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Discuss three competitive advantages with respect to the corporate mission and main strategic goals.
Discuss three competitive risks that the company need to account for while deploying the system.

Business Process

The Rainbow Hotel Dubai is a 3 star hotel located in the neighborhood of Bur Dubai. It is located on the Khaled Bin Waleed Street. The hotel has been guaranteed to be one of the finest in Dubai offering a value for money staying experience to the guests. Dubai being a rich country becomes hard to find. Rainbow Hotel offers cheap accommodation along with a quality of staying to the guests. As nearby sightseeing and tourist spots, there are abundance of Dubai malls as well as museums and the famous Indian Bazzar. The company is at a close range of 10-minute drive to the international airport and a short drive to the Dubai world trade center. The hotel staffs are helpful to the tourists in order to find a cheap bargain for the local items. The hotel offers the best holiday experience in terms of staying experience as well as on the pockets.

The main mission of the hotel as per the description can be considered to be to increase its customer experience as well consider the process of management of the staff and other monetary procedures in the hotel. [1]

The major strategic tools to be used by the hotel can be to use the process of hotel management software for the complete management of the entire hotel [2]. The software would be able to maintain the payroll as well as the features related to the working of a hotel. The system would also be able to maintain the room allotment with the help of the database system.

Business process can be defined as list of connected tasks, which is followed for the delivery of a certain service or product to a client at the end of the flow chart. The flow chart has been included in Appendix 1. The business process chosen for this report is the Human Resource or HR department [3]. For the implementation of an information system along with this business process the use of Human Resource Information System has been selected as the main area of research for the report.

The following list are some of the challenges, which is currently being faced by the hotel:

  • Database: there has been found to be the use of negligible amount of database by the hotel. The meagre amount of database found is in the online website the company where there is the option of booking a hotel room.
  • Time and Labor Management: laborers are seldom leaving the hotel as well as maintenance of their shift timing becomes a hassle for the managers [4].
  • Payroll Function: managing the payroll of the entire employee as well as for the guests coming into the hotel become tiresome in the peak seasons.
  • Benefits: For the provision of certain benefits to the employees and the visitors of the hotel, the management of the benefits often is forgotten and missed.
  • Employee Interface: the sharing of the attendance as well the available benefits for the employees become tiresome for the managers to always share with the employees [5].
  • Recruitment and Retention: recruitment of new employees require a lot of work, which takes up a lot of time.

Human Resource Information or HRIS is considered to be an intersection or combination of information technology and human resource management system. The suggested software for Rainbow hotel is Zoho People. This is a software solution that helps the human resource department to enhance its operational as well as business efficiencies. The HR activities are processed electronically in this system. Zoho People software is developed for enabling the hotels to plan and manage HR costs in an effective and efficient manner. It also helps the HR department to make effective decision [7]. Hotels will be able to increase the productivity of the employees as well as managers by implementing and adopting HRIS like the Zoho People software. Human resource information systems offer several solutions concerning human resource management to the hotels and resorts. There are several functionalities and usage of the Zoho People human resource information system. Some of them are discussed below.

Review Of a Selected Information System

1) Management of staff and employee information: This software can store all the critical as well as sensitive information of the employees. Name, address, employee ID and other personal details can be stored accurately by this software.  This system can also store information about the reporting structure, salary structure and appraisal history of the employees with no error. Hotel related documents like safety guidelines can also be stored in the information system [8]. This functionality of the system will be able to benefit the administration in several ways. An ideal HRIS like the Zoho People software will allow the HR department as well as the employees to review personal details and update information in real time.  

2) Management of resume: This software is a seamless HRIS that will enable the hotels to store the resume of deserving candidates so that they can be called for interview in case of vacancy. It will also help the recruiter to transfer the information of the hired applicant to the employee database without any difficulty or delay. It promotes real-time collaboration. Manual management of resume can lead to loss of data and record.

3) Performance development plans: It will facilitate the HR department to keep record of the development plans in a centralized database system. This will help the HR management to keep track of the performance of the employees and help them to grow in future [9]. HR managers will be able to find out the record of the previous performance of the employees. This software will help in the process of employee appraisal.

4) Disciplinary actions: Hotels will be able to keep track of the employees who have been suspended and demoted. It will help the top management to remain well informed about the disciplinary actions that are being taken against the employees.

5) Training records: Hotels will be able to maintain training record of the employees. This will help the HR department to identify the special capabilities of the employees and distribute the tasks and responsibilities based on their capabilities.

6) Payroll management: The Zoho People software will be able to integrate employee data with payroll data. This will enable the HR department to effectively make changes in the pay and keep track of the employee hours [10].

7) Attendance management: The Zoho People software will help the hotels to keep a track of the attendance of all the employees in an accurate manner. The chances of error in this system will be less.

The Zoho People software will be able to address several concerns of the Rainbow Hotel like:

1) Database management: It will solve the issue of storing and accessing employee information. Zoho People software will help the Rainbow hotel to store employee information in an accurate manner.   It will enable the staffs to access the details from any location [11].

2) Time management: This hotel was having issues regarding labour and time management. These processes are time consuming. Zoho People will help the hotel to save time and carry out these processes in real time.


3) Payroll functions: Payroll is a major component of this software. Rainbow hotel will be able to unload as well as download employee hours without any difficulty. This software will enable the hotel to issue cheques as well as payroll deposits to the employees in an effective manner.

4) Benefits: Rainbow hotel will be able to maintain the medical benefits of the employees by using the Zoho People software [12].

5) Employee interface: The Zoho People software will enable the employees of the hotel to update personal details and review their pay scales without any difficulty. The employees of the HR department will get the facility of changing the retirement benefit programs as per their requirement.

6) Recruitment as well as retention: Zoho People software will help the hotel to improve its recruitment process. The HR department will be able to implement effective employee retention policies.

The Emirate Grand Hotel utilizes human resource information system for managing its employee data in an effective manner. This hotel has been able to improve its payroll system by adopting HRIS.  They have been able to manage all the human resource related activities from any location. The employees are of this hotel can manage their own details in a significant manner. The HR department of this hotel has been able to improve its employee attendance tracking system [12]. They can track the attendance from any location.

Avenue Hotel is another renowned hotel in Dubai that uses the human resource information system. This hotel has been able to increase its productivity through the process of knowledge sharing and employee collaboration.  HRIS has been able to improve the time tracking system of the Avenue Hotel.

Auris Hotel Apartments Deira is a three star hotel in Dubai that utilizes HRIS to improve its HR activities. This hotel has been able to increase accuracy and save time by automating the daily activities of the HR. These hotels have been able to improve its operational and business efficiencies.   

A Human Resource Management system is kind of information system which is used for designing to manage various organization computer and other services related to automation [13]. It is nothing but a combination of hardware and software resource. A human resource management system is also known as human resource information system. The implementation of the system can be seen in Appendix 2. This system will be mainly deployed in Rainbow hotel Dubai will create a platform in which all the information can be easily stored and retrieved by the user [14]. A human management information system mainly consists of six components, which are database, time and management of labor, function of payroll, benefits for its employee, and interface for its employees.  

Database:  HRIS tends to offer a database in which employee’s information can be easily stored. Professional working as HR can easily put all the information regarding personal data, which the employees of this rainbow hotel can easily, accesses. This database will contain data regarding emergency contact, reviewing of performance.


Time and labor Management: Various activities like time and management of labor are generally considered to be time taking. This new HRIS will allow the employees to provide input for own time and will allow manager of this hotel to provide verification and data is directly fed into this payroll system. This system will help the HR department in tracking the attendance and punctuality of various employees of this hotel [15].

Payroll function: Payroll is considered an important component for this human resource model. By the help of this model, HR can easily download and make changes in the working hour of the employees. This system will provide the reasons behind the issue of checks and can easily make deposition of payroll of the employees. Salary of the employees can be paid by this information technology and it will reduce the risk of errors. This information system will also help in calculation of tax for this hotel.

Benefits: HRIS will allow this hotel to implement and establish various benefits related to medical and will help in calculation of retirement investment by making use of this software. This type of application will allow the employees of this hotel to have the experience similar to one stop shopping for all the data related to human resource and its needs [16].

Employee Interface: Major of the HRIS will allow the employees of this hotel to have limited access to its users. Employee of this hotel have only a part of database where they can easily update their information. They can easily make changes regarding various benefits programs and update various information related to it.

Recruitment and Retention: Recruitment and Retention can be considered as an important part of HRIS and after its deployment, new talent can be easily found. By the help of this system, HR can easily receive compensation and benefits from this hotel [17].  

This new HR system can be considered beneficial for this Rainbow hotel, which is located in Dubai. There are many feature of this new HR system on the contrary all the organization may not find it to be useful.

Database for HR: HR system is not but a database, which contain all the information regarding the employees of an organization. This new system will eliminate the need of keeping hard copy of various files. This new system will create a platform where all the information can be easily accessed [18].

Self-service for Employee: Various firms round the globe find employees to be valuable feature for the information system. This new method will allow the employees to view and make changes regarding their information [19].

Recruitment system: HR system will help this hotel by saving the time by ensuring that best employees are only hired. It will create platform where top talents can be easily hired. HR system will ultimately help in improving the hiring standard for this hotel. Establishing a connection between the employee databases will help the organization to covert application information into employee file after the decision of hiring has been made by this hotel.

Beneficial for management: It will create a platform where employee can easily manage their own benefits, which will save labor hours, and employees can have understanding regarding their own benefits and opinion [20].

The advantage for the use of human resource management system are as follows:

  • The system would help in the use of a broad range of human resource information for the hotel. They also help in the maintenance of higher standard of the company. With the help of the human resources, they would be able to have proper control of the working procedure [21].
  • They would be able to work with the issues of any kind of writing down of information in to log books. The managers would be able to draw the right amount of information required for their work with the use of the system. This would help in the reduction of data wastage in the hotel.
  • The use of an integrated data base system helps in the controlling of all the data and information related to the hotel. The data from the room allocation of the hotel can be integrated into the online booking portal for the sharing of the availability of the room for the guests. Anyone looking for an online booking portal they would be able to check the availability of the room from the online booking section [22].

The competitive risks associated with the use of such system into their hotel can be detailed as follows:

  • The completive hotels in the market would be able to book false rooms under different rooms on the online portal and thus blocking of the rooms would make other guests to not book the rooms on the specified dates. This can be reduced with the inclusion of a payment of certain amount of fees towards the booking process.
  • The pricing of such systems can be of large amount. Such investments can be often seem to be of a negative impact based on the earnings of the hotel. The one-time payment of the amount of money would help in the process of improving their working environment for the company as well as the proper management of the data [23].
  • The best way to increase the hotels resources is the mode of promotion. This can be useful for the making of the higher income in terms of guests coming to their hotels. The promotional would cost a certain amount of money into this but this would eventually help in the increasing of the working procedure of the income.

All the problems discussed in the report can be easily solved with the help of this information system implementation. The drawbacks in the hotels can be reduced with the proper implementation of the information system with the organization structure of the hotel [24]. The following of the competitive advantage discussed above would help in the making of a better staying experience for the guests as well a better working environment for the staff and other employees related to the organization. The risks should also be considered and tackled accordingly for the improvement. This would help them to strive in the market competition.


From the above discussion, it can be easily stated that this report mainly emphasizes on the mission and strategic goals for this Rainbow hotel. All the major business process has been discussed in details. Business process mainly comprises of challenges and problems, which this hotel is facing. Review for this human management information has been provided in details. Problems, which will be overcome by this human resource management system, has been discussed in details. Proper solution has been provided for this organization. The implementation of human management resource system has been discussed in details, which consist of various components of Information system, and changes, which will be seen after implementation of this new information system has been discussed in detail. A flowchart has been provided within this report, which help better understanding of this new information system in this Rainbow hotel. Advantages and risk in relation to the implementation of this human resource information system in the rainbow hotel has been discussed in details in this report. Three competitive advantage in relation to mission in corporate and proper strategic goals has been provided in this report. Three competitive, which this hotel needs to encounter during the implementation of this new human resource information system, has been discussed in details. Various components of information system like database, time and management of labor, function of payroll, advantages, interface for employee, recruitment and retention has been discussed in details. Changes which can be seen after the implementation of this human resource information system that is database for human resource, self-service for various employees, system for recruitment and benefits received by management has been discussed in the above pages of this report.


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