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Overview of the company

Discuss about the Case Study of Business Organization Persollo in Australia.

Digital marketing is a major effective method of carrying out the marketing activities and manage the delivery of products and services with the utilisation of digital technologies. The use of the internet is essential for managing the digital communication and marketing activities and also includes use of mobile phones, display advertising and other digital media for marketing in an effective manner. The digital marketing techniques have now extended its activities by using channels to provide digital media without the use of the internet. The topic focuses on the ways of conducting a Digital Communications and Marketing strategy according to the Audit report and allows the small company in Australia named Persollo to market its products and services effectively and easily (Castronovo and Huang 2012). A brief overview of the company will be presented along with the strategic objectives that are needed to be achieved through digital marketing strategy.

The digital communications and marketing allow the business organisations to leverage the digital channels including Google search, social media, email and web sites to remain connected with the customers and effectively market its products and services. Persollo in Australia has been chosen as the case study here which has created a platform for managing the e-commerce activities for customers all over the social networks without the use of expensive e-commerce websites. It is a new company and is located in Level 16, 55 market area, Sydney NSW 2000 in Australia (Hair Jr and Lukas 2014). The company has been selected for Telstra's muru-D Accelerator as one of the fast-moving companies, which has managed to attract many customers within few months of its opening. The company is established brands and people, which have further helped in empowering the brands, bloggers, freelancers, influencers and other people who want to sell their work to the customers anytime and anywhere through online transactions, have powered Australia.

The company is new, but it has already provided help to more than 30 big brands and 620+ boutiques by increasing the rate of conversations from EDM and social media networks as well. The applications of the company web site are unlimited, and Persollo can even be utilised for YouTube and Digital magazines, anytime and anywhere (Järvinen et al. 2012).

The major objective of Persollo is to enable proper marketing activities for creating a digital platform where people can sell their work directly to the web site and ensure that those are sold to the customers within less time. The company’s major focus has been on providing various tools for managing the sales of products and services on the social media and find out new customers through a variety of networks by influencing the marketing campaigns (Karjaluoto, Mustonen and Ulkuniemi 2015). The goals and objectives of Persollo also include monetising the social groups of audiences and manage the selling of work of theirs without the management of an e-commerce web site. Another important objective of the company is to manage working with the help of simple URL links and to make it optimised for mobile phones. Persollo also has a major motive of embedding the URL links with the web site, social networks, messaging services, blogs and emails for influencing the behaviours of customers and people who want to sell and manage conversations with clients regarding the purchase of items (Knapp, Vangelisti and Caughlin 2014).

Objectives of the company

Persollo wants to go beyond the various activities for enhancing the awareness of the brand and engage more customers, thereby influencing the direct responses from the clients for driving the sales and downloading of apps. The delivery of products includes various functions to create and manage seller to customer marketing campaigns within the different types of international markets too (Leeflang et al. 2014).

The digital marketing platforms are used rapidly nowadays because of the huge number of benefits. It is important to select the right digital marketing platform for reviewing the typical issues and ensure present and future levels of adoption by customers in an effective manner, revenue forecast for the various channels according to the prediction of sales and generated revenue, improvement of brand perception and overall cost-benefit as well.  The digital platforms must be used wisely for engaging the connected customers and allow the people to make their work and made products available on Persollo that would be bought by the end users (Levy and Gvili 2015). Persollo is one of the first, and foremost AI powered digital platform that creates scopes for the targeted social selling. It provides various tools and techniques for managing selling of products and services on social media and finds out the new customers through affiliate networks by running various marketing campaigns and monetising the social audience without any need to manage an online shop (Miller 2012). 

Few essential online marketing platforms used by Persollo include Hubspot, which is a major effective marketing application for improving and managing the digital marketing strategies properly. This essential tool can attract leads by developing blog posts, e-books and videos and optimise those by sharing it on social media with ease and effectiveness. The leads are converted by setting up landing pages and information from customers is obtained properly to gain the loyalty and trust of purchasers (Rice and Atkin 2012). Marketo is another digital marketing automation tool which creates multi-channel campaigns by saving a lot of time and resources. It is effective for the management of online marketing strategies while Raven tools also are considered as a major digital marketing platform that utilises the functionalities of online marketing including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and PPC (Royle and Laing 2014). Persollo also uses Web CEO for preparing search engine optimisation or SEO campaign reports to search for the necessary keywords, optimise the web sites and monitor the performances with ease and effectiveness. This digital marketing platform also allows for the automation of SEO operations and manages effective teamwork within Persollo. The business-to-business solutions provided by this digital marketing platform can add extra value to the CMS and furthermore create an exclusive partnership with the option of the white label (Ryan 2016). 

Identifying the digital platforms used by Persollo

The content is being programmed in the digital platforms for engaging the customers and to enhance brand awareness. The content must include messages that are consistent and related to the brand to create a sense of uniqueness and add value to the digital platform. This would allow for resolving the issues properly and with much ease. The content includes information about powering of Persollo by various brands and how it has benefited a large number of people by allowing them to sell their work to a large group of audience. Here businesses and people can join to make their products and services available for the customers through the involvement of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc (Schegg and Stangl 2017). The company manages personalised messages and content for the work delivered by people and business in the social media and make people aware of the availability, furthermore influencing their buying behaviours. The content could be created in blog posts for generating an increase in traffic while pairing it with SEO. Infographics could be used for managing the content and enhance the scopes for becoming identifiable on social media (Stone and Woodcock 2014).

There are various ways or approaches followed to manage the digital platforms with ease. There are vast numbers of digital channels which can allow for interacting with the customers and often communication over these multiple channels create chaos and complexities for the customers to choose the right channel; for purchasing the end products. The conversations and interaction with customers must be unified over multiple channels for ensuring that the support staffs of the company can access the existing interactions between the customers and business as well as provide solutions to any queries and problems faced by the customers (Taken Smith 2012).

The digital media must promote and advertise the content of the company to make the customers aware of what is available and whether those would be able to fulfill their needs and requirements or not. The transactional nature of the relationship has been brought down with the involvement of social networks for enhancing awareness among customers and influences their buying behaviours too. The relationship between business and customers has been purchasing and selling (Tiago and Veríssimo 2014). With the advancement in technology and communication, digital marketing has become an essential tool for many small and medium organisations to focus on changing the relationship and create loyal customers. Nowadays, the customers interact with businesses through social media and are more focused on the business by remaining a friend or follower. Thus, the business organisation named Persollo must utilise more messages that are conversational and focus more on becoming virtual friends or followers to the customers (Yadav, Joshi and Rahman 2015). This would also develop an off-business involvement with the customers and convert the transactions and business processes into more revenue and sales generation. The URL links are used and optimised for mobile phones and this has resulted in embedding those with the social networks, messaging services, blogs and emails, thereby managing conversations with customers and influence them to purchase (Castronovo and Huang 2012).

Types of content being posted

As Persollo is a new company with some innovative thinking of conducting business, so the digital communications and marketing platforms have allowed the company to gain accurate results with ease within less time. This kind of marketing platform has helped the organisation to identify the exact number of people who have accessed the web site, and it can be done by using the HubSpot. The digital marketing has allowed Persollo to determine the behavioural patterns of individuals as well. It is easy to access and has been embedded into the mobile applications for allowing the customers to check the new products and services available anytime and anywhere (Hair Jr and Lukas 2014). Digital marketing by Persollo has reduced the barriers to entry and has become easy to reach a wider group of audiences along with options for easy optimisation too. Therefore, it is quite clear that the digital marketing platforms have been quite effective for Persollo to conduct business effectively.

Persollo has focused more on conversion rather than the leads generation to understand how much time the customers have spent on the social networking web sites and then target them with a particular content. The marketers of the company have left no stones unturned to research the market to check whether investments can bring a good rate of return or not. The organisation has doubled down its efforts on managing customers' services to enhance the brand awareness and managed its activities across various digital marketing platforms and channels with ease and effectiveness (Järvinen et al. 2012). This has integrated the buying experiences of customers too. The online digital and mobile shopping experiences have been optimised by Persollo to make it convenient for customers to find out what they are looking for with ease.

  • The instant checkout option of Persollo must be modified for making it convenient for individuals to sell items and their works easily on the web site.
  • It is recommended for Persollo to gain traffic to the web sites by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and manage the acquisition of customers properly.
  • The surveying of respondents is necessary and recommended to improve the engagement of customers and develop the brand image and identity through creation of personalised experiences
  • The rules of scoring is recommended as well for allowing the marketing team to focus on the efforts to manage retention of customers

Due to the sharing of information and data online, there are risks of security and disclosure of private information. There are many web sites within a very limited number of niches, and this creates complexity to emerge as a successful digital marketing platform. Search engine optimization can be useful for managing a good amount of traffic and become successful. The keywords have been less focused, which have reduced the traffic and exposure rate too. Many Ad blockers are used which have made many people miss the ads and check out what Persollo has to offer. The increased cost of ads and lack of experience within the competitive business environment are major issues too (Leeflang et al. 2014). The strategies to resolve such issues include managing good social media content for making people aware of the company and make time to reach the web site. Investments should be made on the new and effective digital marketing platforms because there is no need for running an online shop and conversations between customers and business can be done directly (Miller 2012).


The digital marketing development has helped numerous brands and businesses to utilise the technology for marketing as well as incorporate the digital platforms into the marketing plans for conducting business with much ease and effectiveness. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and communication, digital marketing campaigns have become more common and effective as well. There are various methods and techniques of digital marketing such as search engine optimization or SEO, SEM or search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and optimization, direct email marketing, display advertising, etc.. This can allow the small and medium sized businesses to ensure successful marketing of products and services and sustain in the market place.



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