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Background of Secure Clean Company

Discuss about the Internship Opportunities in Online Learning.

I worked as an intern at Secure Clean, a company that specializes on cleaning services. I worked under Human Resource Department. My role encompassed employees’ relations management. I have compartmentalized this report into three broad categories: background, work experience, and reflection. On background, the report provides an overview on the details of the Secure Clean Company in terms of location, operation, organizational culture, and structure. Under work experience section, the report accentuates skills, knowledge, and other competencies that I acquired during my internship. The subsequent section, which is reflection, is underpinned on my professional development in terms of knowledge, skills, and technical development. The section also captures my likes about the company, the challenges I faced, as well as the compliments and criticisms that I experienced during the internship. The report comprehensively analyses how my experienced redefined my competencies and shaped my career.

Secure Clean Company is designated in Melbourne. The company provides cleaning services to large retail complex buildings that needs expert presentation ( The company utilizes modern techniques and applications to provide various routine and expert cleaning services to government building, pubs, colleges, offices, golf clubs, and restaurants ( Some of the fundamental resources the company uses to facilitate cleaning services efficiently include pure water systems, smart vans designed with water tanks, and filtration units. The company provides services in accordance with the customers’ needs. The major cleaning services that Secure Clean conducts include window and stained glass cleaning, washroom waste management, maintenance works, consumable supplies, and key holding ( The company has also adopted modern technology devices like slip test systems, GPS Tracked Systems, automated reporting and analysis systems, green technology, and Top Secret Unique Point of Difference.

Secure Clean Company values include “reliability, integrity, and results.” The organizational culture of the company is pivoted on promoting and investing on the members’ future. To actualize this vision, the company identifies performers and leaders and fully sponsor their college or university education. The company also utilizes compensations and benefits schemes to award and recognize hardworking team members or groups. Private policy, Occupational Health, and Safety Policy frameworks that ensure the company maintains utmost confidentiality of clients’ information and meet health and safety standards also guide the organizational operational standards.

I was designated at the Employee Relations Department (ER). The main function of this ER department to “ensure that the individual and collective relationship between the organisation and its employees are managed appropriately; within a clear framework underpinned by organisation culture, practices, policies and ultimately by relevant law.” The employee relations manager develops policy and practices that fosters employees’ relation. To achieve this goal, the employee relations manager has to work collaboratively with managers from other departments to underscore the adherence of these policies and make them effective. The employee relations manager also monitors processes and employees to ensure they are consistent and in compliance with ER stipulations.

Organizational Culture

Another function of ER manager is working towards integrating ER policies, monitoring their implementation and supports the execution of ER policies by helping them to understand these guidelines. In addition, the ER manager ensures that there is coordination to underscore alignment of organizational processes with ER standards. Similarly ER manager are mandated with role of conflict management. To achieve this goal, the manager encourages open and honest conversations between employees and their supervisors. The ER manager also coaches senior managers to enhance conducive working environment with employees. The ER manager facilitates training and coaching of managers in pursuit of maintaining a performance culture. Moreover, the ER manager negotiates with trade unions on broad range of business as well as labour issues and establishes ways of surmounting changes that trade unions push to be implemented.

Although I was designated at the ER Department, some of the roles that I performed were not under the department. Nevertheless, they were still under the broad umbrella of Human Resource Management. Secure Clean organization has adopted a culture that supports protean career. Protean career is the type of career “that frequently changes based on changes in the person’s interests, abilities, and values and in the work environment” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright 2018, p.230).According to Kihoro, Waiganjo, and Mungania (2016), career has become quintessentially fluid and the modern employee adapts to the system by embracing protean career. Modern employees do not just look for an organization to access a career ladder or job security; rather, they seek flexible work alignments and development opportunities. I can confidently attest that Secure Clean working environment provided springboard for me to explore broad range of activities while working under ER Department.

Some of the roles I played include conducting orientation for the new interns, publicizing some open job position, undertaking background and reference checks, assisting with data collection and research for various human resource initiatives. I was also mandated with updating database, supervising some tasks, developing recruiting survey, designing safety newsletters, revamping training manual. During my internship, I was working with compensation and benefits, and working closely with store managers to understand management responsibilities, store operations, inventory bookkeeping, keeping ER-related events, and human resources. Most importantly, I organized interview rooms, assisted my supervisor with telephone interviews, and participated in some face-to-face interviews. In most instances, I reported to my supervisor who was directly under ER manager.

Learning and undertaking most activities was significant to me as a human relations manager, in terms of how to design employees’ relations culture and align it with the organization’s overall strategy. As a human resource manager, I needed to conceptualize understand practically how to conduct interviews, orientations, quality management, supervision and evaluation employees’ performance (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst 2013, p.23). I also wanted to understand the significance of improving employees’ welfare in terms of training and development, remuneration and benefits, and good working conditions. In addition, it I needed to understand the main challenges that HRM department face in terms of legal environment, economic environment, and social environment, as well as how to surmount the existential challenges. Since all the aforementioned concepts are entrenched in my career, I can opine that I was fit for my intern position at the organization.

Work Experience at Secure Clean

Secure Clean is a dynamic organization that is growing at an alarming rate, an aspect that makes it a challenge for the employees to remain at the top in every aspect. However, I had to take responsibilities not only to satisfy the clients in my department but to ensure that every activity I do is in line with the culture of the organization. With a focus on gaining experience in every aspect of HR department and the personnel duties, I had to work with a view of progress towards office level where I would be given duties to the full portfolio within the HR department. As a result, my duties the organization expected me to deliver include;

  • Having regular meetings with other departmental representatives mainly to discuss arising HR issues
  • Participating in collecting market salary information and documenting in the annual review reports
  • Inputting of monthly payrolls for every employee within the organization
  • Helping with the implementation and production of HR procedures and policies
  • Taking part in the research and collection of information regarding market salary for the annual reviews
  • Taking part in induction classes for the new staff within the organization
  • Helping the department with the recruitment needs through liaising with the respective advertisers and agencies
  • Taking part in the coordination of prospective candidates, carrying out interviews and administering offers
  • Reporting issues to the senior human resource staff

From the above list of responsibilities, there are skill I had already acquired from my studies while other areas required me do a proper research and inquire more to be effective within my jurisdiction of roles.  For instance, my learning experience had equipped me with the documentation of the HR annual reviews and reports as well as how to feel the monthly payrolls for the employees. I also had prior knowledge in the research and collection of market salary information. I was also well equipped with the skills that are necessary for new recruits within the organization, an aspect that made my work easier when inducting the new employees within the organization. Even though I was aware of the recommended HR policies and procedures, it was necessary that I learn more on the culture of the organization to ensure my skills on the policies are in line with the culture and expectations of the organization.  In the recruitment process, I also had to learn more on the duties within every department to ensure all the aspects of the roles are covered while carrying out the recruitment process. However, I had most of the skills, an aspect that made my work easier during the whole internship program.

According to Hebert, Wood, Jenkins, and Robison (2017), the HR internship program provides administrative support and quality HR compliance to the human resource team and clients. The support is often requires specific technical skills within the discipline that can be formal or informal (Roy & Sykes, 2017). The skills are essential in maintaining satisfied clients by delivering administrative support and assistance to the HR consultants on different aspects within the HR department. Studerus, Ahrens, Häuptle, Goeldlin, and Streit (2018) also denote that the HR compliance knowledge requires interns to develops skills on the HR regulations and laws while keeping abreast of every new advancement within the field of HR. The resulting impact to the intern will be effective development of a working knowledge of searchable sources and HR databases.

Key Responsibilities

From the training, I developed and maintained an attitude of development and learning. I attended several meetings and seminars relative to my roles, cultivated interpersonal skills, fostered time management skills, and developed public speaking and negotiating skills. According to Hebert, Wood, Jenkins & Robison (2017), the qualifications, skills and abilities of an effective HR professional often require the ability to make correct management decisions surrounding client issues as well as problem-solving capabilities that are essential in accomplishing the tasks and duties of the position. At the end of the program, I developed excellent practical skills on written and oral communication and as well as planning and organizational skills on dealing directly with the customers. I gained practical and strong customer service skills that has boosted my confidence in pleasantly dealing with various people.

Having gone through the internship program, I am now able to correctly make decisions involving client challenges hence even knowing when I need to escalate the challenge to a senior HR consultant. I am also able to work and share knowledge in a diverse and strong team-oriented environment. I have also gained proficient skills on using Powerpoint, e-mail, Excel, and Word software in handling various issues regarding HR roles and responsibilities. I also gained planning and organizational skills and capabilities necessary to accomplish tasks and duties of the HR position.

In a systematic study, Bartle and Rodolfa (2011) point out that it is essential to maintain an informal environment, an aspect that is often challenging for most interns and employees. The same study denotes that growth carries alienation with it making it harder for anyone to be friendly and informal at the same time. In many cases, it is common that everyone takes care of their responsibilities while forgetting that the whole staff is a team that needs to work towards the same course. From my leaning skills, I was able to maintain a healthy balance between my informal and formal relations. I accepted my responsibilities and the impacts that came by it, both negative and positive such as getting employees on track, communicating both undesirable and desirable behaviors, and giving feedbacks among others.

Time spent in the company ‘Secure Clean’ helped me gain practical knowledge and experience on how the human resource department of the organisation functions. HR involves the management practices and decisions makings in the company that influences and directly affects employees. The HR department coordinates the workforce of the organisation.  HR ensures the departmental activities and operations of the organisation are operating smoothly to achieve the objective and goals of the company.  I was also able to gain insight of the secure, clean organisation culture and structure. How the employees interact with one another and the management to ensure motivation and empowerment for the success of the company and personal development.

Learning Experience

Some of the functions of HR in the company were staffing, where it is the responsibility of HR to seek and hire qualified personnel’s. Noticed that the HR has to come up with well-defined reasons for hiring new employees and identify specific skills, abilities and knowledge needed for the vacant position. The selected candidates have to be screened to determine the fit individual for the position. Another duty is training and development. The HR plans and organises training schedules for the employees. The departments suggest the training they require to perform job duties efficiently and effectively. HR also organises orientation, training and develops strategies for new employees (Rawat &Singh, 2016). It provides the employee with the job functions and the background information needed to perform satisfactorily.

HR department in ‘Secure Clean’ company uses the reward systems to attract and retain the best employees in the market. They have a policy of incentives used where one achieves certain targets; they get a token. It encourages the employees to work hard and enhances future performances too.  Motivation is also another function of the HR in the 'Secure Clean' company. The HR uses motivation to inspire workers to produce best results (Guay, Chanal, Ratelle, Marsh, Larose, & Boivin 2010 p724). It enables employees to put more effort into their work conditioned by the ability to satisfy Maslow’s hierarchy of needs individually (Maslow 1943, p 88).  Motivation also goes a long way in ensuring employees retention. The HR noticed that the company loses so much when they lose an employee to a competitor or other organisation as the resources needed to develop new talent is expensive.

The HR is also in charge of the general maintenance of the employees (Adams., 1991, p 42). The organisations have policies put in place to govern the health safety, communications, and the relations of the employees within and outside the organisation. HR is also in charge of the review of the performance of the employee as per the company’s standards. The review helps employees with feedback on their performances necessary for personal and professional growth. The feedback aim at boosting the confidence of the employees and increases their performances.

During the internship, I noticed that the work environment of the company was good and the employees were cooperative and helpful. It is the key factor in providing the company records high productivity and efficiency in operations. Also the HR office was open for all the employees to provide views and get clarifications of the company policies which help avoid misinterpretations and conflicts among employees.


The company does most of its recruitment through the employee referrals, and I noticed that this might lock out other potential talents in the work industry. Was able to lay out a plan to the HR on how they can use other means of staffing to tap the best employees in the market. This suggestion earned me a compliment from the HR head as the department set to analyse the plan and probably implement it ones the policies reexamined. The compliment from the head HR made me gain confidence in myself and encouraged me to be often innovative and take risks. Though it was positive feedback, I also got to learn from other employees the importance of teamwork. The company works in groups where they share new ideas and knowledge. It assists the employees to build on their strengths and work on weaknesses.

Some of the few challenges I encountered at the beginning of the internship was overworked. There was too much paperwork for me at the beginning, and with no prior experience, I did not know how to work fast and clear my work. The supervisor encouraged me to always ask questions for clarity. It enabled me to gain pace with my work. I also learnt not to be afraid to ask other employees questions, and they were supportive.  I also felt overwhelmed at some point. The tasks at the beginning seemed too challenging for me. Through the help of the supervisor, I was able to learn skills such as time management and also how to use the available resources to my advantage.

The knowledge gained and skills acquired complimented what I had learned in school was the most interesting part of the internship. Learning how to work and get feedback from other employees was also beneficial as I was able to identify some of my weaknesses and how to handle them.  Was also able to develop some interpersonal and communication skills in the organisation. I learnt their organisational culture and how to relate and interact with different levels of employees from different cultural backgrounds. The experience developed me as an individual and also provided an insight of the business world, the duties and importance of HR in the organisation. I was exposed and trained in areas that I have not encountered before. I learnt skills that would be helpful in the future work and apply in my studies.


In conclusion, Secure clean has a focused and quality human resource team with expertise and professional skills which provide ultimate environment for the operations of the company to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives of the company. HR is significant to the company’s overall achievement.  For the organisation to gain from its HR department, companies need to explore sections of the HRM fully. Secure Clean provides an opportunity for interns to learn and gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed in the job market which is not available in schools. The internship also exposes an individual to the business industry.


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