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This assignment is about a smart transportation hub which should be green sustainable and smart , which means that the car park should be futuristic with options to charge electric cars etc .

There is a train station which is old and i want it to convert to a smart train station the train station which this is based upon is hallam trainstation victoria.

What is a Smart Train Station Hub?

A smart Transportation hub is an intelligent way of commuting from one place to another whose goals are to give a more current service comparing to different kinds of transport and how traffic is handled and managed. It helps people to be more informed and an intelligent use of transportation network.

Smart Train Station hub is a system that Technology is used in transport means. For instance in Train transport  taking into account all the infrastructure, trains and people using then, also in monitoring the train traffic and mobility configuration. Smart Transportation system enhances the usability of Train Stations. Example in Train transport, traffic monitoring, etc.

Currently, the activities in the Victoria Station are more supported by the upcoming concern in security. A considerable lot of the proposed smart train station hub systems comprises the observation of railways, that brings area safety. Funding of many systems is either by nation security affiliations or with their endorsement. On the other hand, smart train station system can expect a section in the snappy mass clearing of people in urban concentrations after substantial loss events, for instance, a delayed consequence of a catastrophic event and danger. An important side of foundation and orchestrating required for smart transportation hub goes hand in hand with the requirement for state security systems.

In the created nations, driving from the provincial to urban regions has enhanced in a startling way. Numerous regions in the created nations have urbanized without essential mechanization and the advancement of provincial territories. A smaller piece of the people can shoulder the cost of shrewd trains. They furthermore make amazing air sullying, speak to a gigantic peril, and exacerbate slants of uneven characters in the overall population. High masses thickness could be kept up by a multimodal course of action of utilization of the brilliant trains, strolling, bicycle and furthermore air transport.

Smart train station frameworks differ in different intelligences used, from common management frameworks such as use of rail ways; activity flag control frameworks; compartment administration frameworks; variable message signs; station surveillance for example, security Video camera systems; and to further developed applications which incorporate real time feeds which is collected from many places, for instance, parking area which should have the capability to charge electric cars and data frameworks; climate data, and so forth. Moreover, prescient procedures are being produced to permit propelled demonstrating and correlation with chronicled benchmark information.

Smart train station hub advancement has been led unequivocally by financial requirements and ecological requests. There are some inadequate with regards to focuses which harden the Smart train station hub in victoria i.e. topography and the monetary development, populace thickness and social elements. The country’s Intelligent Transportation System must be intended to suit the situation by adjusting the Smart Station convention through some exploration.

Poor garbage maintenance has become a problem in the current Train Station. This may occur mainly because of poor handling by the administration by lack of intelligent gadgets which are used to control the maintenance the serene of the Train Station. In the modern train station, the garbage control is much more controlled by intelligent systems thus need lees or no man supervision to be perfected. This will improve the user’s experience and comfort since the surrounding is green and much more sustainable.

Intelligence used in Smart Train Station Hubs

Some examination work has just been done by the diverse creators to minimize the garbage poor handling and to control the activity. As indicated by the creators there are a few reasons which can cause the station to be poorly managed of the rubbish. For the discovery of the rubbish the different creators recommended to utilize modern technology, which has different intelligent gadgets constructed. (Joseph, A.D)  Through these gadgets we can gather the data about the rubbish area.

The car parks which are on every side of the stations are in use in day to day purposes by the individuals who work in the station or who escorts their families or friends to the train station. The car park in Hallam Victoria is in poor state since they are not maintained well. This worsens everyday if not repaired on time. This car park can be highly maintained to suite the Smart station. This can be done by installing intelligent gadgets to improve the performance of the car park and the Station at large. (Weiland, R.J.) The car park should ultra-sensors which are used to guide the drive on where to park the car and when the car has been parked in the wrong place. The car park also should have ultrasonic devices which are used to charge the electric cars. The car park should have traffic directs to lead the cars where the electric technology is located.

The toll collection approach in the current Train Station is manually handled. This causes many faults and claims from the passengers. The stuff also find it difficult to handle the situation since they cannot manage to collect from all passengers in the train. The Smart Train station will have an automated toll collection thus improving the passengers trust and also improve on their profits. This is done by installing embedded systems on the specific parts in the train station where every individual can pay from and get a receipt containing the details of their journey and the amount paid((Dimitrakopoulos, G.)).

In Hallam Train Station there is a poor waiting area of people who are waiting for either train to board or time. This has caused many losses of belongings and the individual’s comfort. It causes fatigue and the passengers tend to rather hung out the train station thus causing much more congestion in the train. With this the stuff and the administrator find it hard to guide and control the schedule of the individual’s time and journey. The congestion in the station also causes barriers of movements in the station and some processes are hindered or rather slowed down. The unavailability of the passengers in the waiting area also causes time wastage and time becomes really affected.

The luggage area should be automated and allow the items to be stored using specific identification which when scanned, it will recognize the owner. The luggage area will be extended to allow more accommodation. It should also be fitted with digital cameras in every place to monitor this place. With this there will be less chances of loss of individuals property thus enhancing security. Every item should be registered and assigned a unique key which is never similar to any other. (Ezell, S., 2010.) suggested that unique key is the primary key assigned to a value and cannot be used to specify another value.

Smart Train Station Hubs and State Security

The smart station should be installed with security systems which help reduce the cases of theft and misconduct in the station. It should have a facial recognition system which identifies the individuals who are travelling, if they have ever been involved in activities which bring the issues of national security. This improves the peoples wellbeing in the station and individuals comfort is also attained. Security alarms are also put in place to report any misconduct in the station. The use of surveillance systems such as cctv cameras helps a lot when it comes to internal security. It monitors all in activities and records them to the main server. With this any issue can be followed until the truth is conveyed. The use of CCTV can only find the people who were involved in the act at the station but cannot locate their present location or their movement. ( Kachroo, P., 2016) suggested that sensors in smart phone cameras helped in the real time. The smart phone would capture a real picture and update information in the main server. The server is required to give analyzed prediction about the location of people who were involved in either the crime.

The smart train station should be designed to favor the visually impaired people who need to travel. It should be installed with intelligent gadgets to direct the affected people and guide them into areas where they find it hard to operate. There should be cameras to help the server know where they are heading to. The cameras should be placed on the individuals and give the real time feeds to the server. Consequently the server will help the visually impaired individuals when to cross paths in the station or moving along the station’s streets when it is not busy. This is done on the picture of video to remove the activity light shading and cautions the visually impaired individual. The information must to be sent and prepared in a continuous with the goal that visually impaired individual may get the live feeds. Updating the information to the server needs the system to be kept up to date.

The smart station should have a more convenient way to communicate to everyone in the station. In the 21th century, almost every person uses a smartphone to be updated. Real time information will be shared to the people who have subscribed to the real time feed from the train station administrators and the operators. ( Chen, B.) Suggested that for one get the live feed from the server must be connected to the feed type, for example those who use social media like WhatsApp and any other social media platform are notified in real time and they can easily subscribe to the services and easily publish. This makes them get information in regardless of the location and sources.

The majority of the developed nation's transportation had been much helped and coordinated by the use of Smart Transportation hub. The primary rationale of the Smart Train Station is to give the general population security, natural individual comfort and feeds among some others. A portion of the main advantages of using the Smart Train Station are as per the following:

Smart Train Station Hubs and Multimodal Transportation

The primary thought process of using the Smart Train Station  is to give people in general security and comfort in the station by ensuring that all processes are well run by an intelligent system. In the Train Station in Hallam Victoria, the pattern of processes had been altere, in this manner expanding the Station’s irregularities. So to keep away from any security issue or get guided before any occurrence to happen the Smart Train Station assumes a fundamental intelligent part. The Smart Train Station will also control the passengers using voice and in addition gives an alarm to the security team about the movement which has been assumed not secure, with the goal that the administrators should in like manner. With this the proportion of undesirable mishaps will be diminished to some degree.

The significant advantage of Smart Transportation Intelligence is to convey the train station alarms assuming any. The sensors are being put along the pavements of the smart station with the goal that they can record either the temperature, dampness and other natural variables. Figuring every one of the elements, the qualities will be sent to the main server where the qualities are been updated in the database. In the event that any client is subscribed in to this action he may get a caution about the station’s current state. The conjecture and precast climate report will likewise be sent to the passengers and the stuff as well.

Smart Train Station additionally keeps a track on the excessive of mass who are aiming to board the train. All this is  attained by getting the quantity of people on every single waiting area. In the event that the quantity of people is high on a single waiting area, at that point the Smart Train Station takes a choice to course the people onto another waiting area. Hence diminishing the danger of train to carry excess passengers of the specific waiting area. It likewise keeps tracks on the limit of the people who are waiting in a specific time in a specific waiting area. It will likewise send an alarm to stuff that at some specific time the waiting area will be  needing no more people heading to a certain destination.

The other aim of the Smart Train Station is conveying the report of the station area about the population of people and their service needs, there are numerous different approaches to present to administrator and stuff, for example, utilizing Dynamic Message Signs, Variable Message Signs and use of real time feeds.

The old Train Station framework can be upgraded to Smart Train Station in an Intelligent based system and other application which can monitor the processes and services in the station and can convey the ongoing services and processes to the stuff. The administrator can check the status of the processes and other data and what needs to be done before the train sets off thus improving the versatility.

The following is applications associated with Smart Train Station hub;


Smart Transportation


Specific Smart Transportation



Advanced Traveller

Information System

-Updated data

-Route Guidance and Navigation Systems

- Weather Information Systems


Smart Train Station-

Enabled Transportation Pricing Systems

-Intelligence fare Collection

-Variable Parking Fees


Advanced Train Station Management Systems

-Station Operations Centers

-Voice dissemination system


Advanced Electric Charging System

-Automatic Car Status Information System

-Real time Vehicle Identification

-Electric Car Charging system


Fully Integrated Intelligent Train Station System

-Security Systems

- Intelligent Surveillance Control


Advanced Passengers Management System

-Intelligent passengers Status

-Adaptive mass Control

-Incidence Response


Commercial Luggage Operations

-Monitable and safety of individual’s items and luggage


Advanced Train Control Systems

-Crash Alert of the trains


Advanced Rural Train Transportation System

-Provide Information about Remote rail ways via Radio

Smart Train Station Hubs for Improved User Experience

The new implanted framework in the Train Station stages take into consideration more advanced programming applications to be executed, including model-based process control, computerized reasoning, and universal registering. Maybe the most vital of these for Smart Train Station Systems is man-made consciousness.

The following approaches have been used to in Smart Train Station.

Security surveillance system has four startegies that have been used to acquire the crude information using the CCTV surveillance:

 In developing nations a high extent of Train Station contain at least one brick box. The brick box  intermittently transmit their quality data to the cctv network, notwithstanding when no voice association is set up. This is done only in indoors and all the replaceable boxes are useful to the surveillance purpose.

As the people travels, the banner also moves in the block box which are situated in the train station. when evaluating or analyzing framework data utilizing block box startegy, plan organizing or box-part estimations (in an obscure arrangement), the data was converted back  into movement stream information. While in large areas, the division of gathering devices is smaller and on a fundamental level exactness increases. Inclination of this procedure is, no establishment ought to be worked on station; only the cctv

 automotive re-identification techniques require sensors and detectors mounted along the Station’s charging area. According to this system, special identification of a gadget placed in the motor car is distinguished  in the station area on which afterward recognized again nearer to the charging system. After ascertaining the speed and availability of the car approaching the charging system, the system gets ready for charging. After a successful charging the car is directed by system sensors to the parking area. (Kurian, A., 2011) .

 An expanding number of people in the Train Station the area is outfitted with spy cameras which monitor without being noticed. Position readings from these cameras are used to process the persons movements. Current techniques may not utilize devoted equipment but rather camera based arrangements.( Wang, F.Y., 2010.)

 Infra-red bullet cameras are designed to turn on automatically when there is low light. The information from these cameras is used by the administrators to monitor and discover movement of people in the Train Station. Sound information and GPS labeling of the Infra-red bullet cameras empowers recognizable proof of movement thickness and conceivable congested Station. This was actualized in Bangalore, India as a piece of an examination test framework. (Demestichas, P., 2010.)

Innovative broadness in broadcasting communications and information innovation, combined with highmodern chip, Radio Frequency Identification, and reasonable canny reference point detecting advances, have upgraded the specialized abilities that will encourage stuff security benefits for wise train station frameworks all around. Detecting frameworks for Smart Train Station are intelligent station broadness. System of sensors may be  indestructible, devices which are presented or  introduced in the station or enveloping the station. Station-detecting frameworks incorporate sending of foundation to the station administrator foundation electronic reference points for ID interchanges and can use the video system luggage receipt identification or item serial number identification innovations at the important interims to increment maintained security in basic zones.

Poor Garbage Maintenance and Intelligent Gadgets

Activity stream estimation and modified scene disclosure using camcorders is another sort of thing ID. Since video area structures, for instance, those used as a piece of modified receipt number affirmation do exclude bringing any sections direct into the station gear region surface , this sort of system is known as a "non-intrusive" methodology for thing distinguishing proof. Video from cameras is empowered into processors that separate the changing characteristics of the video picture as gear moves. The cameras are normally mounted on shafts or structures above or adjacent the station gear region. Most video acknowledgment structures require some fundamental game plan to "instruct" the processor the standard establishment picture. This normally incorporates contributing alluded to estimations. A lone video revelation processor can recognize movement in the meantime from one to eight cameras, dependent upon the sort, brand or model. The conventional yield from a video acknowledgment system is way by-way thing checks and way inhabitance readings. A couple of systems give additional yields with progress, misused gear revelation and wrong-way thing cautions.

Bluetooth is an exact and sensible way to deal with evaluate travel time and make beginning stage and objective examination. Bluetooth contraptions in the station are recognized by identifying devices along a similar station. If these sensors are interconnected they can find out movement time and offer data to starting and objective matrices. Appeared differently in relation to other development estimation propels, Bluetooth estimation has a couple of complexities:

Exact estimation demonstrates with add up to attestation allow to next travel times.

Is non-intrusive, which can provoke bring down cost foundations for both interminable and brief areas.

Is limited to what number of Bluetooth devices are imparting in a station so counting and distinctive applications are obliged.

Frameworks race to set up with no arrangement required.

Since Bluetooth contraptions end up being more typical on stack up stations and with more minimized equipment broadcasting, the measure of data accumulated after some time ends up being more exact and critical for development time and estimation purposes, more information can be found in. ( Rizos, C., 2008)

The information from the distinctive detecting advances can be joined in intelligent approaches to decide the activity state precisely. A Data combination based framework that uses the station side gathered acoustic, picture and sensor information has been appeared to consolidate the benefits of the diverse individual techniques.

Intelligent Security succession

Dynamic security successions  goes around and maintains a strategic distant from factors whicht generally develop with systems that usage picture planning and column obstruction strategies. RFID advancement with appropriate figuring and database were associated with a multi-station, multi-executives and multi-travelers convergence district to give a powerful time organization plot. A changing time design was worked out for the area of each portion. The multiplication exhibited the changing game plan estimation could change itself even with the proximity of some crazy cases. The paper said the system could mimic the judgment of a movement cop on commitment, by pondering the amount of people in each portion and the station conventionalities. This lessens instability and perplexity of people from a crossing holding up territory.

Improving Car Parks with Intelligent Gadgets

The Smart Train Station hub helps in reducing insecurity counts by alerting the stuff emergencies occurring on the particular rail ways. This awareness helps the administrator to solve the problem more careful.

Sensors are installed on the train station to alert users that there is a crowd in specific area and thus are directed to another waiting area.


Transportation in every nation can be described by substantial ways of commuting. Smart Train Station  procedures that were created for the created nations, doesn't hold here. Smart Train Station  in the country situation falls flat owing to absence of security and poor process guidance and the paths made by the Smart Train station systems in the created locales. Establishment of settled sensor methods include colossal establishment and support cost. There is requirement for the methods that consider the attributes of the country's train station and must be followed to the latter to have the desirable outcomes of making the stations more intelligent and ensure individuals comfort and security is met. Utilization of sensors like GPS, Microphone, Wi-Fi and camera in the stations can be utilized to foresee the activity conditions and landing time of the station at the goal. Introducing the foundation on the Australian streets is confined by the space. Since there are part of difficulties stay to be settled for the completely sending of Smart Train Station on the country’s Train Stations.


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