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The template below is adapted from the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). In this instance, for the IIL Location Intelligence for Policy Profile Assessment (LIPPA) Project, we are required to produce a design for a new IT Infrastructure Platform.The level of abstraction required for the system design is to the logical level. The level is considered sufficient to go to tender. Detailed Design specifications will be needed at a later stage prior to development and deployment.

Solution Scope

Inshore Insurance Ltd (IIL) company generally provides insurance to the people. It includes the general insurance and the accident insurance. The insurances are provided generally by online and the second way is through brokers. All the data is maintained with the central office and the branch offices. The IT services were generally maintained by the branch office or the in-house. The main data of the organization is maintained at the head office. The best part of IIL is the cloud services with the customers which enables them the data sharing on online with the company (Yang, Dia, Cheng & Lin, 2006). They also use web services with the help of the private firms for the data maintenance. Some of the best examples of this kind are the corporate websites. The disaster management files also are shared on the websites as well as the cloud.

The insurances will involve risks in many ways. As this includes the general insurance and the accidental insurance. The typical part of it is the data is shared in the cloud based services and the private websites for the data management. It also involves the online market risks. The web hacking also must be kept in mind for the safe data management. According to the IIL Company the budget for the 2016/17 will be of $1.35 millions. This has to be analyzed with the all the company insurance conditions.

 Solution Scope 

There is a lot of scope for the IT based solutions and the IT based products. The high level analysis is required for the IT solutions. The functioning of the outlets and the main firm has to be properly noted. When one risk is found in the system, it has to be properly dealt. Or else the risk will increase and the other solutions also be destroyed or prone to external attacks. There is a application known as the (RAP) risk analysis product application which calculate the risk in the products mentioned in the system. The analysis of the application must also be done. The RAP must be utilized in the application (Wu, Ye, Yang & Wang, 2009). The system must be planned as a single platform as the maximum number of users can be utilized the system online through the web and the cloud also.

Solution Overview

The insurance will be provided in 3 aspects. They are the health care, compensation and the unexpected events. The insurance service is for the health care is a common case. But for the compensation it needs clear study of the case and then need to understand the conditions and estimate the compensation with respective to the conditions. The accident insurance solution is discussed in the above instance. The solutions provided for the few reasons give below. The first one is regarding the robbed things like the products and the data. All the services will be provided on the conditional basis. The robbed things need investigation by team. The next part is the minor injuries. These cannot be claimed in most cases but have an impact in the series of minor injuries. Once cost is becoming huge they have to be maintained carefully.  The next is associated with the injuries while working in a firm. This is related to the management risk as the injury happened at the time of work in the firm. The company will include certain things in the accident (Lorenzo, Constantinides, Geurts  & Gómez, 2007). They need to fall in that list. The next case is serious accidents. This will be very certain payment case for the company as they need to provide the huge amount of money. They are also liable for treatment and the post treatment charges. In case of sudden death or death during the process of the treatment, the money management must be a very critical part. The next part of the solution in insurance is the man is recovering from the accident. In this the man has to produce the detailed reports for the company in series of incidents till recovery. The IT data management in the cloud based services will also fall in this category. As the data is saved in the cloud with a risk. As a part of data lost the company is liable for the data. They need to estimate the data insurance (Duan, Gu & Whinston, 2008).

Solution Overview


There are many constraints involved in this. As the matter is dealt with money they have to frame the rules and regulations of the assets very clearly and must involve in the calculation of the unexpected risks. The biggest problem is involved with the unexpected or the cmpensation. The unexpected events are avoided in the risk management by many companies. But some are involving them with a finite model. The conditions for the unexpected events must regularly update and the new things with technology must be included in the system. There are also some threat models which are top be addressed before the agreement.


The exclusion part will be in the sector of the unexpected events. These should be avoided in most cases or must be accepted with the certain conditions. It may be related to the field of IT or the medical, they must be addressed clearly before the agreement.  


Accident insurance: This is given to the person who meets with accident or injuries.

Balance sheet: This is the financial statement of the firm with the net value.

Cash: This is the medium of exchange.

Liability: This is situation either one is in debt or has to pay some service or money.

Mortgage: It is a document which is used to obtain a property or an asset.

 Use Cases

Case statement:  Research has concluded that the timing and location of the crimes and accidents which result in personal, vehicular and household insurance claims have a direct relationship to the frequency and cost.

In this case the insurances are dealt with the personal cases, vehicle cases and the insurance cases. The following data can be obtained with the above case.


The people involved in the case are corporation services, claims , marketing, Finance, HR and IT. 

Here the corporation service will deal with the data analytics and the data management. The claims come under the administrative purpose of the statements and the other proof verification. Marketing is associated with the attracting the people towards the company. Finance will manage the money and the risk calculations were done by them. The HR is a multitasking person in which the system management is done. IT is related with the technical and the software services were dealt. 

These insurances will be mostly based on the money management and the financial settlement. They generally include the health, home, vehicle, travel, family and the old. In the case of health the disease and the accident injuries will considered. Then have a certain value and the limit. Vehicles generally have to consider with the long term and the short term insurances. In the long term cases they get more funds. Home is again typical case where the natural calamities conditions will exist. Travels will include the accidents and the attacks on passengers and theft in the travel also. The old age include the pension services (Leitner & Grechenig, 2009).  


 Design Overview 

The first and the foremost thing in the insurance model is to understand the society and the domain. Above model is a bidirectional. The cyber crimes must be noticed before the system adaptation. The legal process must be studied carefully and understand it. The legislative development must be done carefully. The system evolution must be done carefully. The implementation of the legislative system must be done time to time. Finally the post implementation process must be done. In this process of the insurance the conditions must be read very carefully.

 Solution Architecture  

The business model is consisting of many factors like the partners, supply and other things. Here partners have 3 important roles. They have to check the capabilities, supply chain management and the value position. The supply chain and the capabilities were directly related with the cost. The cost will finally decide the success or the failure. The value position leads to the distribution channel and the customer relationship. This has to do with the customer segments also. Finally the revenue will be calculated and the cost analysis is compared. 

The present system is related with the digital business model. The customer ecosystem must be understand and the business model has to be designed. The digital platform has many things in it. They are the site, the devices and the application interfaces. From this they have to build a developer ecosystem. The ecosystem changes from time to time (Kim & Srivastava, 2007). The web interface like applications must be developed according to the system requirements.

Project Governance Process

The project governance has many factors. The basic thing in the project management is the risk management. Then the product pricing with the insurance must be calculated and they must estimate it correctly. Once the prices and the insurances rates are arranged they must have to keep the same in the practices. Once the real time process starts, they must check the rates time to time to get a feedback and the rates modification. As they are not fixed prices for the insurance cost management, one must have a look on the price analysis.   

IT Infrastructure Solution 

IT infrastructure has many sectors. The consulting is divided into 2 part, they are the management and system consulting. The next one is the industrial solution which has the manufacturing and the health care will come into it. The next one is the IT platform services. It includes the infrastructure solution and the system management. The financial solutions are one which is playing a central role.


Infrastructure Security  

The infrastructure security is a modern approach for the organizations. They have to have a very strong online security too. There are many applications in web they have to be secured. The cloud services must also be provided with the high end security.

Application Solution

Initially the risk has to identify and then the risk analysis and their consequences will be noted. Then the risk probability is noted and the probability calculations were done in all the aspects. Then the risk assessment is done in a controlled manner. The final risk analysis and the level of risk is calculated. The best example is the software based applications. Initially before the product is launched they will calculate the risk of the application or product. Then they will analyze the probability. The software app  will be controlled assessed and then it is finally launched.

Data Solution

The online cloud services for the insurance and the other applications has many variations depends upon the data stored in the cloud. The data integration on the cloud is very advantage and at the same time it has few threats. As the cloud is modern approach the people will easily adopt the cloud services. The only thing is that it has to provide the security for the people. If they had good security, people will definitely prefer the data storage in the cloud.

 Capacity Requirements

The capacity of the data in the cloud platform and the insurance company is key parameter. As the data is stored in terms of online, they must use the data storage in the drives and the clouds. The drive system will be benefitted in huge data storage. But the cloud services will be used to save the data in lower order. The cloud capacity must be increased to a higher level (Leitner & Grechenig, 2008). 

 System Interfaces

The system interface has two divisions. One with the online based system interface and the other is the offline based system interface. As the data is stored in the computers and the centralized servers they have to be updated regularly and the off line data must be shared online through the centralized server through the computers. 

 Analysis Tool

The Analysis Tools is very crucial in the mathematical and the probability calculations in the firm. As the data is present in the computers they can easy analyzed using the mathematical tools available online. The Report Publishing is also necessary to maintain the data. The old data archiving is necessary for the capacity increasing and the saving the files (Kim, Le, Lauw, Lim, Liu  & Srivastava, 2008).


Constraints and Assumptions

As the data is associated with insurance and other relevant money issues, the data must be understandable by the customers depending upon the insurance services provide. The more confusion is present at the time of accidental and the unexpected results. They have to address clearly for the customer satisfactions. The assumptions are required to address the unexpected events for the insurance claim.

 System Object Model

The system has many objects in the insurance based services and the cloud based services. As the insurance is based on the money the people who need the money from the insurance has to be paid on the basis of the company policy and the other legal rules. The next objective in the cloud based services is to provide the data safety as long as they are eligible for the cloud platform services (Stephen, & Toubia, 2009).

 Sub Systems

There are many sub systems in the data and money management. Among them the infrastructure, storage, the application management and system administration comes. The infrastructure platform need to be maintained for the better services. The storage tires also have to be improved from time to time. The applications suites has to be upgraded to online from time to time (Trusov, Bodapati & Bucklin, 2009). All the system administration need to be centralized for the better data management and the improved service providing.

 Subsystem Interfaces

The subsystem has to be interface with the main systems as they must provide better integration. All the minor infrastructures must be interface with the major equipments and the systems. The PCs in the office and the other branches must be centralized for the better subsystem interface.

 Object Collaboration

There are many objects in the firm for the better service providing and the good maintenance. Sometimes the objectives need to be integrated to make better choice of services. Hence the objectives need to be collaborative.

Collaboration Diagrams  

The collaborations for the insurance companies have a many influential factors. The first thing is the sales and the customer support is required at every stage. The project has to be followed with all the required and new collaborations (Palmer, 2008). The claim management also has to be done in a very good way. Some of the collaboration tools are described below. The online portals must be maintained from time to time and they must be easily understood by the people. The customers need very secured digital space. They should also provide the documents sharing facility for the better data analysis and the comparison of the data. The calendar data also need to be shared for the better insurance dates. The individual tasks for the employees and the customers also should be defined from time to time. The notifications of the events and the shares must be sent to all the users for the clarity (Berger & Heath., 2007). The activity streams also have to be implemented in a clear way for the better operation. The streams will vary from the field to field. The next one is regarding the relational data. As the data is modified from time to time depending upon the conditions one must maintain the data properly and follow it. The business logic will always change from the company to company and the system to system as they have many conditions bound. Each firm will define the business in their corresponding way. All these things will make better user experience. The advanced search can be maintained, the data will be integrated in best possible way. All these things can be made easy with the internet access and the mobile based social networking services.

Use Cases

 Access Model

There are many barriers associated and among them are the structural, financial and the personal. In this way the all barriers must be eliminated and then need to be followed with a better solution. The services will be used in a best and easy way with the elimination or overcoming the barriers. There will be many mediators in between fort he system to run (Fisher, 2010). There will be best outcome if all the services were maintained properly.

 Non Functional Requirements

There are certain non functional requirements in the firm as they are necessary for the company.

The best example of the non functional requirements is the cart system in the online shopping. There are checkout systems which have to be maintained properly. 

 Performance Considerations

The important performance consideration is the terms and the conditions. As the companies have many terms to stand by they follow it. The conditions also will be applied for the data each and every product including all the insurance policies also. Hence the performance has to be monitored from the time to time. 

Design Constraints  

The insurance and other IT securities have many design aspects. All the designs must meet the requirements. But in the path of the meeting the requirements they has to face many problems like the time factors, the terms and the conditions not matching from product to product. The design should be altered with the demand of the products (Jansen, Zhang, Sobel, & Chowdury, 2009).

 Test Criteria

The tests have to be performed in the firm before the product launch. They need to take previous data and the previous statistics for the design of systems. Based on the statistics they must test the company policy and the existing claim. The services also have to be tested and the risk must be calculated with respect to the data.  

 Proof of Compliance

The best example of this kind is the comparison of the percentages and the insurance claim values with the other companies. The rules from company to company will be varied. As the people follow different companies they will often confuse and compare the rates. This will lead to the customer dissatisfaction.


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