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Hungry Jacks

Discuss About The Handbook Of Management Accounting Research.

This report plays a key role in highlighting the present and proposed measures of Hungry Jacks. In relation to this, it is noticeable that the company has changed its strategies and policies so that it can surpass its last overall organizational performance. Nevertheless, the company has undertaken or implemented a balanced scorecard strategy so that it can perform effectively in the present year, thereby facilitating a better path for future developments. For such purpose, the company has often accounted for its past performance as an efficient benchmark that must be surpassed in the upcoming years. Moreover, when it comes to the Board, techniques like execution and implementation of desired plans, and decision-making is given due priority. Further, it is necessary for the management board of the company to design adequate standards for the company and its workforce so that the actual performance can be easily reviewed with the help of targeted and anticipated performance trough evaluation of time factors too. Nonetheless, with the assistance of a balanced scorecard measure, the company will become capable of scrutinizing its internal environment and thereafter, design the same in such a way that can generate more profits and enhance the organizational performance as well.

This company is primarily a franchise of the global Burger King Corporation and has been in operation since the year 1971. Hungry Jacks is based in Australia and its initial success started with a rapid development of its first south Australian store located in Anzac Highway and this is followed by Kedron in Queensland. It is basically a wholly-owned subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia. Furthermore, the company operates and owns all the restaurants of Burger King in Australia (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Besides, as a master franchise for Australia, it is duty bound for licensing fresh operators, opening its new stores, and undertaking standards oversight of franchised locations throughout Australia. Overall, with over 390 locations throughout the country, Hungry Jacks has become the second biggest franchise of Burger King in the entire world.

The company intends to become the best fast food hamburger restaurant through deliverance of customer satisfaction in its services, products, value, and cleanliness. This is the reason why the company has undertaken a balanced scorecard measure to ensure that its internal framework is designed in a manner that facilitates in smooth flow of operations. In relation to this, the company has ensured that both non-financial and financial segments of its performance have been assessed by the company so that a clearer picture can be offered to the stakeholders regarding the same (Hungry Jacks, 2018). This can assist the company in attaining its objective of satisfaction of customers, thereby facilitating a path for enhancement of reputation and goodwill.

Business affairs of Hungry Jacks

This approach used by the company is that wherein the past year’s performance is compared to that of the present tenure, the actual employees’ performance is compared with that of the forecasted performance, the present company growth is compared with that of its standard growth, and the actual time incurred is compared with the forecasted time. This is the reason why such measure is also commonly known as performance measurement approach. The company has also undertaken additional strategies that can allow it to leverage and develop its performance (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Moreover, it can also be observed that Hungry Jacks prioritizes its vision and mission that has allowed it to sustain in such competitive market. Further, the company has enjoyed its reputation in the entire industry and it has been developing over the years owing to its policies, plans, strategies, and procedures (Parrino et. al, 2012).

As the fast food industry is entirely competitive and dynamic in nature, it is prone to severe fluctuations and thus, Hungry has undertaken the approach of balanced scorecard to ensure that it succumbs to all these segments effectively. Moreover, it has also become simpler for the board to implement necessary and legitimate decisions with the assistance of reports collected through such approach. Nevertheless, such approach can be regarded as the most effective one for a fast food company like Hungry Jacks that has been adequate and effective in its measures and decisions towards attainment of organizational goals. Overall, for a company like Hungry Jacks to enhance in the market, implementation of efforts and strategies are very crucial than setting a mere objective. Therefore, it is the company’s duty to observe its measures in an effective way so that in the event of contingencies, corrective actions can be duly implemented (Hungry Jacks, 2018).

The company’s vision has been to make sure that the customers who visit their places are provided with great food and the same is of superior quality, cleanliness, and service. It focuses on enhancing its brand image in the entire market (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Moreover, it also has the vision of opening many new stores throughout Australia that can assist it in attaining its goals and objective.

Hungry Jacks has always believed in promoting innovative strategies and vision among its workforce by accounting for 4 major strategies. Firstly, it believes in offering importance to all the visitors. Secondly, it prioritizes their safety, thirdly it enables integrity within its framework, and lastly it prioritizes upon consistent performance that is based on requirements of customers (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Overall, the company’s prime strategy is customer priority as it can allow it to retain, survive, and compete effectively against other players.


The company’s investment in under-performing markets or businesses can assist it in creating and attracting various opportunities. Further, both developing and developed markets play a vital role in bringing fresh opportunities for the organization. In addition, the channels of distribution also possess a very crucial role in addressing these opportunities. Nonetheless, the company is also capable of performing in both under-performing and developed economies as the quality of food items have been structured properly (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Moreover, with the prevalence of an effective distribution system, the fast food items are made so tastier that they can encounter all market requirements by being in massive demand. Nevertheless, the company has accounted for investment as its significant tools because it has assisted it in attaining intended objectives and assists the company in progressing towards future developments. This is the reason why it believes in facilitating enhanced investments in those markets that are considered as under-performing in nature.

Hungry Jacks exerts due emphasis on all its affairs especially retail businesses. Nevertheless, with the assistance of every offline and online channels of distribution, the company expands and enhances such segment throughout the world. Further, the diversification of such retail segment can allow the company to facilitate accessibility of food items to the customers, thereby playing a key role in enhancing the demand for fast food as and when it becomes popular to the audience (Hungry Jacks, 2018). Moreover, the company is entirely capable of encountering and addressing the requirements of its customers based on their expectations with enhanced access to such retail affairs.

The company has been concentrating on its value of brand and high expertise in marketing levels. This can assist it in developing and call for excellence at each level. Furthermore, the company possesses a workforce that is highly qualified, trained, and updated in their respective fields that can assist it in garnering stability and operational growth as well. Moreover, it is anticipated from the company that it can deliver efficiency and excellence at every level as the subordinates and senior authorities upon each other and that are properly arranged in a chain level (Hungry Jacks, 2018).

As previously stated, this method is also known as the performance measurement approach wherein both non-financial and financial segments of a company are provided equivalent significance by methods of consideration. Such method can also be considered as a strategic planning tool that is beneficial for companies to comply with. Furthermore, such approach can play a key role in framing and structuring a company by allowing it to concentrate on its targets and objectives that are not attained yet (Hopper & Biu, 2016). Besides, such tool also allows the senior management of the company to obtain a detailed overview of organizational performance so that proper decisions can be made in the emergence of severe contingencies.


In addition, this approach is also beneficial in accounting for the customer satisfaction level and internal framework’s performance so that the performance report of every organizational strategy can be effectively assessed. Thus, this measure plays a vital role in considering non-financial segments to assess the organizational financial segments respectively. Moreover, the reason why this method is also regarded as a performance management tool can be attributed to the fact that it assists in depicting the overall organizational performance by comparing the present performance with that of the past years (Lawrie et. al, 2016). However, when it comes to Hungry Jacks, this approach is not just restricted to operate as a tool of performance management but it is also extended to the company’s management and strategic planning systems (Hopper & Biu, 2016). This is the reason why Hungry is now capable of executing its own strategies and approaches. Overall, the personnel and management of the company are very clear about the distinction betwixt its strategy and vision. Moreover, this tool plays a role in binding such vision with the company’s approaches and performance measures.

(Rompho, 2011)

In order to depict the image of the company in the minds or eyes of the stakeholder, the following points must be kept in mind:

Objectives- The company intends in enhancing its capacity of earnings and increasing is returns. This can assist it in developing its reputation and goodwill in the entire industry, thereby facilitating in attaining investments from public. Moreover, true and fair view of the performance of the company is also needed to be reflected in its financials that can assist stakeholders in their decision-making processes (Lawrie et. al, 2016). Besides, with appropriate and legitimate disclosures prevalent in the company’s financials, additional investments can be facilitated.

Approaches- In relation to the company, it can pursue trust on the part of stakeholders and stability in its affairs only if it endeavours in making adequate disclosures to them. This can further assist it in building its goodwill in the entire fast food market.

Targets/goals- The company can attain its goal of pursuing such a brand value in the entire industry that involves both non-financial and financial segments. Moreover, it must make ways to score such a position in the market by gaining maximum financial strength, thereby facilitating in attracting enormous number of investors (Larry & Christopher, 2012). Nevertheless, the company must always ensure that non-financial segments are given due focus and are not disregarded by adhering to the CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies.

Investment in under-performing markets or businesses

Initiatives- The directors of the company must make sure that the company requirements are always given due priority. Therefore, if the policies and procedures of the company are continuously reviewed and monitored, it can pave a path for its development. Further, it is required that the board must be more responsible and liable in undertaking strategies and plans for making sure that the overall organization is progressing towards future developments and increasing its reputation or goodwill in the entire industry (Lee et. al, 2015).

In order to depict the company’s image in front of customers, the following must be accounted for:

Objectives- It is necessary for Hungry to design its services in a way based on customers’ preferences and tastes. In addition, such items must align with the latest trends so that the company can address a maximum number of consumers (Brown, 2013).

Measures- Hungry must always make sure that the quality of its food items are not compromised in any scenario as it can assist it in attracting a vast number of customers. Besides, the company can install its affairs in both underperforming and developed markets because it is a bigger organization. Thus, accounting for the company’s quality of goods and services, it can easily attain its objectives (Drury, 2011).

Targets/goals- It is necessary for the company to increase the accessibility of its items and services to the customers that can address customer expectations and enhance their utility as well.

Initiatives- The board of the company must ensure that their food items are of high quality and can serve many customers. Further, the goods supply must always align with that of the present demand that can assist the company in gaining more profits (Drury, 2011).

 In order to excel in business processes, the following must be accounted:

Objectives- The company must focus on quality items that must be supported by legitimate production or manufacture of the same, thereby facilitating in maximum revenues.

Measures- The board must implement a legitimate approach and strategy to attain a competitive advantage in the entire market. Thus, investment must be the basis of the company’s development and therefore, must not be discarded (Kong, 2010).

Targets/goals- The company’s board must reflect its items in a manner that its overall demand gets enhanced and must ensure that supply aligns with that of the demand (Needles & Powers, 2013).

Initiatives- The board must ensure that all its departments align with other departments so that all intended targets are attained effectively.

Enhancing the franchise

The opportunities that can be utilized for gain of knowledge are as follows:

Objectives- Evaluation of outrunning environment and timely changes is crucial for a company to thrive. Further, new and innovative ideas must be implemented by the company to attain competitive advantage (Brown, 2013).

Measures- Company changes are vital for companies as it makes them more advanced. Further, increment in product quality, launching fresh items, etc are crucial for the company as if satisfies customer requirements (Brown, 2013).

Target/goals- The company’s focus must be product quality and to attain the same, an effective and strict strategy with overall organizational hard work is necessary.

  • Increasing retail growth

It is significant to offer a boost to offline and online retailers so that assets can be effectively used. Further, market availability is witnessed by channel of distribution and if the item becomes popular, then company goodwill enhances simultaneously. Overall, the company has huge fan base as it attains perfect output based on customer wishes and requirements (Vaitilingam, 2010).

  • Increasing under-penetrated market through investments

The company can expand its affairs through its distribution channels. Further, an efficient grab is exerted by it as and when required. Such distribution channel can enhance availability of new items, thereby increasing the company’s success rate (Kong, 2010). Overall, the company’s funding has enhanced its assets that has increased its effectiveness rate as well.

A company’s most crucial objective must be to handle its entire chances with due care and responsibility so that future disasters and reputation disruption can be prevented (Chapman et. al, 2007). Further, utilization of smart asset in this regard is a crucial matter. In addition, there are few risks that prevail in some transactions that are extremely vulnerable but possess the best chances of offering what the company intends to attain (Rompho, 2011). Hence, if all the company’s assets are in place and the reactants are properly ready, then such company can easily serve others. The approach of balanced scorecard (BSC) plays a vital role for a company by enhancing its reputation and goodwill in the entire industry.

Traditional measures often believe in the gathering of resources for undertaking tasks whereas the approach of balanced scorecard facilitates in considering several options. Moreover, such options are diversified and related to a distinct segment so that the company can progress towards its objectives easily (Brown, 2013). Nonetheless, the increment in the rate of performance can also be witnessed through such approach. Further, both non-financial and financial measures must be paid due focus that can influence the company’s policies on a whole. This is the primary responsibility of the company’s managers because one approach of balanced scorecard cannot fulfil the desire of all companies and therefore, it is relevant that the management executives undertake the same and seek risk-free alternatives wherein performance rate of the company can be enhanced (Rompho, 2011). Further, it must also be witnessed that the collected or accumulated information must have the method of enhancing the performance and the influence that it can possess on the entire company as well.

Choosing excellence and operational growth

Overall, the approach of balanced scorecard was framed with the intention that it will assist a company to oversee its performance as it had the core of a measuring tool. However, it has been witnessed that such approach is being utilized to put the measures made in perfect segments so that the reputation and performance of the entire company can be enhanced (Needles, 2011)


Hungry Jacks Ltd has undertaken and adopted the approach of balanced scorecard from a very long tenure and that is visible from its non-financial and financial segments. Moreover, it has been undertaking its measures effectively that is evident from its financial outcomes attained during the years, thereby proving the efficacies on the part of every department of the company. Further, the formula of balanced scorecard has been properly followed by the company that has been proved to be a boon for the entire organization. Besides, the steps that are adopted by the company are concise as they are willing to follow everything through their balanced scorecard. This sheds light on the fact that every policy adopted by the company are on effective levels. Overall, it can be said that the company’s reputation has witnessed a positive diversion from the point it has started adhering to the steps based on such approach. Nonetheless, the outputs that have been produced by the company and its performance rate has clearly highlighted that such method is a boon for the entire organization.


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