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Three Platforms That Associate with Focus Technology

Discuss About The Systems Software Development Methodologies?

The report will discuss in detail about various methodologies in information technology because it helps in gaining a better clarity about many advanced level technologies prevalent these days which are also crucial for the development of the methods along with system based development methods (Vijayasarathy and Butler, 2016). The study is based on finding the best form of platforms for the development of software methodologies.

Following is the detailed discussion of three platforms: -

  1. Adaptive Software Development: this platform is called as ASD and it is developed by J.A. Highsmith. The founder has provided a versatile along with an agile manner to address with quick and rapidly changing ventures of programs. It is usually not very simple to arrange everything in effective manner in the rapid changing business environment. However in this platform, a static kind of plan life cycle can be easily interchangeable with a more dynamic kind of life cycle (Matharu et al., 2015).
  2. Extreme program platform: this is also called as XP which usually ought to have a consumer on the location that determines and further sort the work for a group and in addition, it can also further answer different inquiries at whatever time they emerge. XP based platforms are also effective by nature since it focuses on loyalty of the customer. It further assist in providing the services along with needed on same time and date for the future usage and therefore this process further provide the software to the customer whenever it is needed (Moniruzzaman and Hossain, 2013).
  3. Scrum: this platform is considered as a increasing process for building up anything and also addressing any kind of work. The platform of Scrum aims on how subordinates focus to function to adapt with the ever changing environment.


Features: The main features of this platform are the culture created by the system is very adaptive by nature, highly focused and frequentative development.

Benefits: Companies that are seen as adaptive by nature helps in getting on with any kind of emergency orders out of the diverse network of many interconnected human beings (Papadopoulos, 2015).

Disadvantages: The platform of AD is also about the culture along with the concepts that software can easily practice.


Features: this platform is primarily a client based development with in small period of time and it routine based building.

Benefits: the developing upgrade of the system helps in increasing the implementation along with responsiveness to any kind of change (Pathak and Saha, 2013).

Disadvantage:  it is a single practice that is right for some features, a general level of approach and administrative practice is given less importance.


Features: this framework is independent by nature along with self organizing methods and growth based teams with almost a month long release based cycles.

Advantages: the framework helps in getting a change that exist from repeatable and featured kind of change with innovation and improvement related approaches.

Disadvantages: the details of the framework is present within a specific guidelines on how to completely oversee the release for a month based cycle however the process of integration and acceptance evaluation are not very definite by nature (Gill et al., 2016).

The platforms for XP are set to deal with the problems associated with the work and with different level of dangers of any project. When a company’s customers needs to another solution in the form of framework by specific time period the changes are high that the project will more likely breakdown. More and more commercial companies do move from declining projects and at the same time, expanding the overall returns and convention based program administration activities will be less to meet the need of the tests (Arango-López et al., 2017).

Features and Benefits of Each Platform

It is important to understand here that ASD actually based on complicated and versatile framework related hypotheses that are used to change the overall comprehension of the subjects like material science, level of advancement along with many financial features.  The platform of XP is also designed specifically collaborated all the efforts that exist between the company and their clients. The platform of Scrum is used in the diverse industry segments when the meeting is mainly attended by the consumers, management and the team members where the goals and its operations are determined (Paternoster et al., 2014).

The platform of XP has also seen some advance level of challenges developed because of long improvement cycle based on conventional and advance models. The platform for XP process can be discussed by short amount of cycle for improvement, increased level of arrangement, continuous criticism, reliance on the correspondent and outline which is transformative by nature. With diverse kind of qualities, the XP framework reacts to modified environment with a huge deal of more courage (Paternoster et al., 2014). The platform of Scrum on the other hand needs any specific kind of programs with advance level of strategies and methods that can be used further. In addition, it also needs a specific level of methods used for management in so many cycles in order to avoid each kind of complexity and confusion.

Following are some of the important recommendations: -

  1. There is a constant requirement for delivering continuous first level of esteem for the cash. This is why for effective execution of new level of platform deliverable, it can be properly used.
  2. There is also a requirement to aim on dynamic level of consumer based investments (Paternoster et al., 2014).
  3. For effective execution, every process of LD requires collaborated properly.
  4. There is also a need to decide the process of innovation for execution

XP: the platform is actually the light framework for the development of the system but also has some very unique features. The most crucial element is actually the capacity to be able to postpone the coding process. This is done until the actual experiment have been developed. The strategy of this platform uses different kinds of audits along with evaluation. There are specific times when computer program are used with this platform but not in usual practice. The very nature of the XP is based on system growth methods and it is also noteworthy goals with XP strategy (Dubois and Tamburrelli, 2013). The basic goal of this platform is to base the expenses of the program requirements.

Following are the main reason for the selection of XP platform: -

Metaphor: the single metaphor actually helps in developing and the software engineers can further foresee as when the project come out to be the actual future.

Small releases: the platform used can be released rapidly with many rises that comes slowly with time.

Industry Segments

Collective possession: In the current platform of XP, any team member of the project can change the codes at any given time as long as the other steps are in finished stage.

Standards for coding: there are numbers of formats along with style for coding that can be very similar to particular finished goals in order to empower all the members of the projects (Dubois and Tamburrelli, 2013).

The platform of XP is an increasing stage along as frequentative process. The work is usually isolated into small functions that can bring an addition to the overall usefulness with purported discharge. This can be considered as a form of the arranged level of framework that based well. All the elements that are part of the discharge process are completely actualized (Yu, and Petter, 2014). The platform for XP also makes the constant level of releases by keeping in mind the finished goal to pick up any kind of criticism easily.

The study has recommended that the platform for XP is the right software platform that will help in improving the program and overall responsiveness as per the modifying necessities of buyers. The study also says that XP based platform also support constant level of discharge in the slow improvement cycles. This is why; it must increase the level of profitability and current checkpoints at which new customers demands can be met. During the time of XP platform functions, every group becomes a part of many adaptive parcels. This is why; the platform actually exists as per the dispersion of information all across the team (Yu, and Petter, 2014). The XP based practices is further set up to reduce the overall danger and also improve the level of probability of success. The software is an endeavor set to deal with issues and use a blend of best practice by focusing more on transit based program in the present working environment. Despite of the way the complete arrangement is set, they are used in stricter manner.


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