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Overview of Labor Management Relation


Discuss About The Bargaining Process Main Share Industrial Relations?

The report talks about the labor management relation; it incorporates aspects of industrial life, for instance; aggregate bartering, exchanges unionism, train and grievance taking care of, current enquiry, employee assistance in administration and the conversion of work laws. The collective bargaining process is the main share of industrial relations. The report includes the role of the 4 players that help in increasing the effective labor management relation (Shields,, 2015).

Singapore trade union came into existence in the year 1951; this union underpins the brief Labour Front government tormented by the work unsettling influence by the Lim Yew Hock government that was deregistered by the activist Shop Workers ‘Union and Singapore factory. However, it was not till the 1960s-mid, when National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), set up in 1962; rise completed the "radical" Singapore Association of Trades Unions (SATU), getting to be "depoliticised" (Metters & Metters, 2017).  The Singapore trade union is interconnected with all sectors of the economy. Recently, as per the government policy; the private sector in a country should take the opportunity to supervise the economy and to convert the public transform the general population division customs to business elegance, and to make a fresh form of connection among topmost management and representatives.

The main players in the labor management relation include employees, employers, government and trade union. To manage the relation these 4 players play a vital role.

In Singapore, the SNEF (Singapore National Employer’s Federation) speaks to a union of organizations to commit to support the ventures management and benefits industries to accomplish greatness in business rehearses, increment productivity, effectiveness and additionally the nature of specialists' work life (Waring, & Lewer, 2013). The SNEF was founded in the year 1980 with the aim to help the employers to accomplish excellence in employment activities, competitiveness along with the value of the employees work life. SNEF shows a dynamic role in supporting the tripartite association among employees, government and the trade union (Huat, 2015). The SNEF represented businesses of Singapore in nation worldwide tripartite committee and meetings. The SNEF is getting support from approximately 2,000 corporate members and this how it became the active player in enabling the tripartite partnership. The employer generally takes part in the tripartite committees such as NWC. On the sessions of NWC, bosses who are worried about the growing expense of work have achieved an accord to limit preservations. To enhance the competitive advantage; the LMR players try to increase the employability through the policies like wage freeze or shorter work week to help the employer's cut cost (Greenglass,, 2014).

Role of Players in Labor Management Relation

The employee faces some of the issues with the employer. Though, employees are important for managing the labor management relation. These incorporate dependency on external specialists, effect of organizations moving their labour?intensive enterprises to diverse nations, and concerns recognized with the privatization of administration?linked organizations. The work of remote laborers is obliged by a forced collect and portion. Expanding the retirement age gives occupations to more established specialists (Singapore Country Commercial Guide, 2017). Be that as it may, managers see them as not so much beneficial but rather more costly unless the wage framework can be adjusted. Specialists made repetitive by business migration are the fewer talented. Over here, the employees need to show the talent and skills (Akkas, Chakma, & Hossain, 2015). Considering the skills the employers will be able to increase the wages of the employees. For the worker's side, they try to manage the relationship with the trade union as well as with the employer. They support the trade union who takes the steps in the favor of the employees and try to implement new laws in the favor of the employees. Though, the training facility workers get the skills to work. At the same time, the workers need to show their loyalty towards the company. Approximately 30% of the workers switch their job every year (Employee Relations Management, 2015). To make the worker stay in the single company will be resolved with the appointment of the trade union. The union performs the role of the collective bargaining that brings a good connection between the employees and the employers.

Singapore trade union played a vital role in managing the labor management relation. The NTUC (National trade union congress) is a national federation of exchange unions in the mechanical, administration and exposed partitions speaking to more than 500,000 specialists in Singapore (Union Of Power & Gas Employees, 2017). The aim and objectives of the union congress are to help the Singapore stay competitive in addition the employees to stay employable for life. The NTUC too works for the betterment of the workers. Hence, the NTUC try to enhance the social status of the workers along with the well-being of the workers. The NTUC tries to take responsible, strong and caring labor movement that can bring appositive change for the employees of the industries. NTUC works with a vision, which states to be comprehensive while taking the labor movements for all the ages, collars and nationalities. Trade union act 1982, defines the role of the trade unions. According to the 1982 amendment, the role of the union is to promote the industrial or business relations among the workers and the employers. The union talks about improving the productivity but considering the mutual welfares (NTUC, 2017).

Collective Bargaining Process in Singapore

Trade unions associated to the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) bolstered the management's summon to travel from the normal antagonistic unionism and irritated work management relations, with a mutual conviction to take a stab at mechanical peace through equity. Additional soul of tripartism was in this way perceived, with the administration, a responsible work expansion, and illuminated bosses embracing a consultative critical thoughtful method to deal with address the problems of industrialization for the mutual benefit of managers, authorities, and society (Tremewan, 2016).

Government takes on the role of the custodian of worker and financial organizer. They give a objective and nonpartisan perception on financial viewpoint and situation that inspire unions and management to accomplish a practical and agreeable settlement, which would be to the utmost benefit of Singapore (NTUC, 2017). Trade union encourages the government to take steps for the betterment of the employees. The steps include the amendment of the act that is in the hand of the government. The amendment of the Industrial Relation Act (IIR Act), Employment Act, Wages Act and workplace benefits can bring the changes in the working of the employees (Ministry of Manpower, 2017). The development of the country take place as better workplace and better relationship between the employer and employee give rise to the foreign investments.

In Singapore, the industrial relations are categorized by the tripartite relationship among the labor movement, employers, and the government. LMR of the Singapore knows how to deal with the situation and how to maintain the competitive advantage to attract the investors. For instance, in the year 2008, the country was able to attain the progress in employment with the rise from 2.95 million in 2008 to 2.99 million in 2009. This rise in employment took place at the time of the global financial crises in Singapore. In the year 2011, Singapore has positioned the greatest aggressive Asian nation with the utmost helpful work manager associations by the World Economic Forum. Normal incomes have expanded 6 overlays since 1965 in the wake of altering for swelling.

Another example, even with 2016's unobtrusive financial development with indeterminate prospects, combined with the difficulties of both here and now repeating and longer-term basic fluctuations, Labour Movement is utilizing, fresh, its nearby connections with managers and Administration to secure specialists' benefits and help them to stay pertinent and versatile through nonstop preparing. This versatile attract the foreign investors towards Singapore (Leamer, & Storper, 2014).

Trade Union's Role in Labor Management Relation

The labor management has been forcing for the PWM (Progressive Wage Model), with its stress on skills, output, and progressive pathways across industries. PWM make efforts to motivate organizations to embrace the yearly National Wages Council (NWC) rules prompted solid wage increments in 2015. Specialists in unionized organizations delighted in a fundamental wage increment of around 4% and assessed extra payments averaging around 3 months.

Protection of the workers is must considering the shifting workforce profile. NTUC encouraged bringing the fluctuations in the Workforce law and the Industrial Relation Act (IIR Act).  The amendment of the employment act in Singapore shows a positive response more of the people started working especially managers, professionals, executives (PME). The altered IR Act, which permits majority union to speak to PMEs, is slated to profit 100,000 unionized PMEs with the possibility to affect another more than 600,000 PMEs in the workforce. With more prominent mindfulness on their work rights, 72% more PMEs additionally looked for help with 2015 (from 2014's 424 to 2015's 729). The union plays a vital role in settling the industrial relation cases. The labor movement settled approximately 2,851 cases as compared to the 1,953 cases the year before. Out of all the cases, 90% of the cases were properly resolved by the union-management level. 

Singapore LMR plays a vital role in enhancing the workplace benefits. For instance, Workers in the unionized sector take advantage of the 99% gave merciful leave for the passing of close relatives up from 98%. 91% gave marriage leave, up from 88% of every 2014. Child sick leave went up by 1% to 11%. Eldercare depart rose to 11% from 8%. Family-mind leave jumped 4% from 2014's 5%. The most critical change was in the arrangement of extra paternity leave well beyond the one-week Government-paid paternity leave - 6% rather than 0% of every 2014 (NTUC, 2017). Moreover, 320 unionized organizations stipulated 5 days of preparing and examination leave by and large. For providing the work place benefits there is need of the approval from the government of the Singapore and these benefits are suggested by the trade union of the Singapore. After providing these benefits to the workers, they get motivated and the willingness of the workers towards the work increases (NTUC, 2017).

The good labor management relation indicated that the four players of the LMR are able to fulfill their responsibilities. To attract the investors towards the country, there is need of the reason. LMR gives the reason to the companies to expand their operations in Singapore. Listening to the employee's grievances, acknowledge the issues and resolving it on the real time basis can help in managing the smooth labor management relations (Ministry of Manpower, 2017). The LMR of the Singapore has taken some of the steps for the betterment of the employees that helps the employers in getting the profitability is becoming the competitive advantage. The Ministry of Manpower aims to develop the globally competitive workforce and a great workforce will bring secure economic future for all Singaporeans.

Singapore Government Policies for Labor Management Relation


Singapore’s tripatism is facing some of the key issues that include re-creating jobs for the Singaporean, training and upgrading the skills of the workforce, raising the lowest retirement age, flexible remuneration system, and fair remuneration system. These key issues can be resolved by the Singapore government, trade union and employers. The player role is precious for the Singapore labor management relations. The report throws light on the how players role is helpful in maintaining a stable labor management relation. The brief description of the role of the government, trade union, employees, and an employer is discussed in the report. The workforce of the Singapore brings the competitive advantage for the company. This gives a reason to the investors to get attracted towards the country. The labor management relation shows the picture of the working environment of the country.

There were few steps taken by the government and trade union of the Singapore related to the workplace as well as workers benefits. That helped in showing the growth in the employment rate in Singapore. The benefits provided to the employees include protection of workers, wages of the workers and workplace benefits (Fossum, 2014). This helps in recreating the jobs in the country through the investment by the foreign investors.


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