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Hilda has now been in the job for six weeks and has asked to meet with you to discuss setting performance standards for her staff.  Before you begin the process, you ask her a number of questions to check that she has a good understanding of what performance standards are.  

You are the Store Manager of IGA Ashgrove and you have six department managers who report to you.  These Department Managers look after a section in the store (groceries, perishables, service, produce, deli and seafood) and they each have 10-30 staff working for them.  One of these department managers is Hilda Beestock who is charge of the service area and she has started work only this week.  

Your company is committed to performance management and conducts regular three-monthly formal performance reviews.  As this is such a high priority for the organisation, you will need to spend some time with her this morning talking to her about her role in implementing performance management for her staff.

Hilda appears not to have a very good understanding of setting performance standards, and so you have offered to help her.  There is a KPI within the organisation that relates to the improvement in customer service.

Hilda is now requesting your help in deciding how to monitor and analyse her staff’s performance. She has asked you for the following questions:

  1. Why does she need to monitor her staff
  2. What are some examples of evidence she can collect to monitor her staffs progress
  3. What are some of the problems you encounter when analysing the performance of an employee Explain the effect of each of these problems on performance.

Steps to Follow Before Considering Termination

  1. Performance Standard is a set and agreed level that an individual or an organization should reach for it to satisfy the performance in the industry.
  2. Code of Conductrefers to a set of policies that outline the social norms, rules, and responsibilities that an individual or an organization are expected to observe in a certain field of operation.
  3. Performance Indicatorsare measurable values that are used to shoe how effectively an organization is doing in the process of realizing the set business operational goals and objectives. 
  4. Risk Analysisis the process of identifying and analyzing the potential dangers that businesses, individuals, and government agencies are exposed to in the natural environment and also by the artificial activities.
  5. Reprimandrefers to the act of rebuking a person harshly in an official manner. 
  6. Quantitative refers to a measurement that is based on numbers, or that is related to figures.
  7. Operational plan is a detailed layout that is used to give a clear picture and direction on how a team, an individual or a department should contribute to the realization of the organization’s goals.
  8. Performance Management is the process through which managersand employees work together to plan, monitor and analyze an employee's work goals and contribution to the organization.
  9. Qualitative refers to any measurement that uses adjectives that describe the size, value or the appearance.
  10. Relevant groups and individuals that should be consulted regarding the allocation of work and the availability resources.
  11. The chief executive officer (C.E.O.)
  12. Departmental heads
  13. Supervisors
  14. Performance indicators that must be present in a staff induction program
  15. Asking questions. The staff who ask questions during the induction process show that they are eager to know much more about the organization.
  16. Taking notes. Some staff takes notes as they are taken through the induction. This shows that they want to have a place to refer to in case they find themselves in difficult circumstances.
  17. Engaging the instructor in the induction process. If individuals seem to enjoy the company of the instructor taking them through the induction, it is a signal that they are in high spirits and would like to work in close cooperation with other employees from the company.
  18. De-Briefing involves the staff giving all the details on everything they have gone through during the induction process.
  19. Verbal Testing involves randomly asking questions about the things that they have learned through during the induction.
  20. Written Testing. As the name suggests, here the staff is given a chance to put into written form the experience of the induction.
  21. Role of appraisals in performance management

Appraisals serve as a motivating factor to the employees, and they work hard in their jobs aiming to get recognition. This helps an organization to realize its goals because of the willingness of the employees to work.

  1. Describe the steps in terminating someone’s employment.

Step 1

The first step before even considering termination should be careful documentation. The organization should keep a record for each employee. This record includes all the information including performance, appraisals, formal warnings and any other thing that happens in the line of duty. These documents will help the organization to show evidence should the employee decide to sue it.

 Step 2 

Have a proper basis for the termination. Carefully review and examine the policies, memos, personal information and any other related document. This ensures that the company knows that the employee agreed and signed that termination will occur when he or she violates the set rules and policies.

Step 3

Then evaluate all the available alternatives to dismissal. See if there are other ways that the organization can do to solve the current problem. It is also advisable to get the employees side of the story before jumping to the final decision. Also, there should be a follow up to make sure that what the employee is accused of is the truth. This is achieved by asking fellow workers and supervisors for additional information and facts.

Step 4

When the company decides that it has to fire the employee, it should arrange for an exit interview where the employee gets to know the reasons for termination. Also provision of the evidence supporting the claims.

Step 5 

The last stage involves preparation of the termination documents. These documents serve as evidence that the organization followed the correct channel to terminate the employment in case questions may be raised later. The employee should have the opportunity to review the document with legal counsel.

Circumstances that can lead to termination

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Falsifying company information
  • Insubordination
  • Damaging company property.
  • Drug abuse on company premises
  • Poor performance.

Documentation needed during termination.

  • The company policies.
  • The employee’s file or records.
  • Contract showing agreement to uphold the set rules and policies of the company.
  • A record of the claimed violations.

I decide to choose a company that provide internet connections

Company vision

To help people, you keep in touch with loved ones

Three goals for the organization

  • Ensure connectivity all over the country
  • Increase the number of subscribers
  • Stretch to the international stage

Critical success factors

  1. Increase the subscribers by 10% per year
  2. Reduce the operational costs
  3. Improve employee relations

Key performance indicators

  1. Increase the subscribers by 10% per year
  • Increased inquiry of the services
  • New subscription of the services
  • More coverage across the nation.
  1. Reduce the operational costs
  • Decrease in breakages of installation devices
  • Purchase of company’s vehicles
  • Maintenance of existing equipment
  1. Improve employee relations
  • Reduced in-house conflicts
  • Increase in social activities
  • Raise in working spirit

Performance standards

For an organization to thrive, the most determinant factor is the sales. If a company is experiencing low sales, it translates to losses. The best position to consider in this organization is the sales manager. For the company to realize the set targets, the sales department should ensure each week they bring in at least two new clients.

Monitoring performance

The best way of keeping tabs in the sales department is through evaluating the monthly to daily sales performance. These performances will look at the ratio between the wins and the opportunities, leads response time among other activities carried out by the sales team.

Performance analysis process

To get the improvement of the sales in the company, it is advisable to compare and contrast the number of sales done before the implementation of the performance standard and after the implementation. From the resulting figures, it will be easy to determine the direction of the department and know whether it is on the right track or it needs readjustments.

Circumstances That Can Lead to Termination

Performance Appraisal Interview tools

Performance appraisal interviews are meetings set between the supervisors and the employees so that the employee gets a chance to give facts on the job he or she has been undertaking.  During the interview, there are some of the tools that will be useful. They include;

  • Records of the employee
  • Description of the employee’s job
  • Company’s policies

Performance improvement plan

To improve the performance of the sales manager, it is important to make some adjustments in the current ways of doing things. First, introduce meeting with the sales team every morning before embarking to the daily chores. Secondly, ensuring that daily reports are provided on the new customers, and the potential clients identified. Thirdly, introduce some incentives for the potential customers for them to be convinced. These initiatives will encourage the sales team to be aggressive because they know that they have to account for each day they are on the payroll of the company.

Activity 1

RESULT (output)


1.  Plant downtime reduced

To five working days per year

2.  Orders processed more quickly

To within 24 hours of receipt of order

3.  Quotes provided to customers more quickly

To within 48 hours of receipt of request

4.  All telephones answered

By the first minute of calling

5.  Word processing completed

By the end of the day

6.  Written reports reduced in length

To two pages per report

7.  Stock on the sales floor increased

Every week

8.  Trucks serviced

After every month

9.  PC hard drives backed up

After two weeks

10. Performance appraisals conducted

After every 12 months

Activity 2




Improved customer interaction

How many customers are have been attended in a period of a week

Positive feedback from customers

How many customers are giving props to the way the company is handling things

More inquiries on the goods

What is the improvement index of the customers asking for goods

Activity 3

  1. Importance of monitoring staff
  • Improve their performance
  • Shows that you value the staff
  • Help get enough feedback on the performance
  1. What are some examples of evidence she can collect to monitor her staff's progress?
  • Realization of the daily set goals
  • The working spirit or morale
  • Employee Relations

Problems encountered when analyzing the performance of an employee

Design flaws

Many performance management doesn't take into consideration the connection between individual objectives and organizational values and goals. This brings about a conflict when evaluating the performance of the employee. This is because a company operates in a field that has different factors and most that are out of the control of the employees and so it is unfair to judge on the output without consideration of these factors.

Using Single Data Source

Most of the people who analyze the performances of employees only have one source of information to refer to when carrying out the analysis. An analyst needs to use more than one sources of data to come up with actual information. Getting data from one source can lead to inaccuracy and it, therefore, defeats the whole importance of doing analysis on the performance of the employees. When a person gets data from just one place, there is a big possibility that the final result will not be reflecting the real issue.


When carrying out employee performance analysis, it is important to make sure that the approach uses is balanced and has no bias. To give a true and accurate analysis of the performance, the analyst should work hard to ensure that he or she is impartial and that they will remain objective in the whole process. If this cannot happen, it is advisable to outsource for a professional to carry out the exercise. The problem with biases is that the analyst comes with partiality and during the process, he or she has prejudice and already made up the mind, and in the end, the result is very unreliable.


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