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Brand Personality and Its Importance

Brand personality is a framework that determines how a company is able to outline the way people sense about the products or facilities. The brand personality ethics is an emotional response conducted for a specific segment of customers with an intention of developing positive actions for the firm’s benefit. The brand personality elicits customers’ responses to a product or service to enhance equity and establish a distinct set of traits for the firm. The brand personality is a significant concept for attaining brand equity which is the overall value of the product as a divisible advantage. This study will identify the research aims and objectives along with the rationale and background of the research.

The main goal of the research is to determine how brand personality is used as a strategic concept for multinational advertising.

  • To understand the ideas of brand Personality And Multinational Advertising.
  • To identify the advantages of brand personality.
  • To comprehend multinational advertising and its implications.

Creating a good customer relationship is the main area of many businesses in the setting of brand management as well as marketing. Nikhashemi and Valaei (2018) stated that one of the shared forms of indorsing the brand is in terms of reminding target customers about a brand. The notion of brand personality is utilized to generate user image in order to assess the brand image. Customers know that utilization of the key branding plan can have an effect on the brand insight that is more enduring than any other communication strategy. Given the brand personality, the procedure of obtaining is less multifaceted in nature and there is a high option of spending less time on information hunt. The dimension of brand personality as recently criticized lies in a way that has a wide variation across personality generalizations that are not variable in nature. Consumers identify with the brand that realizes the strong match between personality as well as the brand. According to Davies et al. (2018), the dimension of brand personality is in a marked step change for being presented in multidimensional nature. Brand personality is a measure for identifying the measurement items to be scaled onto different dimension labels. The term “brand personality” measures the association of the brand that is not a personality trait. As such, these measures can be applied to determine the personality of the brand.

Brands are a direct response to the provision of a brand name that signals how a product or service is stamped onto a marked imprint for an organization. As such brands are a consequence of strategy in market segmentation as well as product differentiation. Kim et al. (2018) stated that a brand not only acts as a market but also calls on an apparent design of what it should become. In present times, these brands awake onto the concept of awakening the interests of the consumers on the basis of personality. Therefore, it is considered imperative for the marketers for decision making as it eventually frames onto the variable for branding success.

Brand personality implies the traits that are utilized by customers to be associated with the brand. Tong, Su and Xu (2018) claimed that brand personality is identified in terms of sincerity, competence, excitement, sophistication as well as roughness. As customers observe developing a separate character, they assist from utilizing the brand for self-expression. Brand personality is a key construct that triggers cognitive processing and a distinguishable brand knowledge restructuring. Brand value is mistaken with brand equity in the sense that is used to determine the product value at lesser estimation in total value. For instance, in 2022 Apple is regarded to be the most valuable brand with a brand value of able brand with a brand value of 355.1 billion dollars in U.S dollars (Statista, 2022). On the other hand, Amazon is another leading brand that took on a valuation of nearly 254.2 billion U.S dollars for that year. Brands influence customer choice and create loyalty that has a lower cost in financing. Strong brands influence business performance for customers, employees as well as investors.  

Brand Personality and Brand Equity

Brand personality resonates onto enhancement of brand equity that determines the brand attitude at which customers willingness and attachment is entrusted for trust and loyalty. Coelho, Bairrada and de Matos Coelho (2020) stated that better communication is one of the result of brand personality and is more precise than an ordinary suggestion. The association and beliefs with customers hold onto how the brand will go away in attaining brand equity for achieving the overall value as a separate advantage. As such, good branding reflects onto the ability for building trust and recognition from the customers. The main advantage of delivering personality trait is in delivering customer confidence for becoming worthless or alluring personality.

H0= Brand personality is a form of multinational advertising that does not influence brand equity.

H1= Brand personality as a form of multinational advertising influences brand equity.

Therefore, from the above hypothesis, it can be estimated that H0 is null and void whereas H1 is accepted and valid. 

Research design is a framework that determines the methods or techniques identified by a researcher. This design allows the researcher to utilize the methods used for the study to be used in the future as well. The four types of research design may be described as “descriptive”, “correlational”, “casual” and “experimental” research (Carpentier, Van Hoye and Weijters 2019). In this research, the researcher will make use of descriptive research that aims to obtain information in order to systematically determines a phenomenon or population. Descriptive research determines a population or phenomenon by using a extensive variety of research methods in order to explore the problem. The descriptive research design implies the use of a extensive range of methods in order to examine one or more variables (Vinyals-Mirabent, Kavaratzis and Fernández-Cavia 2019). Experimental research is a study that involves scientific research for using independent variables and manipulating them for dependent variables. The design of the research makes way to utilize the methods used for setting up the studies for future purpose.

Research method is a specific process of collecting and analysing data and is utilized as a significant process for collection and analysis of data. Developing this strategy is utilized to cover onto the new information in better understanding of the topic. The research method might be classified into “qualitative” and “quantitative” method. In this research, the researcher will make use of qualitative research that involves collecting and understanding the concepts and experiences to get in-depth sights for generating new ideas for the research (López-Rodríguez, Cristancho-Triana and Amaya-Téllez 2019). In this aspect, the secondary research method involves collection of information by means of websites, books and articles for gathering information through the work of art. In this research, the researcher will make use of qualitative research that makes use of information through natural settings in order to generate newer ideas into the research. In this research, the researcher will make use of this method for understanding the concepts in generating newer ideas for the research. On the other hand, quantitative research method is a strategy that focuses on quantifying and collection of data and how this emphasis is utilized in empiricist and positivist philosophy (Japutra and Molinillo 2019). Therefore, the quantitative research method implies emphasis on objective measurements for utilizing onto the computational techniques needed therein.

Influence of Brand Personality on Multinational Advertising

Data collection is a procedure in collecting and gauging information needed for targeting the variables into the established system that enables relevant questions and favourable outcomes. The process of data collection might be divided into primary and secondary. Primary method of data collection is a process in collecting information by means of surveys, interviews as well as experiments (Hu et al. 2019). Secondary data collection involves collection of data through websites, books, government publications and internal records. In this research, the researcher will make use of a secondary method of data collection for addressing onto how brand personality helps to define onto a strategic concept in multinational advertising. In this research, the researcher will make use of secondary methods of data collection for understanding the why or how a certain behaviour occurred (Lara-Rodríguez, Rojas-Contrera and Oliva 2019). The quantitative research method focuses on quantifying the research based on analysis as well as collection of data. By forming an effective approach, the emphasis is placed on testing theory through empiricist as well as positivist philosophy.

The ethical consideration for the researcher is in promoting the needs in research for imparting authenticated knowledge, truth as well as error prevention. In understanding the system of code of conduct, the distinction between good and bad is made out of conduct and character. In this research, the researcher will make use of “Intellectual Property Act” for encompassing copyright as well as intellectual property and how they are utilized for the invention (Valette-Florence and Valette-Florence 2020). The ethical considerations ensures that no individual refrains from indulging in any kind of act that is harmful for the society or individual. Based on this phenomenon, the core principle is in applying authentic knowledge, prevention as well as error prevention. Ethics have a strong principal of how business will act in a responsible way to be regardless of the impact it has on profits. In this aspect, the principle of voluntary participation adheres to how a particular code of conduct is applicable for understanding the potential harm and results of communication. In consideration of ethics, it can be comprehended that adhering to code of conduct can help in collecting data from that of others (Robertson et al. 2019). Researchers need to adhere to the code of conduct for collecting information from others and applying them in a beneficiary manner.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Topic selection

Initial literature review

Selection of methodology

Proposal submission

Table 1: Research Plan

(Source: Created by author)

The research plan is a short document that initiates a plan and documents action for a project in a logical and concise manner. This research plan is pivotal to the project as it helps to identify the goal of the research and apply grants in funding for the internal company. Considering the research plan, the first step is a topic selection which will be carried out for the first two weeks. The second step is in conducting an initial literature review being conducted in the 2nd and 3rd weeks. The third step involves the selection of a methodology developed in the 3rd and 4th weeks. On the other hand, the final step lies in the submission of the proposal initiated in the 5th and 6th weeks. Defining the area of the study is in formulating a research plan for analysing the data and writing up the study. Therefore, understanding the basic element in the study is in developing significant elements for the preparation of the research proposal. 


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