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Show how consumers will find out about your product/service including:

1. where, how and when you will promote your product/service such as shopping centre promotions, point of sale, viral marketing, billboards, loyalty schemes, etc

2.  what type of printed materials you’ll create

3. your website or online presence

4. details and cost of advertising including print, online, TV and radio

5. product/service launch plans

6. how you will measure the success of your marketing strategy and various promotions

7. how pricing will encourage sales (e.g. selling in bulk)

Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Industry- It is amongst the growing industry in the world, this industry is highly fragmented globally all over the world for its eating outlets. It is the business which serves and prepares food stuff which includes the varieties of dishes according to the speciality of a particular country and several kinds of drinks to the customers. The main aim of Restaurant Industry is to provide a proper meal to the people who are have different tastes and fond of food and refreshments.

Indiana Cuisine Culture City is a new restaurant located in Melbourne city. It forms an Indian society to bring all the states cultures under one roof. It is an eating establishment mainly focusing on main dishes of India which are the speciality of all the Indian states like Punjabi, South Indian dish, RajasthanThali etc. Setting up the business in Melbourne, fastest the gross would be more the services will also increase by providing the door to door facilities via online by simply giving your order through online portal and get the Meal delivered at home. And it would not be any difference as the meal served in restaurant. Same taste, same quality, hygienic and healthy. It is specialising in the combination of Indian Taste with Foreign Plating with the Indian music according to which the order is been given which is unique and hard to find Choices in Melbourne or all over USA ( Bennett, 2017).

Goals and objectives- It mainly aims to provide the maximum numbers of services to the customers. It target to create the greatest sales volume to achieve the target and generally during the company’s peak hours of operations. The primary objectives of the restaurant are to make the customer feel as a home-style restaurant. The quality of the meals should be best and at reasonable prices so that the customers keep on visiting again. It is necessary to achieve the cover ratio on each lunch and dinner serving. Our mission is to provide a unique way of serving the meals because the customer should feel relaxed by providing the menu items and the speciality dishes of all the states and serving according to their cultural state on which the order is been made. We intend to achieve the goals by providing the best quality ingredients at affordable costs. We ensure to provide well-being in the best possible manner from our staff to each and every customer with dignity and respect to make them feel that they are having their meal at their own home. The main objective of the restaurant business is to provide maximum satisfactions to its customers with efficient utilization of resources (Bernstein and Sheen, 2016). 

About Indiana Cuisine Culture City

Advantage over Competitors-The Key of success for Indiana Cuisine Culture City is a reputed business with an excellent location to be the centre of attraction because of its ambience, for the commoners and people outside the country to see the Indian culture under single Infrastructure. 

Maintenance of Brand- The maintenance of the Restaurant is the backbone of the industry where it is very essential to survive in the market into the restaurant industry and have the existence of that brand whether it is for its product specialist, services, best hospitality, or of its infrastructure. The Brand is well known when they promises and fulfil that because you are been thrived in that environment and for that we need a great team to run our operations very smoothly. 

Restaurant Services- Our management strives to maintain a top quality in our services provided through restaurant with an attitude of gratitude towards the customers, employees etc. And it is necessary to make the customers satisfied with whatever we are existing for, because the customers have many expectations from the industry to make them feel comfortable and homely so that the customer gets satisfied and keep on visiting again (De Clercq et al., 2016.).

The Indiana Cuisine Culture City is best way for dining our meals, to our customers to make them feel comfortable as to make them feel and provide the VIP services of Indian Culture under one roof. The decor is so unique designed in pure Indian style as symbolising the speciality of every state. The Energetic Atmosphere of our restaurant is quite high and draws the centre of attraction is of rich cultural heritage manifested with the handicrafts, traditions, etc.

Apart from these services the restaurant is providing the other products and services such as:

Menu- In our Restaurant the menu is designed in very elegant and simple manner which highlights the Speciality dishes of all the Indian states and are formed in systematic order and everyday our restaurant is keeping a special meal of a day so that to gain the attraction of the customers towards our restaurant. The menu is been updated every month according to the chefs recommendation and on customers demand.

Daily Operational Activities and Production- Our restaurant is open for 7 days a week for all meal shifts. Schedule is been prepared on daily basis and daily the responsibility is been given to all the employees for the better services. It is necessary to work according to the schedule to keep maintaining the labour cost control. Proper techniques are used and duties are assigned to all the employees according to the rotational shifts so that the orders can be received and maintained for the inventory to meet the production demands. During the peak time hours the number of employees is increased for the fast delivery and better production and during off hours the on-going preparation is continued. And the manager keeps on updating every day and the chart is prepared after every 24 hours to insure the operational standards that each work shift has been properly prepared (de Lange et al., 2017).

Goals and objectives

Competitive Comparison- This section analyse both our current opportunities and potential competitors who outer in your market.

Strength- It describes the organisation excels and separates it from the competition which involves brand name, loyalty, CRM, package discount, offers and seasonal offers etc.

Weakness- It stops an organisation from performing at optimum level. This nosiness needs improve to remain competitive such as higher than industry turnover, higher level of debt, lack of capital, an inadequate supply chain etc.

Opportunity- It refers to favourable external factors that an organization can use to give it a competitive advantage.

Threat- It provides the factors that have the potential to harm an organisation which includes rising costs of inputs, increasing competition etc. (Fan and Khademi, 2014).

Suppliers for the Online Services- As per our schedule is been prepared the staff keep on working and the employees who look after our online services keep on updating for each order so as to deliver the product on time and the best quality of product and to provide the friendly customer service according to the time schedule for delivering of a product.

Controlling of Management- It is essential to control the management for the production and the services provided in order to control the costs, delivering of the products on time and managing the services for the best business earnings. The following strategies used for the best management is:

Order Guide: Our restaurant provide the best dish of a day on the specific order given from the guide and to maintain the levels of the food served or delivering of the products for maintain the inventory.

Weekly Inventory- Our management conduct the inventory per week for the calculation to the add-ons or reduction on the products according to the profit or loss reports prepared.

Tracking the daily Inventory- At the end of the day a report is been prepared on the specific items and the products been designated to maintain the proper accounting (Healy, 2014).

It is necessary to be in rights followed in the administration system and for the daily cash outlay.

Price Rationale- It includes the pricing policy of a product in the market.

There are generally three ways to make price rational

  • Market Segmentation- It includes the environmental factors such as:
  • Physical: Our business provide consulting services to the local area customer
  • Legal: It should be according to the rules and regulations and maintain the law and orders.
  • Economic: Business plan should be made according to the economic conditions environmental trends. In this capitalist are expected to show profitability.
  • Social: The business plan should be socially. It should not harm to any custom or culture of the customer.
  • Technology: The enhanced technology should be adopted which can help the employees to rendering their services properly.
  • Targeting: In this the business plan is so initiated that it should attract to the targeted people as per that business plan the first customer are the Indian who are living in Melbourne. It can be done through demographically, psychologically lifestyle and behaviour.
  • Positioning: It is a process which operates on differentiation, similarity, distinction (Hendriks et al., 1999).

The restaurant is been spread on a large scale and it is a diverse business. It is generally being forecast to reach the annual gross up to its target value in comparison to its previous year. Being in the competitive industry it is important to survive in the market by giving the best services to the customers. The overall economic impact of our restaurant is to cross the gross domestic product annually and it is generally expected to achieve the maximum from the previous year. In this industry it is been diversified according to the ratios of the services been provided in restaurants or bars or in lounges (Heo, 2016).

Advantage over Competitors

Industry Analysis- It is based on the Standard Industry Code. It is primarily engaged in providing the best food services to the customers who visit our restaurants are served well while seated at the dining area for the best consumption. This industry generally have the things which are been included with the meals they serve with combination of selling the alcoholic beverages and presenting some live music or orchestra or theatrical entertainment

Market Size- The market size is very large which generally include all the restaurants which are currently running on a very good gross amount which are basically situated in the main city of Melbourne and the annual revenue is also very high of about 500$ billion including all the restaurants.

Participants in the Industry-The main competitors are in market that includes the top branded companies of the food industry like KFC, Pizza Hut.

Market Segments-The main segments is to a broader base to set the consumers of both the residential and commercial societies. The primarily focus was to the location for the start-up of our restaurant to increase the growing number of visitors from the household area (Hyun et al., 2017).

Testing in the Markets-For the past several years the chef of our restaurant was working as a part time job of catering so as to decide the theme and designing of the menu was based on the various kind of Indian style meal which are spicy and less spicy so it was designed according to the speciality dish of all the states so that the patrons keep on visiting our restaurant again.

Market Strategy meeting targets-Keeping the main focus primarily on the location of the restaurant and the age group of people between 30-45 years are in the upper middle age group to serve their needs and requirements because of our customers and have the logical value to set the marketing plan and the ambience of a restaurant. Its intersection between the two other restaurants who are already on good gross value are been kept in mind as a competition. As the restaurant was been located in the middle of the Home street which generally insist to the customers who belongs to the residential areas who are busy and tired of from their busy schedule and generally not in mood to cook their meal so our restaurant make our patrons feel free and provide the service as home style. The food and menu is been designed according to the age groups of the customers who generally have their own preference of eating to their choices and taste and Indiana Cuisine city culture serve the best food according to their wish list (Ikemefuna et al., 2016).

Maintenance of Brand

Needs in The Market- It is the full Indian style restaurant where the customers are served for their needs and their needs are generally for their fast and healthy food that generally appeal for their taste preferences and the comfortable atmosphere. And our restaurant provides the pleasant dining that mainly fulfils the desire of the customer to feel relaxed in a comfortable atmosphere. All the needs of the customers are been delivered with the least amount of inconvenience. Generally the market is been suffered from a lack of services been provided to customers and for this a market needs a restaurants that value there customers as the main priority.

Latest Trend in the Market-The trends in the Indiana Cuisine Culture City rely on its visual appeal and locations. According to the National Restaurant Association the latest trend which is been followed are Nutritious dishes for all age group, sustainable seafood, farm brand ingredients, etc. Mainly there are many restaurants which generally target kids so as to way the parents visit to their restaurants. And the best thing about our restaurant does not seek to market the kids to get them and involve their parents to eat at our restaurants (Johnston, 2017).

Market Growth-Generally the growth of the market depends upon the services been provide to the customers and the overall annual revenue of the market and generally it is not expected to have the growth in the fall of business or in diffuse market. The statistics is been prepared for the recognised business for its downfall and the increments. Our organization is aware of the growth potential and to provide the right combination of service, quality and choice.

Position for the Survival- Generally the people have set their mentality that food that is been cooked at home is of higher quality and healthier than the food been served in restaurants. Our organization plans to stay in a fixed or to get into the higher position for their Indian Cuisine and home style restaurant by preparing the quality food with the healthy ingredients being used. Our Chef also plans according to that to provide the home cooked fare that participates to the current trends for providing the best quality food stuff and offer the menu selections to the consumers (Jun et al., 2017).

Market Segmentation- Because of the owners and founders of it is necessary to build the connections with the people staying in Melbourne and in US for the trending of our restaurant so as to have an excellent feel for the area and its group of customers. 

Restaurant Services

Our services would be differentiated by the other restaurants. We establish our business by offering various facilities to clear the alternatives in the market. It is essential to build a long term relationship with the customers and by offering the perks and momento with the intention to attract them so that the customers keep on visiting our restaurant. 

Strengths- 1. The main strength of our business is the prime location of our restaurant with an ease to walk in for the customer satisfaction.

Our Chef is already experienced in the catering industry as well as in hotel management he is also experienced in analysing of customer need and approved vendors.

The employees are already experienced in the hospitality and have a can do attitude.

Our organisation provides the exceptional quality by selecting the best speciality dishes when it is been compared to our competitors in the market (Kurian et al., 2017).

Weakness- 1. Recruiting and continue to holds the quality of employees.

Losing the space for the grocery stores, convenience stores.

With the exception of the other varieties different stores are selling the some specialties dishes.

Opportunities- 1. Our organisation offers the additional catering services in conferences or official meetings to our employees.

Immediate business opportunities are been provided when there is a chance of barriers to enter.

Services provided by our organization are the biggest advantage we have in our organization. Management of people from recruiting or giving training to them and to make them know about the company’s culture and its main purpose is the key for winning and keeping the customers.

Threats- 1. Convenience Stores and supermarkets are located nearby to our restaurants.

It is a threat when the sales volume is being arisen while building it.

Operational activity costs keep on rising.

Consumers who have the mind-set, that speciality meal which are prepared at home are healthier than those dishes been prepared at home (Lee, 2015).

Planning for Unique selling- Indiana Cuisine Culture City is responsible for given an offer to the consumers for home style meals in a very reasonable costs with a comfortable atmosphere. Our organisation have prepared a reasonable price set in the menu list and according to the seasonable by offering the various menu items being served according to its seasons which will help to earn the profit within the affordable prices.

Product and Services

Competitive Edge- The competition is begin with the consumers itself because our business is not only serving the good meal but the various drinks which is been served with the food and it has the good selling of the meal as well as the best employees in the staff as well. Our staffs are the reflection of our organization. Our organization hires the Employees who deserve and are keen to work with to do attitude and are intend to work as a family members that are truly honest towards our organization and values they should follow. Our organization goal is to unlike the big chain competitors because of the economic growth, and changes make quickly within a time (Lepkowska, 2017).

Statement of Positioning- It is necessary to maintain the position of Indiana Cuisine Culture City to get the success to keep the price of the meals very nominal so that it can be affordable by the people to plan out for dining in a very warm, relaxed and comfortable environment. Our menu is been designed according to the Indian cultures that every consumer of our restaurant wants to taste. Our restaurant is open for 7 days in a week and our name says it all “Indiana Cuisine Culture City- a Form of Indian Culture under One Roof”.

Strategy for Price List- At Indiana City, the main important thing is cost accounting, since the profit of our organization depends on the price of an individual dishes that can vary significantly and will describe the profit earnings or the cost from the menu items. And the best part of our organization is to entertain the best meals offer according to the seasons. We generally monitor the prime cost of expenses of goods and services sold to our consumers. Currently as a start-up we generally control the cost of an employee who is ready to work for low wages (Owens, 2017). 

Location- The restaurant is located at the center of attraction where people can visit with an easy access TO an on-going way.

Direct Mail-Mailing on our website for ordering their meal which sometimes include the bulk mailing directly.

Event Marketing-We organizes an event for marketing our brand name by joining a venture of marketing to introduce the specialities of our restaurant so that people have a focus towards our restaurant and will visit to us for experiencing the new culture utilizing their services.

Daily Operational Activities and Production

Word of Mouth-Our organization has already maintained a database of existing catering customers who rely on us to provide the best facility to them during their conferences or meetings. This is the method adapted in a growth to our business.

Marketing Campaigns- Indiana Culture generally organizes campaigns to make people aware who are fond of Indian foods. Our campaign generally contact to those clients who are been mentioned in our database. We generally send a direct mail to those clients to assist us in the successful implementation of the campaign. We regularly keep on activating our database list so that it would be easy for us to have a constant contact with them (Season et al., 2017).

Sales Strategy- Customer Service plays a vital role in every business. But the restaurant industry annual revenue totally depends on the maximum numbers of services provided to our customers. Seeing to the customer surveys and their feedback among 30 there will be 2-3 customers who are not satisfied with the services provided to them will tell the management about it. It is our responsibility to provide a best service to make our customer feel relaxed and pleasant with VIP services. Training is provided to all the employees of our organization and teaching them about the strategies and how to greet a customer and creating a friendly environment. It is regarding to service attitudes and to handle complaints by the guests. Our culture has a fixed motto for increasing the customer satisfaction from the services being provided to them. The most serious issue must be mentioned in a file to avoid such complaints that should not repeat it again and because of it customer feedback is taken for the surveys (Maenpaa et al., 2016).

Sales Program- Indiana Culture encourage the employees working as a family in our organization to grow the culture and provide the best services to all the customers on their bases and to provide the incentives on the basis of their work and targets achieve on the basis of services being served and the best employee is been awarded with the title of Employee of the year and bonuses is been entertained to those employees who meet the targets. But initiatives are being maintained by all the employees and in the planning stage we still gear up to hire more staff and trained them. This would help them to be activated in their role and will maintain a family culture. And for hiring more and more it would help our business to grow the catering and the online services (State Government of Victoria, 2017).

Competitive Comparison

Indiana Cuisine Culture City is a start-up restaurant with the maximum numbers of employee’s categories and services   that includes 2 Chefs, Helping Members in the kitchen, Delivery Boys, 1 Manager, 1 Team Head, Owner-founder and 10 clerks for serving.

Structure of Organization- Indiana Culture City expects to higher the maximum number of employees around 30. Our Organization have designed and adopted a proper way of interview process to higher the deserving applicants and are highly qualified to work and are ready to work in this industry. Each applicant will be evaluated and rated. They will be selected on the basis of the standards designed for the position he has applied for. The applicants would be selected who has the maximum number of experience in this industry would be give the main priority. Recruiting process would always be centralized (Mustapha et al., 2014).

Team Management- In our organisation there is one Team Head who holds a responsibility to assist the employees by ordering the responsibilities and the shifts of the employees. And the Chefs who are been experienced working in this industry for more than 7 years in a food service operation and earned his position to be in the field of hospitality. After our chefs earned their degrees from there they got placed and started working in a small start-up. From working in the previous organization, they got the experienced of this industry and now working in our organization they both held the position of Chefs and Kitchen Manager.

Gaps between Management Team- Initially at the start-up level the Director will fill the management gaps in the organization. The director have many plans to implement for hiring sales director, delivery boys for home delivery and Website Manager for looking to an online services. There are various gaps which need to be filled, the gaps are associated with the inventory stock, cost accounting, the purchase of the ingredients and the point of sale system which signifies and build a communications between the kitchen and the waiting staff for the services. The process is made when the order is been sent through the computer and directly to the printer placed at the kitchen. The main benefit for POS is that it acts as a time clock; it helps in payroll which also helps in to save the money for maintaining the book keeping department. POS system basically helps in the system to organize profit and loss statement (State Government of Victoria, 2017).

Personnel Plan- It derives an integrated personnel system which is basically used to address the employment rights, their benefits according to the services they have provided to the customers. Their compensation is purely based on the net profit they earned (Nicholas et al., 2017).

Annual Sales: Personnel Plan

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3





General Manager/Assistant Manger




Chef/ Kitchen Manager




Catering Employees




Website Manager




Home Delivery




Sales Agent
















Table 3 Personnel Plan (Source: By Author)

The financial plan of any start-up company depends on the founder of the company. The biggest obstacle to start up a restaurant is that it never gets start. It’s always to easy make to plan but not easy to implement it. You always need to be prepared to take any kind of challenges.

Specific Assumptions- Every entrepreneur usually make two assumptions for his new business plan. The first one is what product they will need according to customers demand and business can sell their products in profit if needed. The first and most important assumption is that demonstrated need for your product in market. You can easily analysis this thing by competition with other company. What offers are other company giving, selling strategy and the consumers need fulfilment? Another assumption is understood the customer demand, feedback or services you are providing. Customer should be your first priority; customer base should me more than your sales need.

Resource Requirements


Amount ($)

Stores and Supplies






Labour (30 workers*$3,000)


Office Staff (10 officials*$10,000)


Working capital




Table 4 Requirements of Resources (Source: By Author)

Start-up Costs- Any start up business need a proper plan and strategies. Start-up expenses should always calculate before running the business. Many of entrepreneurs neglect the start-up costs, and they start running their business in an unplanned way. This plan also can work but you need to face many difficulties. For the good start-up use a start-up work plan to maintain the initial financing. Start-up expenses are known as the expenses before running the business, or you can say before first month. Start-up assets are known as office furniture, equipment’s, and machinery etc. And start up financing includes both capital and loan investments in company for long time. Start-up cost also includes the maintaining after running the business in second month to maintain the balance sheet instead of cash flow table (Lepkowska et al., 2017).

Usability of Funds and Sourcing- A traditional business plan always includes some section as such usability of funds and sourcing in a start-up business plan. Sourcing and fulfilment includes the technology, main features and benefits, new technologies, the competitors of company, products and services. Sourcing is from where you get the product you sell and fulfilment is fulfilment of services as such packaging, delivery, assembling, and shipping the product. In a start-up business entrepreneurs should make a plan to from where they will purchase their products and how they will fulfil the services and customer needs. Sourcing is always important for those who have the product business as such food, automobiles, machineries etc. (State Government of Victoria, 2017).

Indian Cuisine Culture City: Sales Forecast



Average price


Employees Uniform




Grocery Items














Table 5 Sales Forecasting (Source: By Author)

Projections on Cash Flow Statements- For new business plan a good cash flow are the most important part of any organisation. The cash flow projection is about- predicting the money need if there is not enough money to pay the bills, for all the on-going business activities, tactics. Cash is known as the money which you spend on your needy things. Cash include your current, savings and liquid securities. In start-up business when you spend money to buying the inventory, debt repayment, furniture, equipment’s. Cash flow statement projection links the projected loss and the profit and the projected balance sheet. Projection of cash flow completes the system and it also merges the loss and the profit of company (Nicholas et al., 2017).

Indiana Cuisine Culture City

Cash Flow Statement

Amount ($)




Cash Flow from Operating Activities

Cash sales




Realization from Debtors




Payment to Creditors




Expenses paid








Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Machinery Purchased




Equipment Purchased








Cash Flow from Financing Activities

Equity capital











Cash surplus/ deficit




Opening balance




Closing balance




Table 6 Cash Flow Statement (Source: By Author)

Maintenance of Balance sheet- Balance sheet should be maintained according to the profit and loss made on the assets and the liabilities.

Indiana Cuisine Culture City

Balance Sheet

Amount ($)













Other assets




Total Assets









Non-Current (Borrowings)




Total Liabilities








Total Liabilities & Equity




Table 7 Balance Sheet of ICCC (Source: By Author)

Ratio Analysis-Start up business ratios are the main eating industry for the establishment as a whole. It has the vast number of the firms in this industry which are providing the incredible variety that have become a big competition between many firms. It has a big difference between the industry standard and the specific companies in all over Melbourne. It is been analysed to show the ration between the appropriate costs of assets and liabilities.

Break-Even Analysis- Total fixed costs associated with the restaurant generally represents its total annual expenses made. If we set up the total expense on per meal of the day would be around the $5-5.51 per meal. It generally depends on the organizations fixed costs, variable costs and its average unit of price.

Profit and Loss Statement- It is maintained to analyse the profit and loss made during the last 12 months. It generally includes the expenses made in a year, the cost of the product which is been used and the sales revenue (Nitiwanakul, 2014).

Indiana Cuisine Culture City

Profit & Loss Statement

Amount ($)








Miscellaneous income




A. Total




B. Cost of Sales




C. Gross Profit (A-B)




D. Operating Expenses

























Maintenance & Repairs












Operating profit




Less: Interest




Profit before tax




Less: Tax @ 30%




Net Profit AT




Table 8 Profit and Loss Account (Source: By Author)

The restaurant has planned to have a comprehensive marketing, advertising and organising campaigns so as to promote the restaurant deals in the market that will maximize word of mouth marketing and will make the more offers and discounts. The restaurant action plan can be derived as the number one resource which is very essential in every organization that is used to determine the wide issues of business area, its opportunities and strengths. It is essential while designing an action plan he employees and the managers should be involved in the process. While designing it is essential to have the other perspective because sometimes it can help to resolve the issues more accurately (Sweeney et al., 2016.).The various points involved to have various points cleared while designing an action plan are:

Successful Leaders and Professionals do understand the basic of an organization and the simple core concept to be in that track.

Goals should be specific but it is important to have a specific intention as well as very specific tasks that help in completion of the goals.

Create a list which fulfils all the desires and to accompany the specific items that will hit to reach to the milestones.

Timelines on every delivery is very essential so that the service which is been allocated should be achieved on a given time and delivered to the customer.

Schedule should be maintained of everyday so that the tasks will be accomplished and it plays a vital role that all the employees should be involved in this planner.

Generally sometimes it happens that there is a large numbers of order which is been arrived or any kind of conference is been held so it is necessary that the work should be allotted individual or in chunks so that the service provided should be the best without any complaints.

Our organization keeps planning to the work which is been assigned to the employees and it should not be dropped until the task is not be complete.

After every quarter year there should be a development in the menu list so as to have the more varieties should be added  


Entering into this competitive market it would not be easy because of the highly competitive industry, with low margin. And in this market the supplier has the great deals of power. And In order to overcome from all these situations, the restaurant has specifically chosen an excellent locality in the downtown area and draws the attention to gain the company target. A business plan is not just a brief documentation that helped the organisation to get a loan or to keep the documents secure, but this might be a reason for putting it together for the future. Our business plan helped in the early stages of the start-up and providing a great deal of time and money. Once the plan was completed successfully and was put together to obtain the capital our organisation was seeking and it was planned according to that, our business plan should be a living document. Ass our business started evolving it reminds the older versions and the plan as a reminder that from where we started and now as a big organization that our restaurant have a big demand in the market. After the successful business plan our tremendous amount of work to build a successful Indiana Culture City its efforts are paid off.


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