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Word count: 1500 words excluding your referencing.

You won the contract and developed an ecommerce solution for the safety equipment provider (assignment # 2). The company are happy with their online shop but, they are not getting enough sales. They need to increase the number of people seeing their online website, increase the frequency of repeat sales and increase the average spend per customer.

They have noticed through the analytics that not all leads are buying when they finding the website. You suspect this is ZMOT research underway or for whatever reason, leads are not yet ready to buy their safety products. They need your help.

Your task. Write a 1500 word digital marketing proposal for the business you used in assignment # 2. Again, the budget is unlimited and quotes for work are not needed. The customer does not need you to repeat any of the information from assignment # 2 - this work is complete.

  1. Draw a diagram or explain the proposed digital marketing funnel for this safety equipment online
  2. Recommend tactics to increase the numbers of visitors to the online shop
  3. Recommend how to:
    1. nurture leads (especially those who are not yet ready to buy)
    2. increase the frequency of repeat orders
    3. increase the average spend per order
  4. Explain how you will prove a return-on-investment.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Digital marketing is the way of product marketing which uses digital platform. In this case mainly used digital platform is the internet (Ryan, 2016). For a digital marketing system the best solutions is an ecommerce platform which is discussed previously. This ecommerce systems includes various type of other technologies in it such as electronic data interchange, internet marketing and online transaction system (Laudon & Traver, 2013).

In this case the main problem with the ecommerce website is that all the leads are not buying the safety equipments who are redirected to the ecommerce website. It is estimated that the leads are not ready yet to buy the safety products. To solve this problem a digital marketing proposal will be given here.

            To introduce the proposal, digital marketing funnel system for this seller will be discussed. Following that some recommendation will be proposed to increase the number of visitors in the website. Also, the recommendation part will include recommendation for nurture leads, repeating order frequency and increasing average spend per order. Further, return on investment will be discussed.

The digital marketing funnel is used for organize the process of the sales and by organizing the sales process the main target of the digital marketing funnels is to achieve the improved sales system which can increase the number of total sales. The digital marketing funnel has four key stage. These four stages are nurture, attract, delight and convert. The digital marketing funnel framework is based on the attraction of the business website (Kannan, 2017). The main idea of this funnelling is that it can attract strangers so that they can eventually become a customer form a stranger.

There are various type of funnel system are available. In this case for the safety equipment retailer most simple digital marketing funnel system is proposed. This proposed digital marketing funnel will help the safety equipment retailer to increase their sales. In this digital marketing funnel system there will be total three stages. The first stage or the part of this digital marketing funnel is the top of the funnel, second one is the middle of the funnel and the last one is the bottom of the funnel.

For the case of the top of the marketing funnel, it is used for creating the awareness among the peoples about the organization. This can be achieved by increasing the perceptibility of the business. For this safety equipment retailer company, they must aware their targeted customer about their company. This can be done by posting some advertisements on similar type of websites and by writing blogs about the company and about their products.

The middle of the funnel is the situation when people starts gaining interest about the particular company or about the product. In this stage the visitors of the website will start to trust the company and a bonding will be formed. The safety equipment retailer company can create the bonding by giving enough value to the visitors of the product website. This relationship can formed by an online chatting system directly on the product webpage or the contact information about the company can be shared with the customer (Skowron et al., 2013). This is simply a free piece of material which provides bunch of value to the customers.

Tactics to Increase Visitors

In the last stage, which is the bottom of the funnel, already a sufficient level of trust has been made with the customer and the customer is ready to buy a product from the organization or from the company. In this stage of the digital marketing funnel the job role of the safety equipment retailer will be presenting the desired product of the customer in an attractive way. To present the product in an attractive way it can be presented to the customer as a limited period discounted offer.

There are several ways to increase the number of the total visitors on the product web page. In this case some tactics will be recommended to increase the total number of the visitors on the web page of the safety equipment retailer company. Recommended tactics are discussed below:

  • Advertisement: Advertisement is one of the key way to increase the visitors on a particular webpage. This advertisements are displayed in various social media and websites. An attractive advertisement is one of the best way to lure the customers in the targeted website (Malik et al., 2013).
  • Social Medias: Only showing advertisements on various type of social media is not enough for attracting the customers towards the product website for the safety equipment retailer company. A social media page about the company is also a great way to promote the products of the company. Also, this type of page can always keep updated the customers about new products. Such social media platforms are Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is most important thing to consider to increase the total number of visitors in the website. The organization need to optimize their contents for the relevant search engines. Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for website as it can upgrade the rankings of the webpage on the search results which can bring huge number of visitors in the webpage (Giomelakis & Veglis, 2018).
  • Creating a Referral Traffic: The safety equipment retailer can start a referral campaign to promote their website more. In this camping when an individual refers the website to someone then that individual got paid. This is an excellent way to lure huge amount of visitors in the webpage.
  • Creating a Responsive Website: In the present situation the internet is not only accessed from the desktop computers but also a vast number of users access the internet from their mobile devices. So it becomes very much important for the organization to ensure that the online website is equally responsive for both the mobile and desktop devices (Natda, 2013). If the webpage misbehave in any of these platforms then the safety equipment retailer company will loss a huge amount of visitors to their website.
  • Creating a Fast Website: If the website of the slow and takes a large amount of time to load then the victors likely going to be frustrated at the webpage. Thus they will leave the webpage. On the other side, if the webpage runs fast and smooth then the organization can expect a large number of visitors on their webpage. So a faster webpage is required.

To run the online business of the safety equipment retailer company in an effective way some recommendation will be given. This recommendation will discuss how the nurture leads for the customer satisfaction, how repeating order frequency can be increased and how the average spend per hour can be increased.

Lead nurture is a very effective way for the organization to increase the number of buyers. In this part some recommendation will be given to nurture the buyers who not ready to buy the product yet.

  • Quick Follow-ups: This technique is a very good way to nurture the customers. Several studies concluded that a quick follow up can greatly increase chances of the sales to the customers who are hesitating to buy or not ready to buy.
  • Personalized Emails: Personalized emails is another great way to nurture the customers. Customers feel valued when they are contacted directly by the organization regarding a product. Thus it creates a strong relationship between the customer and the organization which helps to increase the sales (Hartemo, 2016).

To increase frequency of repeated orders some recommendation can be given which are:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Excusive discounts can be given to the loyal customers of a website. This Exclusive discounts can attract to the peoples to buy the products. This technique will increase the frequency of the repeated orders (Moore & Wright, 2014).
  • Alerting Customers Regarding the Abandoned Cart: In many cases customers left their carts while adding some items to it. There various reasons behind this left issue. Main common issue is the price of the product. In such cases the organization can offer a better deal on that items to that customers which can increase the frequency of the repeated order.

How much time an average user spend on a website is depend on the appearance of that website. To increase the average spend hour by a user the webpage need to be attractive. For this some recommendation can be given which are:

  • Great Design: If the design of the webpage is eye-catching or it attracts the visitor at the first glance then the average spend time on the webpages increases (Mohorovi?i?, 2013). Thus it is recommended to implement a great design.
  • Readability of the Webpages: With a great design webpage readability is also an important factor. If a webpage has a great design but readability of the webpage is not good then the visitors are not going to stay on the page longer. This can be resolved by using larger fonts, breaking large paragraphs into small and by using higher quality images (Nebeling, Speicher & Norrie, 2013).

Return on Investment prove is a specific type of marketing initiative which can challenging for some moments when there are many variables are included in a sale. This can strengthen the customer relationship and the brand equity (King, 2014). There are several ways to prove the return on investment which are:

  • Setting objectives, events and goal: Goal, events and the objectives need to be set to evaluate data provided by the customer. Also, the micro conversation need to be tracked which is outside of the main goal. This can avail the behavioural data of the customers. Analysing those data can help to determine the market trends which can help to take the next step of the move.
  • First, Last and influencing touch point: Interactions and touch points with the customer can influence a sale of a product. Analysis of the customer touches can help to view marketing traction. The first touch point is which led the visitor to the product webpage. The last touch measures the final touch before the customer leave the page or purchase the product. Influencing touches occurs in between the above two touches which decides the journey of the customer thorough the page. This can be analysed to determine which elements are driving the customers to but a product and which is driving the customers to leave the product page.
  • Connecting Social Media Metrics: The social media has a great influence on the customer. Social media can help to meet the business outcome by the traffic generation, follower growth which can related with the loyalty of the brand and conversions which can be related with the revenue.


Form the above discussion it can be concluded that the digital marketing system has a huge role to increase the sales productivity of an organization. It can help to create a digital environment for the marketing system. In this proposal digital marketing funnel is proposed for the safety equipment retailer. Following that some tactics are recommended to increase the total number of the visitors on the website of the organization. Also, some recommendation has been given for the nurture leads, increasing the frequency of the repeat order and for increasing the average spend hour. Further, proving the return on investment is discussed.


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