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1. Provide examples on how to effectively deal with customer complaints. 

In order to deal with customers, complain effectively some of the main points must be considered and they are:

• Registration of complain
• Collecting all of the necessary facts
• Identifying the points for resolving the problem
• Taking quick action
• Obtaining feedbacks.

2. How can an organisation improve their customer service?

It is essential for the entity to ensure that they able to improve their customer service on a regular interval. Some of the ways to improve are listed below:

• Identifying the needs of an customers
• Giving major importance the feedback given by the customers
• Developing easy along with effortless customer services (Gupta and Singh, 2020)
• Also, strengthen the customer service team according to the requirement.

3. It’s your first day at a new company, what elements of your job induction program would you start to work through, given the induction is being monitored by your manager?

Some of the key elements of job induction which I will go through before start working for any of the company are explained below:

• Looking at the objective, mission & vision of an organization.
• Considering all of the workplace policies and procedures
• The outcomes the company wants from each of the employees.
• Workplace health and safety related information’s.

4. How can employers develop team members and help to improve them and the quality of their service?

It is essential to understand for employer of the company that team member are the one who allows entity to accomplish their goals. As each of the member in team plays the vital role in attaining the goals, it will be necessary for the employees to help them to improve their quality of service which they need to deliver (Ren, Huang and Arifoglu, 2018). Some of the key points to improve are listed below:

• Providing necessary training to the employees
• Key Performance Indicator can be used to identify that how any of the employee is performing. It will allow employer to provide proper guidance.
• Defining the roles and responsibilities.
• Ensuring the proper communication process is being followed.

5. How can a manager monitor team performance and recognize area for improvement?

There are some of the tools which can be used by the manager of a company in order to monitor the performance of team and they are:

• Key Performance Indicator can be used
• 360 Degree Feedback is also the option
• Comparing the outcome with the set goals

All of the above-mentioned points will provide the outline that how team needs to perform effectively so that their goals can be accomplished(Ribeiro and Prayag, 2019).

6. How can managers grow their employees to better handle customer complaints?

In an organization manager plays the vital role where they need to ensure that they are able to handle the customers effectively. Some of the ways to handle customer complaints are:

• Providing proper training sessions to handle the employees
• Ensuring the all of the points has been mentioned in written form by the employees so that proper record can be maintained.

Product Standards

7. Develop a set of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) which you would apply to anyone working in customer service.

Some of the crucial KPIs which can be applied to any of the working in customer service are:

• Customer Satisfaction Score 
• Customer Effort Score 
• First Response Time 
• Average Handle Time
• Employee Satisfaction Score (Schimkowsky, 2021)

8. List 4 ways what customer feedback may be gathered?

The four different ways through which customer feedback can be collected are categorized below:

• Long form-based survey
• Transactional emails are also one of the alternate processes
• Suggestion boards can be used by the entity
• Website Feedback option can be brought into the action.

9. Explain an instance where you have effectively used human resources to provide quality services and products to customers.

There are different occasions where human resources play the vital role in dealing with customers for delivering effective services. But, one of those incidents where human resource has played significant role was the time when I was newly hired in the organisation. Here, I had was less knowledge regarding the process to handle the customer as customer was not satisfied with the service of a company. In this respective situation, HR team provided necessary advices such as listing out the major points which is creating the problem to the customer. Then, they helped me to take quick actions (Stamatis, 2018).

10. Outline an effective decision-making process.

There are certain steps which must be considered for an effective decision-making process and they are discussed below:

• At initial level is essential to identify the goals which are needed to be obtained
• Identifying the decisions
• Working on the process for collecting information
• Finding out alternatives
• Taking an actions 
• At final stage, it is necessary to review the decision along with its consequences.  

11. Explain in no more than 200 words each, an occasion where you have done the following:

Identified and used appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with colleagues and customers

Different situation arises between colleagues and customers where conventions and protocols play the vital role at the time of communications and they are:

a. Avoiding Interruptions is the key points which must be considered which has been done with customers where some technical problem arises within the premises of a company.

b. As communication is an important process within the organization, it is necessary to ensure that healthy relationship is being formed between colleagues and customers. It has been done where company allows employees to know each other and also, we get the opportunity to maintain relations with regular customer of the company.

Collaborated with others, taking into account their strengths and experience, to achieve desired outcomes

As a new employee of the company, it is not quite easy to accomplish the goals so at the particular situation Human Resource Department help with their strength and experience to perform better. The experience of HR department was needed as one of the customers was not satisfied with the service provide the company and at that moment, they guided that how effective result can be achieved (Subochev et al., 2019).


Provided support in your field of expertise to the team.

New member within the team always faces the problem and it is quite crucial to identify that how their problem can be resolved. In this respective scenario, I was working in the field of HR team where I helped my subordinates by providing all of the necessary training process. In addition, all of the training process was conducted by providing opportunity to sit with existing employee and how they resolve any sort of problem of the customers. 

12. Outline the legislative and regulatory context of your organization relevant to customer service.

In present scenario, it is essential to understand that performing any of the business activity is not an easy task as there are number of rules and regulations which needs to be considered on a regular basis. In similar manner, there are some of the legislative and regulatory in context of customer service that needs to be followed by entity and they are:

• Trade Practice
• Following proper code of conduct
• While making any of the deal with customer, following each of the rules and regulation of contract law.
• Risk and hazard management

1. You need to develop a customer service plan for innovative widgets which should include:

a. Vision and mission statement

b. Product standards including:

i Dimensions

ii Tolerances

iii Pricing

iv Materials

v Delivery

c. Policies and procedures for:

i Collecting customer information and conducting market research which identifies the needs of

ii Responding to customer complaints

iii Managing records and data

2. Using the policies and procedures and by conducting your own research on innovative widgets you need to develop a customer service You need to make sure:

a. The plan details how they meet quality customer service and legal

b. How procedure work to ensure quality time and cost specifications agreed with

c. Best practice models and voluntary standards and codes of practice

d. Customer service charters and the importance for public relations and products/service

Vision & Mission Statement: To work in the field of innovation where new Gadgets can be used with the help of solar energy.

Product Standards:

Dimensions: As the product will be quite unique in feature where use of alloy, zinc increase due to which there is a great possibility that company will be able reach out maximum number of customers.

Tolerances: There are number of customers who are not able get the quality in product of steel as strain creates problem for them to use for a longer time period (Yee et al., 2022).

Pricing: As company wants to reach out maximum number of customers so that will be using economy pricing strategy for attaining the goals.

Materials: Here, company will try to buy raw material from different part of the world so that they can provide the product which can be used for the longer timer period.

Delivery: Different delivery partners will be used for the purpose of delivering the products to their customers. Mainly it will be focused that how product can be delivered within 3 working days.

  • In order to collect and maintain the records of customers, company will use feedback form, transactions data.
  • For the purpose of handling customers complain, proper team will be formed which will handle their customers through online process. Also, each of the problem being faced by customers will be collected with the help of filling out the forms.
  • In order to manage records and data of the company, proper companies’ system software will be developed which can allow to obtain effective result.

The plan details how they meet quality customer service and legal compliance.

For meeting out the quality customer services, quicky actions will be taken on the area of problem being faced by the customers. On the other side, some of the legal compliances that will be considered are Trade practice, Risk & Hazard Management etc.

How procedure work to ensure quality time and cost specifications agreed with customers.

  • By knowing the specifications of the product
  • Providing proper training to the employees.

Best practice models and voluntary standards and codes of practice

  • Preparation of safety data sheets for hazards area
  • Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at the work place (Hong, Kim and Park,2019).

Customer service charters (CSC) and the importance for public relations and products/service promotion.

The main customer service charters which will have great importance for maintaining public relations are listed below:

  • Explaining the rights of each of the employees and customers towards the company
  • Responding to the queries and problems of the customers.

Forming CSC on the basis of past feedback obtained from customers as well as employees.

3. Using the below template, you need to fill in the template to determine the needs of the customers for innovative The below template uses the RATER model to help determine the needs of customers by providing employees a series of questions which helps them to determine the needs of the customer.


Do we deliver what our customer expects?

Are deliveries accurate?

Are products and service precise?

What are the specifications and tolerances?

When is product deadlines and deliveries?

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, company has brough some new concept which customers were willing since a longer timer period.

In most of the case it has been found that deliveries are being made as per the requirement of customers.

Each of service being given to customers are made on the basis of requirement or problem being faced by customers.

It is among one of those products which will be completely new in the market because higher use of allow, zinc and brass.

Most of the deliveries are made within the time frame of 3 working days.

Although, there is no guarantee but company is giving warranty of 1 year.


Do staff members inspire trust and confidence in customers?

Are staff members knowledgeable about products and services? Is it expected that staff will be knowledgeable?

Are staff members respectful and courteous to the customer?

By providing accurate information, they are able to build trust.

The main focus of the company is to only hire those employees at initial level who are well qualified and have experience of at least 2 years.

Proper training is being provided to employees so that they can be courteous to the customers because currently the performance is declining  on a daily basis.


Are facilities visited clean and tidy? Do you expect them to be?

Is customer paperwork clear and useful? Should our letters, brochures and website look a particular way?

How would you rate staff appearance?

Is the company building appealing? Should it be?

The facilities visited are clean and tidy and even employees are hired to look after this particular section.

The feedback being obtained from customers are being used and changes are being made accordingly.

Out of 10 rating, 6 can be given to staff appearance.

Currently, company has been not focusing on this respective area.


Do you think the company cares when customers make telephone enquires?

Does the company share customers concern when customers are making complaints?

Are customers given the correct amount of attention?

There is team who tries to solve the queries of customers through phone call as well.

Yes, by giving discounts or replacing the order to making refund.

In most of the cases, company tries to give attention to their customers but due to higher number of complains problem for the company is increasing on a daily basis.


Response times for customer phoning through with enquires?

Do you mind dealing with different people who handle your enquires or should it be the same person each time?

What should the complaints procedure look like to our customers?

Around five minutes or it may take time because of the number of complain occurring from the side of customers.

It might not be possible to solve each of the problem with same person so according to situation employees might be different to resolve customers problem. So, different teams have been formed in the name of team A, B etc.

Listen to the complaint, record the detail, collecting the facts and taking quick actions.


Here, company is facing problem because of not working according to the specification made for customers so considering the importance of customers, company will try to bring changes accordingly. It will allow them to get much effective services.

Gupta, A., & Singh, R. K. (2020). Managing operations by a logistics company for sustainable service quality: Indian perspective. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal.

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