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Project constraints and project requirements

Discuss About The University Is a Private University At United States.

SNHU or “Southern New Hampshire University” is a nonsectarian, coeducational, nonprofit and private university at United States. It has been best known for its various online initiates. This has made it one of the fastest-growing universities of the nation.

The study intends to develop a project planning document on the basis of overall parameters of the projects. Here the networking area of the university is chosen.  Moreover, it is helpful to establish the proper project managements and quality environments needed to finish the SNHU project.

The following report has included project constraints, project requirements, communications, project stakeholders, responsibility matrix and risk management plans.

At SNHU the network services are to be provided. This must be done through an open source system. A computer vulnerability program of inspection should be deployed on various wired data jacks at various sectors of the campus including the grand library of the University. However, before the end users can link to the network through any computer, this should be registered to an ID (Pathan, 2016). Then it must pass to the endpoint checking to be permitted in the network. It must be reminded that the networks that never have the operations like network, security and services react to acceptable usage violations and operational incidents through disabling the wired ports under the scenario of wireless clients.

The present network implementation at SNHU University can never be expended to encompass the extra wired ports neither over the campus nor to wireless network of the campus preventing NUIT from identifying latest mobile device technologies.

Further, the scope of the project includes the replacing of life technology under Network Access Control solutions over the campus networks. This supports centralized out-solution-of-band architecture which scalable in nature (Loo, Mauri & Ortiz, 2016). This must also have high-availability. It has been improving he customer service through delivering clear instructions regarding self-remediation of various hosts from end-users. Moreover, it has been supporting administrative quarantine of hosts for various security complaints.

Extensive research on this project has been helpful in positioning the security issues and network architectures within the campus network of SNHU University. The first step includes the deployment of network architecture within the campus networks. Then the security issues within the campus network are to be found (White, Fisch & Pooch, 2017). Next the cost effective secure campus network is to be implemented. This comprises of various steps. They are creating VLANs or Virtual LANs for securities, implementing firewall for external and internal securities, implementing virtual private networks or VPNs for branch campus.

Work Breakdown Structure

Time estimation

  The estimation of time has included assumptions where uncertainties have existed in the values. Here, the time estimations has been actual estimated of various parameters of statistical distributions. At many cases, the various uncertainties inherent to the activities must be high. Moreover, it has included different uncertainties in various ways. This must lead to the usage of stochastic networks (Kahler, 2015).

Cost estimation

 The budget of the current project is fiscal and program document. It reflects the costs needed to do various activities of the project. Here, the budget is determined the dollar expression of the project proposed and is intended to be reasonable. This is tied to the work plan and objectives of the projects. Further, the budget must not be created till the plans, priorities and policies of SNHU University get established. Instead of various goals stated clearly and aims, here the economic projections are unable to be made (Kizza, 2017). This must be substituted through the budgeting planning. Budget approval should be denoted as the commitment from the part of the governing body and administrations to conduct policies, respect priorities and support plans that are been translated to dollars around the budget. The budgeting is the process through which SNHU University can translate the objectives and goals of projects to needed resources for accomplishing objectives and goals. However, budgeting can never be regarded as the hit-or-miss method. Instead, it has been involving various considerations and several factors. SNHU University must use computer-aided tolls regarding cost controlling and cost estimations. This is done prior the construction starts. Here, the controlling of costs must be different from the university that develops the cost estimations. Further different software have been available regarding cost control and cost estimation, the project must design a system that must incorporate cost control processes and cost estimations (Yang et al., 2015). This kind of integrations has been enabling transfer of cost estimation data in automatic manner to various cost control methods. Thus, the complete integration about the project’s cost status can be accessed at any point of time. SAD or System Analysis and Design approaches are used through relational database management systems that are utilized for developing the model of integrations. SNHU University requires finding out the kinds of cost elements, equipments, materials and labors that are need to do the cost for every elements. While performing planning of the budgets, various queries are to be answered. First of all the staff time is needed to finish the projects. Then the consultants needed for the current projects are needed to be determined. Next, the travels needed to undertake every activity is to be done. Next the supplies required to be done by the project is to be done (Ahson & Ilyas, 2017). Various costs to be incurred to finish the project activities are to be determined. As the resources needed to conduct the present project is found out, nest the collecting and researching the cost estimations of the resources are to be determined. Here effective documentation is vital to keep the process under flow. This is needed while penning down the justification of the budget. Here, many of them are involved within the project. However, the requirements and formats of the budget have been differing among various agencies of findings. There are various standards for developing the federal budgets (Ren et al., 2015). Besides there are various indirect costs that is incurred by SNHU University for various joint or common aims that must not be specifically or readily determined with any specific grant project or additional institutional activities.  As the indirect expenses are charged, SNHU University should be providing a copy of the present negotiated indirect expense rate agreements from cognizant agencies. This present copy is been defined as the one encompassing the project period or a specific element of the project period (Knapp & Langill, 2014). Thus, a new indirect cost rate agreement is needed as one submitted with grants exceeds the deadline as the project moves on. Moreover, the finance department of the organization is able to provide data regarding how the rate can be applied and the costs that are paid with indirect funds. Moreover, the budget is the economic expression of the working scope of the SNHU University’s network implementation project. It has been vital that every cost is related to various tasks needed to meet those project objectives.

Quality estimation

 In the current project one of the vital factors to find out the expenditure has been the quality of services that are provided. Here, various methods utilized to deliver the service are to be provided (Kitsos, 2016). Thus, instead of basing that budget over the previous expenditures, SNHU University must look at different alternative paths to provide services that should be the element of the process of budgeting.

Role of stakeholders

 The stakeholders have been strongly influencing success of projects. Hence, understanding their roles is vital for project implementations and managements. It is the green retrofit projects and is more complex than new projects.

Functional requirements

 In the current project the network must send emails as any particular condition is met.

Non functional requirement

 The e-mails must be sent with latency having more than 12 hours from those activities.

Figure 1: Stakeholder Analysis at Southern New Hampshire University

(Source: Created by Author)

Figure 2: “Communication Matrix for Southern New Hampshire University”

(Source: Created by Author)

Network component


Risk level

ATM switches

Central network device


Network routers

Distribution network devices



Access network device


ISDN or dial-up servers

Access network devices


Closet switches

Access network devices



Task Name





Implementing network architectures at Southern New Hampshire University Campus

103 days

Wed 5/16/18

Sun 10/7/18

Security Issues at the campus network

92 days

Mon 10/8/18

Fri 2/15/19


Mitigating the known attacks

2 days

Mon 2/18/19

Tue 2/19/19


Implementing cost effective secure campus network design

192 days

Wed 2/20/19

Fri 11/22/19


Implementing firewall for external and internal security

110 days

Mon 11/25/19

Fri 4/24/20


Deploying Virtual Private Network: Use for branch campus

100 days

Mon 4/27/20

Fri 9/11/20


Figure 3: “Gantt Chart for time scheduling of Network Infrastructure at Southern New Hampshire University”

(Source: Created by Author)

Figure 4: “Network Diagram for Southern New Hampshire University”

(Source: Created by Author)

Securing the huge network is a challenge if IT managers. There are lots of similarities between securing outsides networks and universities. However, there have been improvements of challenges and issues. SNHU University has been paying more attentions towards improving learning experiences of students (Guo et al., 2014). Here, the architects of the campus have been able to achieve this as the IT managers are able to hold on basic principles that are addressed in the system architecture. This network infrastructure design is a vital part of various IT organizations currently. A vital consideration for network design has been creating efficiency to support future expansion in secured, scalable and reliable way. This needs the network designers to define the unique situations of clients, especially in data architecture, application and technology.

This letter certifies that all the delivers under the project (Southern New Hampshire University) is delivered. This is done according to the agreement. Here, interim approvals for the deliverables are signed on ______________. This has been serving as the affirmation that the final and latest deliverables under this project agreement is conveyed.


______________________ (Signature of Customer)


The security is an important problem to deploy and design the network of SNHU network. The project has shown that the network architecture and security has been vital here. As any hierarchical network is followed, the network would become scalable and the security would rise. This is easy to maintain and the project has demonstrated a compact cost-effective secured campus worked design on the working environment. It has also needed security, scalability and various other aspects. The campus network has been facing challenges in addressing core issues of security that is governed through network architectures. The secured network has been protecting institutions from various security attacks related to the network. The proposed network infrastructure has been reliable with the adaptable infrastructure. It has also analyzed the review of the effective practices to mitigate the best known attacks and various recommendations regarding how to secure attacks in occurring again.

Southern New Hampshire University has been assuring the technical abilities suited for network applications included to the networks deployed within initiative to Internet.

  • Supplying strategic leaderships for Inter-related programs under the university and agencies that have been coordinating with the federal agencies.
  • Developing organizational structure assuring the issues with network technology is determined and addressed effectively and promptly.
  • Exploring cross-cutting problems.
  • Convening private and public bodies in examining and identifying problems related to healthcare and Internet.
  • Improving audit capabilities where additional tasks are required to create tools for reviewing various logs of audits. The tools must automatically recognize potential violations of confidentialities. They must draw external databases like referrals and scheduling calendars for differentiating between illegitimate and legitimate access.


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