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Critically discuss the pros and cons of a bureaucratic approach towards managing con contemporary organisations. Use a case study (or two case studies) of your choice to illustrate your points.


The word bureaucracy has originated from the word call Bureau which means clothes used to place under cover the desks of government officials in French in the eighteenth century. It must link with a suffix indicating rule by government.  The word also signifies the enormous growth of the agencies based staff by orthodox and sometimes high-handed people where the work is featured by so many process which are not very pleasant (Clegg et al., 2015).

The truth is that people in general do not like the concept of bureaucracy however organizational model is prevailing the current time. People may not entirely admit to it but so many people either function in the settings of bureaucratic setup or sometimes deal with them on routine basis in setup like schools, government, hospitals and many more. This is why it is important to understand the pros as well as cons of the concept of bureaucracy is becoming crucial (Child, 2015).

The concept of bureaucracies is around for a very long time now. They are crucial characteristics of preindustrial time like dynastic China or Rome. In all the cases, a lot of extension as well as endurance of such empire can be part of the growth and usage of effective kind of bureaucracies. The administrative structure was later staffed by the activities that were charged along with governance of different territories with thousand of miles along with distant from the capital. Here the task of bureaucracies and accountability was restricted in number. In addition of the preindustrial government that has to completely defend the territories from many external enemies which often look or seek for land as well as plunder (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013).  The overall control of the complete population was another important work on priority list since the domestic rebellions were part of regular characteristics of imperial level domains. At that time, defence was an expensive work and the overall maintenance of the empire was part of considerable degree based on the ability of bureaucracy to gather any kind of tac from the subjects of empire.

In addition, the taxes have also provided a lot of support in terms of financial aid for architecture, literature, art and philosophy that stay as dear and enduring towards the culture of legacies of many extinct civilizations. The concept of taxes was not very popular then in the present time and they also were an important source of tension that exist between the government bureaucrats and the subjects. At the same time, there were and also are an important evil or disadvantage as mentioned by many authors and scholars that taxes are actually a price people has to pay for civilization (Miller and Barbour, 2014).

The company HP is a multinational company, that has been and is also providing the customer with the constant matrix of multiple products as well as services in the same segments of the computers with solutions for the business as well as technologies and other same kind of services all across the world. In the time of big scale level mergers which are easily inhabiting and the company is also entitled to take over the company called Compaq Computers in 2002 and it further has also recorded as one the biggest mergers in the present business scenario. It has expanded with the transition which is standard by nature with a network based force rise to over one lakhs and twenty thousand lined at many branches all over the world. This kind of transition was further incepted to serve to the rising demand based composition in the market (Moran and Morner, 2017). This further has taken a small ray of light which is ever rising the sales almost by seventy million of dollar.

Hewlett Packard or HP

The complete journey initiated when two people from US namely William Hewlett and David Packard came together to establish a company called as Hewlett Packard (HP) in USA. In the present time, the company has become one of the biggest giant in the computer market all across the globe. The manufacturing of the personal computers for the home as well as business use was where the company initiated its foundation in the year 1980 in order to provide a push to the world market. This procedure further endeavoured the company manufacturing with audio oscillators right before introducing the PC for majority of the organizations as well as consumers that are using the HP computers printers as well as ink based cartridges (Moran and Morner, 2017).

The main strength of the any company is when the management at top level has the complete control on the company as well as its process. The HP faced the same kind of confusion as the complete control of the organization had been taken as the main or primary power of this or current bureaucratic company. The most important potential was being statured to have skilled workforce in order to manage the company.

With time when the knowledge and development of the skilled workforce strong base in the form of knowledge that assist the company to grow in substantial manner. The management at top level when has finished or complete control over the under-level workforce because of which the management would have the high scale of experience as well as knowledge to grow. When there is dismissal or no of random selection which can be saved by the organization which is bureaucratic by nature to assist as well as highlight and save the work based security (Wajcman, 2013).

When the team is part of helping the Board of Directors in giving some added context to the present development and status of the company, which in turn further help in taking important decisions. This is why it assist in accomplishing the objectives of the company by ensuring that it become successful in long run.

There are many disadvantages as well. The organization which is bureaucratic by nature are sometimes taken as an issue with some notary drawbacks as well. The complete system looks specifically for the profit making based credits as well as services of the company and not by any employee associated with benefits that are observed. The issue may as well bring high amount of inefficiency based standards of the organization.

The main reason of this kind of system only aims on allocation of resources and not any other feature. There by this or any other kind of rationale helps least amount in making any profit for the company (Manning, 2017). This further makes it a negative kind of constraint for the company. The impact on the society in the fact of many kind of undermined advantages of the public that can also be one of the negative aspect of the system. the basic focus is on the rules and the job responsibilities that have been written and stated by the company. Here, the hierarchy of power is mainly among the few high ranking managers where the employees are hired based on proper skills and knowledge. The micro-managing is found to be common here and is helpful to allow the service to different customers in a short period of time. This is also to make sure that the services and the work is consistent and effective.

Pros and Cons of Bureaucratic organizations

The development and growth are two elements of progress of any company. During this course, the staff bound to face many kinds of issues in the form of challenges. These issues happen at the time of mergers of the organization. This aim decides the state of the growth of the company. To further expand and understand the need as well as change of the company, the model of organizational growth can be utilised. This helps in raising the level of knowledge based transfer to completely recreate the new change process in successful manner. The basic core rises to all the goals to improve the knowledge of the employees which can be transformed with process otherwise there will be heights of inefficiency. There are many systematic manners in which execution can change with the company help and also helps in smooth functioning in the staff and rises the level of efficiency also (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

The process of value based stimulation associated with the stakeholders and their international business on big scale is important and this further assist in improving the level of competency. The procedure further reopens the level of coordination of secular set of operations which are blind by nature. The company had a huge challenge in implementing the work while it merges with the computer based company Compaq computers. The launch of low cost based sales on all kind of technology based products helps the company and compact generates a huge benefit in the market. This kind of integration of all kind of operation further help in building the competitive advantage and further impact the consumer and raise to rise the customer satisfaction also.

Right kind of implementation manually assist the organization in building the business based process and a brand-new image. From that time, the company has proved to be successful in improving the finished status and further assisted in self exploration towards new heights. The goal of changing the company in a multinational company was accomplished in successful manner (Vasu et al., 2017). The staff further count and also raise in many parts of the world and with the assistance of additional kind of diversified experts worldwide and the company further redefine the term based goals and is still able to stand tall in the global market of present.

The current management based system when get raised some kind of advancement and get integrated with the company and Compaq towards a success together in accomplishing the goals as well as objectives. It also moves towards a combined confrontation of all the efficiencies of the workforce of the company. The management system was gaining some central value for HP for almost fifty years. The management system and its core values have been very crucial phase for the organization customers, staff and the shareholder.

However, there are many evidences in general also that bureaucracy is proof and are discussed in detail further, the kind of company is not completely a bad organization. In other words, advantages of the proverbial based red tape related with bureaucracy do happen (Vasu et al., 2017). For instance, the regulation in bureaucratic as well as rules assist in making sure that FDA also called as Food and Drug Administration take right kind of actions in the form of precautions to save the health of many people living in USA when it is under the procedure of approving the new medicines. The documents of red tape are the part of process so that when there is any issue, data present for the sake of analysis as well as correction.

Issues on Desk-HP business

In the similar manner, the impersonality of bureaucracies can have many advantages. For instance, an applicant will have to submit a lot of paperwork to get the government student some lone. But, this long process further promotes treatment which is equal by nature of all the applicants, which also means that everyone has the fair chance to get access under funding. The concept of bureaucracy also discouraged the concept of favouritism. This means that all the well-executed and organized companies, friendships as well as political clout must have no impact on the access of the funding (Vasu et al., 2017).

The concept of bureaucracies can also have the positive kind of impact on the staff as well as the stereotype surrounded around the concept of bureaucracies is one of the creativity which is highly supressed and further extinguish the imagination. The concept of social research also shows that many people in staff are intellectually thriving for the bureaucratic culture. As per the research, many bureaucrats have expectation of high level of education along with some intellectual function with personal accountability with self-decision and an attitude with open mind especially when compared with non-bureaucrats. Another advantage of the concept of bureaucracies for the staff is job security like salary which steady by nature and other kind of perks like insurance along medical coverage and a pension for retirement (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014).

On the other hand, majority of people across the world especially people of US have hardly anything good to say about the concept of bureaucracies. They complaint about many things in this concept. As mentioned in past, the regulation of bureaucratic along with rules are not much of a help when they happen in an unexpected situation. The authority of bureaucratic is completely undemocratic by nature as well as there is blind adherence which helps in ruling any kind of inhibit of the same kind of actions important to accomplish organizational objectives.

One of least appreciated characteristics of the bureaucracy is its proneness or a habit to develop paper based trails and many kinds of rules. The government based bureaucracies are specifically known for the same reason. There are number of critics of this concept which says that mountains of paperwork as well as rules shows a capacity of the company to accomplish the discussed or mentioned goals (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014). It is also noted duly that government based red tape also costs many taxpayers time as well as money.

There is law of Parkinson and the Peter Principle that have formed to discuss on different bureaucracies become quite dysfunctional by nature. The law of Parkinson is named after historian called C. Northcote Parkinson discusses that the work develops with more work and usually to the point of filling the time present for reaching the finish line. It is also believed that as per Parkinson the concept of bureaucracies develops which is six percent annually. The main wish of the manager is seeming busy so they try to increase the level of workload by developing paper as well as rules by filling out the forms and evaluation as well as the work of filing. Further they also hire more workers in the form of assistants, who in turn need more managerial based time for the sake of supervision. In addition, many bureaucratic based budgets depend on the usage or losing it as part of principle (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014). This means, the present year of expenditure decides the yearly budget. This further provides a deep or different incentive which can be spend as much as money which ensure an ever-increasing level of budget. The opinion or viewpoint of Parkinson remain constant with conflicting theory and it further holds that the growth in this kind of setup further serves just to the managers and they turn the use to the rising power to control the staff.

In addition, there are multiple bureaucracies from different angles where the Peter Principle can be used. This is named after the popular sociologist Laurence Peter who also stated that the staff in a bureaucracy are appreciated to the stage of incompetence. In other words, there are many competent managers who continually accomplish appreciation until they reach a place in which they are declared as incompetent. In this case, they usually remain in the place until they reach a stage of retirement or die. The bureaucracy can also grow since there are incompetency among the workforce and they path towards a way up in hierarchical ladder (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014).

However, the present modern societies with modern organization for most part lacks in guilds, caste and other kind of social components and embedded methods for recruitment, training and organizing the employees with personal connection as well as social network which is still very important to different aspects of the work life specifically associated with ways jobs are filled as well as will be noted. In addition, the process and rules that governs the method that specific kind of work are done and can simply show longstanding customs which is also not very efficient by nature. In today time, there are many important aspects of work based companies which are governed or part of many markedly distinct approach and one that can be encompassed by this concept (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014).


Initially, this hardly look like a progressive kind of step and the bureaucracies are usually thought to be the part of many semi-competent work of plodders. It also seems as there is some kind of truth to this case however, the bureaucracies have a huge number of positive characteristics and for different types of work. By this time, it must be clear that the drawbacks of any bureaucratic company are actually a mirror image of all its positive points. The concept of bureaucracy is also an indispensable part of the modern life however the world function solely as per the bureaucratic based principles that might not work as desired. This make the place an unpleasant atmosphere to function. The confusion is further engendered by the organization which is bureaucratic by nature of the working lives that can become a theme to which people can return to many incidences. The globalization is playing a very crucial part that takes into account the transformations that occur all across the globe and how such transformations can impact the business (Kipping and Üsdiken, 2014). The globalisation based theories also states that business world is becoming more and more interconnected and there are many company that are constantly engaging in the business with many other international organization by hiring or investing overseas workers and also handling the distribution chains existing overseas. The bureaucracy based companies in the time of globalization have to understand that the globalization is usually driven by the growth of information based technologies like Internet.


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