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KFC: A Brief Overview

Discuss about the Building Brand and Linking Corporate Strategy.

Business development strategy is the best way to enhance the situation of the organisation. In most of the cases, organisation leads to a leader and all the decision making power belong to the person. The challenging aspect of the business is to maintain the proper stage and provide a sustainable business condition that helps the business to gain better revenue. The strategies are important in that case, and on the basis of the strategies organisation influencing their market and deliver better business scenario for the organisation. The changes are sometimes essential for the business management but the use of strategic change need some time and leaders will face some confrontation for that. The involvement of action and alter the level is that the significance of any business (Barrick et al. 2015). The ultimate realization has been initiated by the effective use of all the method and makes some accomplishment for the organization. The situation of the organisation will be in crucial form when the strategic implications are not working in a proper way.

In this paper, the strategic aspect of KFC, and the culture of the organisation is the important aspect of the development of the business. The strategies help to make a good market position in the competitive business market. The important aspect of the business is to analyse the organisational hierarchy also so that flow of power can be identified (Bolden 2016). The roles and responsibilities are divided as per the hierarchical structure and all the employees' involvement. The influence of professional communication and decision process is important in that case. The cases are not right or well-equipped by the organisation and that is the reason strategic management is formulated in the right way.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the biggest fast-food chain restaurants popularly known for the fried chicken. The chain of subsidiary controls by the Yum brands ( 2018). After McDonald's, this company is the second best marketing company for the development of the business. There are more than 20,000 locations where the business has spotted their light and unanimously delivering the better business opportunity for the class ( 2018). More than 120 countries the business accelerates and that is quite impressive for the business, the level of increase responsibility is another concerning issue for the company. They have to manage their goodwill in the market and to deliver the same product every time. So the supply of the product is important in that case and that is the reason, most of the business ethics need to be maintained. Headquarter of the organization is in Louisville, Kentucky. Yum Brands posted remunerations without items of 68 cents apart on the income of $1.45 billion. In between them, $1.42 billion is coming from the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell ( 2018). The section of restaurants of KFC earns $942,000 in annually and the amount is quite good for a fast food industry ( 2018). The range of product is now diverse and that brings more opportunity for the organization to earn better revenue for that. The basic organisational culture and market ranges are the discussing matter of this paper. The paper also showcases the efficacy of target market and impact over target market for the development of organisational development. KFC receives a large amount of their chicken from George's Inc ( 2018). which is headquartered in Springdale, AR. The plant processed just about 400,000 chickens a day, 6 days a week, and using 12 million gallons of water a day.

Organisational Culture of KFC

The culture of the company is unique and it showcases opportunity, energy and fun. The organisation feels that these are the main attraction of working with KFC and that is the reason employees of the company are so much engaged with this brand. The organisation believes in their people, trust over the positive intentions, and also encourage their innovative ideas that bring changes in the organisation (Collett Miles 2013). In this globalised business world, every company are in the race to become first in terms of revenue generation. This is the major aspect of the business that brings enough opportunity for employees to motivate them at its level best and encourage people thinking over any situation (Zhu, Anagondahalli and Zhang 2017). The organisation has a clear thought about their employees, as they think that these employees are investing most of the time in the workplace so it will be better to have provided them with some fun so that lively nature of them should sustain. This thinking has made more creative influences in the organisation. The organisation culture is to stay apart from the competition and that is the reason most of the employees of this organisation are not feeling the same situation (Cserhati and Szabo 2014). The need for this organisation is to motivate each other and create a better workplace where best work will come day after day.

Leadership principle is another aspect of this company and that makes a cultural difference also. The style of driving the win together and have some satisfied customer by the effective decision making cases is the major factor of this organisation. The organisation has changed their mind from positional aspect and thinks over the purposeful satisfaction that they want to deliver to make a strong customer base is the crucial aspect of the business. The cultural aspect follows with diversity and inclusion (Florentina and Georgiana 2012). The matter of employees, franchisees and supplier are the major need of the company. The employees are more than happy to do some creative work rather than daily work life maintenance. The identity of self-evaluation and drive in innovation is the key matter of business. The reality and cultural diversity is the major aspect that business solutions are concerns with and that team activity is the major influencing factor for this. The engagement of female employees is also stated their culture of gender equity. KFC celebrates each big or small events and this culture are associated with them. The on-spot appreciation and well-done notice are the highlighted fact of this and this is the reason, the company has the reputation and employees feels so engage with the company.

Leadership Principles of KFC

The recruitment process rewards and recognition is the crucial aspect of this. There are several intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors for the development of employee motivation and recognition is one of them (Gerhardt, Hazen and Lewis 2014). In case of personal recognition factor, employees are happy to have such silver lining at their occupational belt and they have got motivation also from those process so this is the major factor hate encourages the business and bring a lively atmosphere to employees. "Sling Shot Award" for KFC is the major recognition for employee and employee are enough motivated to have this reward. The employees of the company are also motivated by the Recognition card, Champion club celebration, Milestone service award, and Customer mania award as these rewards are important for the development of organisation culture (Mapetere et al. 2012). In 2015, KFC introduced Colonel's Best award and top 40 Restaurant General Managers have this award. This is a kind of innovative and positive aspect of the business that introduced by the KFC and patronising by Yum brand.

In modern situation, competition is on its utmost level. Companies are trying to draw customers and additional stakeholders with their innovative and inventive ideas. Changing societal and technological trends are infinitely affecting advertising campaign of the company. Most of the organizations are captivating advantages by these changes by establishing their pioneering ideas into authentic life practices. The situation is quite challenging for the organisation as there are different companies in the same sections and that will be important for the organisation as well (Millar, Hind and Magala 2012). The strategic planning comes in the operation process. In that process, the company has started their business process by franchising and even open up in wheels. This is the reason most of the business acceleration process has done through this process and this is the reason business administrative changes have happened. The business strategy consists of six important processes like cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance, product and speed of service. KFC has these six symbolisms that effect on the business dealing and engagement of customers (Zhu, Anagondahalli and Zhang 2017).

The main focus of the company is the satisfying customers and that is the quality food analysis is the concern reason behind that. The restaurant companies and their franchises are doing the same as the company has to maintain their positional place in the market (Mir and Pinnington 2014). The deliverance of friendly environment, pride conscious and providing healthy food to their customers are the concerning aspect of a business. The main focus of strategy implies on






Product and Services


Technology and Public image






Rewards and Recognition at KFC

Table 1: Strategic manner identification

(Source: Created by Author)

The company is not the concern with the market position they are in, rather they are in that state where business effectiveness is the concern with their creativity and employees are bound to do the mannerism where the creative process is in and that is the most effective strategy, and the company bring in the market. The improvement of current franchise programs is the major concern of business and most of the times that engage lots of customers with them. In case of market expansion, KFC has a good look at emerging economies and growth of the market is crucial in that case (O'Neill, Beauvais and Scholl 2016). In some part of the business, the company introduces vegetarian menu. The market segment is important for that issue and CSR department of the company has taken the initiative to bring the process and that is quite phenomenal for the company.

The significance of culture of KFC Company is to relate the presentable image of the organisation. The distinctive culture is the big issue of that and that is the reason reflective process and business understanding is the key effect that company has implemented in the organisation. The image of the company in global basis is quite good and that is the reason company is doing enough enforcement in business. The significances are

  • Chicken-centric culture and levelling the business as per the want of the customer
  • The process of quality food and not in the competition is the crucial aspect of the business
  • The marketing process of business also highlights the good food factor and influences the customer satisfaction as well (O'Neill, Beauvais and Scholl 2016)
  • The amount of creativity and enforcement of business acceleration is the process the encourage the business understanding and improver the cultural aspect of the effective market research of CSR

The significance of strategic moves by the organisation is also important and that is the reason as the company is not bothered about the high price rate, and they are put their mind on cost differentiation strategy (Osman, Johns and Lugosi 2014). Rather the improvement of diverse food culture and maintain the food as per the need of sectional people are the creative arena of the business. This strategic significance helps to identify the improved genre of business and also maintains a successful business process to deal with.

  • The realistic acceleration is the key process in business and in most of time better business acceleration and strategic upgradation is the key matter for business
  • The expansion of business is good and effective for the organisation as they influence their employees and motivate them at their level best (O'Neill, Beauvais and Scholl 2016).
  • The motivational factor is another process that influences that impacted strategic process and to promote the business penetration

The changes have made by KFC is important for market segmentation process and moreover it the effective culture of business circulation helps in form of delivering the view of the business (Saraf, Singhai and Payasi 2012). The leadership processes are quite impressive in that case as the decision-making processes are formulated by them, so it is very essential to take hierarchy maintenance and flow of business.

The hierarchy of KFC validates their position aspect and it follows better business decision and makes more chances for the business formulation and acceleration as well. The customers of the company want good food from the company and the influence of healthy and tasty measure is the key process in business. All the decision-making statements are important for the organisation and leaders or the executive level of business handling people are doing this process (Shahid and Azhar 2013). They are the person those are taking care of service, menu, product, asset, and values. The organisational values are important in that case and use of demographical and psychographics factors have validated the process. The organisational structure is vertical and top to the Bottom flow of power is generated in that case. The transmission of power is generating rather flowing from the top to the bottom and that is the reason the roles and responsibilities are also flowing in that fashion. All sorts of interesting decisions are taken by the executives and that is controlled and implemented by the lower level employees.

Competition and Strategic Planning

After CEO, the sectional head has been placed and after that regional manager is placed and most of the decisions are taken by the person only. There are seven sub-sections are present under that and all these departments are taking own responsibility to formulate the work. The finance, administrative, human resource and operation and audit departments are the most important sections in between that and that is the reason international business accumulation and process are maintained by that process (Shen et al. 2014). After that section, the use of area manager has been placed. It is a systematic hierarchy that operates all the line-up and maintains the business formulation in right way. The area manager consists of four territory manager as well and each of them takes individual places for their business acceleration.

Communication is one of the major aspects of the business like KFC. In most of the cases, when employees have to deal with customers communication is one of the major aspects for that. Employees have to be proficient in this matter. In most of the time, franchises are taking care of the whole section of business and these all these are general outlet so communication is a most essential matter that organised by the business (Valax 2012). The communication also helps in the customer-centricity process and for that reason more customers engaged in the process. customers want good food all the time but along with this they want an effective environment also where they can find good atmosphere and employees of this organisation treated them in a special way then their attachment and engagement with the organisation will be more valid.

In case of decision-making stage, the major decisions are taken by the executives of the organisation. The major aspect of business decision making is to introduce the new strategies in the promotion of people engagement that help in form of better revenue generation. The major process of business is to highlight the good features of business and that will bring more opportunity for business expansion. The decisions are sometimes not effective for the business in long run case (Walker, Ni and Dyck 2015). On that situation best service, employees' engagement with the organisation, local influence provides a better world of KFC marketing. Over 60 franchisees and 160 stores in Australia serve the same quality food and that is the reason some decision-making process needs to be implemented so that supply chain needs to be strong in that case. The objective of decision making is to the reinforcement of commitment. Through the decision-making process future goals, policies and practices and goals are highlighted.

Market Expansion and Growth

In this process of communication, more effective communication style is needed for that. This is the process most of the communication channels and business processes are important for that matter. Osgood-Schramm theory or model is an important factor of that and that is the reason notion of communication needed to be made (Wright et al. 2012). The theory contains two participants and these participants are sending and receiving messages between them. The entire communication is the process of encoding and decoding the message sent by the speaker or receiver.

KFC needs to implement the process for the better communication and for that reason good communication process is important to narrow down the process in the right way (Zhu, Anagondahalli and Zhang 2017). The process is quite impactful as the business communication process accumulates the process, in cases like cross-cultural and intercultural communication employee need to maintain the communication with international people and that is the reason KFC has taken this initiative in a stronger form and maintain the communication for the development of a business.

In case of a decision-making process, the rational decision making is important for the resources of making the proper decision. The decision making cases thoughts are somehow impacted by the optimal behaviour and this is very difficult to understand the situation the company in and need the requirement for the decision making cases (Wrigley and Bucolo 2012). The complexity of decision making is important and current theory practices are also important for the time being. The decisions are important in most of the case and knowledge of identifying the situation and understand the situation analysis is the key concern of this. The processes are important for the ass decision making is one of the key enforcement that keeps the process for the development of the business.

The most influencing factor for business development is general strategies and that strategies taken by KFC are apart from the competition is the great one. Most of the organisations are taking the business process for competition as they have to overtake the situation and that is the reason, KFC is exceptional of doing such kind of business where the entire focus is on the customer satisfaction (Yeu et al. 2012). The process of customer satisfaction is important in that genre and that is the key concern for the business also. The market share and the review generation is the concerned process of generic business expansion. The culture of the company is also important and employees are the beneficiary side of that section as all rewards and recognition. The leadership process is also essential for this matter. The process is essential in that rage as highest quality deliverance in the key matter for the company and systematic decision making is the key factor for this.

  • The systematic process of cultural aspect for KFC is the concern prospect for the business (Zhu, Anagondahalli and Zhang 2017). The maximum process of business dealing is considered through the process as the strategic changes help the business and also generate more power in this globalised business process.
  • Employees' engagement and motivation is the key factor for business and in most of the cases, leadership changes and decision-making process is the key factor for business.
  • The major factor in this cases is the wellbeing of employee and strategic change allow the process and that is the key change and potential development that business deliverance for KFC.
  • The hierarchical structure of the company is the flow of power and the power transmitted through top and bottom (Zhu, Anagondahalli and Zhang 2017). The vertical lining is the key aspect of this hierarchy process and that is the process the hierarchal process should maintain the process of development.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction at KFC


Therefore, the paper can be concluded that cultural and strategic management is the key process for the development of the business. In case of KFC, the marketing strategies and the cultural values are important in business. The strategic changes sometimes help in the modern business process and to formulate the business in a suitable way. Leadership is another necessary side of the business and through the leadership side, the organization development and team performance evolved through the method. KFC is the best dining experience yet with its paper boxes, red plastic chairs and its scientifically manufactured frozen chicken fried in vegetable oil and that signifies the quality of the food. So the supply chain is quite big and that signifies major chances of business enhancement and also showcases the business in the international market as well. The paper signifies the business process for the development of better business cases and KFC improves a lot in terms of organizational culture, strategy, leadership and hierarchy.


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