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Identifying organisational and legislative requirements for information entry, storage, output, and Quality of document design and production.

Evaluating organization's present and future information technology capability in terms of its impact on document design and production.

Identifying Types of documents used And required by organisation.

Establishing documentation S standers And design tasks for organisational documents in accordance with information, budget and technology requirements.

Evaluating Information Technology Capability

Owl Company is a potentially successful organization and has the power to grow its organizational status to a friendly level in the business market. The range of diversity of the  products produced by the organization needs to ensure that the information entry system is well equipped with different kind of backed up database that consists of the  information regarding the external and the internal organization altogether. The organizational entry system generally permits each of the different members of the business organization to be supervised on the different kind of the necessities towards the success of the business organization.  The requirement for information entry will generally involve all the performance indicators that are present within the business enterprise.

The output or the quality of the design of the document and the production will require the organization the best performance from the employees of the business organization. The performance of each and every employee are analyzed and assessed according to the level of the productivity and therefore the analysis of the good employee performance is performed accordingly. The organization through this will clearly ensure that there is a pool of competent employees who are generally ready to take complex tasks will be to ensure a quality success and business productivity. The development of people focused implementation policies and different strategies, the manpower of the business organization will be fulfilled through proper and effective business training. The organization through this will ensure the success of the competent employees who are generally ready to take up the higher level jobs within the organization.  

The following therefore involves the reports regarding focus of the customers, productivity, deployment of the business employees, expenses of the company and many more as such.  Some of the main requirements for the identification of the organizational and legislative requirements are discussed in BSBADM506 assessment answers as follows;

The systems or the particular place where the objects must be stored and managed must be done using proper systems. This includes the use of a number of simplified conceptual frameworks and models. Such a selection eases the process of data storage and the procedures of recording. The naming of the data file and the organization of the information in the database and the factor must be considered in the following case and therefore the name of the file and the process of placing the different data in different segments such that the file can be easily accessed as and when the information is required. The following process is used in such a manner that the information group in a record structure base is generally changed by the easier recording and storage systems of the organization. The naming of the information file in this case can be visualized as a process of analyzing the database and primary systems which will help the management of Adept Owl to meet out the desired goals and the objectives of the business organization. One of the foremost objectives of the following database recording system is aimed at reducing the complex behavior and gain the perfect information at the perfect time.

Identifying Types of Documents Used And Required by Organisation

Other requirements include the likes of the output of the organization of document design and production. The development of organization over a certain limit of time is utmost necessary for the business organization to store and access the quality data in the most appropriate and effective business manner. The following effect introduces great need for the introduction of the global systems and the different kinds of electronic information data with a high level of quality as well as integrity.

In different kinds of organization or industry, there is a requirement of some kind of document controller. The following permits different kinds of staff to make different documents within a reliable aspect and sustain quality standards. The following has been acknowledged by the management of the organization and process the produced documents in an effective and efficient manner which will help to make the development where needed. In the current business situation nearly all of the documents are formed and maintained in a technologically advanced process that helps to make use of the electronic advancements through a range of commercial software packages. This commercial software packages are useful for the evaluation of the present and future information technology capability to the business.   Some of the skill gaps in the following work tasks are as follows;

  1. Creation and use of templates in word documents and excel files
  2. The use and creation of the different types of form fields in word document
  3. Creation and use of formula in excel sheet
  4. Creation and using macros in word and excel

Similar to the importance of document, it is also important for the management of the business organization to use the best and most efficient document to attain success. The customization of the software in diminishing the time of production and to attain supreme effectiveness is most essential for the business of the organization. In the present scenario, the businesses deal with a number of different kinds of documents however; these documents can be generally classified into three different types. They are namely instructive, undesirable and convincing. A detailed description is as follows;

  1. Informative files or documents-These kinds of files contain different types of important documents that can help the organization in various purposes. The informative files or documents include the likes of the monetary reports, information on different events, information on any kind of investigation and account alterations. A presentation of a planned message will lead to a short and organized form of message as per the terms and conditions of the business enterprise. The following files are not only helpful to provide the appropriate information to the management but also help the management to grow the company and expand it by keeping the employees as well as the customers of the business enterprise happy.
  2. Undesirable Documents-Undesirable documents are those documents which are generally used in multipurpose needs but are mostly used to make an apology or to explain a crisis or bad condition. There are different kinds of undesirable documents. This includes the likes of refusals, punititive notices, and assessment of different kinds of bad performances, letting go as well as different kinds of dismissals within the business enterprise. The shape or renewal of the business and its goodwill also falls under this particular category. These documents are for the betterment of the company they are used to rebuild the goodwill of the company which is spoiled because of some reason .if the company has done some mistakes than it is the duty of the company to make an apology to the customers of that company.
  3. Convincing Documents-The convincing documents tries to convince the viewers of the organization and also plays a major role to decide on the view of the customers. The presence of different kinds of the CV’s, performance appraisals, advertisement and revenue generations, folder options are all the different types of elements falling under the same category. The corporate letters in the organization generally connects with different persons outside the workplace. The receivers of the letters comprise of consumers, associates in different types of the business industries and many more as such. They help in promotion and advertisement of the business and helps in building the goodwill of the company which plays a very significant role for the company.

The management of Adept Owl is required to establish a set of style guides in relativity to different kinds of technological changes as such as the software used in the IT sector of the business enterprise. The organization needs to come up with different kind of software that supports different office software especially Microsoft Office with relevance to complex document tasks of the business organization. The following will generally require a complex set of fresh knowledge skills in order to gain the power to implement and use the best processes to be used for training. The management of the company might install IT capabilities to be used for proper and efficient training in the organization. The coded programs that are used by the business organization must be relevant to both the physical as well as the human capabilities. The following clearly indicates that the management supports different types of complex activities that are quite relative to the company. 

Establishing Documentation Standards And Design Tasks for Organisational Documents

The business organizations generally monitor two different kinds of monitoring policies. This includes the likes of monitoring the regulations and also to regulate the performance.

The monitoring of the guidelines and the performance of a proper auditing is generally done by means of carrying different kinds of relevant and important requirements that is whether set through different kind of regulations or directions. The following involves the examination of the different levels and the way the organization confirms with the different criterion. Public offices should regularly assess their conformity with the obligations of the State Records Act and the associated standards and codes of best practice to ensure that the organization is compliant and that issues of non-compliance are corrected.

  • Assessment of the compliance with the obligations
  • Assessment of the records management program
  • Assessment of the recordkeeping
  • Assessment of the record management, and
  • Assessment of the business systems that create and capture records

Performance Monitoring on the other hand generally requires an in-depth analysis of the different types of the processes to complete the projects. The following process involves the development of rules and regulations and also to conduct interviews and different types of the documentation process to complete the project. The management of the organization must measure the performance in such a way that it can be easily managed and measured.

The process of producing documents is an iterative process that involves the likes of drafting, checking and revision of the document. The following will continue until and unless a document is produced that meets the quality of the given standard. The acceptable quality level depends on the document type and the potential readers of the same document.

Source: (Kudo, 2017)

A database driven document solution can easily provide a proper and authentic source of content across the business enterprise. The following enables both composite document management and master content management which can greatly reduce the inefficiencies inherent with reusing information as with a file based solution.   

The standard documentation process is really a costly process. Once the management of the organization starts with the selection of the process where the following solutions are present involves an inevitable start. The price based DMS software generally tends to be quite straightforward. However, the vendor may likely offer different kind of solution with multiple packages that range from just a few bucks to an all inclusive rate. The company can also buy additional capacities to enable a wide range of features for the following organization as it helps the organization to increase the costs of the ongoing monthly fee for the support of the business organization. On an average the management of the business enterprise must invest in between $20 and $50 per person per month.

Identifying Organisational Requirements for Document Entry, Storage, and Output

The software application of the business organization and the design of the new software is a matter of immense importance as because it enables the business to be multipurpose and also eases the pressure of the business organization. The goals of the business must be established in a specific document accordingly. The designing of the business software needs to be in total accordance of the business and must ensure the success of the business accordingly. The absence of the document will lead to a great problem as because the clients will be generally disputing what they discuss about or what they told them. In such cases the clients will be constantly sending their angry and frustrated replies to the organization making which will lead to the loss of reputation for the business enterprise.

The management of Adept Owl has set up a set of strict rules and regulations that are applicable for all the employees working for the business organization and also policies on buying and sale of goods and services of the business. Some of them are as follows;

Purchase- The purchase of different kinds of the organizational goods and services includes the approval of the departmental manager and then the proper processing of the office administrator. Secondly all of the staff members must ensure to implement Adept Owl’s policy on conservation and use paper and consumables efficiently.

Replacement- The staff members of the business are responsible and accountable for the replacement of the paper to be used in the photocopier and the printing machine. Apart from this all of the staff members must ensure that the photocopier machine has new paper in it and does not face any problem during printing.  

Maintenance- The regular servicing of the equipment along with the equipment service log is essential for the business administrator. The equipments must be serviced according to the warranty provided by the manufacturers and must be renewed accordingly every one year.

Hardware and Software Programs- The hardware systems are maintained by the organization in a very strict manner. Eating or drinking near the computer or the accessories is strictly prohibited and a routine has been developed by the manager to maintain the different equipments in a proper and equitable manner according to a proper schedule. Any kind of problems must be addressed to the IT supervisor and everything must be kept secure and sound. On the other hand only the registered software can be used in the following organization. The management of the organization must ensure to renew the licensees every year and stay protected from any kind of virus attacks.

Document Design and Production Evaluation

Procedures provide specific guidelines for completing a task, such as filling out and submitting a form.  The procedures are normally based on organizational policy, which deals with broad issues, roles and functions relating to the specific area, such as case management, workplace safety or purchasing.

If anyone are unsure of the policies or procedures that the organizations apply in the workplace, the management must ask a more experienced co-worker to assist them, or refer to the organization’s guidelines or manuals. Procedures of the organization must be followed may be similar to the following examples:

  • Grievance process
  • Staff appraisal process


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