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Work for this assignment must be conducted individually and its preparation and planning must commence early.  Each student needs to identify a real organization and product to promote. You must then prepare a Marketing Communications Plan for that organization.  Students must advise me the choice of selected organization and its product to promote no later that week 4.
Depending on the company you choose, you may have access to extensive information such as the company’s marketing strategy through the company website and, possibly, annual reports and accounts. You may need to make assumptions, but these should be based on full and sensible analysis of existing material such as advertising campaigns, case studies, journal articles and other media coverage.  
You must demonstrate a high level of analytical skills and sound interpretation to justify your suggestions. You are expected to research widely to obtain information, however you must not “cold call” organizations indiscriminately. It is best to make full use of secondary information that is available to the public either via the company’s website or PR department or databases. If you have personal contacts in companies you may use them. Students who do not have any business contacts will not be disadvantaged. Use of secondary data is quite adequate to gain an excellent grade for this project. Most marks will be allocated for good analytical skills, sound decisions and appropriate recommendations.

Boost Juice Bars - Introduction

The report presented herewith is prepared considering the importance of integrated marketing communications that includes application of traditional as well as modern communication techniques for creating specific goodwill image of company’s product among its customers. BOOST JUICE BAR is private sector Company having expanded business operations on international basis with it headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The organization cited here has applied various tools such as internet, direct mail, advertising, sales promotion methods, etc to capture maximum share among markets located worldwide. However, increased level of competence in international market has enforced a need for the cited firm to modify its strategic plans established specially to attract potential customers along with keeping the overall marketing cost of promoting its product at a low rate (Šeri?, and Gil-Saura, 2011). Marketing communication concept therefore focuses on increasing effectiveness of various strategic plans such as targeting, positioning, media and creative strategy mainly. Lastly, emphasis has been laid on making maximum possible benefits using traditional and modern means of communication to deliver the message of benefits of products as in case of Boost juice bar.

Janine Allis can be accredited for successful expansion of international chains of retails outlets providing fresh juices and smoothies mainly. Initially, first boost juice bar was established in Adelaide and presently numbers of outlets are operating successfully in countries of Asia, Europe, Russia, etc. Increased demand for more of fresh juices as well as vegetables can be accredited due to increasing consumer preference for natural products rather than aerated drinks that gave no health benefits against cost incurred to purchase them. Moreover, increased income level of customers in Australian countries, increased the consumption level of products that gave maximum health benefits (Hanna, R., Rohm and Crittenden, 2011). Product range provided by Boost juice bars includes mango magic, all berry bang, banana buzz and strawberry squeeze, etc. Various advertising campaigns and promotional techniques adopted to attract customers of different age groups and retain them by providing extensive satisfaction level have been possible through effective planning and execution of marketing communication plan. Unlike other similar product providing companies, the cited firm does not use heat waves to extract pulp from fruits but applies mechanical methods for making fresh juices out of wide range of fruits and vegetables available. The cited organization works with the concept wherein number of bars are set up at varied location mostly preferred by travelers who prefer to purchase freshly squeezed out juices during their journey to provide a boost to energy level, improve immune system or provide protein and vitamin supplements.

Integrated Marketing Communications

IMC is an abbreviation for integrated marketing communication that comprises of traditional and modern techniques of transmission of information and details related to product to wide range of customers across the globe. Number of objectives provided by integrated marketing can be highlighted from below:

  1. Boost juice bars is rapidly expanding international business organization that applies appropriate promotional techniques- to capture attention of customers belonging to different age groups (Hoffman and Fodor, 2010).
  2. Moreover, the cited business firm has not only paid immense concentration on capturing potential customers but has also laid efforts- to retain present customer share in competitive market condition prevailing, so as to survive for long period of time.
  3. Effective application of principles of marketing communication has enabled the cited organization- to maintain stronger relationship with customers not only within geographical boundaries of initial setup in Australia and New Zealand but has also contributed in expanding business in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Kuwait, etc.
  4. The cited organization has blended various means of marketing its unique products -to acquire leading position within food and beverages industry. Modern concept of marketing does not wait for launching of new product, rather it begins wherein a new idea is highlighted to appreciate customer response and generate ways for maximum future demand. Marketing generates maximum benefits wherein customers are directly contacted through e-mails or using telemarketing methods.

 One of the major objectives of integrated marketing communication involves -reduced cost of marketing newly launched product using cheapest mode of promotional campaigns such as social media, blogs or sites maintained by cited organization (Kitchen and Burgmann, 2010).

Any business organization that operates in international market has wide range of customers. Attracting maximum potential customers along with satisfying needs of number of customers is a difficult task which can turn out to be a mess if not handled carefully. Customer being the King of any business requires an organization to spend a lot of time and conduct research for understanding needs, taste and preference of customers residing in varied geographical region to create a strong hold on international market. Boost juice bars is an leading organization satisfying need of millions of customers demanding natural sources of food supplements to detoxify harmful elements affecting health. Customers have now become passionate and concerned about health factor and the fact has been considered by cited business firm to acquire leading position worldwide by laying emphasis on understanding mindset and behavioral pattern of customers by dividing heterogeneous set of customers into homogenous groups on the basis of common characteristics highlighted through research conducted for the same. This process of classification of customers on basis of some common characteristics have enabled the Boost juice bars to arrange wide range of customers into smaller groups, thereby making it easy to satisfy each of them within minimum cost incurred on marketing products using latest means of modern marketing concept. Segmentation procedure must be carried out carefully as it is the basis for carrying out targeting and positioning that are conducted later on. Multinational organizations are failing to cater to varied preference and taste (Yeshin, 2012). Homogenous groups are formed to deliver maximum satisfaction by classifying consumers on the basis of following elements:

  • Geographic: Research conducted to classify customers on the basis of country, city, town or any of such geographical regions. For example, customers residing in Arab regions demand for more of juicy fruits juices to survive in hot climate.
  • Demographic: Customers are classified on the basis of age group to which they belong. For example, kids group have immense liking for juices and smoothies of fruits such as mango and strawberries. On the other hand young age groups of customers are health conscious and prefer protein and vitamin supplements. Education is another factor considered here wherein level of awareness about health determines spending capacity of consumers for natural sources of energy boosters and protein builder.
  • Psychographic: Segmentation done on the basis of common personality characteristics and character traits that influence preference and purchasing pattern of customers is included here. Psychographic factors play an important role in pulling customers to a greater extent as this also includes influence and belief of socio-economic class to which a customer belongs.
  • Behavioral: Research and analysis is carried out to analyze frequency of usage of products and extent of loyalty towards brand so as to produce products that best suits the need of customers while aligning with overall objectives of business organization.

Thus, marketing communication tools and principles provides required database to execute production and distribution on the basis of information gathered directly from customers through research and analyses (Castronovo and Huang, 2012).

After successful completion of segmentation, process of targeting starts wherein segments formed recently are studied and analyzed in depth to conclude the most profitable one. It is important to find out whether business objectives can be aligned with services provided to the segment selected (Sago, 2011). Analyzing effectiveness of strategy followed by the cited organization to provide service to segment selected is carried out on the basis of factors mentioned below:

  • Discernable- This includes calculating pros and cons of dealing with particular segment in comparison with other segments. It enables the cited organization to maximize profit share along with expanding business in international market. Traditional and modern media can prove to be reliable sources for drawing inferences about business decisions regarding selection of appropriate segment. It is an important procedure as business resources are aligned with overall demand to attain higher profit rates.
  • Measurable- Segments selected are measured by quantifying and measuring size. Size hereby determined is measured to align with available resources. Demand is highlighted to align with supply, thereby keeping strong position in prevailing competitive environment (Percy, L., 2014).
  • Profitable- Data regarding extent of interest of customers in buying products is obtained through various means of communication.
  • Accessible- Segment is selected on the basis of level of efficiency of communication and relationship between organization and its customers. Thus, specific segment is selected.

Customer Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

After selecting appropriate segment of customer group and targeting customers, final procedure to be carried out involves creating positive image of product as well as increasing goodwill among wide range of customers (Mihart, 2012). The procedure is termed as positioning. Positioning image of company’s product using available means of communication and promotional techniques has helped Boost juice bars to maintain leading position against its rivals. Efficiency in generating loyalty from customer’s side and attracting maximum prospects determines success of application of means of communication with customers.

Strategy to be selected for marketing products and delivering message to wide segments of customers must be a creative one.  Information related to products must be transmitted to customers so that it appeals them and thus acquires maximum share in different markets targeted (Yeshin, 2012). Creative strategy determines how effectively products will be promoted globally. Creativity in designing strategy for integrated marketing communication determines extent of cost reduction in advertising campaigns by smartly combining various means of marketing communication that includes alignment of traditional as well as modern means of communication (Shimp and Andrews, 2012). Boost juice will adopt effective advertisement and digital media strategy for creating aspect of business growth and development.

Integrated marketing communication used to keep in constant touch with current customers and future prospects involves traditional and modern means of communication explained under in brief. Strategy to be selected for communicating with maximum possible costumers is a process initializing with effective planning and thereby execution of appropriate means to align with overall business objectives. Customers must be aware of activities carried out by an organization and products manufactured to provide a strong defeat to rivals. Keeping the customers updated with all required information about wide range of products will enable the organization to be known as customer oriented one.

Promotional and advertising campaigns are aligned with profit to be attained and capture maximum holding in competitive business environment (Yeshin, 2012). This involves researching customers demand and preferences along with gaining complete information about various means of advertisement and thus connecting with selected customer segment. The cited business firm is operating in international market wherein varied customer segments are targeted and served, that requires selection of appropriate channel of communication. Integrated media has provided international organizations with varied channels to maximize profit share. During planning process, efforts are made to integrate various channels to attain overall objectives within international market.

Effectiveness of traditional media and rapid expansion of international business gave rise to integrated marketing communication (Kitchen and Burgmann, 2010). Even though latest means of marketing a product have gained extreme preference of business organizations, the fact cannot be over looked that initial means of marketing and communication with customers are really effective. Advertising through radio and television, magazines, news papers and pamphlets are most effective ones. It provides easy access to customers to get to know about varied products available in market.

Traditional Means of Communication

Latest means of marketing includes e-mails, websites, blogs and applications that enable access to online marketing. Sustaining longer term position in competitive environment requires keeping in alignment with latest means of marketing (Shimp and Andrews,  2012). Major business activities might take place in parent country whereas internet provides access to expansion of business activities around the world with minimum investment in promotional and business establishment activities (OFOSU-AMPONG, 2015).

Digital media is one of the most significant and widely used medium for enhancing business growth and promotional aspects. Boost juice will adopt the stated strategy in order to ensure effective growth and development within the market. Digital media includes advertising on television, internet and digital tools. The organization will adopt strategic measures to enhance sales within the market. Boost Juice will use social media marketing as a significant tool for advertisement (Dinnie, Seidenfuss and Musa, 2010). This will reduce the cost of promotion while enhancing product availability in the economy. In addition to this television advertisement is one of the major and most effective medium of social media marketing. SEO and SEM is another strategy which will help the business in developing an outstanding brand identity within the market while generating high demand for the products offered (Castronovo and Huang, 2012). It will prove to be a significant tool for mass communication within the economy. This measure of advertisement will help the business unit in enhancing the competitive edge within the market. The mentioned media will be a very effective tool for expansion strategy of the business in the new market.

Developing effective plan for analyzing the media which may help the company in enhancing its sales and profitability is very crucial. Media scheduling is a very significant decision of advertisement strategies which helps the company in deciding the media timings for promotional measures to attain maximum response for organizational products and services (Danaher and Rossiter, 2011). Different scheduling strategies help the business in enhancing its sales and demand within the market. Boost Juice will adopt continuous advertisement in order to manage the market demand and will focus on converting non users into users of the product. This will results in managing the overall sales of the business. Moreover it has been analyzed that the demand for juice has no specific season thus the stated strategy will be the best and most effective measure to promote the products and services f the company. Boost juice will thus use social media to promote its product range. In addition SEO and SEM strategy will also be an effective aspect for continuous advertisement. Here the message will be displayed evenly throughout a given period.

Modern Means of Communication

Budgeting is a major aspect of planning and delivering significant business results. The overall budget of the organizational promotion will be 25000 AUD. The stated budget will be effectively managed in different promotional strategies adopted by the business. The company will invest effectively in digital advertisement in a significant manner. This strategy will be effective in creating a well defined growth measure within the market.

Success of every strategy is attained if the actual results meet the expected results for the organizational growth. Boots Juice will develop significant strategy to evaluate the business results. The evaluation and control of the organizational performance and communication strategy will be analyzed through:

  • Sales analysis: Keeping a close check on the sales of the organization will help in evaluating the performance of the marketing plan for the firm’s growth and development. High organizational sales will help the business in creating a significant impact on organizational success and profitability (Šeri?, Gil-Saura and Ruiz-Molina, 2014). Efficient communication plan may help in converting non users into users of the products and services offered, thus the sales may enhance. Evaluation and control of the same will be effective for business development.
  • Purchase frequency: Analyzing the frequency of purchase is yet another significant measure to evaluate marketing strategy and plan within the market (Hanna, Rohm and Crittenden, 2011). Boost juice will evaluate purchase frequency on the regular basis in order to effectively plan the media and strategy of marketing and promotion within the economy.
  • Competitive analysis: The competitive analysis of the business unit plays a significant role in determining the business position within the market while evaluating its growth impact. Boots juices will timely check the competitive position of the business and thus will plan its business strategy and marketing measures accordingly.

11. Conclusion

It can be hereby concluded that marketing communication develops a strong relationship between organization and its customers. Boost juice bars have thus created customer friendly environment by catering to their needs and satisfying them. This is the reason behind tremendous success of cited organization within international food industry. The process is simple wherein information gathered from customer is studied carefully to produce appropriate goods and recommendations or changes desired by customers are noted with utmost care to reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction. Customers are kept in constant contact with organizational environment through various sources of social media as customers now prefer to order online. This in turn reduces overall cost incurred for sales and increasing overall sales at the same time.


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