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Changes in present-day organizational business activities due to e-technologies

Discuss about the E-business fundamentals and Systems.

Present era has been moving with a boost towards the revolutionary concepts such as globalization, modernization, and digitalization. These are some of the contemporary terms that are observed as the greatest contributors in the growth and development of business environment within an economy (Soto, Pedro, Simona, and Daniel 2016, 885-904). E-business is one of the inspired forms that is adopted by the business firms for executing business practices by using mechanisms such as Web, intranet, internet, extranets or some combinations of some other contemporary mechanisms. This business process as a whole has been considered as the process of electronic business (E-business). The term e-business has been considered similar to the idea of web-based business, however, one of the greatest contrast is that e-business is way broader procedure comprise of purchasing and offering of items and administrations through online medium. E-business is a much wide idea and incorporates the number of perspectives, ideas and business procedures, for example, inventory network administration, client relationship administration and electronic request handling. These are a portion of the business rehearses that are required to be executed by the business companies with more prominent proficiency and adequacy. What's more, E-business helps the business organizations in the execution of the procedures in a more viable way. E-business is a more extensive idea and incorporates shifted the scope of different terms, for example, re-following and web-based business. As the business companies are more into digitalization and modernization the ideas, for example, undertaking asset arranging (ERP), client relationship administration (CRM) have increased the awesome level of importance (McElheran, Kristina 2015, 1197-1216). The underneath report has been executed on the idea of e-business advances and effect of the same on the contemporary authoritative business. Further, the report likewise includes the arrangements accommodated the providers for the dangers and the dangers related to these advances.

The web has been considered as one of the best and huge component and is additionally one of the greatest advancements of e-innovations (Veit 2014, 45-53). The web has changed the way does the business and the business enterprises can exploit the innovation for its own advantages. E-business has been considered as the way toward executing business tasks and practices by methods for web and online means and the e-advancements are the instruments e-apparatuses or the medium used for the working business. The procedure of e-business incorporates different practices, for example, trading information or data, putting in and taking requests, inside correspondence (communicating with the staff individuals) and so on. The e-business advances are held at risk in fortifying the hierarchical activities in positive and negative terms (Chaffey, Dave 2015). The beneath introduced is a portion of the positive effects that will be seen on the authoritative activities of a business element:

Overcoming risks and threats related to e-technologies

No discrimination on any grounds should be followed: Working on reasonable and parallel terms has been considered as one of the greatest elements for progress and development of a person inside a business firm. Also, in the event of e-business advances, the activities are executed on the web. This will produce a feeling of fairness as the specialist connecting with the staff will know the execution level of the concerned individual and the staff will be judged on the same premise. Consequently, a feeling of fairness will be produced and the representatives will be spurred and the inspired staff will endeavor to work harder subsequently expanding productivity and adequacy of the conveyance procedure (Gollenia, Lars Alexande 2016). This demonstrates the hierarchical activities will be emphatically affected.

Enhanced nature of client administrations: E-advancements give the business elements number of apparatuses and instruments to bring cost adequacy in the business tasks. For example, the e-technological devices will help the substance by sparing cash in the tasks related to client administrations. By making utilization of online applications and frameworks, for example, cloud computing the business element can straightforwardly store the records and required points of interest on a computer and other systems and can get access over the same whenever they need (Turban 2015). There will be no need of venturing out over and over to the customer. The voyaging costs and endeavors will be limited and furthermore, the putaway information will be precise and will give better and enhanced results. In this manner, this will upgrade the nature of the hierarchical tasks.

Marketing: Internet is again one of the best media through which the business organization can execute exchanges and work business on a more extensive level at once. For example, by making utilization of web the association is required to create an outline an online entryway and through which they can make the accessibility of the items to a great extent for the clients. The web has been considered as one of the biggest stages through which the business firm can make accessibility of the items and administrations in an orderly way and that too without any difficulty (Bradley 2016). Operational proficiency and viability in a conveyance of items and administrations will be watched and a more prominent level of fulfillment to a client will be conveyed.

Digitalization of request section transactions: Placing and taking orders and keeping up records and required fundamental information has been considered as one of the critical errand or business task for any of the business association. By making utilization of any of the contemporary component or web-based frameworks the business substance can acquire a climb the viability and ampleness of the business activities (De, Hans, and Ernst 2018). Also, in this manner, this mechanical up-degree has been considered as one of the best positive change that will be knowledgeable about the hierarchical activities by the business association.

Most of the business organizations face risks and threats on daily basis and it is considered as a reality and that is required to be faced by the business organizations (Benyoucef, Morad, Michael Weiss, and Hafedh 2015). The same case is with e-business, there is the varied range of issues and risks associated with the routine operations and business practices. The technology suppliers of the e-business organizations are required to make efficient and effective precautions and measures for dealing and tackling the issues and threats. There are some approaches and mechanisms that are required to be adopted by the technology suppliers for developing solutions against the risks within the business enterprises. The below mentioned are some of the practical steps and compliance of which will be proven advantageous for the firm:

  • Preventing computer and other networking systems
  • Developing and securing the passwords for systems and programs (Kadry, Seifedine, and Abdelkhalak 2017)
  • Making installations of anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewalls for preventing computer systems
  • Provision of training sessions for IT staff
  • The systems and programs are required to be updated on the regular basis
  • Data back-ups are one of the essential requirement
  • Regular updating in terms of norms and regulations in concern to the process and use of e-technologies

Moreover, a detailed description has been presented for measures and precautions that are required to be implemented by the e-technology dealers in a business organization (Aboelmaged, Mohamed 2016, 606-631). These precautions are also referred as the solutions that will be proven beneficial for overcoming the threats and risks associated with the organizational operations of the business corporation:

Under this section the suppliers of technology and the management staff of the business entity are required to make provision of training and induction sessions in relation to generate awareness about the processes and procedures adopted for preventing e-technology and these steps and processes also for the IT policies are norms and regulations that are pursued within the business organization. And these operations and processes are considered as the very much significant step for the risk management strategies (Monfort, Valérie, and Karl 2015). Various business operations and practices will be considered while conducting these training sessions:

  • Prioritizing the activities and actions in case of any of the occurrence of the online security breach (Bak, Ozlem 2018)
  • Handling and managing the attacked mails and systems
  • Developing a strict sense of security over the confidential details of customers (Chang, and Barun 2015, 26-36)

The technology dealers and the management heads are the authorities held responsible for the execution of all the operations and functionalities and also have some obligations to be followed ethically.

Insurance: Ensuring the property that can be assumed to be under threat or risk has been considered as one of the crucial tasks for the business organizations (Campos et al. 2015). Business insurance can be considered as a solution to the risks and threats that may arise in future, as it provides ensuring against the miss-happenings that may occur in future. And hence due to all this the process of ensuring the business entity has been considered as one of an empirical task that is required to be executed essentially and effectively. There are numerous associated and co-related operations that should be conducted for ensuring the business such as updating the insurance on the timely basis, especially in case of new risks and threats to the business.

Online presence should be developed securely: Online platforms are the contemporary means of the marketing and promotion through which the business entity can make their reach to the customers with an ease and that to ion a large scale at a time. And hence the online presence of the has been considered as one of the supporting hand in the success and growth of any of the business entity. In a digital world, the online presence of a firm is its brand equity and hence it has a high level of significance and this is the main reason for which the online presence should be developed several (Macarthur, Hamish, and Merlin 2016). This process of preventing the online web-based presence comprise of securing the online portals, official websites email accounts, data stored in various systems and other confidential details. A wide range of online applications and systems are available and the same can be adopted by the e-technology suppliers for preventing the online presence of the business entity. One of the most suitable examples that can be implemented within a business firm is secure socket layer (SSL).


After summing up the above-executed analysis it has been evaluated that threats and risks are considered as a major issue that is responsible for stimulating the business environment for a firm. And as per the given scenario, it has been presented that the organizational operations of e-business firms are also affected by threats and risks. The report comprises of the major risks that may stimulate the operations and further solutions for the same has been provided.


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