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The profile for the potential BBQfun market consists of the following geographic and demographic characteristics.

  • Overview Southeast Queensland area:

?high population growth of 5% per year

?new homes and renovated homes growing from a base of 50,000 per year

?low unemployment of 4.7%.

  • Geographic:

?our immediate geographic target is the area of Brisbane with a population of 2,000,000

?a 30 km geographic area is the average store market footprint

?the total targeted population is estimated at 450,000.

  • Demographics:

?male and female

?high percentage of young professionals who work in the central business district

?high percentage have completed undergraduate/postgraduate study

?an average household income of over $70,000.

Market needs

  • Selection – a wide choice of options.
  • Accessibility – the customer needs easy access to the store with minimal inconvenience.
  • Customer service – the customer needs expert customer service to help sort through choices.
  • Competitive pricing – the customer needs all products/services to be competitively priced relative to comparable high-end outdoor lifestyle options offered by competitors.
  • Flexible payment – the customer needs easily managed payment plan.
  • Quality guarantees – the customer requires three year product guarantees (as offered by most competitors).

Market trends

The market trend for outdoor lifestyle stores is headed toward a more sophisticated and informed customer. Outdoor lifestyles customers are becoming more sophisticated in a number of different ways:

  • Item quality – the preference for high quality items is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate the quality differences.
  • Unique – our patrons appreciate the opportunity to include outdoor lifestyles in their home that stand out from the mass-produced and low-quality items.
  • Selection – people are demanding a larger selection of choices; they are no longer accepting a limited offer in outdoor lifestyles.

Market growth

In 2009, the national outdoor lifestyle market reached $300 million. Outdoor lifestyle sales were estimated to grow by at least 6% for the next few years. This growth can be attributed to several different factors:

  • the greater disposable household income from two income families
  • the greater availability of affordable and interesting quality imports with the high value of the Australian dollar
  • the marketing by popular TV lifestyle programmes.


At present, the real estate market in south east Queensland continues to rise in price, and with it the disposable income of the population.

Based on economic forecasts, BBQfun assumes that interest rates will remain steady and will have little to no affect on disposable income. The same assumption is made about employment levels, where BBQfun assumes that unemployment levels remain the same at approximately 4%.


From research carried out, BBQfun identified that the present Government focus and emphasis in future legislative direction will be about growth and productivity, which BBQfun sees as a positive for their business model.

There is also a strong push for environmentally sound business practices and harmonised WHS legislation. BBQfun, as a business operating in Australia, will abide by the law in all its dealings and comply with all legislation that impact on its business activities.

2.2 SWOT analysis

The following SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing BBQfun.


  • Excellent customer service employees who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about outdoor lifestyles.
  • Retail space that is bright, functional and engaging to customers.
  • High customer loyalty among repeat customers.
  • Assortment of products that exceed competitor offerings in quality, range and accessibility.


  • A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness.
  • No online profile.
  • The struggle to continually manage cash flow and profitability due to:

?high marginal costs and expenses

?repayment plans taken out by our customers.


  • A growing market in a high growth area with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware of BBQfun value proposition.
  • Increasing sales opportunities outside of our store locations – south east Queensland.
  • Growing opportunity for online sales.


  • Low-cost competition.
  • Competition from national chains moving into the Brisbane market, potentially through online sales.
  • A possible slump in the economy reducing customer's disposable income spent on outdoor lifestyles.

Geographic and Demographic Characteristics of the Potential BBQfun Market

  • Legislative and regulatory

BBQ Australian Mandate and Regulatory of consumer statute ACL 2013 is the first regulation related to the firm.  Also Australia e-commence transaction are governed by the ACL2011.  According to the statute, BBQ fun needs to furnish a clear description of the commodity, commodity cost, delivery terms, and condition, warranty and refund detail etc. to complete an spending transaction. Intellectual property act 2015 and IP Bill 2014 Music pictures photos, software, designs etc. are traded through spending websites. This commodity or service is based on production patent licensing. Therefore, BBQ fun need to comply with Australian IP Act 2015 and IP bill 2014

  • Outline of policy and procedures

The Practical design including the tasks, measures and  strategic objectives  FY 2014–2015

     The tasks, measures and strategic objectives FY 2014–2015 included in the BBQfun’s Practical design

Role of Operation plan

Objective One          

Consumers involvement via researches, retailing, and personalized service.

Achievement measures Tasks:

 Finalization of market/ retailing research

 Finalization of surveys by customers

 Marketing opportunity identification through reports completion

 Customer satisfactions analysis after every three months

market and retailing  data analysis for purpose of retailing opportunities determination

Objective Two

 commodities and customer service reputation creation

Tasks for Achievement measures

 A 20% organizational profile enhancement

 A  25% client satisfaction achievement

 Enhancement of brand recognition in very competitive situations via  frequent  surveys on customers.

Employing only personnel with, innovative ethical and product safety reputations

Dissatisfactions from customers

 Late supply times.

Many returned items due quality

 Carrying out an audit of suppliers

Regular communication with suppliers

 Investigation regarding resourcing needs like the commodities and people

Distribution and resourcing requirements fulfilment in accordance with organizational policies and programs

Customer  relationship management (CRM) , Enterprise resource management (ERP) maintenance, point of sale (POS) systems

Objective Three

Coaching and achievement management support for employees  

Achievement measurements

 Zero target numbers of injuries

Target of less than3 % of total hours in numbers of absentees

Zero target of anti-discrimination dissatisfaction

At least 2 as the rate of lost time injury frequency

Completion percentage of achievement plans

Coaching session numbers completed

Practical-related coaching program numbers completed

Effectiveness of researches on possible incentives for safe job achievement

Strategic goals engagement of employees  and support professional development in line with strategic goals

 Employee management engagement with purposes of   attaining  greater buy-in of organizational goals.

 Regular coaching

Training requirements that needs analysis on WHS, legal, and leadership

An induction program component of strategic goals

Objective four

Purchases revenue Increment involving the financial statements on general ledger accounts

 Revenue goal of  $21 million

Profit goal of  $2,792,286

Campaigns on marketing

Existing employees training on  purchases  

Implementation of the spending game plan

Objective Five

Cost reduction on  both direct and indirect Practical.

Achievement measurements

 financial statements as general ledger accounts

Agent services’ cost

Charges on consultancy

 Dilapidations as well as associated expenses

Expenditure aim not exceeding  $5,004,714

Aim of cost of goods sold not exceeding $5,890,000

 Suppliers’ reconsideration

New and potential suppliers’ research

 Entrant distribution possibilities research like delivery or spending

 Engagement with the worker by executives for achievement of enhanced workforce supports the aims of a company.

Market Needs

Superintendents increased usage of budgets for purposes of encouraging restraint.

Increased emphasize on budget restraint in the controlling of activities.

 ERM usage as an inventory control for purposes of  uncertainty  and storage related issues avoidance.

Usage of Incentives as superintendential way of rewarding.

My Recommendation regarding the aim of the Practical design that has been designed in order for BBQfun to enter the spending market is to boost the company’s revenues while reducing Practical outlays. The main intention of the Practical design is to adequately organize the preparations and the steps that need to be taken to successfully reach the goals that have been set out for the company.

Such goals include:

  •    Reducing direct outlays in operations by renegotiating and researching
  •    increasing the purchases revenue through retailing campaigns and proper coaching for purchases worker.
  •    Support the proper achievement of employees with coaching, coaching, and management.
  •    Building a condition stature with resourcing and research
  •    Engaging with consumers through surveys and analysis of retailing data.


In order to attain the goals that have been set, BBQfun will need to invest in resources, equipment, retailing, worker, and coaching.

In total, BBQfun will need at Brisbane’s head office and Gold Coast operation:

Headquarter -Brisbane

City of Gold Coast

? A total of 30  casual  as well as full-time purchases together with personnel on  patron service.

? 5 Senior management crew representatives

? One Inventory superintendent

? four Purchases crew heads

? One delivery truck operator, and

? One repository operative

? A total of 30  casual  as well as full-time purchases together with personnel on  patron service

? One Inventory executive.

? three Purchases crew heads

? One delivery truck operator, and

? One repository operative

The prospects that BBQ fun faces during the implementation of this Practical design are the following:

Low uncertainty

Moderate uncertainty

Extreme uncertainty

? Breaches of the company’s covertness

? Destitute or non-compliance of mandate

? Destitute online purchases

? Destitute worker recruitment

? Covertness and ownership of the web page once the web developer is finished.

? Misuse of commodities due to overstocking

? Workplace health and safety (WHS) threshold failure

?  Non-compliance on anti-discrimination

? Breaches of consumer statutes.

? Worker representatives thinking that their job will come to an end.

As demonstrated above, all possible prospects are within the control of BBQfun and can be prevented or lowered to a minimum of chances with the proper coaching, compliance of mandate, policies and programs.

 Resource necessities for implementation of spending game plan

A well designed and planned repository

Purchases crew heads

Inventory superintendent

Search engine advertisement

three personnel to job at the patron service

Support for the logistics

A spacious repository


A meeting with my assessor


  • A summary of consultation meeting with the Purchases and Retailing Superintendent
  • There were various doubts about the future of the current employees ath BBQfun stores
  • Most of the doubts were about job termination due to spending implementation
  • Those doubts were clarified and an explanation about resourcing existing employees for the spending implementation was carried out.
  • The retailing superintendent suggested flyers and posters in existing BBqfun shops to tell the consumers about the spending implementation
  • Brainstorming and promotional retailing was carried out
  • Discount vouchers during the first e-purchases
  • Retailing through TV and radio
  • Research the average age of BBQfun’s consumers
  • A specific focus on retailing on magazines and newspapers that the average patron would normally read will be implemented.
  • The purchases superintendent will inform his crew to comment and promote BBQfun’s upcoming e-inventory.

A summary of consultation meeting with the Technology Consultant

  • A written agreement of ownership and covertness will be signed by the web developer
  • Pictures of BBQfun’s commodities will need to be taken
  • Specific information on each commodity such as measures and physical appearance, colour variations and written details or availability in stock.
  • Discussion on how easy it must be for the patron to navigate across the webpage
  • Section for direct chat with patron service worker
  • Constant update of the webpage
  • Design for each season of the year where purchases usually peak (Christmas, boxing day, Summer season, australia day, etc.)
  • Time to be ready and outlays of the web page.
  • Guarantee
  • Beta testing dates.
  • Box of comments and suggestions.


Establish an operation design for the implementation of the spending game plan.

Operation Design

Event: Objective or Operation


Responsible individual

Resoueces(if necesarry)

Analysis of the requirement

Recruitment , Human Resourcing:

·   Repository workers

·   Online purchases workers

·   Truck operators

three months

HR crew


Viable requirement

Human Resourcing:

Online purchases coaching


Superintendents and HR

All worker



Human Resourcing: Management coaching

2 months


Human resourcing: Source existing employees to job in patron service department/area

14 days

Human resource



Physical resourcing: Establish spending website

45 days

Human resource and Technology crew

Website developer


Need a follow up

Physical resourcing: Purchase new plant equipment i.e. forklifts and delivery trucks

30 days

Procurement department/the executives

Supplies vehicles

$80000x 5= $400000

Forklifts $15000 x three = $45000

Need financial advice


Performance  indicators

Practical design

BBQ Fun Practical Design 2015 – 2016


Key achievement Indicators

Financial Targets

Engaging with consumers through retailing, research and personalised service.

 Surveys on patron satisfaction.

Analysis of retailing opportunities.

 Improve company profile by  atleast 30%

Building stature for condition commodities and condition patron service:

 Research of resourcing needs.

Constant contact with suppliers.

    Raise organisational client satisfaction achievement by 35%

Supporting people to perform via coaching and achievement management.

 Incentives for safe job

Engage workers in strategic working and goals

Adequate Induction, coaching and coaching.

Increasing purchases revenue.

Carry out retailing campaigns in the right media and to the right public

Proper purchases coaching to existing and newly arrived worker

Incentives to workers

Incentives to consumers

E-shop special vouchers.

Slash direct and indirect outlays of operations.

 Renegotiation with suppliers

Research on new suppliers and distribution possibilities

Inventory management to avoid overstocking.

The balanced scorecard

Key Result Area(KRA)


Key Achievement indicator(KPI)



10000 every quarter

Increase purchases by 10% over the next 2 months

Increase volume of calls by 15% every quarter for each consultant


Patron Complaint

Less than three complain in a quarter

 Each consultant to Slash patron dissatsfaction by 20% within One month

Patron dissatsfaction resolved within 24 hours


 Crew player


Crew job

 Job in a crew environment

 100% attendance of any crew job at BBQ Fun

All project to be completed within the timeframe



Uncertainty analysis and contingency design

Contingency design

Company name: BBQ Fun

Name of person developing the design: Student Name

Who was consulted as part of this design: The BBQ Fun stakeholders

Name: Sam Lee                       

Position: Purchases and Retailing Superintendent

Uncertainty identified:

· One uncertainty due to breach of health and safety compliance responsibilities.

· moderate uncertainty of destitute online purchases

· extreme uncertainty of patron service condition problems for online consumers leading to a breach of consumer statute

? frustration to identify changes in market/external environment and establish appropriate strategies

? frustration to adequately train employees in line with retailing strategies

? frustration to revise operations and resourcing in accordance with retailing strategies

? frustration to ensure commodity/patron service condition in event of revised operations

? frustration to recruit qualified purchases/patron service worker due to increased competition in south east Queensland

? frustration to realise revenue gains due to destitute consumer confidence

? competition (both bricks and mortar and online) affecting profit margins and market share

? non-compliance on anti-discrimination

? loss of knowledge and capability through departing worker

? frustration to meet occupational health and safety necessities/other legal necessities for retailing of commodities and services

Activities/ Strategies to minimise the uncertainty



Provide coaching on online purchases

 three months

The Purchases and retailing superintendent

Coaching on patron service

Provide consumer statute briefing to all purchases representatives

One months


Purchases superintendent

industry benchmarking in all areas of organisational achievement

 One month

Human resource

review of retailing/Practical planning

One month

review of online presence, possible ecommerce opportunities

 2 Months

Retailing and purchases Retailing

Review privacy policy.

three months

Human resource

BBQfun Uncertainty  FY 2014/2015

Identified uncertainty


The effects

The controls in control

Forthcoming steps

Difficulties in finding the right external or microenvironment and come up with needed approaches




? having required insurances and the annual review of the same.

? Managers following the management performance policies

? Business plans and customer needs are in line

? employee accepted code of ethics and anti-discrimination awareness program

? carryin out benchamarking in all setions of the business

? marketing and planning re-assessment.

? Evaluation of online capabilities and requirements as well as approaches to win.

? Effective store space planning and arrangement practices

? Expanding office space to cater for more clients

Inadequately training employees to meet market demands



Operations and resourcing updating failure in line with accepted standards



Ineffective use of coaching, retraining to introduce new or deal with reviewed procedures



The south east Queensland escalated completion and failure to hire competent customer service personnel



Failure to maximize and get most profits to the stable customer   confidence.



Supplier or creditor requirement satisfaction failure



Information from the Purchases and Retailing Superintendent

The Purchases and Retailing Superintendent has been tracking progress against the following key achievement indicators (KPIs):

One.    Condition of online purchases and service is measured in % of mistakes made by a patron service agent when providing information or making an order. The target is One%. Currently, the rate of mistakes made is 10%.

  1.    The speed of online purchases and service is measured in average time to resolve a patron inquiry. The target is <10 minutes. Currently, the average time to complete an online inquiry is 20 minutes.

three.    Average delivery speed is measured in the average time in days from the order being made to the patron receiving delivery of the commodity. The target is three days from order to delivery. Currently, the average delivery speed is three days.

four.    Revenue success is measured in the amount of revenue generated in dollars. The target is $300,000 in purchases per quarter, which would make an $80,000 profit per quarter. In the second quarter of this financial year, we generated $250,000 in revenue, providing a profit of $40,000 for the quarter.

Further to the KPIs, the Purchases and Retailing Superintendent provides more information on each area of achievement.

Condition of online purchases and service:

  •    Worker not familiar with the commodity line, even after coaching.
  •    The worker does not understand CRM (patron relationship management) systems and ordering processes.
  •    The worker does not understand the commodity line. Unable to locate information.
  •    Destitute communication lines.
  •    No job aids or support from management.
  •    No ongoing achievement management as per company policy.
  •    Low worker self esteem: dissatsfaction of back pain and distractions in the environment.

The speed of online purchases and service:

  •    Many consumers abort interaction due to the length of time for order finalization.
  •    A few more time is taken because of a lack of skills and knowledge.
  •    A few times is taken because of destitute website maintenance and occasional downtime.

The speed of delivery:

  •    Operator crew head is an exceptional motivator.
  •    Operator self esteem is extreme.
  •    Operator attendance at routine coaching and crew briefings is at 100%.

Online purchases and revenue

  •    A few lack of purchases may be due to destitute patron service.
  •    Purchases may pick up an awareness of online option through retailing actions increases.

In terms of our key actions, we’re tracking well. The website redevelopment has been completed on time and to budget. The delivery trucks and forklifts have been acquired and put into operation on time. In terms of recruitment, the worker has been recruited on time, and the planned coaching has been completed.

A discussion with the CFO has provided you with the following information:

The CFO has been tracking progress against the following key achievement indicators (KPIs):

One.    Budget success is measured in % overrun/underspend. The target is 0% overrun. Currently there is a budget overrun of 10%. Cost overruns are due to:

?    misuse from order mistakes and over-stocking due to misuse of the system

?    over time due to overly long patron interactions.

  1.    The timeline for the spending project is to have the spending activities implemented by One October 2014. Currently the implementation is on track.

In addition to these key achievement indicators, we have identified a number of prospects that all need immediate operation:

  •    The coaching program has not been adequate to cover the required skills and knowledge. Coaching has been too short and insufficient to be effective.
  •    Worker is unable to perform roles due to lack of support in job roles and ongoing coaching, coaching.
  •    Website downtime contributes to increased service and purchases disruptions.
  •    Purchases continue to perform under target.

On that last uncertainty, I think purchases may need to be more closely monitored. Patron needs and changing market conditions/competition may need to be reassessed and addressed

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