limitation for the remotely located developers. It is possible since the corporations using unified process (UP) incorporate their own modifications and extensions. So for this reason unified process is recommended over the Scrum.

Android 4.4 is the latest operating system on which the Galaxy Tab is operating. In an adaptive approach the project activity included plans and models that are adjusted as per the system project requirement. Therefore the object-oriented method has been approached.  It refers to the software development that describes the software as a set of interacting objects. It is described in the form of models as object class diagrams, sequence diagrams, object-oriented programming and state charts (Sundararajan and Leonard, 2003).

As per the object-oriented method concept, the object is a type of thing in the form of customer and broker as per the case. To identify the types of object is to classify the things such as customer, new ones and already existing ones. A class is a collection of similar objects that can be represented in the UML class diagram. For every class there are more specific subclasses.

Project Lifecycle deals with the software programming and their development process to run and operate these Galaxy tablet computers. In Unified process, the elaboration, construction and Transition phrases are divided into a series of time box iterations. Each of the iteration are resulted in an incremental manner.  This is a much more advanced process that contains the added vale and the improved function as compared to previous traditional approaches (Waghmare, 2012).

The unified Process is Architecture centric and it is the core of the system development and analysis, It involves the core team’s effort the give suitable shape to the system. The unified Process involves in the provision of multiple access facility. It contains multiple architecture and views. It has the executable architecture baseline. After the system has been partially developed it serves to validate the system architecture and also at the same time it acts as a foundation for the remaining development.


The various components of the Galaxy tablet computer and its features along with software and hardware functionality have been elaborated. The hardware features of Galaxy Tab S also have been explored such as its processor, RAM, internal storage and expandable storage. The physical structure of the Galaxy tablet computer was elaborated and the parts and component were discussed. The software programming method and instruction set of the tablet computers were explained.


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