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Overview of Training and Development


Discuss about the Mediating Role of Organizational Learning.

Every organization needs to train their employees and for this conventional kind of training is needed to cover important work based skills, tools and techniques along with right knowledge. For thee training and development, one needs to be more optimistic and improve the approach to traditional training. The concept also works as a guide which is based primarily on what is good for people and mainly what can be profitable for the company. The biggest reason behind it is that training and development believes in activities which can be good for people with improved performance, customer satisfaction, overall quality, effective control and management. Therefore, bringing a profitable change in the organization. (Dhar, 2015). It must be about the complete development of an individual and not only associated with the transferring skills or the traditional level interpretation of training. It is very important to be realistic with right corporate level attitude with expectation about the training. But while starting the program it is important to imagine, perceive and speak about the progressive approach in developing people mind.

The increased productivity, less supervision and the job satisfaction are some of the crucial points for the development of the organization which are required for the assessment of both the employers and the employees of the organization. The concept of training and development can be defined as organization development in a planned set up from top down approach where organizations overall efforts to enhance the company’s effectiveness. Organization development is accomplished through proper interference in the process of the company by using behavioral pattern. The concept of organization development is expected to transform the belief system, approach, values and overall structure of company so that they can improve with adaption of new technologies, markets as well as challenges. Studies have also focused on that fact that organizational development is not only about anything that can be done to better a company (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). It is specifically kind of transform the process designed specifically to bring outcomes as far as organization development consist of reflection, improvement in systems and self-analysis. The on-the-jo training, mentoring, simulation and the web-based learning is important as it focus on the supervisor management, new employee orientation, professional skills training and the customer service training. The talent development is also helpful for the change in organization, employees and the other stakeholders.

Organization Development and its Goals

To make sure that the workforce is well equipped with the right form of skills, knowledge and capacities to work well with the assigned work, training and development plays an important role for the development as well as overall success of the business. While selecting the right kind of training, it is important to make sure that the employees gain the right kind of skills for the organizations and the same requires to be updated constantly to get the best along with new HR based operations (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017). To meet the present as well as future demands in business, training and development process assumes as well as its strategy role is based on number of studies done by many experts, have achieved much significance since this throws light on training and development practices in cross cultural perspective. It is important to understand that there is considerable amount of influence of training on the overall performance of organization. The training and development is a proper education process which involves the sharpening of the skills and the enhancement of the performance. With this, the focus is on how the stakeholders in the training are categories for the focus on the jobs that the individual tends to hold. The development of the activities focusses on the organization employing the individual where the clients of training and development are the business planners. Some of the conflicts are the issues related to career mainly in between the employees and the bosses.

Training along with development of career is very crucial in any organization that focuses on the concept of progress or development. This happens to include right kind of decision making along with thinking in a creative manner and management of people (Ford, 2014). The concept of training and development is very crucial since it assist in dealing with weakness of employees: -

  1. Improving the performance of worker
  2. Consistent in performance based duty
  3. Making sure that the employee is satisfied
  4. Rise in the level of productivity
  5. Improved in the quality of services and products
  6. Decreased cost
  7. Decrease in the need of supervision
  1. Reactive approach: it is a traditional approach in training that can be called as reaction based, driven by number of activities and delivery of technical set of skills in a traditional way which means in classroom setting and where training is an event focused functions.
  2. Proactive approach: in a learning set up of organization, this approach aligns with all kind of learning operations with the corporate strategy of business and it aims on development of abilities (Real et al, 2014).
  3. Active learning approach: this approach helps the trainee to play a crucial role in learning as well as exploring challenges and situation based issues under the super vision of the facilitator. The learning happens while asking questions as well as look for outcomes and interpreting many kinds of observation made at the time of process. The approach of active learning has a more lasting influence on the overall learning since it assists in retaining it for long run and finding a much better option in varied challenging examples. In the current time where everything is fast, the importance of learning has increased further to succeed. Organizations also need to make sure that the workforce is learning new skills constantly so that they can stay updated with rise in demand and the organization can also gain high level of competitive edge in the market (David Schoorman et al, 2016).

There is an obvious expectation from the managers that will discuss about the needs associated with training and development with the staff member at least on yearly basis since it is a part of performance review and planning procedure. The needs from training and development for the workforce when appointed newly on the position must be discussed in detail properly within one month of their taking up the work.

The training and development unit also must organize a structured training program for the staff on all branches and establish a session to meet the recognized need for the section group of departments or occupation based group. The service related with computing administers the current program for the workforce and other companies as well as departments that provide training for the workforce as and when need arises (Anitha, 2014).

Types of Training and Development

Companies also have the option to sponsor the staff to go out and attend multiple external course every now and then. It completely depends on the ultimate nature of the course as well as the time along with nomination on who will go for the training. There is also representation based on deciding the nomination of the sub-committee of the training and development which is done in accordance with the sections designed. The fees along with travel and accommodation can be applicable that can be met from a centralized budget for training. Any other kind of situational cost are the accountability of the nominating section (Hornstein, 2015). The member of the staff is well supported from the current budget and are also expected to submit a brief kind of report to the management. It is also expected further to pass the knowledge as well as skills that were gained in training to a wider group is done through workshops and seminars.

The role of the company in investing in training and development is directly linked with the bottom line within the current business. With rise in high performance company in the present time, the overall recognition is done based on needs to have best kind of training and development programs to increase the competitive edge in the organization. Training and development is very crucial for every kind of organization when the value and overall potential of people that must be harnessed and developed. There are number of studies that have highlighted the clear connection that exist between a well-structured and training and development initiatives and the bottom line that exist within the business (Reynolds, 2017). The overall image of the present industry and people based managers is also impacted by the level and quality of workforce training and development. The prospective employees in such an open labor force will evaluate the record of all the potential managers in this crucial field. Progression in career as well as overall growth is becoming more and more attractive with basic level needs for many members of workforce. In the present business world, where every industry is going through some or the other kind of shortage in staff or basic skills, organization are also facing stiff competition internally as well as externally for high quality workforce. Every manager who can invest seriously in areas of training and development will reap the advantages of a rich working culture with high level of retention in staff as well as rise in level of productivity and impactful performance (Reynolds, 2017).

Why Training and Development is Important

The kind of training and development objectives recognized will rely on the personal as well as organizational goals identified with the strategic level planning procedure and the agreed level of appraisal cycle. In any kind of event based on goal will as a part of minimum standard considers some factors mentioned below:

  1. The values inculcated by organization
  2. The strategic goals of the institute
  3. Policy of equal opportunity
  4. Need for core competencies
  5. Continued personal as well as professional growth
  6. Need for professional as well as vocational level skills in education further (Reynolds, 2017)
  7. Need for professional, workplace updating and vocational training
  8. Need to change as per the market demand


The field of training and development is the field which was based on organizational level function aiming at the betterment of the overall performance of people in organizational setting. It is further combined with the role which is usually called as Human Resource also called as HR. It primarily means development of human resources to stay competitive in the current marketplace. Training also aims on doing operations of the current time to grow employees for the present jobs and growth based on preparation of workforce for the coming future responsibilities (Reynolds, 2017). It also conducts an analysis which covers the goal of training and development for the creative learning company which also make sure that the workforce through proper value addition can effectively work for the jobs and gain competitive edge and look for self-development. The calculative performance is a result of good training and development and can also rise the overall development of organization. It is also a process of moving the information as well as knowledge to managers. It helps the management to translate that knowledge or information to real practice with an opinion to increase the overall effectiveness of organization and the overall productivity along with the quality of management of people (Reynolds, 2017).


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