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This portion of the report signifies reflection of the context of globalization along with the aspect which will show the effectiveness of the policy responses within the population in the United Kingdom. In that context the report will contain the proper description the service users present on the ground at the point where the global, as well as the local population, meets each other.

In relation to that, the report is supposed to provide relevant information which will indicate towards the establishment of the holistic approach which will enable the clear understanding of the globalization policies as well as its practices as per the selected social group. For that reason the report considered the social group to be the transgender social groups and the other groups of bi-sexual, lesbian and gay.

Thus based on the selected social group, there will be the proper evaluation of the United Kingdoms’ policies in the context of marriages occurring on the same-sex. Thus the report is prepared to bring the key insight regarding the current issue of these social groups in relation the globalization theory which is the sole part of this report. Along with that, the report will also bring the highlights that are dealing with the inadequacies that these social groups have been facing due to inequality in the UK. On the whole, the report is supposed to illustrate the current policies that will help in violating the human rights of inequality.

Theoretical Perspective

As the social groups that have been selected for the analysis of the policies are the transgender groups along with the groups of lesbian and gay. In UK these social groups are basically found in LGBT community and based on this the report will provide the detailed description of the issues raised for this group at global level. In addition it will also provide the influences as well as implications in accordance with the discussion of the social groups as well as the policies. Thus taking that into account it is initially essential to know the clear description of the same-sex marriage, LGBT community and the global issues associated with this factor (Aveyard, 2014).

The same-sex marriage is the part that involves the marriage in between the people of same sex or the same gender identity. Initially this has not been accepted legally but by time it has been accepted by the society legally but still the ethics does not allow to keep such people in societal factors. This made the rise of many issues related to the marriage acts. It is because the normal marriage will only indicate the union in between a man and a woman for marriage (Aveyard& Sharp, 2013).

In that manner the marriage in between same sex make them to face the similar rights as well as the responsibilities as a same-sex couple. Similarly the LGBT community present in the UK indicates their presence through the rebellious actions against the government. They stand against the government to for the equal rights as well as their recognition within the society. The base of the LGBT relationship within the society are the sign if the globalization. In relation to that it is also described that one relationship is always stable as compared to many others which is quiet equivalent to the violation of the human rights. Thus the marriage in between the people of same sex is found to be an issue for the human rights worldwide that develops the theory in relation to the sign of globalization (Brett, et al., 2014).

The gay and lesbian issues are the situations that are intertwining in between the human rights as well as globalisation. Thus to avoid the human inequalities there have been the discussion of the issue of the same-sex marriage at a political level in this report. For that reason the marriage in between the same sex has been considered a global issue that has been running within the societies involving the individuals. The report will therefore highlight the issues of the social group from theoretical perspective which affects the local as well as the global level.

The concept of the globalization has been considered in a broad manner and in this matter; it plays an important role which will be able to provide the major frameworks to provide the clear understanding of the subject nature. In that context, there have been the collections of the requisite theoretical frameworks which will make the use of essential theories which will help in describing the fundamental differences in between the interpretations as well as the understandings of globalization (Cameron, et al., 2014).  There are four major forces that drive the increased independence such as investment and trade liberalization, entrepreneurship, reduction in the costs of communication and the costs of technological innovation, improvements in the global social networks.  Entrepreneurships and technological innovation are considered to be the major forces behind the globalization as these factors cannot be described alone in the process of integration of ye enhanced economy. The governments of different countries have a major role in the facilitation of greater integration of the economy and interdependence of particular activities by the adoption and elaboration of the regulations and policies that are market oriented.

In addition to that, there will be the discussion of the globalist’s confident point of view which will indicate towards the fruitful description of the issues relating to the human rights as well as the issue of same-sex marriage. Thus the same-sex marriage is the resultant of the globalization so it is going to make its influence over the whole society by changing their mindset, ideas as well as the values of the people. In that case, it provides the occurring through a significant process of change. In general context the globalists who basically study the globalization context make the study of the revolutionary changes as per the political and social conditions that have been influenced form the globe (Costa-Font & Greer, 2016). Apart from that through the positive aspect or the hyper-globalist point of view it can be considered that the changes are the thematic part of the globalization.

In that context, the globalists also provide the statement that changes within the society brought the changes that will nullify the restrictions of the society. This new prospect will definitely influence the society in various numbers of ways. In later condition, this part will bring intensification within the society and in return is responsible for the stretching of global social relations. This will eventually bring the good as well as the beneficial circulation within the trading processes. In return, it brings the growth of competitiveness within the international market (Coughlan & Cronin, 2016). From the perspective of hyper globalist or an optimist, such kind of changes should be welcomed which would include the changes in the global politics so as to bring alterations in the societies and the mindset of the societies.  This would be however, be considered as a positive step in the establishment of the principles that are universally applicable and fair in all aspects. By getting rid of the restrictions of the state of the country, the society will be exposed to many new and innovative perspectives that would have various influences over various aspects of the society. The intensification of the social relations that are globally stretched would allow the circulation of various trade and goods that were once unavailable.  This would ultimately lead to global movements which would be regarding the promotion of the competition and growth in the market. This would further facilitate the exchange of various ideas.

Thus it can also be said that the enhancement of the global civilization is quite positive that makes the highlight of these human rights issues occurring across the globe. Moreover, the positive insights will provide the stimulation of the global conscience that directly affects the perceptions of the human mind which reacts as per the scenario. In some instances, the society also provokes the people to act against the scenario based on the society and can be able to change the injustices (Glasby, 2017). Thus while viewing the concept of globalization it can be said that the globalization is quite complex phenomenon that specifically encompass the basic trends that are going on within the society. In that manner it engrosses all the spheres like the cultural, social and economic spheres. Thus in that part there has been the description that provides the unique definition to the exploration of the factors that basically contributes the successful integration of any country like United Kingdom in the enhancement of the values, ideas as well as beliefs of people with respect to the rules set by the society. But on the opposite situation the intensification of the ideas will not allow the globalist to take the action to let the social groups to gain the significant change as per the human rights. In that case the rising of the human rights issues in front of the legislation will help the globalist to cope with the situation. This in return will stimulate the global conscience and they can be able to change their ideologies regarding the same-sex marriage. Basically this issue has been raised within the society in a global level which led the situation where there has been the interference of the political power. The government of United Kingdom raised a strong discussion upon the issue raised for the same-sex marriage. This in return reported the condition which is indicating the fundamental policy that has been running on the horizon specifically to avoid the human rights inequalities at an international level.

Basically, it is seen in the initial conditions the United Kingdom government has been operating as per the rules and regulations formulated by the European Union. In that context, it places the article of rights which basically provides the allowance to the individual regarding the family life and the privacy. It also provides the scenario to get marry and make a family to carry out the further life processes. But in that context, these rights can form the barrier for the couples who marry in their same sex. For that reason, UK government led the formulation rule and regulations that specifically obstructs the LGBT community (Glasby& Dickinson, 2014).

In that context, the report reflects that the policies that have been formulated have to be considered to be inadequate that places the distinction in between the heterosexual couples as well as the same-sex. But on the other hand, the evidence basically support that the society wants the change and wants an equal treatment along with the elimination of the discrimination process by the globalization. The continued globalization in further condition has to provide the indication to bring global political framework that can allow the same-sex to marry in between them (Hewitt, Sims & Harris, 2014).

The continual abolishment of legislation on a global level which gives eh definition of marriage as a heterosexual that gives suggestions regarding the force of the globalization on the issue of same-sex marriage. From the perspective of the globalists such as then renowned globalists who is known for his optimism, Ohmae, the ever altering policies is a significance of the altering framework of global politics which is evolving under a network that is global by characteristics (Hutchinson & Jackson, 2015).

The evidence of altering frameworks global politics on an worldwide basis is the changes that are continuously being made right from May 2013 in the countries such as Belgium, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, France, South Africa, Spain and Sweden to allow the marriage of the same sex group along with other countries to develop the new laws and legislations in the year (Krachler & Greer, 2015). These aspects and factors signify the outdated and incomprehension of the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1973, the United Kingdom is prevalently arguing over this concern within the parliament under the Marriage Act of the same sex couples.

The global recognition of the discrimination and the political changes across the world are the outcomes of the effects that globalization can pose on the world. The activist group like Act-up makes use of the new and innovative technologies that are relevant to the new social movements and social media so as to highlight the unique rights on the global and international stage. the dual process of globalization that occurs within the concerns and issues of rights of gay, the globalization of the rights of the humans has turned out to be the process through which the countries are assessed and the globalization of the sexualities in the strives, each enquire the international human rights and its needs to be addressed along with the requirement of acceptance and inclusion at the level of local community (Makai, et al., 2014).  

The LGBT community of the United Kingdom has gone through many struggles in the context of the law. Anal intercourse was categorized with bestiality during the sixteenth century and was considered under the Buggery Act of 1533 which was punishable by hanging till death. The offenses against the Person Act of 1861 led to the removal of the death penalty b the nineteenth century regarding the homosexual acts, however, the act was still considered as illegal. The lesbians were neither recognized nor acknowledged as a sexuality and hence, were not categorized for the legislation even. The acts related to the homo sex were considered as illegal until the 20th century, the arrests that were high profile was of the third Baron Montagu of Beaulieu for the acts related to homosexuality which brought the concerns and issues under the scrutiny of the public (Millar & Hall, 2013).

Sir David Maxwell Fyfe who was the Home Secretary at that time, gave conclusion regarding the assessment of the law which was necessary and made a committee for the discussion regarding the topic which was known as the Wolfenden report of 1957 which also provided recommendations regarding the consenting of the adults privately regarding the acts that were homosexual and it should not be considered as a disease as in approximately most of the cases it acted as a symptom. However, the report was dismissed by the parliament which leads to the further trials to make the homosexuality free of crimes till the introduction of Sexual Offence Bills of 1967 (Morgan, et al., 2017).

 The Sexual Offenses Act 1967 was formulated and passed regarding the removal of crimes from the homosexual acts, provided three conditions were fulfilled such that the sexual act was consensual, the sexual act had taken place in a private place and involvement of two people was there who belonged to the age of 21.  There could be arguments that this was considered as an achievement for the people who were homosexuals, however, the consent of age was more than the actual number of heterosexual couples which indicated a variation under the law.

This also provided suggestions regarding the conditions that were laid out in the Act which was considered in a very literal meaning by the courts, the requirements and conditions regarding the privacy aspects exclude the hotel rooms (Moss, 2015). However, in the consideration of the court and the presence of a third party it would not be considered as even after being in a separate room it would be considered as a breakdown of the conditions. This can be significant as it suggests that these interpretations were very strict and also implied that homosexuality was not considered equal under the law.

The inequality was considered equal in the 1980s as this was the period when the Conservatives made an amendment the Act made by the Local Government of 1988. The amendment which is known as Section 28 restricted text that was considered to market homosexuality within the educational institutions and restricted the educationists from acknowledging homosexuality as the form of lifestyle that is acceptable (Munn-Giddings & Winter, 2013).

Critically evaluation of the policies within the United Kingdom and providing a background for the establishments of the social group the implementation of the policies should be implemented within the United Kingdom. The legislation like the European Convention on Human Rights has led to the reformation from these Acts that reduce the professionals from the discussion regarding issues and concerns associated with the homosexuality within the schools and other educational institutions which were encouraging for the supporters of the LGBT rights. The Act of Matrimonial Causes 1973, however, acts as a barrier in the law of the United Kingdom which defines the marriage to be between a woman and man. This denotes that the social group of LGBT community cannot legally marry with the United Kingdom (Munro, Taylor & Bradbury?Jones, 2014).

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 reduced the gap of inequality in the United Kingdom which also leads to the introduction of civil registration rights which granted the gay couples the scope to have themselves registered as the same-sex couples so as to undertake rights and responsibilities that are similar to the general couples (Westwood, et al., 2015).

 The practical issue which is significant and plays a detrimental effect on the community of LGBT refers to the ability to freely travel in and out of the United Kingdom as an accepted couple. Globalization has technologies that are advanced and have an introduction to the globe; the international travel is readily available to the most of the society, the LBGT community those who wish travel being recognized as a couple can be denied from this recognition and right (Snape, et al., 2014).

Marriage is considered a union that is universally accepted along with the set of specific regulations and rights which are accepted and recognized around the world, civil partnership is a result of the new political scenario as there is no global meaning. This means that the homosexual couples which travelling; the couples that are LGBT could be recognized as single. Therefore any recognition or rights which are conferred to any homosexual couples are taken away (Webber, et al., 2015).


Globalization has illustrated the basic shortcomings at the global level in the context of the Human Rights. As per the suggestions of the latest changes in the political scenario, the global frameworks are signified for the development. The frameworks of the theories regarding the global theory have facilitated in the comprehension and the establishments of the fundamental to establish new ideas.

In order to have true equality under the law, it has to be suggested that the government needs to have the Equality Act of 2010 in execution so as to allow the discrimination to be overruled and highlighted. This Act should be implemented in order to the prevention of the discrimination that is institutionalized which is still prevalent today though it could not assure the complete removal of any kind of discrimination to take place.


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