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Task 1: Quality Management Systems

Quality and operation management is a concept mostly used in tertiary learning institution to engage students about business operations and environmental control. It helps learners how to design and implement management systems. This subject is in a position to develop an understanding of how to define structures of systems at ease. The student need to have a bit of experience in the field of management systems, otherwise, the learners will find these subjects very challenging and might experience difficulty in handling the same.

Quality policy for Philnet Hotel and Restaurant

Philnet Hotel and Restaurant has an obligation to serve all the customers diligently and to maintain the secrecy of all the customers. According to our research on customer satisfaction, it came to our knowledge that most customers need their services to be secrete enough. As a company, we also have to make sure that we meet all the customer needs and even exceed them if possible. By doing this, the customers become more confident with the company, hence improving the customers’ purchasing power. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant also need to protect the customers from all sort of harm, unnecessary price increase from competitors etc. these can either be individual customers or institutions who buy from our company (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). As a company we need to provide online shopping platform where we update customers regularly on prices of goods, so that the customers know the price changes before appearing in our front offices for purchase. Employees management is also an asset that needs a keen eye on. As a company, we have a task to make sure that employees are well taken care of. They need good working conditions which must be safe and friendly. In addition to that, we promise to provide ethical treatments to any employee to gets injured while performing company related duties. We also promise to always continue to strengthen the employees’ skills through providing proper training facilities and job evaluation frequently.

Part of our quality assurance is to create strong friendship and relationship with the community around us and the government of the land where we work. We promise to strengthen the relationship with the government by continuously paying all our taxes as required by the law. We also have to ensure that the electronics we sell to the members of the public are of the highest quality standards and not fake (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013).  Our company, being a Hotel that food items, have to make sure that our shareholders are well taken care of. We hereby promise our shareholders that we will operate the company within its financial capability so that enough profit can be realized from the same without losing the trust of the shareholders. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant also promises to always set achievable targets every year. This way, all the company stakeholders are in a position to monitor our performance and know where we are going as a company (Lees-Marshment, 2009).

Stakeholders are people who have a direct say in the company. His or her actions or suggestion can directly or indirectly affect the company and or other stakeholders. An example of a stakeholder is an executive board member. This is a person whose decisions need to be given utmost attention since his or her actions when approved may affect the entire company (Bearden, 2006).

Identifying Stakeholders and Stakeholder Needs

The table below identifies some stakeholders together with their needs in the company.




i. Better understanding of how philnet does sustainability strategy

ii. They need to know the company’s growth strategy

iii. Shareholders also need to understand how the company (Philnet Hotel and Restaurant) deals with risks, price changes etc. in a competitive market


i. Customers need to see the company’s financial stability.

ii. The need efficient transaction within the company at the bank.

iii. They also need positive service delivery.


i. The community needs the environment to be preserved for their own health and wellbeing.

ii. Through the activities of the company, the community members need to achieve a higher living standard.


i. The government needs to see employment opportunities given to the community members.

ii. The government also needs to see the company follow strictly the laws and regulations set.

iii. The government representatives will also be happy to see Philnet Hotel and Restaurant contributing money towards the development projects.


i. Employees need to be assured of their job security.

ii. They also need to be satisfied with the jobs they are doing.

iii. For employees to work more efficiently and diligently, they need to have a safe and positive working environment free from harassment and negative ideologies.

 How to fulfil stakeholder needs

  1. Shareholders
  2. The company needs to put in place specific period within a year when meetings are held and shareholders are briefed about the company performance during the same meetings.
  3. More shareholders need to be attracted. This can be achieved by having investor conferences.
  4. The company needs to have quarterly meetings to address the challenges the company is experiencing. Shareholders and all board of directors need to attend to these meetings.
  5. Another way to make sure shareholders are well informed, is to develop a newsletter that informs them of the company performance and financial positon regally.
  6. Customers
  7. The company needs to have employees training sessions so that they are trained on how to best handle customers and improve transactions and service delivery.
  8. Moreover, the company needs to do a market survey so that it knows what the customers are saying about the company.
  9. The company needs to have an online problem solving system where customers are able to visit and solve some of the issues they have about Philnet Hotel and Restaurant.
  10. Community
  11. The company can allocate funds periodically to be used for community development purposes.
  12. The company can participate in community programs that help in environmental conservation.
  13. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant can also join hands with the community in providing educational facilities and help to the disadvantaged in the community.
  14. Government
  15. These can be achieved by the company having meetings with government people and together finding a solution to the problems.
  16. The company needs to provide internship programs to the people around the company settings.
  17. The company also must update the government on all its activities and how such activities will be a benefit to the government and community.
  18. Philnet technology as a company needs to have allow the government officials to audit the company facility to make sure that they are complying with the set law and regulations.
  19. Employees
  20. The company can achieve all these by developing employees training programs so that employees receive new skills frequently.
  21. The workers need to be given competitive benefits.
  22. The company can also do employees survey to know how the employees are feeling about the company and their recommendations as well.
  23. The company needs to adopt employees’ health and safety program so that the health needs of every worker can be addressed through the right channels and to the right people.

Input and output processes for environmental impact on the proposed investment

The following are the input processes that are required for a successful realisation of environmental impact on proposed investments.

  1. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant needs to have a risk analysis report that emanates from the clients’ sites
  2. It also needs chronological details of projects that the clients have ever done.
  3. The community will also have to show its report about how the proposed project will affect or has affected the members of the community.
  4. Employees need to continuously provide services.
  5. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant will need to have its own environmental sustainability policy.
  6. Clients will have to provide their report on financial stability, at least should include asset value, total liability and also income statements.
  7. The company should also have codes of conduct that are internationally recognised and approved.
  8. The will need a policy proving its financial stability.
  9. Laws and legislative of the state, which are signed by both the government representative and one of the company representative.
  10. Environmental experts need to be in the company to speculate the projects.
  1. The company will have to increase the confidence of the shareholders.
  2. The company has to improve and strengthen the relation with the community.
  3. The company has to make sure that all the environmental projects or impacts that were funded by the company itself are managed sufficiently.
  4. Enhancing Philnet Hotel and Restaurant’s reputation in regards to environmental sustainability.
  5. It also has to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the environmental activists.

The following are the performance parameters identified for the process discussed above and their respective measurement methods;

Performance Parameter

Measurement Method Employed

Efficiency of transactions

This includes communication with the experts together with other concerned bodies.

Time of process, which is the overall time taken from the time the application is lodged until when the client id communicated to.

Customer satisfaction

These includes satisfaction and customer policy evaluation surveys

Employees performance, which includes their level of confidence when dealing with strange situations when in line of duty.

Staff needs to be trained while at the same time, they need to do self-monitoring to know how they are performing on their duties.

Confidence of the shareholders.

This is measured using the feedback from the shareholders, the concern of the shareholders through attending to regular meetings arranged by the directors and financial the share market price. Of the company.

Adherence to financial sustainability policy

This is mostly measured using the auditing done either internally or outside the company by eternal auditors.

Elements of a Continuous Improvement Program for Philnet Hotel and Restaurant

Every company needs to show continuous improvement in all its undertakings. This also improves shareholders’ confidence and improves customer satisfaction too. The following are the key elements that Philnet Hotel and Restaurant can use for improvement of its programs.

  1. The company needs to continuously improve its service delivery to clients, management systems and so on. This way, the company will be able to get new customers and retain the existing ones. It is also another way of looking for newer opportunities. Another way of doing this is by making use of the readily available technological advancements to improve the communication to customers, and all stakeholders.
  2. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant will need to continuously update its query policy so as to reflect the current organizational strategies and objectives. The management has the obligation to update the quality policy by making sure that its stakeholders are continuously updated as needed.
  3. Invest in staff training. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant will have to do staff training after every period of time so that everyone within the company know what to do and how to do it best. This way the employees improves their service delivery to customers.
  4. Feedback – organizations need to act on any information they receive and give appropriate feedback whenever the need may be. If Philnet Hotel and Restaurant cannot respond to customer queries on time, then customers might as well lose trust of the company. Above all, the company directors and executive employees need to do an audit on the type of feedback given back to the clients any person who makes enquiries.  
  5. Philnet Hotel and Restaurant needs to focus on the particular needs of the clients. Every organization needs to meet the requirements of their customers. That is the basic reason why companies operate in the first place. For instance, if Philnet Hotel and Restaurant cannot meet the needs of their customers, then there are high chances that the company will lose most of their customers and end up making loses.

Mable construction company needs to have employees’ management system so that its management is able to interact with employees at ease. The company, therefore has to define clearly the policies that will guide the employees on what is required of them at any given time. The company, therefore, identified the following as its main EMS policies;

The company has to make sure that there is enough resources and details that will allow members to and workers at the company to understand the proposed policy and all the required actions. The company has to design and come up with a string group that will be tasked with maintaining the policy and frequently updating it to so that it remains updated to cover the most current issues. The company also must come up with positions or create vacant positions for people who will be tasked with the duties of the policy implementation only. These workers will make sure the policy documents and all the requirements therein, are adhered to by all employees, stakeholders and clients visiting the company premises.

The following are the main stakeholders of Mable construction company as identified during internal auditing;




· Shareholders need to know the company’s growth strategy of Mable construction company over a period of time.

· Causes soil erosion

· Shareholders also need to understand how the company (Mable construction company) deals with risks, price changes etc. in a competitive market


· Customers need to see the company’s financial stability.

· They also need positive service delivery.


· The community needs the environment to be preserved despite the fact that Mable construction company is involved in high capacity construction.

· Through the activities of the company, the community members need to achieve a higher living standard.


· The government needs to see employment opportunities given to the community members.

· The government also needs to see the company follow strictly the laws and regulations set, especially preserving the nature (environment).


· Employees need to be assured of their job security at the company.

· They also need to be satisfied with the jobs they are doing.

There are specific activities that every construction company must engaged in, even though it depends with which type of construction that the company engages in. Types of construction companies include, but not limited to; roads and bridge construction, construction of residential houses and many more. The following is a list of activities found in construction companies.

  1. Soil digging – the company has to remove the top cover of soil so that the construction work may be laid on clean grounds. This includes digging and cleaning work on the construction site.
  2. Plumbing work – construction companies must engage in plumbing activities. This allows good flow of water from any area of construction work. However, the plumbing work must be done only by qualified personnel within the construction firm so that the work looks good and presentable through the flow of water and other waste products inform of liquid compounds.
  3. Tiles laying – tiles laying in construction company is also another major activity done therein. There are specific individuals within a construction company, especially companies that deal with construction of residential houses, whose duties are related to tiles only. This means that they are the experts in the same area and so, they are responsible for handling such related duties.
  4. Electric work – not everyone within a construction company can do electric related duties. It therefore, means that there is a specific department who is tasked with handling electricity related activated. After construction is done by the construction engineers, the electricians come in to do what is called ‘wiring’. Electric work involves street lighting, residential houses wiring and lighting and so on.
  5. Painting – construction companies also doubles up as a painting companies. This is because the companies engage in painting activities after construction work is over. For roads and bridge construction, the government or local leadership may order that a specific color of a specified quality be used in the same. House owners may also prefer their houses to be painted using a specific color so some reasons best known to them.
  6. Planning and formulation – construction companies must first plan what they want to do before starting the work. This means that they must visit the construction site, get the measurements ready, assemble the tools needed, formulate properly the flow of activities and so on. That way, the construction process will be a successful one.
  7. Railroads and tunnels – the company also does construction of railroads and laying down of tunnels. This help in efficient flow of trains.
  8. Engineering – there are a number of engineering works at construction companies. They offer such services even to other companies that need it.
  9. Clearing forests - During construction exercise, construction companies engage in activities such as clearing of forests, removing logged water and so on.
  10. Drilling activities – construction companies do drilling works in order to put down strong structures so that they can be firmly fixed in the ground.

Environmental aspect is any activity of an organization that to some extent causes reaction to the environment either positively or negatively. The following table shows that environmental aspects of construction activities.


Environmental aspect

Soil Evacuation

· Causes landslides in the area where the activities take place.

· Soil excavation causes personal injury such as falls or even death.

· Dust control. Evacuation increases the volume of dust in the air thus affecting both humans, animals and plants.

Clearing forests

· Deforestation

· Causes climate change, which leads to global warming

· Increases landslides in the area where the activities take place

· Clearing forests removes the natural habitat for very many animals and insects.

· It makes the soils lose their fertility. Once a forest is cleared, such an area remains bare, making the will move at a very first speed thus removing the top fertile cover of the land.

Clearing forests

  1. Triggers negative climatic change thus affecting lives on earth.
  2. Affects the natural quality of land thus affecting agriculture.
  3. Clearing forests can lead to development of deserts after a not time sunshine in such an area.
  4. Deforestation makes the forests and land to lack canopy, which help in blocking the sun rays during day time, thus causing temperature levels to rise.
  5. Forests hold greenhouses gases which actually leads to global warming. If they are removed, the land if left prone to global warming.

Soil Evacuation

  1. It causes noise disturbance to people living near the area of activity. The disturbance also affects animals thus making them run away seeking for new habitats.
  2. The machinery used in the excavation processes hits the ground with too much force. This causes vibration of the earth thus making the houses built around the area to fall or develop cracks. This put the lives of humans in great danger.
  3. Realization of harmful gases that mix with oxygen then become dangerous when inhaled.
  4. Causes wind erosion to the affected areas.
  1. Encourage construction companies and community members to be involved in environmental conservation.
  2. Continuously improve the environmental sustainability, in order of the preferences by the environmental risks.
  3. Companies and the community at large to operate only in accordance with the legislation and the law, set to safe guard the environment.
  4. Minimize release of contaminated air to the environment.
  5. There should be minimal usage of raw materials which are fund through encroaching the environment.
  6. The company to consider usage of recycled products where applicable.
  7. The company should have safeguarded the environment for the generations to come.
  8. The construction company to foster openness to its works and the community at large.
  9. Communities to be encouraged to be responsible neighbors and to take care of the environment.
  10. The company to stop purchasing and using dangerous chemicals that are harmful to humans and the general environment.

Environmental objective

Realistic target

Reduce the rate of water consumption

The company sets the rate of water use baselines

Reduce the volume of chemical spills

The company to train employees on how to use chemicals in such a way that there are no spills whatsoever.

Encourage construction companies and community members to be involved in environmental conservation

Consider training of few members of the society who again trains other people so as to widen the chain and increase the knowledge to all the people concerned.

The company to consider usage of recycled products where applicable

Non consumable items or products should be used more than once to reduce environmental damage.

The company to stop purchasing and using dangerous chemicals that are harmful to humans and the general environment

Consider using the alternatives to the dangerous chemicals. For instance, usage of electric cars that do not pollute environment as opposed to using petrol operated trucks.

Communities to be encouraged to be responsible neighbors and to take care of the environment.

Introduction of environmental policy and laws that guide and govern the usage of environment for commercial purposes.

The construction company to foster openness to its works and the community at large.

Through company representatives who talks to the government representatives and community selected members as well.

  1. Monitoring – this includes setting up of tools and or systems that keeps trach of any changes made. Time intervals need to be set so that every step is monitored for good progress.
  2. Data collection – data can be collected from individual members of the community and samples taken. During this exercise, people are able to respond directly and mention if there is positive progress or not.
  3. Using indicators – this way, performance against set target is able to be noticed easily. This includes the effects the set policy against the action plan set.
  4. Response from the public – the public is a very useful source of first-hand information. They are able to tell the if there is progress made therein or not and to what extent.
  5. Change in the climatic trends – if there has been positive progress, then the climatic conditions will respond by good and habitable conditions.

OHS Policy for Timesales Manufacturing Plant

Timesales Manufacturing Plant has adopted an occupational health management system so as to help employees during injuries in the company. Given a manufacturing company, there are high chances of employees getting injured while at work. It is therefore, an important step to adopt the OHS so that employees are able to receive treatment whenever there is an accident. It also helps employees to know how to avoid mistakes that could easily result in injuries at work. The following are the requirements that the policy shall meet

  1. The policy needs to be appropriate in that it have to meet the organizational risk needs.
  2. The policy must be flexible enough to be ready to accommodate any member of the organization who needs to be covered by the same.
  3. The company need to set a committee that will be in a position to review the policy frequently so as to make sure that the policy remains relevant to the entire organization.
  4. The availability of the policy needs to be available for everyone to see and read. This means that from the time it is documented, all the employees need to be aware of its existence so that they be ready to use it.

Every company or firm that is involved in product manufacturing poses very many different types of risks and hazards to the workers.

Input and Output Processes for Environmental Impact on the Proposed Investment

Chemical hazards – manufacturing firms use too much chemicals, corrosive compounds and flammable gasses that are all harmful to human health. Worker are, therefore, exposed to dangerous and life threatening risks that needs a health cover. Human life is daggered by all these chemical and compounds in different ways. Workers can easily contact skin diseases, physical harm from chemicals or burns. Others may suffer from hearing problems and so on.

Biological Hazards- biological hazards results from long time exposure to allergens infectious zoonotic. This is a disease that affects animals but because of one reason or the other, they are transferred to human beings. Others result from viral vectors which results from experimental accident.

Mechanical Hazards – these are harmful hazards that results from operation of machines within the company. Employees encounter physical injuries and body damage when these machineries fail to operate or when accidentally operated using a wrong procedure. Laboratory is also another area where many workers get serious injuries from. This is due to the many chemicals and apparatus found therein.

Radiation hazards – the effects caused by radiation hazards are the most dangerous. This is because the effects are normally nor reversible. They affect both human, animals and the environment. They occur when workers are exposed to either non ionizing or ionizing radiations. This is why the company must get a radiation operation license from the authorized body before being allowed to carry out its radiation related activities.

Electrical hazards – electrocution and fire are some of the most frequent hazards in companies. They are caused by electricity leakages and live wires which are left open by mistake. Some workers are electrocuted for touching electric sockets with wet hands or pouring water to such sockets. The results of electrocution are normally death and has no reversible means. This is the main reason why employees need to have safety work procedure so that such cases can easily be explained and a recommended compensation be given.

Fire hazards – accidents that result from fire in organization is a common occurrence. Research indicates that electricity and thermal hazards are the main cause of fire in companies. Sometimes it results from human accidents and open fire from the kitchens.

Transferrable diseases – these are disease that can be transferred from one person to another. As known, a company, especially a manufacturing company contains many people who constantly move from one place to another. Some diseases are viral and can easily be transferred from one person to another during interaction, example include tuberculosis, measles and chickenpox. Employees therefore, need to be protected against such diseases since their rate of transfer is high.

Airborne hazards – some diseases are transferred from one person to the other through air. Medical research states that this is the most prevalent type of infection in work places due to the fact that the air moves the diseases all-round the entire working environment. The dusts produced during the manufacturing process causes harm to the workers, leaving them sick and in urgent need of medical attention.

Slip and falls – this is the major cause of physical injuries within work places. In some departments within the company, there is a huge usage of oily products. When such oils are poured on the flour and people step on them such people are likely to slip and fall, thus causing physical injuries. The victims always need to have a quick first aid reception since they might have suffered born cracks or internal body injuries (Anderson, Narus, and Narayandas, 2009).

Ergonomic Hazards – these are hazards that result from manual handling of items at work places. Manual handling may include lifting of loads, pushing items from one location to the next, pulling and any repetitive tasks that require human effort. Long-time exposure to such activities weakens the body and may cause the victims to withdraw completely from their duties. The company should, therefore, be in a position to compensate such workers and give them proper medical support to regain back their normal health conditions.

The following is a risks assessment chat for the risks identified above.





Chemical hazards




Biological hazards



Very high

Mechanical hazards




Electrical hazards




Transferable diseases




Airborne hazards



Very high

Slips and falls



Very high

Ergonomic hazards




Radiation hazards



Very high

Fire hazards



Very high


Anderson, J.C., Narus, J.A. and Narayandas, D., 2009. Business market management: Understanding, creating, and delivering value. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Bearden, I., 2006. Marketing: principles and perspectives. Academic Internet Publishers,  Inc..

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Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 2013. Principles of Marketing (16th Global Edition).

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