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The report should contain the following elements:

Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape:

  • Focus on its international business environment and funnel it down to Australian base

Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues:

Please relate your analysis to sustainability practices of CSL , and include the roles of planning, organising, leading and controlling mainly demonstrated via:

  • Planning and strategy
  • Human resources management
  • Leadership
  • Controlling the value chain and technology
  • Future strategies management should engage in (identify 3 major strategies based on previous analysis of the company)

Background, introduction, and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape

CSL is a multinational company which deals in manufacturing and sales of different biotherapeutics products. Here, the objective of CSL is to save and enhance the lives of people by delivering effective products and service. The selected business enterprise is operating with more than 170000 employees and offices in 30 nations of the world. The management practices of CSL can be termed as effective as all the staff members are highly motivated and focus on the accomplishment of the company’s aim and objectives. The board members of CSL are responsible for carrying out effective management of the organization. In addition to this, these members are also responsible to provide strategic direction to CSL (CSL 2017) .

At the time of carrying out its operations in Australia and other international markets, the company highly emphasize on areas such as values and ethics (CSL 2017). CSL promotes innovation and practical collaboration while carrying out its business activities and delivering services to patients. On the other side of this, it can be critically argued that the operations of the business are directly affected by external environmental factors.

For example, a stable political condition in international market encourages the smooth flow of all operations and activities. On the other hand, factors such as socio-culture also affect the overall business operations of CSL to a great extent. It can be justified by the fact that while carrying out international operations, the products and services delivered should reflect the socio-cultural environment of a global market. The changing technological factors encourage the brand to keep upgrading its technology with an objective to deliver fast, accurate and more satisfactory services to patients.

At present, the level of competition among business operating in biopharmaceutical industry has become highly intense. Furthermore, it is no longer easy for companies such as CSL to attract new customers and retain the old ones. The main competitors of CSL include Baxter International Inc., SANOFI, and GRIFOLS SA (D&B Hoovers 2017). The selected business enterprise is required to focus on delivering efficient and satisfactory services to sustain in the marketplace.  

The vision of CSL is to enhance the health and well being of people by delivering safe and quality services. On the other hand, the mission statement of company emphasizes on four major areas which are collaboration, integrity, patient focus, and innovations. Dealing with the life-threatening condition of patients can be termed as the passion of CSL. On the other side of this, the selected business organization also focuses on areas such as innovation and science to carry out improvement in its processes and the way in which services are delivered to all the users. The management practices of CSL are directed towards doing right things for community, patients, employees and other stakeholders (CSL Behring 2017). The brand focuses on maintaining transparency, ethics and honestly while carrying out its business practices and operations.    

The critical characteristic of CSL business operations is that these practices focus a lot on areas such as carrying out responsible environmental practices and encouraging employees and management to concentrate on ethical decisions. The goal setting practices within CSL can be termed as effective as the brand promotes open communication and participation of all staff members (Daft & Samson 2014). The benefit of such practices is that it creates a high degree of satisfaction among workers. At the same time, it helps the brand to introduce more accurate, fast and quality services to deal with the issues or problems faced by patients.

Research, analysis, and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues

CSL approach towards planning can be considered as a mix of traditional, modern and innovative approaches. In the traditional approach to planning, the selected business enterprise carries out internal, external analysis and then develops strategic plans to carry out smooth flow of practices and services (IBIS WORLD 2017). In addition to this, the company emphasizes on the fact that the mission, vision, objectives and core competencies of CSL are integrated into the strategic plans developed.

However, it can be critically argued that at the time of using modern and innovative approach to planning, where employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to take part in the process of decision making and strategic planning (Stead & Stead 2013). Along with this, the company also allows staff members and managers to present innovative and creative ideas which can be integrated into the process of service delivery.

The sustainability has been incorporated by CSL in areas such as business operations, competition, marketing and maintaining relationship with all stakeholders (CSL Limited 2017). The brand ensures that its practices are complied with international trade regulations and ethical principles. CSL is also committed towards developing healthier and sustainable communities within the world.

CSL is engaged in delivering global biotherapeutics company that develops and delivers biotherapies which save the lives of people. The company produces different medications for the end users and to manage the overall services; HR department has developed the range of strategies. Under HR strategies, CSL is chiefly focused towards delegating the work suitably to the employees so that to get the work done as per organizational aim and objectives. The company is also engaged in delivering only quality services; hence this increases pressure on employees (Ehnert, Harry & Zink 2013). According to organizational standards, employees of CSL are directed to consider all the parameters of quality services. This leads the employees to enhance the level of work efficiency.

To get right people for the company, CSL focuses on suitable recruitment and selection procedure in which only experienced and right candidates are being employed. This aids CSL to employ only those people who have knowledge about medical services. Further, the company finds right people through giving advertisements and promotions; hence suitable candidates apply for the position. The company also gives opportunities to the trainees who have knowledge regarding the way of handling work processes (Jabbour & Santos 2008). Moreover, CSL also gives chances to social workers so that better services can be delivered to the patients.

Training is the source through which workforce is developed at CSL, and through training, the capability of employees is also enhanced. The workforce of CSL becomes effective as they are provided numerous opportunities to learn and grow more in their specific domain (Mudambi & Puck 2016). Personal and professional growth opportunities are being provided to the employees who aid them to deliver competently and quality amenities to the patients. Thus, it can be said that with the help of training, employees are able to introduce innovative biotherapies which protect lives of people.

Analysis of the roles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in relation to sustainability practices at CSL

To maintain the effective workforce, CSL focuses on encouraging and motivating the employees. This also works as employee retention. CSL pays huge attention towards employee motivation and retention; hence it reduces the level of employee turnover. As per the performance of employees, effective benefits are being provided (Heizer 2016). This enhances the morale and productivity and as a result, overall standard of CSL increases. Along with monetary benefits, CSL is also engaged in providing non-monetary benefits to the employees such as appreciation and recognition. This amends the way of working and ultimately it leads to client satisfaction. Therefore, it is clear that CSL has been giving numerous services to the employees to maintain and retain them in the organization (Slack 2015).  

CSL is committed to improving sustainability within the health system infrastructure and performance; hence the entity emphasizes on proper planning and management aspects. Promoting healthy values is a driving factor that leads CSL to enhance health provisions in the society, and this also minimizes health issues among people (Hill 2016). Thus, to promote health standards, CSL organized a campaign wherein the team members were involved in promoting the vision of the organization among people. This not only promotes healthy standards, but also it enhances the value of internal business practices.  

At CSL, leadership is considered as an art of getting the work done through followers. Hence, considering this approach, leader ensures to team up with the followers so that the entire work can be managed; however leader also monitors the performance through aligning the work with organization’s aim and objectives. The leader of CSL does not act as a boss; however, he allows all the team members to adopt new practices to facilitate innovation. This helps in managing the work as per organizational standards (Stead & Stead 2013). The practice of leadership seems to be effective since that allows CSL to reduce complexities from the workplace.  

In CSL, democratic leadership has been followed wherein leaders and followers together take the decisions regarding the work processes. With the help of democratic leadership, leader allows the employees to participate in the decision-making process; hence it enhances the overall efficiency of team work (de Figueirêdo Junior, Meuwissen & Oude Lansink 2014). At the same time, democratic leadership style is effective because that aids the leader of CSL to motivate and encourage the team members towards better performance and productivity. Moreover, the style is also useful in terms of facilitating suitable coordination among team players. Hence, it minimizes team based issues and challenges.

Apart from this, the leader of CSL has the power to take all the decisions alone; still, leader involves all the employees regarding facilitating equal participation from them. The Democratic leader provides freedom to all the team participants so that they can get motivated while delivering medical services to the clients.

The leader of CSL is able to inspire and motivate people through facilitating proper communication among them. The leader also makes use of transformational leadership in which he works with the subordinates to manage change in the service provision (Playne 2016). This helps the leader to encourage the employees towards transformation to amend the performance level. Therefore, with the changing leadership patterns, leader motivates people to deliver better services to the clients.

CSL's approach to sustainable business operations in areas such as competition, marketing, and stakeholder relationships

The leader of CSL ensures to motivate and encourage the team players not only to retain them; but also to maximize the standard of services. There exists appropriate coordination between leader and subordinates of CSL; therefore with this aspect, long term benefits are being attained by the organization (Asgher et al. 2014). To acquire sustainability benefits, leader of CSL ensures to implement different principles. This is also useful in encouraging the value of services. Moreover, this also allows CSL to emphasize on strategic aspects of the business.    

CSL operation management practices are quite effective, and they have contributed business in gaining the edge over its rivalry. Further, it has been found that proper planning is done within the business with the motive to manage all the operations in an effective manner and this has become one of the main reasons behind the success of the firm in the market (Wheelen & Hunger 2017). CSL is indulged into the practice of delivering biotechnology products that prevent serious human medical condition.

Considering the overall operations of CSL the company purchases raw materials from the different suppliers available in the market and the main focus is on ensuring the development of quality products so as to meet with the requirement of the target market (Yüksel 2016). CSL has developed separate team whose main motive to ensure whether all the operations of the business are carried out efficiently or not. Further, main stress is on efficient utilization of all the resources such as financial, human, technological, etc. Therefore, with the help of this it can be stated that operations management practices of CSL are effective.

Apart from this, CSL is efficient enough in managing its supply chain where the process starts from the purchase of raw materials that are needed for the production of biotechnology products. CSL has the strong relationship with its suppliers who are able to deliver high-quality raw materials to the company. Apart from this, production process takes place where through different modes biotechnology products are manufactured as per the requirement of the target market. Goods are transported to retailer, wholesalers and other agents who offer products of CSL (Walker & Jones 2012). The company keeps on identify the best possible areas through which costs can be saved and in turn supply chain can be managed in an effective manner. Therefore, through this, it can be stated that CSL is capable enough of managing its supply chain practices

At the time of conducting any operation, it is necessary for CSL to implement new technology and it aids in enhancing overall performance. Further, the new technology is implemented with the support of employees who are working in CSL, and this contributes a lot in managing organizational performance in best possible manner (Slack 2015). CSL believes in saving cost through different mode and undertaking advanced technology is the most appropriate way undertaken by the business.

The supply chain and operation management practices of CSL are flexible, and due to this reason, new technology is easily adopted. In each and every type of decision sustainability practices are ensured through which it is ensured by the business that its overall practices are having very less impact on the environment.

CSL's main competitors and strategies for sustaining its position in the market

CSL has taken various measures for improving its sustainability practice such as adoption of recycling technique, indulging into the practice of efficient production, etc. Before taking any type of decision, it is ensured by the company whether it has the high impact on the environment or low (Walker & Jones 2012). Therefore, through this CSL is able to carry out all its operations in an effective manner and it have contributed a lot in enhancing the overall performance of the business in every possible manner.  

On the basis of entire analysis there are some recommendations to CSL so that the company can manage its overall performance for long period of time:

It is a well-known fact that CSL strongly focuses on enhancing the quality of its products and due to this reason some areas are present on which training is required to be given to employees. Sometimes employees are not able to deal with the quality management issues. Therefore, proper training needs to be given to the employees so that their personal development is possible with the help of this in every possible manner.

Secondly experienced individuals are hired by CSL for carrying out its overall operations those who have high experience in manufacturing of biotechnology products. Therefore, it is recommended to the company to undertake freshers also who have right skill and knowledge. Rather than focusing on experienced professional company must hire fresher also who can assist the organization in carrying out overall operations.

At present company has adopted the democratic style of leadership which is not at all applicable in each and every situation. It sometimes acts as hurdle while carrying out the overall operations. Therefore, in some situations, there is a need to adopt situational leadership so that decisions within CSL can be taken as per the situation present within the company

Last the supply chain and operation management practices must be inclined more towards environmental friendly where the company must identify the best possible areas through which its environmental impact can be reduced significantly. So, this will develop more effective sustainable practices of the business and can act as the development tool for the business in every possible manner.


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