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Proposed Topology

In this section, you will assess UMUC’s technical requirements. Use the information provided in the scenario to analyze the need for network topology, cables and connectors, networking and internetworking devices, wide area networking design, and computer systems. If you need more information, feel free to ask your instructor or make some assumptions. If you make assumptions, be sure to list them. This section should be used to describe the technical requirements of the task at hand.  That is, you will be making explicit the requirements as you understand them, which will lead to the next section (your proposed solution).

Example (Note: The paragraph that follows is an example.  It is expected that students will use this as a reference only.  Remember to include references and cite your work appropriately.)

Secure Network Contractors believes that students and faculty health, well­being, and morale have a significant impact on the learning experience and productivity of the academic institution.  Secure Network Contractors understands the following technical requirements.  The university wants to invest in two new buildings that will bestow an academic ambience while providing students and faculty a world class research and learning environment. The university has hundreds of faculty that teach and perform research within the two new academic buildings.  Faculty should be able to seamlessly transition between the two new academic buildings.

 Students will be required to have a similar experience as classes will take place in each building.  Faculty and students will be required to print regardless of location, and therefore needs shared printing resources.  All computers should be able to communicate, but the human resources department should operate on a separate network due to the sensitive and personally identifiable information they handle. We understand that the two buildings will need to wirelessly communicate with one another, and we will address this in the Wireless Area Network (WAN) section that follows.  Etc… (Students should continue to explain the technical requirements).

Select one or more topologies to use for this design (i.e., star, bus [below example], mesh, ring, and please note that the star topology is the most commonly used). This section should be used to provide the details of your proposed solution. Be specific and include the model, manufacturer, features, and cost of devices where appropriate. Students should include a visual representation of the topology selected.  The proposed physical layout of each of the two leased buildings is provided below.  Topologies can be created/modified by using Microsoft Visio, or you can create a free account at and create diagrams.The paragraph that follows is an example.  It is expected that students will use this as a reference only.  Remember to include references and cite your work appropriately.)

Secure Network Contractors believes that a ring topology is the best solution based on the requirements described by the University of Maryland University College (UMUC).  We believe a ring topology satisfies the requirements of forming a single, continuous pathway for data to be transmitted through each node.  A ring network topology in where each node connects to exactly two other nodes.  A node on a network can be considered a computer, laptop, printer, or mobile device.  Each node has a unique network address, which is referred to as the Media Access Control (MAC) address.  The MAC address provides… Etc… (Students should continue to explain their proposal).

Proposed Topology

Technology has impacted positively learning institution across the globe, UMUC current population among staff and student requires platform that enable both staff and student to access and share resources at any particular time. In order to achieve this, ICT department requires technical aspect to implement the project. Since the university new leased building houses both student and staff, security measures has to be addressed to safeguard user’s information. This subnet mask partitioning will restrict resources being shared among student and staff. The security measures which will be implemented include firewalls, IDS and use of anti-virus to safeguard servers from malware, worms, spyware and other malicious programs.

Proposed Topology 

Star topology which will include all the nodes are connected to a central connection point such as switch or hub.


The benefit of using this topology is that if one cable fails the other will not failed since each cable originate from the central point. Though this topology requires many cables, they are cheap and available. The central point which may be a switch is responsible for routing all the traffics. The disadvantage of this topology is that it requires many cables to connect to various nodes and prone to bottleneck. Also if the central point fail, all the nodes which are connected will fail.

  1.    Cables and Connectors

A Cable is a medium through which information passes through from one network device to another network device for example coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, wireless LANs, Twisted shielded pair cable and unshielded twisted pair cable. Connectors are part of the cable which connects one device to another through port or an interface for example RJ45.

Technical Requirements

Since they are several types of cables available in the market such as Twisted Pair Cable, Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable etc. Several factors in the University will determine the type of cable that will be use include:

  • The type of nodes
  • Distance between each node
  • The cost of the cable
  • Network Bandwidth
  • The number of users in the network
  • Expandability
  • Mobility

Proposed Cables and Connectors

The proposed cable shall be Shielded Twisted Pair Cable Category 6e that will be used in the UMUC network.

The connectors that will be used is determine by the network devices such as switch, router, hub, computer and firewall: for example:

  • RJ-45 which connect switch/hub to computer’s Ethernet port
  • Fiber Local Connectors connect UMUC router with internet service provider cables.
  • Universal serial bus
  • RJ-11 for telecommunication among staff.
  • Video Graphic Array used to connect computer Central Processing unit to monitor
  • Keystone Jack and LocJack for telecommunication.


Shielded Twisted Pair Cable (STP) are cheaply and available in the market. It has a foil inside which help to protect from electromagnetic interferences during data transmission. Also Category 6e of Shielded Twisted Pair Cable support bandwidth of a 1000 Mbps therefore capable of handling large traffic without experiencing bottleneck during data transmission.

  1.     Networking and Internetworking Hardware

Technical Requirements

Internetworking involves collections of individual networks connected by intermediate networking devices such as router, hub, switch, gateway, repeaters, bridges and wireless controller that function as a single network. The purpose of internetworking is to enable devices to communicate together and share resources for example network printers. Each classroom shall have two hub 24 ports and 8 ports respectively that will act as a central point where all the computers will connect to it.

Repeaters is used to regenerate or boost the network signal between similar networks therefore eliminating network attenuation. Bridge will be used to divide the network into different Local Area Network Segment for example Student Network Segment and Staff Network Segment. Routers are used to route packets to destination address. Since they will more than once access point in the UMUC network, managing each of them will be hard therefore wireless access controller allows to centrally configure and manage thus saving a lot of time.


Proposed Networking and Internetworking Devices

6 Cisco SRW224G4P Hub 24 ports cost @ $600.00  

6 Cisco SRW224G4P Hub 8 ports cost @ $320.00  

2 Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch 24 ports Cost @ $ 450.00

3 CISCO1941/K9 Routers 4 ports Cost @ $800.00

2 Linksys Max-Stream EA7300 IEEE 802.11ac Ethernet Wireless Router cost @ $ 146.00

1 Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controllers


Through internetworking we can extend geographic coverage of network beyond a single Local Area Network to multiple floors such as first floor and 2nd floor. Traffics loads between the two building can be divided into multiple internetworked LAN therefore increases the users throughput while accessing network services.

  1.    Wide Area Network (WAN) Design

Technical Requirements

 WAN communications occurs between separated geographical areas. The new campus Adelphi Maryland can communicate directly to the main UMUC University. In order for the Adelphi Maryland to communicate with main Campus, all information has to be routed by the router through WAN links which are connected by switches. Communication through the two geographical area can be established through the following switching technologies:

  • Circuit switching which involves having a dedicated bandwidth links

Proposed Wide Area Network (WAN) Solution





DHCP Server



HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches









 Circuit switching will provide a dedicated communication path between the new campus and the main campus [23]. This type of switching provide a fixed data rate channel for both campus therefore creating a channel where data is being transmitted without delays. This method is suitable for long continuous transmission. Since the number of computers and personal computers among student are many, setting each node in the network will be time consuming and require a lot of human power to control IP from conflicting therefore, using DHCP will enable a router or a server to issue the IP address to any node which request for a connection in the network [16].

  1.    Computer Systems Hardware

Technical Requirements

Since they will be resource sharing among student and staff, the server computer systems hardware should be powerful enough to serve the workload in the UMUC. For example, resources sharing and distribute the workload among processors. The student’s pc in the computer laboratory should also be fast enough to process their task at the minimal time. This will enable all the students who don’t have personal computers to share the institution’s pc at any time.

Proposed Computer Systems Hardware

The following are the device to be purchase:






HPE Proliant DL580 Gen10 Server




The HPE Proliant system hardware is powerful and can address the need of computation power. Also, it supports raid disk which will ensure fault tolerance in case of disk failure.


Subnetting is a process of breaking a large network into small networks known as subnets. Subnetting happens when we extend the default boundary of the subnet mask. Basically we borrow host bits to create networks (i.e., subnets).

We have been assigned the network address  Based on the chart below, we know this is a Class C address.  This is determined by observing the first octet of the IP address, which is 199.  This octet falls in between 192 and 223.


Octet Decimal Range


1 - 126


128 - 191


192 - 223

Each class has a predefined default subnet mask that tells us the octets, which are already part of the network portion, as well as how many bits we have available to work with.

Technical Requirements


Subnet Mask








CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing)

CIDR is a slash notation of the subnet mask.  CIDR tells us the number of on bits in a network address.

  • Class A has default subnet mask and that means the first octet of the subnet mask has all on bits. In slash notation it would be written as /8, means address has 8 bits on.
  • Class B has default subnet mask means first two octets of the subnet mask have all on bits. In slash notation it would be written as /16, means address has 16 bits on.
  • Class C has default subnet mask means first three octets of the subnet mask have all on bits. In slash notation it would be written as /24, means address has 24 bits on.

Technical Requirements

UMUC has not decided how they will use all of the physical space within the two new leased buildings.  However, they have decided to use some of the space for a total of eight offices.  Specifically, the initial setup will include five classrooms, one administrative office, one library, and one shared printer office.

Given the aforementioned scenario, we are going to use the private, non-routable addresses – network and create a total of 8 subnets, with 25 hosts on each subnet.  The chart below describes structures the scenario to include each subnet and required hosts.

Subnet Description

Required Hosts

Classroom 1

25 Computers

Classroom 2

25 Computers

Classroom 3

25 Computers

Classroom 4

25 Computers

Classroom 5

25 Computers

Admissions Office

25 Computers


25 Computers

Shared Printers

14 Printers

Proposed Subnet


Network Address

Host Address Range

Broadcast Address

Subnet Mask:

Classroom 1 -

Classroom 2 -

Classroom 3 -

Classroom 4 -

Classroom 5 -

Admissions Office -


(Public Access) -

Shared Printers -

 Firewall Implementation

In today’s world most organization regardless of the organization size, think that by accessing the internet is a vital without considering their data privacy. So by connecting a private computer to the internet it exposes a user to malicious attackers which can steal sensitive information if the connection is not secured [13].

Firewall provides a wall or a barrier between a user and the internet; therefore, firewall will prevent any unauthorized internet user from accessing private computers and other devices which are connected to the network. Firewall help to avert external and internal attacks by blocking their malicious activities.

In the UMUC, firewall will be responsible for filtering incoming and outgoing packets. Any malicious packets will be blocked and only authorized packets are allowed to pass through the firewall.

The above image shows how firewall will be implemented in the UMUC. In order for a user to access resources from the internet, all the requests will pass through firewalls to be inspected before tunneling through a dedicated connection to service provider, if a user is accessing any blacklisted sites, then the firewall will deny the user request and respond with a default firewall message that inform the user that the site is not authorized because of malicious activities. In order for a firewall to be effective regular update and upgrade will be done. Also default firewall configurations will be modified to suit the need of UMUC such as creating VPN for cloud storage and tunneling traffic from the users that will access cloud storage through SSH.

Proposed Firewall Security Solution

  • Cyberoam CR15iNG @ $ 450.00


The firewall to be purchase is Cyberoam because of the following reasons:

Cyberoam is flexible enough to accommodate UMUC security policies. It also has wide features which adapt to changes in security policies [11]. Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware scans web, Instant Messaging, HTTPS and FTP traffic, delivering web security against emerging malware. It is recommended for business enterprises use because it provide multiple link load balancer and gateway failover which provide a multiple way to control traffic. Cyberoam has a comprehensive web filtering and content filtering. Also Cyberoam is easy to use since it comes with a powerful graphical interface which simplifies installation, configuration and management.

  1.    Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Protection System

Proposed Cables and Connectors

Technical Requirements

The Intrusion detection system will only monitors both inbound and outbound traffics in real time. The IDS contains database for all the attack signatures. It compares the traffics against the databases. If there is a matching signature contained in a network traffic then an alert will be raised as an attack. Intrusion protection system will monitor network traffic for malicious activity. It monitors inbound traffics, drop any suspected content and alert network administrator. It has a database that uses to determine if a content has a malicious content or not. The content’s signature is compared against the IPS’s signatures in the database to determine if it is an attack [11].

Proposed IDS/IPS Security Solution

  • Alienvault  Unified Security Management (USM) (IDS)
  • Alienvault  Unified Security Management (USM) (IPS)


An intrusion detection system is useful since it will help UMUC to prepare for emerging attacks in the network. Alienvault includes IDS integrated with asset discovery and vulnerability scanning so you can get all the information you need to respond to incidents in real time. Alienvault NIDS also allows an administrator to add more interface for network monitoring. Alienvault IPS will be able to drop any malicious content from entering into the rest of the network therefore ensuring network security.

  1.    DMZ Implementation

The DMZ implementation will involves using two firewalls. The main firewall is put between internet and the public faced servers and the second firewall between the public faced servers and the private network [13]. On this second firewall, all access from the public faced servers to the private network would not be allowed but if a user initiate a connection from the private network to the public faced servers it would be allowed. Any public faced servers will be put in the DMZ network zone [12].

Proposed DMZ Security Solution

The DMZ network zone will host the following public faced servers:

  • Public FTP server (SFTP)
  • External DNS server
  • Web Server (Apache Web Server Version 2.4)
  • Cyberoam CR15iNG @ $450.00
  • Cisco firewall ASA5525-FPWR-K9 @ $ 6887.00


By isolating public servers from the rest of the network, if one is hacked the other segment will not be hacked since it resides in another network segment. Also by using inside and outside firewalls from different vendors, if one has a vulnerability the other one will not be vulnerable to the attacks.

Technical Requirements

In UMUC, physical security will be implemented by keeping node in an isolated room where only authorized individual will access. In case of there is a need to be accessed by external vendors, then they have to be authorized by the person who will be in charge. Also, a controlled environment should be provided for the hardware which will be running every day.

Proposed Physical Security Solution

Isolated server rooms for all the servers will be provided. This server rooms will have a control environment where the temperature will be ranging twenty and twenty seven degrees centigrade. Also this isolated room will be under guard every time by using integrated cameras.


In order for the network to be stable, it requires minimal interruption from the surrounding such as cable disconnection by human being or by power interruption from the natural causes. This will ensure network stability in UMUC. Also, by having a controlled environment for servers this will ensure node to work efficiently without overheating which may slow down the operations or harm the hardware’s parts [3].

Proposed Networking and Internetworking Devices

Technical Requirements

The following are security measures to be implemented in the network.

  1. Disable http and enable https which uses SSL and TLS to share library resources over the       network.
  2. Installing Anti-virus
  3. Configuring server firewall to allow internal computers to access.
  4. Introduce cyber security classes to create awareness among staff and student.

Proposed Network Security Software

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus
  2. Using Iptables
  3. SSL/TLS Certificate


All the system and applications should be updated and upgraded every time a vendor release a patch or an updated version. Server hardening range from closing open ports which may be used by attackers to launch malicious attacks. Also web servers such as apache should be hardened by configuring them to limit the cross origin scripts, which an attacker can use to perform SQL injections and cross site scripting attacks.

Also by using SSL and TLS certificate for communication over the internet, faculty and students will be able to access resources in encrypted form over the internet. Therefore, help to secure against MAN in the middle attack [9], [10], [11], [19], [22]. Through creating awareness of malicious attacks, the staff and the student will be aware of how social engineering. IDS would be able to detect student IPS, which distributes malware over the network. The IDS will be automated to report alerts and ban IP for a certain period of time.


This document is in agreement that governs the use of internet services. It is an agreement between the organization and UMUC.


As a user, you have responsibility to monitor your accounts for accessing library resources and other UMUC resources which are accessible over the network.

No liability for damages

In no event will UMUC be liable to you for any damages, including lost personal-computers and any other damages that which may result from using UMUC network.

  1. Technical Requirements

The following are software shall be used in network servers

  • FTP server software
  • E-Mail Software(Squirrel for Linux )
  • Web server Software(Apache)

UMUC Network will be able to provide the following services over the network include:

  • E-Mail service
  • Printing
  • File Sharing
  • Worldwide web
  • Domain Name Services

Proposed Network and Cloud Based Systems Hardware and or Provider

The E-Mail server will be configured in the UMUC server. Printers shall be shared across the network to minimize expenses of buying printers for every classroom. File server shall be configured in the server that will host E-Mail services.

Cloud Based Provide include:

  • Microsoft Azure for File Sharing
  • Worldwide Web will be provide by Amazon
  • Domain Name Services will be provided by GODADDY
  • Printing Service will be configured locally within the campus.


These services shall enable smooth sharing of resources and flow of communication. The services will be done over UMUC network and internet. The shared resource IP addresses in UMUC shall be resolved all internal network by the Domain Name Service. To ensure network security certificate will be issued to specific computers which will enable sharing by issuing a handshake with clients. If the handshake does not match, the resources will be unauthorized to a user accessing.

  1.    Data Protection and Backup

Data protection is the process of safeguarding data from loss, corruption and compromise [5].  Lack of disaster recovery plan could result in loss of critical data.

Proposed Data Protection and Backup Systems Solution

  • External Disk for backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Deploying data protection tools for critical servers

The proposed backup is based on mirroring disk and cloud backup which shall be configured to create a replica of data periodically [5].


This backup system shall provide a less downtime in case of server disk failures. Also in case of network attack by Ransomware, local or cloud backup shall be relied on restoration of data. Effective data management strives stability and improves productivity.

Technical Requirements

Network monitoring is the process to check for any failure in the network or slowness in the network. If any of the problems is detected then a notification is sent to the administrator [7], [8].

Department for ICT shall be set in order to monitor and advice the institution on various issues that may occur in the network. In case a student has internet access problem, the faculty department shall be set to solve the problem encountered by the student. This will ensure that all the raised issues by the student are handled by faculty.

Proposed Network Monitoring Systems Solution

  • Spiceworks Monitoring Software tool


Spiceworks is a free utility tool. It has a good user interface which allows an administrator to monitor a network in real time. Any failures shall be reported by the utility in real time. Therefore, before any issue becomes a problem, Spiceworks will alert administrator to do preventive maintenance or replace the software or failing hardware over the network.

  1.    Log Storage and Management

Log management involves an approach of collection logs generated by the nodes. In the UMUC log collection shall be centralized log aggregation [4]. Log analysis shall be done across the log files to determine any software or hardware failures. Through log analysis in case of attack it can be identified from the system and further server hardening shall be done to encounter future attacks.  The logs shall be stored on a local server for a period of six months before being deleted from the server. This will help during network auditing in case of any attacks.

Proposed Log Storage and Management Systems Solution

  • Graylog2 for windows-servers
  • Log check for Linux servers


By using log management tools, UMUC can create awareness of network- infrastructure problem. Also, it increases server services availability. In case of service failures, then correction measures can be done in less time.   

Technical Requirements

Information gathering involves collecting reports on the system logs or reports from the users. Information gathered is analyzed and compared with the system knowledge. Eliminating possible cause by comparing observed behavior and expected results. Some of the possible cases are eliminated. Formulating problems identified after gathering and elimination of possible causes. The exact problem now can be identified. Testing the solution against the problem identified is done to confirm if it’s the actual solution. This can be done by proposing a solution based on a hypothesis [3], [14].

Proposed Troubleshooting Method

  1. Information gathering
  2. Information gathered analyze
  3. Comparing information gathered with problem.
  4. Formulating problems identified
  5. Testing the solution against the problem identified.


As a result of network complexity pinpointing the root causes of network problem is difficult. Therefore, having a troubleshooting method help to pinpoint a root cause of the problem quickly. By following troubleshooting methods it create a stability of services in the network since network downtime will be minimize.

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