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Position Summary


Discuss about the Manage People Performance In International Hotel.

Managing people performance, especially in the hospitality industry is critical to the success of an organization. In most cases, the efficiently managed workforce is never vulnerable (Amanda 2014). Motivating worker and reviewing their performance can benefit the organization. This paper focuses on the manage people performance based on the International Hotel Group. The primary focus is the appointment of the front desk supervisor for the company. This is because; the front desk is the heart of the Group.

The Role of HR Manager at the Hotel in developing and improving the performance management systems to support the operational goals of the International Hotel Group

Position Summary

The primary responsibility of the Front Office Manager is to supervise the team members thus ensure smooth and efficient operations for producing guest satisfaction and excellent feedback. The manager is expected to respond in a courteous and professional manner to clients by offering timely and accurate information (Ombudsman Western Australia 2017). The officer will also ensure that the officer concerned process hotel charges diligently and accurately to guest’s invoices and accounts. The front office should also ensure the bill instructions are verified.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The front desk supervisor supervises shift process daily thus ensure the team members comply with the codes of conducts and standard operating procedures
  • Responds to in-person and telephone inquiries relating to the guest concerns, hotel information, and reservations
  • Resolves customer-related problems, complaints, and issues quickly and efficiently thus maintain exemplary customer quality services and satisfaction
  • Supervises the front desk’s operations to optimize hospitality and services
  • Cross-checks and updates the billing instructions
  • Acts as the EPBX equipment operator including assisting outgoing and incoming calls
  • Updates auctions the hotel log books and front office log books
  • Ensures exceptional customer care
  • Coaches, trains, directs, and coaches team members to ensure outstanding operations
  • Responds to the inquiries of guests accurately and courteously
  • Maintain a courteous, cheerful, and friendly demeanor
  • Uses new selling techniques to increase room revenue, occupancy, and rights

The HR manager of the International Hotel Group can allocate duties and responsibilities to the team members are critical in achieving the hotel’s objectives and maximizing the productivity of the workforce. This implies the decision regarding the duties and tasks to be performed would depend on the delegation and intent of the management (Cheng, Wang & Chu 2011). Importantly, one needs to be considerate and judgmental in making this decision to assign duties. For instance, the HR manager must identify the best individual who can handle the task of front desk office. The best-fit means the HR manager combines the task and people to produce the target. The defining factors in delegating or allocating tasks include the skill-set of a team member, current workload, equitable workload distribution, motivation, and the anticipated outcomes. The limiting factors will also help in assigning tasks to the team member.

Meeting Minutes


Agenda 1

Work allocation and resources

The International Hotel Group is an outstanding organization with several investment companies thus demonstrates its financial position and guests. The firm considers the cultural intelligent staff and specialists to serve in the front desk. The individual must have a multicultural expertise. The meeting with the employee ascertained that the best person to serve as a front desk officer should be able to welcome guests from different countries and possess a multicultural expertise (Abbah 2014).

The Group also considers an individual who can demonstrate quality and relevant skills leading to quality customer services and maintain reputation.

Since the company receives various guests, the manager needs to be culturally capable. Importantly, the manager should have the capacity to attract and motivate quality staff thus strengthen the repeat customers. Therefore, the manager must understand the Group’s strategic business objectives and comply with the organization’s value statements.

The frontline manager must have the ability to maintain quality services and offer guests unique hotel experience.

The front office supervisor has an appropriate training level. The officer must have taken the supervisory course thus supervises, coordinates, and trains the employees of front office, especially with lower grades

Agenda 2

Risk analysis and assessment



The manager lacks formal education on risk management

Invest in workforce development and enroll in course on certificate IV

Underpaying the managers

 Use the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 that defines the minimum annual salary the hotel can pay its employees. The managerial staff classified within Schedule D should earn $37,722 annually (AHA 2010).

20.2(a) provides salaries options. It defines the benefits regarding the conditions and terms of employment that the company must comply with as if Part-time employment (clause 12) is important in the case of the appointed front desk officer (AHAWA 2016). The employee is also covered under clauses 21, 29, 31, 32, 33. 34.2 & 37.1(b) (i) regarding the additional arrangements for full-time workers (AHA 2010).

Termination conditions

In case the termination of the employment is done, the Group shall disburse all the wages and overtime

The employer shall award the worker salary, overtime, and penalty compiled within the period (AHA 2010).

The employer shall also pay the worker all the untaken leave if terminated

Termination shall be conducted upon the receipt of notification.

Minimum training

The employee who has failed to attain an appropriate training level and engages in receipt of monies, delivers duties, supplying and dispensing (Burton 2012). This employee should be assigned tasks depending on their skills

These workers can be trained to achieve a higher level of supervisory course, stock control, and coordination and training

The level 1 employees are engaged in front office duties including cashier, receptionists, telephonist, reservations, and information services

The level 1 is allowed to perform general duties like basic data entry, typing, calculations, routine and clerical office duties, such as collating, delivering messages, photocopying, filing, and accounts.

The Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 also recognizes the significance of Level 2 workers who have appropriate training levels. These employees also perform front office duties, advanced clerical duties, night auditing, accounts, and general clerical duties.


Clause 31 recognizes the employees are entitled to breaks like meal breaks less than one hour

The Group is also allowed to grant the worker a meal break any day

Where workers operate for more than five consecutive hours, it is prudent to grant them a meal break that shall be viewed as time worked

The operational plan demonstrates the best practices that the Group should undertake to achieve the objective of the hotel. Indeed, the operational plan focuses on nearly the entire company, especially departments. Within the operational plan, the major player is the human resource department that is mandated to allocate tasks and duties to the front desk office. This has made the priority of the organization to be the allocation of tasks. The key priority indicators are also covered with the management taking the responsibility.

Operational plan

Operational goals




Developing the operational plans for the International Hotel Group and front desk operations

Establish the plan by October

The implementation and monitoring of the progress semi-annually 

Management, and HR manager


Standardizing and allocating tasks with respect of front desk supervisor

Review the process and policies to consult with other team members

HR Manager


Attracting and retaining the experienced and qualified staff

Identify and review the qualifications and experience of staff

HR Manager


Train staff to gain appropriate level

Introduce career development programs

Trainers, supervisor, HR manager


Improve the front desk services and qualities

Deliver the plan to the management

Human Resources and development


Introduce loyalty programs and improve the Group’s image

Develop marketing plan

Use customer retention

Marketing department


Introduce marketing appeal to attract customers

Conduct customer surveys



Duties and Responsibilities

In the International Hotel Group, doing business is an indisputable practice as the firm confirms its commitment to operating honestly thus upholds the ethical standards (Amanda 2014). The commitment of the company defines its business and brand. The International Hotel Group code of conducts supports decisions and principles. Interestingly, the code of conduct is applied to its workforce including employees, officers, and directors (Solomons 2015). Solomons has affirmed that the company intends to remain responsible for its operations and practices.

The company is interested in avoiding any conflict of interest. The company expects the employees to avoid situations where financial, family, or personal interest conflict. The company believes that the move will allow the stakeholders like suppliers to trust the firm in its operations by encountering a potential conflict of interest (Solomons 2015). The line managers must disclose their interests and avoid any decisions that conflict with their interests.

The International Hotel Group remains committed to operating with integrity and honesty by prohibiting bribery in all circumstances (Chamorro-Premuzic 2014). Nobody is allowed to make promises or bribes for favors. The bribes include anything of value like allocating and individual complementary rooms improperly. It also ensures that its consultants and agents avoid making unofficial payments.

The company allows the management and officials to think about entertainment and gifts (Fair Work Ombudsman 2017). It gives clear orders to its employees to avoid taking gifts, favors, hospitality, complementary arrangements that can be used to influence business operations improperly. The employees must report and comply with the Group’s requirements regarding gifts and entertainment based on the policy.

The employees should not commit any expenditure without approvals. It has established its delegation of authority policy that encompasses the initial projects, commitments and expenditures, and contracts (Lynn 2012). The employees should use the Hotel Accounting Manual to manage the Group.

The company expects its accountants to make accurate tax return and financial reporting (Lynn 2012). The accounting estimates and judgment should be prudent and reasonable. It is illegal for the officials to falsify reports or provide misleading reports and records.

The company is committed to ensuring its workforce becomes a representation of the communities. It values everyone despite their background because it believes that unique individuals brand different ideas (Knani 2014). Creating an inclusive culture encourages performance thus offers equal opportunity for all.

The Group has never tolerated employee harassment. It prohibits any form of harassment like derogatory remarks, sexual harassment, threats, and slurs, jokes regarding color, disability, and gender among other parameters (Knani 2014). The managers must create a good atmosphere free of harassment and discrimination. All employees must be treated with professionalism.

The Group organized a performance management meeting on 8/9/2017. The attendees of these meeting were the front desk employees and the line managers. The topic of discussion during the meeting included:

  • Performance management plan: The plan was meant to serve the interests of front desk employees who had new responsibilities and roles (Melia 2010). The managers wanted to prepare the employees for the new roles upon the improvement of their skills.
  • The managers also opted for coaching-style interaction because this format allowed the employees and managers to interact (Burton 2012). The issues of concern focused on the teamwork and communication as the best practices the company needed to improve.
  • At the end of the meeting, the stakeholders agreed on the key performance indicators that could be used to monitor progress accordingly. The participants agreed that the first performance review would be conducted on 17 November 2017. Apart from the key performance indicators, the stakeholders agreed to use a performance development plan to help workers improve the skills and obtain appropriate performance levels.
  • Upon the completion of the meeting, the participants signed off and agreed to add these sessions to their profiles.

Performance management and development plan

Front desk supervisor

Human resource manager

Reviewed period: 3 months

Reference from operational plan

Key result area

Indicators of success/performance

By/ When

Status report


Skills and performance

Positive customer response

HR Manager




Quality customer services

Repeat customers

Marketing manager




Motivated workforce

Improved productivity and financial output

HR officials



Manager’s comments: Great improvement after the training and coaching

Signature: ----------------------

Date: --------------------------

Staff member’s comments: Continues to adapt to the new challenges. Increased interaction and teamwork

Signature: ---------------------------

Date: ---------------------------------

Performance Development plan

Planned Action

Key Result Area

Indicators  of Success/ Performance

By/ When

Status Report

In-house training and meetings

Organizational performance

Improved customer services

HR manager



Coaching and teamwork

Relationship building

Enhanced teamwork and collaboration




Supervisory course

Leadership and responsibility

Improved performance




Manager’s comments:

The employees stand to benefit from the planned actions



Staff member’s comments

Has changed and can now incorporate relevant ideas into work



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