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Learning outcomes assessed:

  • Explain the foundation principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital marketing.
  • Identify the relevant laws and guidelines that pertain to the different aspects of digital marketing.
  • Apply digital marketing tactics to develop integrated and effective digital marketing approach across different digital domains.
  • Analyse the role of content within digital channels.
  • Examine the value of on-going analysis and measurement as a way of managingand evaluating their digital marketing efforts and budgetary spend.

You have recently been promoted to a new role as Digital Marketing Manager.

As part of your first assignment in your new role, the Head of the Marketing department has asked you to investigate some new strategies to reinforce the organisation's digital marketing strategies .

  • Identify how Facebook Marketing and Online Display Advertising can be used to target the audience .Critically discuss which one most effectively reinforces communication of the product or service brand.
  • Analyse how the digital marketing can be integrated into the traditional marketing mix.
  • Analyse the role of Content Marketing and critically discuss how it can be used to build customer relationship and engagement with the target audience across digital platforms.
  • Discuss the relevant laws the organisation would need to consider when developing content marketing across variousplatforms.
  • Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximise its effectiveness and optimise return on investment (ROI). Analyse how analytics data can be used to improve the chosen organisation digital marketing strategy.
  • Using Google Analytics analyse the key words and trends as relevant to the organisation and make recommendations for the SEO for this organisation.

Using Analytics Data for Improvement of Mahon Digital

The marketing spend has been traditionally been very difficult to account for, but the emergence of the new technology along with the subsequent adoption of the digital channels of the marketing has made the marketing to become more traceable and has made the marketing department to be more accountable to their efforts (Barton and Court, 2012). Moreover, the digital marketing has increased on the speed of the communication particularly to the target audience and reach an audience that would previously been near impossible. The digital marketing tools as well as the software have an inbuilt sosphicated packages that offer an excellent feedback when it comes to the performance of the marketing campaigns (Barton and Court, 2012). Mahon digital organization can use analytic data in order to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.  The purpose of application of the analytics is to increase on the sales and to optimize the journey of the customer. The analytics in marketing plays a central role and it improves greatly on the odds of finding of the customers, which will enable increase on the sales to approach them with the use of the best possible message. Just as any tool it is important to use the right for the right job (Erevelles, Fukawa, and Swayne, 2016). The first thing of this tool is the measuring the intent. Finding on client is the first thing of marketing process. The new environment in which Mahon organization can search is the social media, in which the digital approach of the marketing is the standard. The social media monitoring can put the sentiment, behaviors as well as the demographics when it comes to the marketing hands. This is the descriptive analytics data which can help in defining of the potential clients.

Scoring leads: with the presence of the descriptive analytics, it becomes possible to move on to the predictive analytics to be able to score the potential clients based on their likely behaviors. Will they buy or perhaps not, and at what conditions? These are some of the predicament that Mahon Company could encounter. These models usually inform the remainder when it comes to the marketing cycle.

Segmenting the audience:  when Mahon digital is armed with the analytics data, the next step for them would be to focus the marketing effort through segmenting the potential buyers into the groups, such as those who will buy with or without the prompting, those who won not buy and those who won not buy without prompted (Erevelles, Fukawa and Swayne, 2016). This segmentation usually clarifies the playing field as well as ensures more efficient spending.

Crafting on the message. When the target audience has been defined the best way of reaching out should be determined by Mahon digital.  The analytics usually enhances on this process which is the resolution of the client specific behavioral analytics, which can be made much possible through analyzing on the click patterns on the website of the organization.

Organizing ones search traffic explore on the regularly may help recognize on any specific adjustments that could reveal an issue with the search presence, for instance the penalty or even the algorithm alter that may be impacting the ratings. Additionally, it can benefit you locating the most effective as well as the weakest points in the search optimizing strategy (Erevelles, Fukawa and Swayne, 2016). Mahon organization could use the following way in order to analyze the organic search traffic through use of the Google Analytics segments, dashboards as well as the reports.

Using Google Analytics to Analyze Keyword Trends

The first thing is to generate your own personal segments, dashboards along with the personalized reports: Several widely used techniques for one to evaluate the search engines Analytics information is to use the custom reports, dashboards as well as the segments. The best way for one to use the tool would be to understand both the type of the insights which are available and the problem which one is looking to solving.

Custom reports

The custom reviews generally permits onto see the natural browse evaluation in the look at of the report. This really is basically the look at a winch is utilized specially when exploring on the specifications reports all through the Google Analytics. For the Mahon organization to have the ability to generate the custom report for their organic search traffic, they are going to have to visit their website user profile in the Google Analytics, then simply click the personalization menu, and then on the new custom report, as well as via that you may be able to configure on the custom report. A good example in case Mahon needed a report which display precisely how the organic search traffic to their landing webpages with the variety of the sessions , the average time on the page , along with the number of the goal completions, they will need to configure on their reports as follows.

Figure 1: Report for the landing pages

The following report would be produced after adding on these components.

Figure 2: The following shows diagram of the report


The dashboards enable you to definitely notice the organic browse analysis in widgets within the dash panel. One can possibly notice comprehensive items of the data from the numerous reports in a single view. To manage to generate dashboard for Mahon business, they will have to click on the Dashboards menu on the left sidebar menu after which click on the New Dashboard link. After one is through with this they need to configure the widgets for the dashboard (Wang and Ahmed, 2007). An example when creating an organic search overview dashboard, there is need to add widgets which are depending on the organic search traffic. The very first widget may be a basic metric that displays the total number of the session especially from the Google organic search.

Figure 3:  The diagram shows how to add widget


The segment will allows Mahon digital organization to filter on the Google Analytics data to be in a position to display the traffic from the organic search. For one to build the segment, they have to click the add segment key which is located in the explorer view of the Google Analytics reports (Linoff and Berry, 2011). The next step would be to configure on the segment to be able to show the traffic from the Google organic search.

Figure 4:  The diagram shows the segment showing the traffic from the Google organic

When one saves on the segments they are able to see the Google Analytics Audience, Acquisition, behavior, as well as the conversions reports based on the visitors that comes from the Google organic search.

Custom Reports

Figure 5: The diagram shows the Google Analytics

The second part for the company would be to tap into the Google Analytics solutions gallery. In the event that the digital organization does not have time for creating their custom reports, dashboards as well as the segments for their marketing strategy, they could use the Google Analytics solution Gallery (Linoff and Berry, 2011).  This gallery is where you find plenty of work that has been created by other SEO experts which is aimed to analyze on their organic search traffic. This is a valuable resource particularly to those who are new in the digital analytics as well as the veterans who are looking for fresh ideas or perhaps new approaches to new ideas (Linoff and Berry, 2011). The use of GASG helps one to browse to different Google Analytics analysis tools for example the Attribution models, custom reports, Channel Groupings, remarketing lists as well as the segments which are created by the other who use the google Analytics account. It is important also for the digital experts to look for changes. This usually comes when you have created on your own custom reports, dashboards as well as the segments (Linoff and Berry, 2011). It is important to start monitoring on the changing trends of marketing. For example, it is important to look at the adjustments in the variety of the sessions especially from the Google organic browse, top landing pages or perhaps the number of the conversions (Linoff and Berry, 2011). Any change in any of this should be looked into because they might imply that there is certainly an alteration of the Google search rankings which has been connected to the penalties or maybe the algorithm updates.

Google Analytics provides valuable categories of the metrics, these are the session metrics and the performance metrics. The session metrics usually deliver data in regards to the customer behavior during a given visit to one sites which include the following;

The average pages views per visit is a good measure on how compelling content is and how it is easy to navigate on the site. When a prospect clicks on an ad and this is taken to the website landing page, the customer are able to navigate via the site in order to see what else it has to offer (Wang and Ahmed, 2007). This is what is regarded as the high value prospects and they are usually worth a heavy pursuit. Another aspect is the average session duration which is also an indicator on how the visitors are engaged particularly to the content or the company (LaValle, Lesser, Shockley, Hopkins and Kruschwitz, 2011). When Mahon digital measures on the time when someone spend on their site, they are able to gauge on the effectiveness of the campaign particularly, when the company products are complex or perhaps they require considerable thought before the purchase. The last aspect is the bounce rate. This tells the Mahon digital on how many visitors hit their landing page but they leave without seeing that particular page. When there is a high bounce rate this means that one could be attracting the wrong targe


Barton, D. and Court, D., 2012. Making advanced analytics work for you. Harvard business review, 90(10), pp.78-83.

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Linoff, G.S. and Berry, M.J., 2011. Data mining techniques: for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. John Wiley & Sons.

Wang, C.L. and Ahmed, P.K., 2007. Dynamic capabilities: A review and research agenda. International journal of management reviews, 9(1), pp.31-51.

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