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1)  What is a performance solution, when are they used, and what are the advantages of performance solutions when designing a building. Give an example/s. 

2)  Provide a detailed example of one the performance solutions that you have used in the building from either Section C, D, or E of BCA Volume One 2016, and an explanation of the process that you have used to develop the performance solution. 

3)  Describe the process that the Building Surveyor will use when assessing the proposed performance solution to ensure that it complies with the relevant performance requirement/s. 

Performance Solutions for Building Construction

The process of building surveying refers to an analysis of approaches and performance of the people, tools and enforcement proceeding that used for managing the outcome of the building. The analysis of application and consideration of principles for managing performance is beneficial for encouraging the quality and efficiency in working. The current report will provide information about the design and development of a new building in Australia and performance specifications that used for maintaining the effectiveness (Shen and et al., 2016). According to the given scenario, major overseas company is wanting to set up a head office in Australia to design a 15 storey office building for them. They have given you a design brief detailing what the building would be used for, the number of staff and visitors that the building will accommodate, along with one very specific task that the design of the building is to be outside the square, and utilize innovative and unique design features that are specific to the building.  The report will focus on performance solution and when they are used for managing the construction approach to the building. Moreover, the report will detail of performance solutions used at building and describe the process of building surveyor to ensure the compliance with the required performance.

Performance solutions are used for managing the activities and compliance of required activities according to determined standards of the building construction. The current project of new building construction is required consideration of the performance solutions satisfy the Deemed-to-Satisfy provision. The performance solutions are only complying with the National Construction Code when the assessment methods can prove that the proposed building solution can demonstrate compliance with the performance requirements (Field and et al., 2018). Following are the key performance solution that can be used for the current project of new office building construction in Australia.

Deemed-to-Satisfy: The performance provision of building construction is useful for managing the compliance with the mandatory performance requirements. According to building reform regulation of 2012, the performance of building construction is based on the international standards and needs of the owner. The proper consideration of building construction and planning of the key elements can support to maintain the effectiveness of the construction. According to this provision, the cost saving and optimum utilization of resources are necessary for the project manager for increasing the efficiency in design construction of the building (Li and et al., 2015). To satisfy the needs of the owner and NCA, it is essential for the manager to apply the deemed-to-satisfy function for different areas of building construction. The major advantages of using this performance solution involve improvement in the flexibility, planning of the actions according to requirement and take up the facilities to new standards. The technical tools are also used for managing the Deemed-to-satisfy provision to overcoming the issues in the design architect and effective utilization of resources. Moreover, it helps in the development of Accessible Exit Sign for project.

Access and Egress: The performance solutions involve alternative choices for managing the construction design as per the requirements. The manufacturing elements and raw material quality plays the critical role in managing the performance standards. For example, quality of bricks and steel that are required for construction need to be as per the proposed standards of the project (Xu and et al., 2015). The consideration of these elements improves the innovation in the designing phase as the high quality of these elements overcome the risks in the construction and encourages the respective performance. The major benefits of applying this performance solution include the proper consideration of design and manufacturing standards and ensure the better quality. For example, the alternative solutions are helpful for implementing the innovative approach for increasing the floor space and unit output for the construction (Podvezko and et al., 2017).


Service and equipments (BCA 96 regulation): This performance solution is used to maintaining the level of construction and compliance with each area of the building. The project manager uses this performance solution for managing the input and output operations and design of the building considering the limitations. The designer of the building decides how to apply the code of NCA and achieve the goals and objectives of the construction task. Moreover, the consideration of this performance solution can help the manager to specify the mandatory level of building performance and provide the optional means of compliance for the design and innovation of the building (Wang and et al., 2017). The major benefits of considering the BCA 96 include the adaptation of changes and increase the accessibility of the needs and planning of the alternative solutions. However, the project manager consider all requirements but lack of communication and time limitation affect the performance of the team members that influence the design of the construction and effective utilization of resources to achieve the goals.

For example, the performance solution that used for design and development of new building office involve section C from BCA 2016 version.  This performance solution is about fire resistance and implementation of functions that can encourage the effectiveness of design in terms of fire case (Liu and Kelly, 2014). According to the solution of BCA section C, the consideration of hazardous properties that could lead to the fire includes the floor material, coverage, material that used for wall and ceiling lines. The components that are used for managing fire safety and implementation of equipment involve the following elements:

Table 1: Fire resistance

Required compliance


Vertical separation   

Proper knowledge about the design and compliance of building unit

Classification of different storey

The implementation of 120/120/120 standards for floor separation and car parking of the building

Lift shaft

Load bearing

· Basement level 2 and 3

Non-load bearing

· Level 2 and 1

Electricity supply

Any substation equipment that can cause fire are properly monitored and installed to overcome the issues of fire resistance. The emergency mode must be separated by construction focusing on FRL (Eperon and et al., 2014).

The proper implementation of fire resistance function in building for new office development of an overseas organization in Australia, the project site manager will focus on the performance solution like protection of opening in external walls and service penetration. In addition to this, the design compliance of building for different areas such as rooms, visitor area and database the implementation of fire isolated shafts is essential. For example, the project manager for new office building construction will set the fire alarm and fire extinguishers to overcome the impact of heat on the people (Pecunia and et al., 2015). Moreover, the monitoring of material that used for construction should be free from catching fire. This kind of performance solution for building construction will help to maintain the quality and overcome the unnecessary stress of the project manager to maintain the design specification and develop the risk-free building space. The aspects that are going to be considered for fire-resistant building involve the fire resistant glass for windows, use of stones, bricks, and concrete for construction of the building. For example, the construction of building in bricks can resist the heat up to 1200 degree C. If there is the high quality of bricks and glasses were used in the construction of the building can increase the fire resistant (Nie and et al., 2015). 

The survey of the building during and after construction is essential for managing and achieving the requirements and maintaining the effectiveness for overall functioning. The surveyor conducts the analysis of design and planning character and provides the description of the property whether it is detached, semi-detached and terraced. The recommendations of the surveyor are helpful for maintaining the construction work according to determined specification and NCA regulations (Liddy and Turner, 2018). The aims of building surveyor include the documentation of present conditions of property; highlight the areas of failure and concern, identifying the issues and conservation problems as well as the estimation of the cost and time. However, there are some issues that affect the construction quality and work of the project manager but consideration of recommendations of the building surveyor can influence the approach and quality of the construction. The performance solutions that proposed by the surveyor can help in the selection of alternative operations for better utilization of resources and space for the building design. The process of building surveyor includes the flowing elements:

Access and Egress

Roof space: The ceiling insulation and layout of the roof has the significant impact on the design and consideration of space for the further construction in building and room. The surveyor takes a note on the chimneys areas, accessible wiring and plumbing areas for maintaining the effectiveness in building design. For example, the surveyor will analyze the architect design and layout for ceiling solutions to improve the other functions of the building (Murtagh and et al., 2018).

Room by room: The inspection process of surveyor involves consideration of design elements of rooms in the building. For the new office construction, the rooms will be designed according to the working and visitors areas specification of the NCA. The building surveyor will analyze material quality, walls ceiling, and floor by tapping and provide the additional advice for making the changes.

Basement, cellars and sub-floor: For these areas, the surveyor takes special concern for utilization of raw material. The unsafe sub-floor and basement design can affect overall construction design of the building and influence the future development.

Drains: This is one of the important areas of building survey as the loophole in the drain can cause the damage to the building and lead to collapse. The proper consideration of drainage system for building and covering of the main whole is essential for maintaining the safety and security of the people who come for visit and working (Nadeem and et al., 2015).

Site and surrounding: The surveyor will make concern over site location and surrounding areas. The condition of boundaries walls and fences can be measured according to the NCA standards. The surveyor will give input about issues and lack of standards that must be considered for designing and proper implementation of safety tools.

Other factors that also considered by the surveyor for evaluating the performance of the construction team involve the examination of ground level, floor covering, equipment that used for developing design as well as safe access (Williams, 2015). The proper consideration of surveyor input for design implementation of design standards will increase the effectiveness of the new office building construction in Australia.


From the above study, it has been carried out that performance solutions are having the significant impact on the design and construction of the building. The report has provided information about key performance solutions like Access and Egress, use of services and equipment and fire resistant for new office development for an overseas organization in Australia. The report has considered the BCA, 2016 codes proposed by the NCA for improvement in the construction of a building. Moreover, the report has discussed the process of surveyor for meeting the design standards of NCA.


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