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The mission of my life

I am a business executives, leader and strategist in retail. I am expert in operational management, business communication, editorial direction and process and product design. I have been working for several years in this sector. I am having huge people person characteristic and can mix with the people in different kind of working culture. Moreover, I also worked as team leader in some organizations. Hence, I have also the power of team building capabilities. I have unique capability towards handling multi-disciplinary project and managing complex situation at every aspect of my workplace. I always prefer straightforward and innovative approach in business decision making.  The multi-linguistic and technological skills assist me in dealing high level of business responsibilities.

The mission of my life is to get managerial position in a reputed organization. I can speak English, Spanish and German fluently. I have worn various hats of career programmers like researcher, marketer, writer and strategist. I am really interested in putting my skills and abilities towards the good of a reputed organization. I always strive to bring 100% to my work and provide the best effort for bringing the best to the organization. I am passionate about technology and leading teams of an organization. Over the years, I have also gained huge experience in the aspect of technical fields and team leading fields.

I worked as an intern in an IT company in the role of programmers. I gained huge knowledge regarding the technical projects. I have also worked as software developed in an organization, where I gained knowledge about coding and developing software programs. I was also successful in every software projects through my continuous efforts and endeavors. In this way, I have gained knowledge in C, C++, Java and other programming language. I have also worked in retail organization having the role of team management in technical department. My strength is to work hard and work collaboratively with the teams of an organization.

Numeracy skill is the ability of reasoning and applying simple numerical concepts. Numeracy enhances the confidence and skills of using numbers and mathematical approaches in every aspect of life (Wood et al., 2016). It can be start from own home to workplace and extend up to managing responsibilities as a citizen.

Over the past one year, I have worked as an operation manager in a reputed organization of Australia. Being an operation manager, I used to oversee almost every part of the business. I was also responsible for calculating the production cost and determine the pricing of the organization. It was needed to crate different mathematical graphs, diagrams and charts. In this way, I have gathered high level of numeracy skills through application of mathematical calculation in every aspect of my job role.

Being a production manager of the organization, my role was to determine the production cost of the organization. I was also responsible for setting the price based on the production cost of the organization. Moreover, analyzing the effectiveness of the production cost needed high level of numeracy skill for determining it accurately. Furthermore, my role was also to measure the profit level of the organization. In this situation, I required high level of numeracy skills for properly measuring operating expense, sale revenue, gross revenue and applied taxes on the business.

My experience in IT and retail organizations

In order to perfectly play my role, I had to use perfect numeracy skills in clear and concise manner towards appropriately calculating the operating expenses and profit levels. I applied my high level of numeracy skills for assessing the operating cost, selling prices and gross revenue.  Moreover, my numeracy skill was also needed for creating budget, controlling cost and keeping the organization on track financially.

I always received positive feedback from my senior managers for perfectly playing my role. I gained huge appreciation for perfectly forecasting the organizational profit level and adjusting operating expenses as per the forecasted profit level. Moreover, through preparing proper budget, I was able to increase the organizational profit by 14%.

Technological skills can be defined as the abilities and knowledge towards accomplishing some scientific duties, computer related duties and other technology specific tasks (Pan & Seow, 2016). Technological skills are the knowledge and skills, which are gathered through learning and practices. This skill is mostly needed in handling the technical functions of an organization (Liu & Wang, 2014).

Once, I worked as the head of information technology department in an IT organization. I used to oversee the technical functioning of the organization. I also used to identify the technical loopholes in the organization and resolve them immediately for proper business functioning.

Being the head of information technology department, my role was to coordinate the project team handing the technical functions. I was also responsible for assuring smooth change from old software system to new software system for the advancement of overall business process. Moreover, my role was to apply my in depth technological skills for assisting the software development team.

I applied my in-depth technological knowledge and skills towards perfecting handling the software programs like excel, word, power point and MYOB. These skills have assisted me in handling the basic technical functions of the organization. I was also capable of assisting the software development team through having high level of coding skills. I carefully applied my technological skills towards enhancing the business process through advancing the technological aspects. Furthermore, being a technological expert, I was capable of administering the system operated in the business process. Moreover, with my technological skills, I used to maintain and upgrade the server as per the requirements of the business process. I also used to assess the needs technological advancement in the organization based on future perspectives.

I always get appreciated through my efforts and enhancing technological skills in the business process. With high level of technological skills, I was able to upgrade the software system of the organization for smoothing the business process. It has actually enhanced the productivity level of the organization by 10% through technical advancement.

The skills of information management defines the ability to acquire information from one or more sources, custodian those information, distributing those information to required places and ultimately disposing those information through achieving (Ogiela & Ogiela, 2014). Moreover, it is the ability to properly distribute and securely communicate the important information regarding business operation of an organization.

2.0 Six folio pages Using STAR Approach

I worked as the information management specialist in a reputed organization of Australia. I used to store, distribute and communicate the important information of the organization. The whole coordination of evaluation, implementation, maintenance and development of information was on me. I also used to assure the quality, accessibility and utility of the acquired information for enhancing the business process. Mostly, I maintained the security measured of the organizational information towards enhancing business confidentiality.

My role was to collect and manage information from one or more sources and distribute right organizational information to the authenticated audiences. My role was also directed towards liaising and consulting towards effective promotion and marketing of corporate information. I was also responsible to record the management practice, coordinate corporate need and provide recommendation for aligning with strategic direction of the organization. Moreover, my role was also to provide high level of business advice to the business units for proper workflow of business information and record that information in dynamic technological environment.

With high level of information management skills, I was enough capable of protecting the important and confidential information of the organization. I effectively recorded the important management policies, organizational standard, industry trends and system. The skill of information management has also made me capable towards protecting the innovative business plan and maintaining the information with the strategic direction. In this way, as an information specialist, I perfectly aligned the organizational information with the strategic direction of the organization.

I always gained praised through my efforts and capabilities towards effectively managing important organizational information. I have become able towards protecting the innovative business plan and practice of the organization. In this way, the organization became successful in creating competitive advantage over their rivals.

Verbal communication can be defined as oral communication in clear and sensitive manner, which can varies depending on different audiences and levels of seniority. It can also be defined as sharing of information among different audiences through the use of speech (Jackson, 2014). In case of business, verbal communication employs readily understood spoken words and ensures stress, enunciation and tome of voice through the expressed words.

Over the past 2 years, I worked as night-fill supervisor and grocery assistant in a grocery retail organization of Australia. I used to manage the staffs in the floor of the retail organization. I also used to manage and assist the customers, who used to come in the retail shop for shopping. Moreover, I assisted the staffs in the floors for managing their duties properly.

My role was to assist the staff members of the grocery shops towards fulfilling their duties properly. I was also responsible for providing advices to the department managers and other managers. I used to convey the store policies, general procedural issues and other regulatory activities. Furthermore, my responsibility was also to provide excellent customer service and knowledgeable assistance to the customers for enhancing their shopping experience. I used to provide information regarding easy purchasing criteria and payment procedures to the customers. I was also responsible for understanding and mitigating the customer complaints through proper verbal communication with them.

Folio Page 1: Numeracy

In order to complete my role properly, I used verbal communication skills in clear, concise and appropriate manner. It was readily understandable to the staffs as well as customers. During managing the customer complaints, I carefully listened to the queries of the customers and staffs. Moreover, I responded them with appropriate and sensitive language for resolving their queries. I also used non-verbal cues like gesture and eye contacts for managing the customer complaints. Furthermore, I also portrayed friendly and confident attitude all the time in the shop floor, which affected positively to the customers and staffs.

I always received positive feedback from the centre manager of the organization. Moreover, I also gained huge appreciation and credit for the approaches with the staffs and customers. Moreover, the grocery shop has gained 10% increase in the sale volume and lowered staff turnover.

Public speaking is the ability and act of making speeches in the public. It can be defined as the art of efficient oral communication with the audiences. This type of communication is deliberately structured for informing, persuading and entertaining the audiences (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015). Public speaking is also referred to as formal, face-to-face speaking conveyed from single person to group of listeners. It is often related to presenting something to the audience. However, presentation is always associated with commercial activities (Keith & Lundberg, 2014).

I worked as a project communicator in an organization. In this situation, I used to present real facts associated with the project to the organizational stakeholders. The intension behind this role was to convince the organizational stakeholders towards actual implementation of the project. I also used to encourage the employees towards engaging in the project success of the organization.

My role was to present the project made by project development team to the organizational stakeholders. I was mainly responsible to convince the shareholders, owners and investors towards successfully implementing the project in the organization. With effective public speaking abilities, I was responsible to present the project in an attractive way in front of the organizational stakeholders. Moreover, my responsibility was to present the profit potentiality and wellness of the project to the stakeholders.  I was also responsible for communicating the project factors to the employees towards creating an encouragement within the employees for engaging with the project.

I used my public speaking abilities towards convincing the organizational stakeholders for the project made by the project development team. With my convincing power, I used to present the project attractively in from of the shareholders, investors and owners.  I perfectly presented the profit potential scope of the project to the stakeholders. In this way, I became able to convince the stakeholders towards investing in the implementation of the project.

I always became able to receive praise and appreciation through the efforts, which I have put in presenting all the projects in front of the stakeholders. I always become success in convincing the investors and shareholders towards investing in project implementation through effective project presentation to them.

Written communication skill is the ability to convey the information to others effectively and efficiently through written word. It can involve any type of information through written word and involve more than one person as audience (Arputhamalar & Kannan, 2016). Effective written communication is highly needed for preparing vital promotional materials towards business development. Effective written communication must have careful choice of the words, correct and cohesive composition of the sentences towards attracting the attention of the audiences (Moore & Morton, 2017).

Folio Page 2: Technology

Once, I worked as human resource manager of an Australian organization. I used to write the memos and business reports for conveying the organizational information to internal as well as external stakeholders. Mostly, I wrote job descriptions and employee manuals for the employees working in the organization. I used to create instant message and emails for managing the human power of the organization towards overall organizational productivity.

My role was to manage the human resources of the organization. Towards managing the human resource, I used to write effective job description for the employees. The job descriptions were comprised of the job roles and responsibilities of the employees. Moreover, I was also responsible for writing instant message and emails for the employees for quickly conveying the important organizational information to the employees. I was also responsible for preparing the employee manuals for conveying the information about organizational policies and procedures to the employees. The intension was to convey the important and vital information to the employees through writing effective words.

In order to perform my role effectively, I always applied effective written communication skills in writing the employee manuals and other emails. I always applied attractive tone in my written documents and emails towards making the employee convincing with the organization policies and procedures. The composition my sentences were quite powerful towards managing the employees of the organization.

I always received appreciation and positive feedback from my senior managers. I was quite capable of integrating the employees through aligning their activities with the organizational policies and procedures. Moreover, the convincing words in my written document were always encouraging to the employees towards better productivity.  

I can share the experience of the even in the teamwork at my workplace. I worked in an organization having the position of team leader in the organization. I was responsible for leading every team members in my team. My role was to assign job roles properly to each of the team members. Moreover, I was also responsible for assisting the team members, when faced any issues during performing their job roles. My personality assessment test also represents that I am quite helping and better understand the issues of the people. My talent lies in helping people and clarifying their issues through enhancing their values and identity. This personality characteristic has assisted me towards leading the team effectively. I spent almost 1 year in this organization as the team leader. I was also responsible to monitor the participation and performance level of the team members. Based on the performance of the team members, I was responsible to encourage the team members towards better productivity.

Managing the team was quite important for keeping the team performance intact with the organizational success. During team management, I faced several team conflicts within the team, which had major impact on the performance level of the team members. However, during this time, I have learned to manage the team conflict effectively. Most of the team conflicts were associated with the role conflict situation. However, I always saw myself as the facilitator in the team towards resolving the team issues and resolving them.

Folio Page 3: Information management

Furthermore, as per my personality type, I always feel social and emotional connection with my surrounding people. Therefore, this type of personality assisted me in understanding the team issues and finding better solution for managing them. Moreover, toward resolving the role conflict issues, I always assigned specific job roles to each team members for avoiding any role conflict. Moreover, my personality also reflects the courage within me for managing the team members. The management and success level of the team was highly related to the success level of the organization. However, the team management event always gave me the feelings of enthusiasm and encouragement throughout my job. Moreover, throughout the event, I learned about better ways of handling the team members and directing productive team in an organization. In conclusion, it can be said that better team management needs the ability to understand the issues of the team members and motivating them towards better productivity.

Information can play important role in managing an effective team properly. In case of team management, understanding and gathering the organizational information is utmost important. It will help in setting accurate and effective team goals and direct the team members towards that common goal. It will ultimately encourage and motivate the team members towards achieving the common organizational goals with shared value. Furthermore, I have learnt that major reason of team conflict is for role conflict among the team members. Gathering organizational information will help in better assigning and dividing clear role and responsibility to the team members for avoiding role conflicts. Information can also help me in every aspect of my life through finding the effective solutions for every complex situation in life.

I already worked as the Head of IT department in an organization where I maintained responsibilities in programming, coding as well as developing software by working with the team. In the present situation of my career, I am confident enough in my job role and I have discovered the strong areas where I can perform well (De Vos & Cambré, 2017). My strengths lie in the areas of software testing, database administration, support and maintenance. Therefore, it can be seen that I am comfortable in software related functions of IT industry rather than the hardware. However, to talk about my interests, I am specifically interested in the research and development functions that are not a part of my present job role and I wish to plan my career based on this. As an IT engineer, I strictly value all the imperatives the job entails and wish to proceed after gaining adequate skill and experience for the next level (Zacher, 2014).  

In the fields of research and development sector of software industry, the job opportunities are not boundless as is the case with job roles in the corporate world of IT. However, many software making companies seek persons for research and development profiles and undoubtedly, all those job roles are extremely high profile and lucrative. The job opportunities in this sector are Research and Development Engineer, Research and Development Manager, Top Division Research and Development Executives and Director of Research and Development division to be stated hierarchically.

Considering my capabilities and experience, hopefully, I can apply for the job designation of Research and Development Manager. The job designation requires an experience of at least 7 years in the field along with the required educational qualification. For me, the educational qualifications are fine but I do not have 7 years of experience in the field until now. To be specific, I am still left with some months, which I think is just enough time to completely make myself eligible for the job role. Alongside this, there are opportunities for me to become the IT Analyst, which is just the next level of my current job designation. This job role will require configuring, developing and supporting the computer applications. This is also a viable option for my career, as I will not have to take additional preparation whereas for the job role of Research and Development Manager, I will need completing some specific courses on R&D of information technology (Zacher, 2014). However, considering all the pros and cons I decide to plan my career for becoming Research and Development Manager.

To implement my decision in the reality first I will complete the 7 years’ term for required experience and in the meantime, I will enroll myself in some distance courses for gathering adequate knowledge about R&D processes. In addition, I will need to put effort on my own for gathering sufficient awareness about the objectives and operational procedures by working close with the R&D department of my present organization outside my job role of IT Head.


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