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Importance of job satisfaction in the workplace

Job satisfaction is the most important factor for an employee as the working condition and environment creates a great impact over the mind of an employee. Thus good workplace culture and resourceful workplace may attract employees to do their best in the organization. The level of productiveness employees’ have delivered will enhance if a good social relationship with other employees and leaders can grow in an effective manner. The fair promotional system or the progressive increases of designation are the key factors that enhance the job satisfaction for the employees. In Australia, there are so many growing industries and people had to select the better organization and they have to find out the actual job satisfaction in their workplace. The organization has to provide all these opportunities to their employees so that better job satisfaction and enrichment of business ground has been made by the organization (Shooshtarian, Ameli and Aminilari 2013). There are different scales of involvement in between the employees and there are some promotional activities also to encourage the employee to meet the highest scale of involvement.

In this research paper, the affecting factors of job satisfaction among the workers in Sydney are the concern matter and prevention of those factors is important for the retention of the workers (Fu and Deshpande 2014). Their job satisfaction is dependent on some internal and external factors in the organization and that also showcases the performance method and job enrichment. In this paper, influencing factors and employees' relation to those factors are linked up and measured as the effective reason for job satisfaction for employees.

  • To access the satisfaction level of employees in the different field in Sydney.
  • To recognize satisfactory factors that influence legitimate job satisfaction for employees.
  • To find out the relationship between fairness of job role and level of job satisfaction for different sectors of employees in Sydney.

The scope of the study will identify the level of satisfaction for the workers and the amount of welfare measures that determine the factors of satisfaction. Satisfactory factors are major aspect for an employees in workplace and those areas are the concerning factors for the organization. The project will help to analyze the factor and if organizations are not motivating their employees then the growth of the production became stagnant. This research paper will also help in future to support these kinds of projects. A good bonding within the organization may enhance the employees’ satisfaction. However there are several reasons like community diverseness, communication gap, dissatisfied leadership and drastic steps by the management are some of those reasons that encourage employees’ dissatisfaction over the reason. In this research paper, the managerial decision in the company has been analyzed, as the management has set different satisfaction level for each of the employees and the management knows about every individual that can help them to maintain the procedure in workplace (Smith and Shields 2013).  

Influencing factors and employees' relations

There is different organizational phenomenon like motivation, conflict, attitude, moral involvedness; performance, partnership and leadership are the related to the employees’ satisfaction. All the relative factors of satisfaction has been conducted by this research and each of the research concluded in this way where productivity is the concern aspect for an organization and employees are the basic factors to enhance their production (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous 2014). Productivity has been enriched by the process of better workplace maintenance and organizational moral improvement. According to Parvin and Kabir (2011), job satisfaction is not only depends on the nature of the job, there are some another alarming factor like the expectation from the organization or the level of the service may interfere in that case to get sustainable market condition. Intrinsic rewards also increase the customer satisfaction level along with the factors like salary, working environment, better communication and commitment. Different people belong from different community and in the organization diverse culture is important for the development of the organization (Hayes, Douglas and Bonner 2015). In that case any community preference may create the employees agitation in an organization. On the other hand, Hosseini, Chileshe and Zillante (2014), stated that Job satisfaction is the driving force of an organization. In this research process the relevancy of employees and their construction process of knowledge is the concern matter for the organization development. There is some procedure that has maintained for the development of job satisfaction of the employees.

Job satisfaction is important for the development of organization production. The quality of production will increase by applying the proper job satisfaction in that case. This is directly linked with the profit margin of an organization. There are several organizations where the diverse cultural specification is present and for that reason sometimes employees' unrest situation has come forward. As commented by Huang and Gamble (2015), job satisfaction is also depending on the combine extrinsic dimensions and particularly related to the workplace environment and culture. Shift timing, situation, relation all these are important factor of job satisfaction. There are certain positive and negative impacts of job satisfaction and for that reason organization has to choose the right way of approaching those procedures (Wong and Laschinger 2013). There reasons are basically numerous in case of employees’ dissatisfaction like poor payment, poor compensation, lack of promotion, poor benefits offers from the organization, lack of job security and the poor environmental condition of workplace are the reason behind dissatisfaction. But most of the cases organization has bound to abide by some situations and in those situations employees are getting affected so as their trust and relationship with the company. Job satisfaction is important for the organization as turnover and absenteeism is related with that factors. The expected outcomes are not coming in those procedures where job unsatisfied employees are working together (Jain and Kaur 2014). High absenteeism rates have shown over the situation and those situations are very tricky for the organization as they have to sustain in the market for the existence of their business. Not only the organization factors are responsible for that reason but also the individual and internal factors are quite responsible for that occasion (Rezvani et al 2016). Personality problem, differentiation in status, ego problem and discrimination between attitudes in workplace may be the reason behind the employees’ agitation. For mitigating those situations organization accumulation and engagement between the employees is the concern thinking the organization also need to think (Allisey et al. 2014). There must be some seminars and get together programs need to be arranged by the organization for the better employees engagement (Hayes, Douglas and Bonner 2015). If all employees are participated in the program then a mutual harmony has taken place on that occasion.

Scope of the study

In this research paper, the mode of concentration is based on the importance of job satisfaction in the workplace. This is important to feel employees that company is thinking about them and they are an integral part of the company. This small thinking from the company can make a huge impact on the employees and their level of engagement has changed (Limbu, Jayachandran and Babin 2014). The expected requirement from the company has also changed and that somehow impacted over the company's revenue generation. Motivation has come from the salary or the increment in position so these services need to refine by the organization and a systematic framework need to be amended so that on a crucial time when employee engagement is needed, then employees can do their best and provide the best service wanted by the company.

The major determinants of employees are to maintain the work-life balance to the organization. If any imbalance situation has created then employees’ mindset and vision towards the company has changed and expectation from the company becomes a stress to the employee. There are two major categories prevailed in determinants. One of them is the individual factors that analyze workers age, sex, gender race and education level, these all are the demographical situation of the worker and that signifies the job satisfaction probabilities of the workers. Another characteristic is the work environmental factors like promotions, wages, opportunities, working hours all these are the job-related satisfaction that an employee wants from the organization (Jonason, Wee and Li 2015). The determinants are basically imposed over the demographical pattern at the first half and provide the basic approach to the individual. Age factor may be a reason where effective work culture may curtail, then some less physical work is needed from those people who and more responsible work will be provided to them (Hayes, Douglas and Bonner 2015). This is a kind of job satisfaction that organization can provide to elder peoples as they have provided the loyalty to the organization. Workers have community problem here diverse community assemble in one sector. In the developing nature of the organization workers need to be efficient enough to provide best quality work form their side but most of the case the output is not delivered as the community indifference is persisted in that situation (Belias and Koustelios 2014). An organization needs to maintain these things so the equal distribution of work ethic has been maintained in every situation over the organization. Team attributes may get some threat within the organization if the team has not performed well, so certain motivational factors are required for that reason and that motivation is needed for boosting them up so that employees can re-group and provide good quality of work for the organization (Shin and Jung 2014). Each person has individual perspective and the viewpoint has changed aligning of work pressure and the level of difficulty. If the difficulty level is not barred by the person then the work will be strenuous for that employee. Their work timing and productivity all are going in vain and organization has not got any production from the particular person.

Organizational phenomenon related to job satisfaction

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory

Job satisfaction theory like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is the one of the best motivation theory that analyses the five level of hierarchy. The importance of five levels determines the need of the people and to understand the Physiological need of people which are water, food and shelter. After that phase it becomes safety juncture where security, stability and freedom all these are the important issue for people. The next phase is belonging stage where acceptance, affiliation are the major issue. In an organization, affection between the employees is the major issue accumulating the business scenario in an effective. In between the adverse situation, employees are the concern person who can provide safety to the organization. At the next stage the phase is called as Esteem as this is a kind of approval stage where employees got respect from organization and through the nature of the employees well being recognition was also persisted. At the highest stage Self Actualization is placed, which is empirical supporting process that provide conceptual understanding over the difficulty level. In the organization, additional amenities to the employees and understanding about their needs are the correct analysis of the company to retain their employees for the development of the organization.

Figure 1: Maslow’s Five-level Hierarchy

(Source: Created by Author)

Herzberg motivator hygiene theory stated as satisfaction and dissatisfaction is not appointed at the same time in two opposite direction. It is not possible for an employee to be satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. If the employee becomes satisfied then at the neutral point of view, the employee works for the development of the organization. On the other hand if an employee becomes unsatisfied then the employee has less involvement in organization that impacted over the production of the company. Motivating factors are there for those unsatisfied people to make simplification of complex situation in the workplace. Certain employees are not happy with the existing scenario, for those motivating factors are important and relevant as well.

Figure 2: Herzberg’s Motivator- hygiene theory

(Source: Created by Author)

Age is one of those factors that intervene in the work progress and that clearing the concept of better work motivations by the increase of age. More responsibility has come in that situation and employees have to do those in an effective manner. There is interplay between age and work but the work efficiency has come in this situation. As stated by Hosseini, Chileshe, and Zillante (2014), length of service and the enhancement of position have made some clear state where age is an essential factor. In the organizational situation, age is a relevant factor as the efficiency level has decreased in that situation however the level of experience has increased. Higher skill is expected from these people as they have experienced such situations and also provides the best service that organization wants from them. These people also need the job satisfaction as they have served the company for the longer times; rules are needed to be not much stricter from the organization as the management needs to understand the value of those people. In case of Australian context, the length of service matter for the organization and that somehow has reflected over the employees to provide better products to the organization (Lin, Viscardi and McHugh 2014). In essence, whether the organizational phase or the span of service could be improved prognosticators for job gratification features as divergent to sequential has continued a staple of disagreement. Most of the organization believes in their employees' potentiality and that also encourage employees to do better work, in case of increasing age the potential thinking and the mature behavior is the only reason where employees think about organization growth and infrastructure (Painoli and Joshi 2013). There are certain particular roles that need to be delivered by employees and for that reason, employees have to be responsible enough to do the prospect in a right way. The employees may have the problem with the money or they have some promotional issue but still, they tried to be loyal enough to the organization and that reflected in their work culture (Hayes, Douglas and Bonner 2015). Organization executives respect those persons as their level of expertise is the biggest concern for the organization to tackle any kind of adverse situation. Those aged people have the good amount of salary and also satisfied with the realism and that somehow changes the level of expectation. In case of younger people they also working hard for the organization but as they have the lesser experience than senior thus they get less amount of money from them (McPhail et al. 2015). That might bring on the dissatisfaction for the young people. A better work culture, environment, realistic attitude of employees and the coordination of employee to consider as a group work is the main criteria or vision of the employees.

Intrinsic rewards and customer satisfaction


Therefore, some of the aspects have come in the research process and all those findings and aspects are identifying the affecting factors that also influenced job satisfaction. Organization needs to maintain the job security as this is the most important reason behind employees’ job satisfaction. Extra production will earn more money this theory will be implemented in the organization for the betterment of productions. The better opportunity and job satisfaction has been provided by the organization for the existence of employees. The level of satisfaction depends on the promotion and position of that employee and workers have to prove them in workplace for the better development of their position.

From these above findings, the result can be concluded that, In Australia, there are certain aspects of job satisfaction and organization has to deliver this for the maintenance of employees. Issues like age, sex, and demographical condition all these are relevant to the job satisfaction. The main research structure aimed at the satisfactory level of employees in Australia and to find out this the compassion between organization employees and their level of satisfaction. A legitimate foundation of promotion, positioning, and contribution to the business is the measure of what employees and organization want in their level of expectations. In this business report, the level of job satisfaction is showcased in a number of variables like payment, position, grade, opportunities, holidays and spare moments and balancing the family time all these are the issue of the satisfaction that can get from the organization.


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