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Task 1

Customer service is all about taking care of the needs, requirements and preferences of the customers by the business to provide them maximum satisfaction (Khan, Garg and Rahman, 2015). The assignment focuses on the customer service in a hospitality organization and how it can be improved by providing training to the employees.  Hotel Hilton, London is one of the finest hotels on the country which is known for providing five star experiences to its customers. The assignment is divided into four tasks in which the customer service policies and customer focused culture will be discussed with reference to Hotel Hilton, London. Further, the customer requirements and expectations are discussed and how business makes efforts to fulfill those requirements. Customer service is the core element of any hospitality business. It is because customer is considered as the king of market and the businesses have to make an attempt to make them highly satisfied.

As a new Customer Service Manager in Hotel Hilton in London, I have to invite the employees so that they can attend one day training session on the customer service policies and customer focused culture so that the customer services can be improved in the hotel.

Discuss reasons for using customer service policies in your business organization.

Customer service refers to the wide variety of services provided to the customers on their demand and as per their tastes. The hospitality businesses like Hotel Hilton, London should use customer service policies for a number of reasons:

  • Competitive edge: Strong customer service policies provide a competitive edge to the business which helps in standing out from the rest in the industry. It helps in making employees excel in providing the customer services and it attracts customers for the next visit in the hotel.
  • Health working environment: Customer service policies create a good working environment in the hotel which also satisfies guests and motivate staff to have good terms with the customers/guests (Jahanshani, et, al., 2014).
  • Increases efficiency of costs: good customer service policies helps in increasing the cost efficiency for the hotel. It increases the retention rates of the customers. Thus, profits are also increased.
  • Increases in positive image of the hotel:  Customer service policies helps on increasing the goodwill of the hotel in the market. It also builds trust in the customers for the hotel (Hassan and Ali, 2013).

For the above explained reasons, it is important for hotel Hilton to follow customer service policies.

Discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development using your hospitality organization as an example.

It is essential to evaluate the customer service policies so that the organization could grow in future by following the positive or negative feedbacks.  For a hotel, it is very important to know whether the policies implemented by them are working in the right direction or not.  This also helps in identifying the areas of improvement and to work on them to overcome weakness.

There are many ways in which the hotel can evaluate the success of its customer service policies. One of such method is taking feedbacks from the customers. It will tell hotel about the positive and negative features of the hotel. Also, a t6rack can be kept to record the repeated visits of the guests in the hotel. It will show the satisfaction level of the customers from the services of hotel (Bharwana, Bashir and Mohsin, 2013).

The employees are the core asset of any hospitality organization. The success of the customer’s services of the hotel depends on the ability of their staff and employees. The feedbacks taken from the customers can be used to train employees. A training plan can be made which ensures the effective training of the staff and implementation of the customer services policies. Proper training sessions should be conducted where the staff is made active and communication is built between them so that they can share their experiences and ideas too with others. This will be helpful in establishing a strong and talented staff for providing excellent services to the customers (Daikh, 2015).

Task 2

Evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to best effect ‘customer focused culture’ in your organization.

Communication is the exchange of ideas and emotions between two or more people and it is very important for an organization to react in different situations effectively.  Hotel Hilton uses different types of communication methods for the best effect ‘customer focused culture’ in the hotel. These types are divided into several categories like Oral communication, written communication and body language (Srivastava, 2015).

Oral communication: It is the most commo0nly used communication method in Hotel Hilton.  It is done through speaking words. It can be done face to face, in meetings, trainings, presentations and through telephones.

Written communication: It is done through written words and is mostly used in formal chains of command. In hotel Hilton, this type of communication is done through Notices, emails, training material, etc. Castells, 2013).

Body language: Body language can also be understood as the nonverbal communication where neither written nor oral words are used to communicate. It includes facial expressions, movements in body and gestures to communicate with each other.

All the three type of communication is used in combined to create customer focused culture in the hotel. These are used to advertise the customer services to attract customers. These methods are also used internally in the hotel to create a suitable environment for the customer and to enhance the quality of services of the hotel to satisfy the customers (Jaakkola, Aarikka-Stenroos and Kimmel, 2014).

Analyze how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision. 

Customer perception is very important for the success of the hotel.  The positive perception of the customer can get positive feedbacks, success and a competitive edge to the hotel in the industry while negative perception can create blunders for the hotel. There are various factors which influence the perception of the customers. It all depends on the customer services and customer satisfaction that how the customer is going to perceive the services of the hotel. If the customer services provided by the hotel matches the expectations of the customer then the customer gets satisfied and vice versa (Pratminingsih, Lipuringtyas and Rimenta, 2013).

The hotels should try and provide the genuine information in the advertisements and brochures so that the customer gets what it expects from the hotel. It will not hamper the reputation of the hotel. The satisfied customer will visit the hotel again and will be the loyal guest for the hotel. Good quality services will create new customers for the hotel and this will enhance the market share of the organization in the industry.

It is all possible when effective customer service policies are implemented and are evaluated from time to time. It will help the hotel in creating positive image in the market and thus, the business will grow in future (Srivastava, 2015).

Being the customer service manager at Hotel Hilton in London, I have noticed that there has been an increase in the customer complaints by 5% in the last year.

Task 3

Assess sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels in your organisation.

To run a hospitality organization successfully, it is very important to provide excellent services to the customers. It is done when the customer’s expectations are met by the business (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). It is a challenge for the business to fulfill every demand and expectations of the customer but is essential for the growth of the business for longer period of time. The information has to be gathered through which it can be assessed that what are the customer requirements and satisfaction levels in the hotel (Daikh, 2015). The information can be sourced from below explained sources:

Primary sources of data collection: The primary sources of data collection provide fresh data and new information. It is mainly collected through interviews and surveys. Hotel Hilton can conduct surveys and collect data from the customers or employees to get the details about their expectations and satisfaction levels. It is time consuming and costly but provides the data which helps the hotel to take further actions in the business (Saglik, et al., 2014).

Secondary sources of data collection: These sources help in collecting the data which has been used by someone already. Secondary data can be obtained by records of sales, databases of customers, government publications and journals by Hotel Hilton (Dabholkar, 2015).

These sources can be used in combined to assess the customer requirements and the satisfaction levels in the organization.

Carry out research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for your chosen hospitality organisation and suggest potential improvements in customer service.

For assessing the customer requirements and satisfaction levels in Hotel Hilton, London, Survey questionnaire is designed in which the questions are asked about the customer requirements and their satisfaction levels in the hotel (Suchánek, Richter and Králová, 2014).

The topic of the research is: Assessment of Customer`s requirements and satisfaction level in Hotel Hilton, London

Research question:

  • What are the requirements of the customers that are to be fulfilled by the hotel?
  • What is the satisfaction level of customers of Hotel Hilton, London?

Research objective

The main objective of the research is to find out the requirements of the customers. It is also to identify that what is the satisfaction level of the customers of Hotel Hilton, London.

Research method

The research will be conducted with the help of both the primary and secondary data. It means that the survey questionnaire will be designed for collecting the responses of the customers and the data will also be collected through sales records, customer reviews and more. Face to face and email surveys will be conducted (Rea and Parker, 2014).

Things to be measured through a survey include the services by the staff, food quality and taste of food and price of the services. The sample size of the survey will be 50.

Limitation of the research: The research has limitation that the sample size may not provide the actual results of the total population of the customers. One more limitation is that the perceptions and opinions of the customers keep on changing.

Results of the research: The results of the research show that the customers give highest importance to the quality of services and promptness. Even if the variety of options is less, the available services should be of excellent quality. The customers want the best value for the amount spend (Dabholkar, 2015).

Discuss how you would plan and deliver a customer service programme in your chosen hospitality organisation

As a customer service manager, after analyzing that there is a rise of 5% in the complaints in last year, a customer service programme is to be planned and delivered in Hilton hotel.

A customer service programme is a plan made in order to reduce the issues in the organisation and its services like handling of queries, problems and prompt decision making (Verma and Verma, 2013). It is also used in building the ability of the employees in providing excellent customer services and managing time. There are many objectives of the customer service programme created by Hilton. These are Customer Loyalty and retention, repeat business, positive image and reputation in the market and reduction in advertisement costs incurred by the business (Pratminingsih, Lipuringtyas and Rimenta, 2013).

For Hotel Hilton in London, a customer service programme will be planned and developed by taking certain steps. These include:

  • Customer survey and identification of their need
  • Planning for meeting the expectations and needs of the customers of the hotel
  • Delivering training and coaching to the staff
  • Implementation of the programme to achieve the results
  • Taking customer feedbacks in order to assess the success of the programme and
  • Encouraging the staff through different staff recognition programmes (Long, et al., 2013).

Explain how would review your own performance in the delivery of customer service and make recommendations for improvement

The performance should be reviewed in order to identify the areas of improvement and what should be done to mitigate the challenges. It will help hotel to deliver better services to the customers. It will help the organisation to remain competitive in the industry. My own performance will be reviewed by taking the feedbacks from the guests and from the staff making their responses anonymous so that I can get genuine reviews. This will help me in improving my own weaknesses and building my strengths. I identified that I face problems while communicating with people from different cultures.

Some recommendations for improvement are as follows:

  • I should develop active listening habit while talking to the staff and to the customers so that I can develop effective communication skills within me.
  • I should start paying more attention to people while communicating with them. This would definitely increase the quality of communication.
  • I can refer to the online material which teaches how to communicate and the practice which helps in developing sound communication.


It can be concluded that Customer service is an essential part of the hospitality organization. The quality of customer service can be a reason for the success or downfall if the business. The assignment focuses on how Hotel Hilton can adopt customer service policies and can use effective training methods to make their staff competent enough to provide excellent services to the customers. The assignment also discusses the role of research through primary and secondary sources to know the reviews of the customers about the hotel and to make improvements in the same. The last task of the assignment discusses the development of customer service programme which could help the hotel in maximizing the customer satisfaction and building a competitive edge in the industry.


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