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Students are required to provide an individual written overview, analysis, and set of recommendations about the organisational performance management system presented in their group seminar. The key point of difference between this task and the previous one is that you must provide solutions to the issued identified in assessment item 1.

The report is to be submitted via the online submission point available in the assessment submission folder

Following the presentation of your groups analysis, you are required to present a report that provides

  • A summary of the strategic analysis demonstrating awareness of the implications for performance managements
  • A brief overview of the current performance management system
  • Identification of the issues to be addressed in the report
  • Your recommended changes to the performance management system as informed by the appropriate literature
  • Your suggestions for implementing the proposed changes

Overview of Star Entertainment Group

The purpose of the report is to identify the issues in the performance management system of Star Entertainment Group and provide necessary solutions based on that.  Many issues arose in the performance management system of the company that hindered the company to operate successfully so the main purpose of writing this report is to provide suggestions and relevant recommendations in order to make necessary improvements in the performance management system of Star Entertainment Group.

The report will successfully outline an overview of the company along with providing details about the history, nature of the organization, organizational structure, strategic goals of the organization and the human resource approach that exists within the organization. The report will also highlight the performance management system Strategies, policies, tools and procedures.  It will focus on evaluating the validity, reliability, cost effectiveness and fairness of the performance management system at Star Entertainment group.  Lastly, the report will provide necessary recommendations in order to make improvements in the current performance management system, which faces many issues based on authentic evidences and literature.

The star entertainment group was formerly called the Echo entertainment group.  On November 2015 the company changed its name from echo entertainment group to star entertainment group.  It is listed in top 100 Australian companies and functions and owns the star Sydney, treasury Brisbane and the Star Gold Coast.  The total revenue of the company is calculated to be 2.3 billion Australian dollars.  The total employee strength of the company is estimated to be around 8000 (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).  It is a public Enterprise. The company strictly support and follows the corporate governance principles (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).  Star  Entertainment groups operates to maintain high standards within the organization.  The structure of the organization is mechanistic, which means the company makes use of a centralized approach of the authority that ensures strong loyalty for the management (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).

The main objective of the organization are to become the leading integrated Resort company in Australia, to support the welding of its guests, to develop attract and retain talented employees and to operate using world class properties (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).  

The star entertainment group follows a value of true teamwork with the help of extremely talented employees.  The human resource management unit of the company focuses on building a pool of talented people for the current and future roles.   According to the chief executive officer, the company focuses on engaging, enabling and empowering people to be able to deliver till experiences (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).  The company targets to maintain equality among all the team members irrespective of their gender and have a target to represent their leaders with 50 % women, by 2020.  They have a target to have 20% representation of the leaders by Asian people in 2020 (The Star Entertainment Group, 2018).

The star entertainment group has a mechanistic structure which has a centralized approach (Gruman & Saks, 2011). The goals are measurable and they have a strategic plan of sustainability.  Suitable changes are made over time according to the needs and demands of the organization (Aguinis, 2013). The culture at the organization is traditional, in which rules are separated from the top level to the bottom.  The company follows a hierarchical structure.

Performance Management System Strategies

The performance management tools are high diversity in the workplace and the results are measured based on the workplace complaint.  Behavior based measurement at than on the basis of customer service (Van, Bouckaert&Halligan, 2015).   The reward management system of the company also motivate the employees.  The salary of the employees are fixed but they enjoy bonus benefit along with discounts on food, accommodation and other for like uniform benefits (Berger & Berger, 2011).

The performance management system at the company is valid as it support all cultures and diversity irrespective of the gender and thus insurance quality performance from the employees (Noble & Smith, 2015).

The subjective-ness of the star strive is an issue of measuring the reliability a performance management system (Csikszentmihalyi& Larson, 2014).

The performance management system needs to be cost effective. The PMS of the Star Entertainment Group is expensive and inefficient (LeBel, 2011).

The managers need to be unbiased towards the employees to ensure that they are motivated and give their best performance (Caza, McCarter, &Northcraft, 2015).

The model of resistance helps to figure out the resistance of organizations due to changes taking place.  In order to maintain its growth the organization needs to make changes in its current policies.  These changes are for the betterment of the organization and its employees.  However, change taking place may not be accepted instantly.  The organizations shows resistance to certain changes taking place (Cameron & Green, 2015).  Relevant recommendation have been provided in the section below which will help the organization to make necessary changes.  However, changes may not be accepted by the organization or the employees and it may need some time to accept all the changes taking place (Hornstein, 2015).


(, 2018)

Star Strive is known to be very subjective that is it is based on personal interest and opinions.  It has a biased approach towards the employees.  There is lack of reliability and fairness towards the team members in the star strive initiative.  The employees wish to be treated fairly without any biasing, this was a major issue.  The company needs to work on being fair with all the members of the team so that the talented members can use their skills in order to benefit the organization itself (Dunford, Jackson, Boss, Tay, Boss, 2015).  Star Strive is designed to attract, retain, engage and spend money on the skills of the members of the team to ensure improvements in the future.  So the company needs to be fair towards the team members to make necessary improvements. The main aim of the company is to encourage young and aged employees and provide them with a great career support with the help of several policies and practices that are able to optimize the career of the professionals working at the company.  The target of the company is to have a welcoming culture for the employees in order to motivate them.

Validity, Reliability, Cost effectiveness and Fairness of Performance Management System

The Company believes in team efforts which involves all the team members working collaboratively in order to achieve a specific team goal.  All the members in the team are skillful, hence the company needs to provide equal opportunities to all the members so that they can show the respective talent and skills in order to achieve the objective (Eisenberger, Malone, &Presson, 2016).  Being subjective to some team members does not motivate others members to show their respective skills, this hinders the performance of the team.  The company needs to take necessary steps, so that all the members of the team feel equal and comfortable enough to share their opinions.  The environment under which the team members work should not be restricted to any of the team members, this will ensure good performance from each one of them.  If the members of the team work together collaboratively their combined skills will prove to be beneficial for the company (Costa,Passos& Bakker, 2014).  the significant efforts  needs to be put forward by the company to treat all members in a fair and an equal manner so that they can rely on the management and work effectively.

Conversations within the managerial level or during decision making among employees are time consuming hence this issue must be taken with prior care. The tasks generated by the administrative body is excessive and leads to an overload of the capacity of the  workers which results in the reduction of efficiency and this must be taken care by the breakage of the bureaucratic culture maintained by the administrative people (Kim & Choi, 2017). The tasks provided must be evaluated to the limits of the workforce to which the work is being assigned. It is a major responsibility of the administrative body to analyze the task before hand and there must be strict supervision of the company to avoid a bureaucratic approach. Also the workforce expects a support and providing a supportive atmosphere to the workforce boosts up the morale of the people working and leads to a positive impact over the work.

If the company expects a positive outcome from the workforce then it is quite essential to provide a supportive structure to them alongside to the work provided to them which will act as a guide to the work provided to them and in case they are stuck or they find the work to be a new one or a tough one   then it would not be hard for them to bring their work back on track within short time. This procedure will render a long time positive effect on the impact and the development processes will bloom with greater efficiencies. Adding a bit of management of the amount of task being assigned and monitoring that the work load does not become excessive will help amplify the efficiency more and reduced risk of forced  work  due to the administrative decisions.

The major setback in a company arises if the leadership capabilities are not worthy of the expectation they are put up to. The first thing that must be done is people with great leadership skills must be placed in managerial levels and this leaders will be placed in the internal and external aspects (Fairhurst&Connaughton, 2014). All inexperienced supervisors must be taken care of in the sense that they must not be provided with full authority to evaluate the employees as because this this would lead to false analysis due the supervisor’s lack of experiences. This kind of false analysis can lead to lack of morale among the workforce hence a blend of experienced and inexperienced must be properly done to avoid risking this false evaluation of the employees and it would be better to keep the number of inexperienced supervisors as less as possible and this would improve the leadership capabilities which would also be stable.

Recommendations for Improving the Performance Management System

The fairness of ratings for the employees must be properly monitored. A biased decision from the managerial level leads to a harsh rating for the employees. There arises different expectations ofdifferent levels and this must be subsequently met which would establish a strong leadership message. Also improvising different levels of expertise will help approach the problems with a new approach and hence would lead to newness and the expectations arising would be met differently in a much appreciated way. This practice would cheer up the work force and establish a stable leadership scheme. The leader must take up the responsibility to make and understand the workforce that common level of rating cannot be given to all as this is impossible for instead of harshly providing the different ratings thus would establish a healthy and understanding relation within the company.

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a method or a tool of strategic management that helps to identify and elevate the intellectual resources of an organization. The four elements of the balanced scorecard are customer perspective, internal business perspective, financial perspective, growth and learning perspective (Akkermans& Van Oorschot, 2018).  The company is non-balanced scorecard.  The company needs to focus highly on the perspective of the customers that keeps on changing in order to innovate the services and improve its intellectual resources.  The company needs to gain more knowledge about the market in order to satisfy the customers to the utmost level. The company needs to maintain a balanced scorecard in order to set the priorities and the goal to be achieved and keep them measurable.

Another major issue that is faced by the company is that inconsistency of the goals that are designed.   Being consistent means to give full dedication towards an activity, task or goal that needs to be achieved without any undesirable distractions.  An organization needs to set consistent goals that are measurable so that the employees can easily use their skills under proper guidance of the leaders, achieve the goal (Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan, 2015).  If the goals are not consistent and keeps on changing, then it can harm the workflow of the organization.


The report highlights on the four major issues identified at the Star Entertainment Group And provided relevant recommendation based on the issues, to make further improvements. The company needs to design more consistent goals so that the employees can put significant efforts in order to achieve that which will intern prove beneficial to the company.


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