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1. Demonstrate understanding of effective opportunity-search strategies;

2. Apply understanding of recruitment/selection methods to applications;

3. Demonstrate ability to use relevant vacancy information, including ways of accessing unadvertised vacancies;

4. Identify challenges and obstacles to success in obtaining suitable opportunities and strategies for addressing them;

5. Demonstrate capacity to vary self-presentation to meet requirements of specific opportunities; and 6. Demonstrate ability to present oneself effectively in selection interviews and other selection processes 

Understanding of Effective Opportunity Search Strategies

The searching of job should be based on the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of the individual. Jobs ads on the newspaper should be determined and evaluated by looking on the job profile provided by the organization. Many advertisements are published for the employees with work experience, and the job seeker should examine the criteria that are required for the job. The newspaper provides significant information to the job seekers (Beatty, 2006). The internet has some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to seeking for a job. The individual has to search for how to apply on the website of the organization. The companies post job ads for a number of reasons. The individual should have the knowledge about how to apply for the required job post. The job/career fairs also provide a wide opportunity to the job seekers for getting the job of their choice. It also provides an opportunity to the organization to select the most efficient employee for their work processes. Networking has also become one of the most significant ways to search job. It refers to the developing relationships with other people and keeps track of jobs and events. The job seekers can get information through these methods and get jobs as per their skills and Knowledge. The hospitality management industry is developing rapidly which provides wide opportunities to the candidates who are searching jobs. The individuals can apply online or go directly to the company for jobs. The search strategies are based on the capabilities of the job seeker and the requirement of the company.                  

The human resource manager should conduct a phone interview initially in order to obtain information about the candidate’s background, experience, and work history. The main objective of a preliminary phone interview is to determine whether the candidate has the requisite qualifications and skills for the job vacancy (Bratton, & Gold, 2017). In the next stage, the human resource manager reviews the resumes of the applicants. The applicants are invited by the manager for a face-to-face interview which ensures that all the qualified applicants are capable for the required post or not. The face to face interview is conducted to analyze the applicant closely and examining their skills and knowledge. The next stage of written examination which is also conducted by the human resource manager (Clarke, & Chen, 2007). The written examination helps the recruiter to understand the real capability of the applicant in a specific field. It shows the confidence, knowledge and memory strength of the candidate. The last stage is that the HR manager decides which applicant is suitable for which job profile on the basis of the interview selection method. The HR manager offers the job to the candidate for the development of the organization. The recruitment and selection method is considered as the best way to get most skilled employees for the organization.        

The job seeker should understand the main requirement of the job vacancy. The individual should apply for the job vacancy provided by the company. The most important thing is to examine the position description which includes selection criteria. If the individual is unsure about the aspect of the job vacancy, then he or she should contact directly on the given phone number (Piotrowski, 2008).  The following steps can be carried out by the applicant:

  • Reading the advertisement and determining the job position
  • Save or print the details of the job
  • Highlighting the key words of the advertisement and evaluating what the recruiter is looking for
  • Listing important aspects such as skills, qualification, experience and expertise
  • Reviewing and summarizing the things

Understanding of Recruitment/Selection Methods to Applications

The unadvertised jobs can be tracked with the help of adopting different strategies. The job seekers can focus on networking for the searching job because the companies pay bonuses to the employees for introducing new candidates. The social networking sites such as LinkedIn where the recruiters search for the candidates for the unadvertised jobs. The Google alerts can be used for the email notifications and get the information (Poels, 2004). The job seeker can contact the employer directly or can attend job fairs.        

The challenges and the obstacles that can be easily identified in the case of the hospitality management are depicted to be showing the motivating and the engaging of the associates in an inappropriate way during the high turnover rates. As the rate of the turnover increases, the incidence of the younger and the less experienced candidates is hired and this is depicted to be a kind of the challenge which is faced by this industry (Barrows, Powers, & Powers, 2009). This is representing the kind of the more training which is requisite for them as they are a kind of the fresher to the industry. Another challenge which is being faced this industry is the leadership challenge which becomes more complex with the increment of the growth of the industry. Therefore, the enforcement of the consistency in the services provided to the customers becomes a kind of the pressure in the leadership management (Baum, 2011).  

The challenges that are mentioned above can be easily mitigated by showing the appropriate implementation of the processes which are implemented for the growth of the industry and also the proper presentation of the work is being made by showing the creation and the maintenance of the team (Fisher, Schoenfeldt, & Shaw, 2006). Therefore, it is very much important to maintain the protocols and the communication process which is very much important for the management of the leadership in the hospitality management. The open communication process must be carried out for the purpose of having a well-developed atmosphere and also the growth can be easily represented by showing the implementation of the new technologies in the hospitality management (Ivancevich, & Konopaske, 2013).

The role implemented for the self-presentation to meet the specific requirement of the developed technologies is depicted to be showing the enhancement of the values, and also it is representing the self-important characteristics. In the case of the hospitality management, the creation of a good atmosphere is very much vital for the management and the growth of the industry. The role that must be played by an individual is to coordinate and participate in the open communication process. This will enable the environment to be friendly for maintaining the work pressure and also the quality services can be easily provided to the customers (Singh, 2013). The importance of the open communication process is also indicated to be mitigating the issues of the leadership which are a great part of the development of productivity in an individual. Apart from this, the management of this specific opportunity must be undertaken by each person for the betterment of the environment and also the individual can easily maintain the fluency in the work process. It shows the growth of the overall industry and also the fulfilment of the specific objective also indicates the growth in the individual also. Therefore, it must be taken into consideration for the welfare of the hospitality management by showing the involvement of each in this case.

For the purpose of demonstrating the individual effectiveness for conducting the interviews and the selection process, there are some of the following steps that must be followed for the betterment of the process in the hospitality management (Storey, 2007). The process contains the following steps which must be followed by the individual to successfully execute the interview and the selection process which are described below in the following points: -

  • Evaluating the needs and identifying the vacancies
  • Developing a suitable description for the post of the recruitment
  • Developing an initial plan for carrying out the recruitment process
  • Selecting the search committee
  • Implementation of the recruitment plan for the post position
  • Reviewing the applicants and developing the short lists of the applicants
  • Interviewing the shortlisted applicants
  • Selecting the hiring process
  • Finalizing the hiring process

These are the steps which must be followed by an individual to ensure the consistency and the compliance in the selection and the recruitment process. The steps enable the recruiter to have the appropriate guidance regarding the arrangement of the recruitment processes and also allow the recruiter to conduct the process in a smooth way (Rouse, 2010). This simply indicates the minimally recommended best practices which must be followed for attracting the talented and the diverse applicant pool and also the fulfilment of the needs of the organization can be easily undertaken by showing the diversifying actions in the selection and the recruitment processes. Therefore, the documentation of the interview process can be easily conducted by showing the appropriate execution of the flow processes as illustrated in the above steps.


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