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Write a Review and Analysis of an HBR Case Study.

According to the case study, in the year 1983, Chuk Hu mainly identified  basic concepts related to the supply chain management. He proposed the concept of 3D printing on furniture and connected accessories to it. The radiated ultra violet rays are helpful in making  thin layer which helps in providing an actual image of the procedure. The promotion and bottom up approach related to the procedure assists in providing suitable assistance. By identifying the concept from different sources and by putting forward  approach related to the process, Chuk Hu defined the concept of 3D printing. His first concept for the processing is Stereolithography. After this, various techniques and approaches are identified in the organized manner.

The technical standards for the 3D printing are also known as “Additive method for printing”. Through this method, suitable printing technique got identified. There are various materials used in printing methods which are named as the paper, glass, ceramics, wax, material and biological cell, which will directly influence the printing behavior in a concrete manner. The maintenance and management of the logistics on a wide level can be done with the help of suitable processing (Doherty, 2012).

The network related to the supply chain management is quite wide at an initial level. The case study implies that the 3D products are spreading with a higher speed. It is explained in the case study that the American Engineer Chuk Hull is having  a definite identity and innovation in reference to the 3D printing technique. The Chuk Hull also identified definite approach for the suitable problem definition in the organized format. The supply chain management network is also identified with  the help of patent formation. The patents are also found out in U.S and the nearby areas of the locality. These patents are also helpful in describing  expansion of the products in most desirable methods (Tibbits, 2017).

Following the strategy of  3D printing system, China also follows the concept of supply chain management system to manage aspects related to the products. While expanding the network related to the product worldwide, the Chinese organization generally do not prefer to make the products by just copying and pasting (Rogers, et al., 2016). In the case study, it is mentioned that the organization generally grasp best aspects of the products. On that basis, suitable product can be made. The market of China is identified with a specific set of strategy. Due to this strategy, the market is expanding with a rapid rate. In China, the 3D printing is also able to generate support on government level too. By observing the revolutionary attitude in the services provided by China and the suitable management of supply chain management, the government has also come up with different approaches on a specific level. These approaches are suitable for the supply chain management (Wang & Gunasekaran, 2016).

The process of supply chain management mainly follows specific rules which takes a lot of time. Still, in various countries, the traditional approach of supply chain management is identified. Traditionally, the customer raised their request and ordered products. The products dispatched towards concerned logistics and are then divided according to the area. After the division of the product, it reaches to the concerned person. For managing all these opportunities, it is essential to identify each and every step in a definite manner. All this procedure takes time. This case study mainly emphasizes on the new method of supply chain management, which is managed through the 3D process.

3D Printing Techniques

The 3D processing method is considered as the solution for the supply chain management procedure. Through this method, amount for managing products and application related to the logistics can be solved easily. The reduction in material supply list, management of the complexity related to the supply chain management and inventory cost can be managed by providing suitable assistance in the correct direction. By considering the supply chain management procedure, the positive impact of 3D printing can be identified. In the case study, it is also specified that to bring the revolutionary change in the working structure of the organization, the 3D printing techniques can be used  in the wider landscape. The evaluation is successful in providing specific assistance in the correct direction. Apart from this, the defining set of results is also maintained with the help of  processing (AL-Maliki, 2015).

The evaluation of the case study also depicts that the involvement of the 3D technique in the China will also help in defining the major growth perspectives. The contribution of the organization is about 34.9% in the year 2014 and then it is continually improving on defining aspect. It is also predicted by the Mckinsey that in the coming years and near future, the market for 3D printing will expand on a suitable level. The technique can able to generate the suitable ground for growth perspectives

The wide range of 3D printing techniques is utilized to make the task successful. These 3D orienting techniques may also help in providing suitable assistance by which, the processing can become easier and comfortable. Some of the most common 3D printing techniques on the basis of the case study defined are shown below: -

Stereolithography is the first identified technique which is helpful in mentioning the major aspects related to the printing methodology. This will be helpful in drawing thin layer on the water and on that basis, the suitable image is created.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is the method in which, with the help of specific image drawing powder, the actual structure will be formed. On powder, the specific image is drawn and definite shape will be obtained from the reflection of  the laser beam. This method is also identified as the unique method of processing (Low, et al., 2017)

Fused  Position Modelling is the process in which the low volume product is made by managing the nozzle. The nozzle sprinkles the ink for forming the image in a positive manner. With the help of nozzle tip, the actual image required is being prepared in the definite manner.

Laminated Object Manufacturing is mainly helpful for the form/ fit testing and specific tooling patterns. By this method, the rapid aspects of producing the pictures can be provided on the wide landscape. The image formed by this method is perfect and specific too (Baker, 2015).

Apart from this, there are various patterns too, which can be used according to the requirements of the printing and processing.

The above report and information which is initially gathered from  case study is successful in delivering  a new concept related to the 3D printing technique in all respects. With the expansion and use of 3D technique, common issues which are continuously appearing are specified below in the form of points: -

  • The Chinese market for the 3D printing technique and toy making is quite new. The management of the SCM is quite difficult for a definite level. The company’s annual growth rate (CAGR) only defines 32 % of the growth ratio. According to the forecast, it is quite low, but in the coming future, chances of development are identified more.
  • The involvement of the specific business model will be helpful in providing specific assistance to the business. There are two models identified, one is named as the business innovation model and the second model is identified as the Design science research (DSR) method.
  • The business model is identified as the opportunity which helps in promoting the supply chain management procedure. It is identified as the unique method which assists in promoting the financial viability of an organization. The process of communication and development of the concept is also mentioned with four paths to the business model innovation, which are the mixing of the products and delivering of the services, setting of the definite path in a possible direction, formation of the appropriate portfolio and changing the order of the specific decision (Jin & Ji, 2013).
  • The final aspect of solving the issues is related to the DSR methods. These projects are helpful in defining the design search research aspects for the development of the supply chain management in the correct course. The suitable process of iteration and looping is considered for the specific process of improvement in the correct direction as well. By following these perspectives for the development, it could become possible to manage the aspects related to the supply chain management.

Role of Governments in Supporting 3D Printing

There are various aspects that can be identified on a managerial level. The improvement is also required at a definite level. But, after observing the complete structure of the case study, some issues are observed in the complete process of supply chain management. The managers also have the specific influence of the definite production system. Some of the implications on the managerial level are defined below with the specific set of  information: -

The managers have to be more technical and sound to grasp the current activities related to the organization. The 3D printing methodology is too wide and equipped with a definite set of information, so it is essential to put forward the definite approaches in a suitable direction. The managers have to more organized and focused.

The strategic planning is also identified on the managerial level. It is identified that the China also looks forward for the new commitments related to the 3D printing. The strategic approach towards these managed aspects will be helpful in providing the definite set of results.

The managers are also bound with some defining sets of rules and regulations. The 3D approach followed by them is also of higher consideration. The managers also have to follow the methodology related to the patents. This methodology related to the patents may also help for the managers in promoting the activities related to the 3D printing (Deloitte, 2012).

The other implication is associated with the definite set of information which is provided for the growth and development of the business expansion by the managers on a definite level. The managers have to focus on the appropriate information, which is related to the specific procedure.

Apart from this, there are various implications which are to be followed in the definite manner. The suitable recommendations are also provided for the management of the managers in the correct direction.

There is a definite set of recommendations provided for the development and growth. The improvement can only be possible when new techniques and definite set of approaches will be introduced in the managed form. The recommendations are identified as the most innovative  way to introduce the new concept in  3D technique. The recommendations are defined below.

The 3D techniques are successful to bring a change in the supply chain management procedure. The expansion of the services is also defined on the wide landscape. But, for  making the commercialized use of the current technique, the precise work plan and approach is compulsory. The organizations like Deloitte and Telstra are also looking forward for the more opportunities related to the 3D expansion (Hoiem & Savarese, 2011).

The various study shows that the expansion and management of the 3D technique is the key source of growth and development. It is recommended that the techniques which should be applied to the completion of the process should be selected in the correct manner. There are various techniques mentioned for the processing, of the 3D technique. The correct selection will be helpful in providing suitable assistance in the framed manner.

Impact of 3D Printing on Inventory Cost Reduction and Logistics Management

From the various approaches, the last set of recommendation is that the promotion through patent and the help of the copyright aids in identifying the most specific method for an improvement. On the managerial level too, the technique has to be accurate and precise. The suitable set of  information should be provided on that aspect. This will aid in supporting the new ideas on a wide level (Chen, 2016).


The case study defined in the discussion is full of possibilities and information. The wide range of information is provided on the definite platform and specific approaches may also be generated with the help of this case study. The explanation in the case study is also wide. From the initial level of 3D printing to the ending level, the information is mentioned. This approach will also help in highlighting the actual procedure followed in the 3D technique. There are various graphs and images defined in the case  study, which will prove as the supporting milestone for the improvement of the 3D techniques. The Chinese organization is identified for managing the milestone for a proper set of work. Apart from this, some modifications and improvements are also provided in the case study, which may further help in generating the basic ideas correlated to the procedure in a definite manner. If the issues related to the 3D techniques can be solved and suitable assistance will be provided to them, then the generated result will also appear in an organized form.


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