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Choose one (1) scenario from the list given below, and carry out the following tasks:

1. Find your group mates who have selected the same scenario. Each group should not be more than three members, two are acceptable.

2. Identify required configurations for your chosen scenario, and perform the configurations using either virtually or physically installed OS to realise the scenario. Students can use Windows Server 2008 or any other higher version.

3. Prepare a detailed system documentation report (individually written, but screenshots can be same within the group) of the configurations using description of each step, and screenshots of your configurations. This report will serve as an important part of backup and disaster recovery documentation for the organisation given in your chosen scenario, and can be used for training new IT staff in the organisation.

Selecting a Wireless Router

The main constituent of any business is the employment of computer network. The user’s computer can be connected to the web for the purpose of checking email, creating website, conducting meetins, etc. The network also allows the users to connect with local computers located in the consistent local network. Moreover, the employees in the company need to stream multimedia, share their files and printers, to administer the access to their information.

This system documentation report intends to explain the implementation of the technologies incorporated in LAN of a software development company, TridentS. For the purpose of achieving efficient implementation, the objects like users and computers are created within their own organizational departments. 

Router is an essential constituent for provisioning the office network. Mostly each and every network is an amalgamation of wireless and wired links. And, the wireless router can be able to offer both wireless and wired connection.

The organizational LAN and the Internet are bridged by means of router that distributes the connection to all the connected devices. The router is exploited as the network DHCP server. The role of DHCP server is to provide a private and unique IP address to every connected device and to enable communication between those devices.

Firewalls are incorporated inside the router in order to prevent the perils and to safeguard the computer network from other malevolent activities [8]. The Wi-Fi network employed in TridentS is secured by using WPA or WPA2. Moreover, in order to ensure safety, the administration key of router is changed and not kept defaulted [1].

The router capable of supporting 5 GHz band is selected for the TridentS for the purpose of adding print server, including new storage device, and for creating the own web server for company. Since faster throughput for sharing files and other tasks can be achieved by the utilization of D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit, it is implanted in TridentS. Gigabit Ethernet ports are employed in the organization for providing speed connections.

Choosing a suitable networking pattern is an additional factor in configuring LAN. Since most of the routing devices, wireless gadgets such as iPad and desktops like Apple mac Mini, are conforming to the 802.11n networking pattern, it is exploited in TridentS containing more number of N devices [3]. The connectivity is not a major if the older devices do not support N pattern.

The devices like desktop, laptop, etc. can send the information very quickly through wired Ethernet connectivity rather than wireless notably when the employee is transferring any type of files. Game consoles, routers, and NAS drivers are associated with Ethernet cables [5]. When the network of the organization is to be extended, then extra cables are to be procured.

The wireless adapter is required to every device in the network for receiving the Wi-Fi signal when the users do not want to make a connection with the router. Most of the web-ready computers in TridentS have wireless adapters in it. Ethernet ports are used by many connected devices and servers.

Choosing a networking pattern

In order to provide wiring to storage devices, computers, and servers, the embedded router contains three Ethernet Ports. Switch can be purchased if the network configuration needs additional ports.

After finishing the network configuration, it should be administered by means of adding folders, users, files, and printer sharing options. The Windows 7 operating system has been installed in the computers used in TridentS. There are some built-in features embedded in Windows 7 for small network management. By joining the HomeGroups, the users can disclose the printers and files [2].

For controlling the network and to configure file sharing, server plays a major role. Server is not necessarily required in case of small networks. The NAS devices implanted in TridentS perform as network server.

Since TridentS employs a personalized web server, higher flexibility is attained by their own server. This can be achieved by the incorporation of NAS devices.

A recovery plan is arranged in TridentS during the occurrence of any disaster like crashed hard drive, power spear, and data distortions. The investments are made for the power protection requirements in the organization [6]. If the company’s server goes down, funds and time will be wasted. Hence a protector is installed in TridentS if there are any power surge issues.

The sensitive information in the organization should be protected by implementing certain backup plans. The backup systems are verified regularly to make sure that the data backups do not contain any information distortions [5].

The organization network data is recovered by various strategies. An external storage space is allocated for local backup system. Windows server also possesses built-in backup aspects [7].

Many of the modern threats took place at the application layer. So, the data should be protected by employing defensive mechanism. By configuring the file permissions and data encryption, the confidentiality of the information can be maintained [10]. To ensure the data security, the physical and network access to servers are restricted in TridentS. The data safety can be ensured by the following steps depicted below:

The servers are secured by blocking all the traffic to and from the server and allowing only the traffic required by the server.

Depending upon the role of the server, specific IPsec filters are utilized.

Centralized log monitoring is considered.

A self-signed SSL certification is an identity certificate signed by the creator.

TridentS have several employees who need to share the printer, which is directly connected to the office network. Each employee performs the role of system administrator of an individual system in this type of office environment. A direct IP connection is an effective and inexpensive method for connecting and sharing the printer without any existing server [9]. 

This section discusses about the hosting of new web site for TridentS in Internet Information Services (IIS) by using the steps provided below.

After the installation of IIS, it is pre-organized as the default website. Some basic steps needs to be modified and hence the below steps are emulated for setting up the Apache by utilizing the constitutional file.

  1. The web server is logged on by using the administrator role.
  2. The Control Panel option is selected and the option Internet Services Manager is double clicked.
  3. The website name in the left-pane is clicked and Properties option is selected.
  4. The Web site tab is clicked and the description of the website is entered in the Description textbox.
  5. The Internet Protocol (IP) address for the website is entered or select the default setting All (Unassigned).
  6. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port is changed as appropriate.
  7. The Home Directory tab is selected.
  8. “A directory on this computer” option is clicked and Browse button is clicked for locating the folder in order to utilize the folder in the local computer.
  9. “A share located on another computer” option is clicked to use a shared folder accessed from other system on the network.
  10. “Read” option is clicked for granting permission to the required folder.
  11. Then OK is selected for accepting the Website properties.

Select Network Wiring

The new website is created after the configuration of the virtual host. The Apache Terms like Document Root, Server Name, and Listen is converted into its respective IIS terms such as IIS Web Site Home Directory, IIS Host Header, and IIS IP Address and TCP Port in order to create a new website in IIS. The website creation steps are enlisted below:

Internet Services Manager option is selected from the control panel.

The New option is selected from Action and Web Site option is clicked.

The site description is keyed in.

The IP addresses used for website are selected and if All (unassigned) option is selected before, the created website is accessed from all IP addresses and interfaces.

The website is published by inputting the TCP port number.

The Host header name is used to access this website.

Finally, the access permissions are selected for the created website.

The web service permissions can be granted for certain files, websites, and folders contained in the server. The service access can be permitted to all the users who are accessing the organization website in spite of certain access permissions.

When both the web server permissions and windows NITS permissions are configured, the web content access can be managed on many levels. The steps to provide access rights are given below:

Server name option is selected in order to provide the server name.

Properties option is clicked to select the folders, files, and the virtual directory for granting permissions.

The Script Source Access option is clicked for allowing the users to access the source code. Since this option is enabled, the users can view the confidential information like username and key through ASP scripts. The user can also modify the source code running on the organization server. This results in the performance deterioration and inefficiency of the server. Hence, higher level of authentication should be employed.

Log Visits option is for granting the permissions to view the logs. Log records are enabled only when this option is selected.

The execution of the scripts on the server can be managed by the Execute Permission option. The user can be able to view only the static HTML files when this option is enabled.

The Scripts and Executables option is chosen to execute ASP programs on the server.


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