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Discuss about Managing Negotiations in business Organisation.

Negotiation is aimed at reaching an agreement between two or more people.  Negotiation skills and tactics are the basic requirements that are needed to achieve an efficient business processes (Nixon, 2005). In the purchase of goods, negotiation is inevitable as it helps in establishing a close relationship between the involved parties. In my negotiation experience, I sook to look for the laptop computer that would serve my academic purposes and finally, I was able to negotiate for the MacBook computer with the dealer, for a desired price.

For the time I have interacted with the classroom readings, I have developed a consciousness on the personal attitudes and beliefs about negotiations. I have discovered that I am outstanding, motivated, honest and enthusiastic about the items I negotiate about.  My negotiation starts form the need assessment whereby I have to check the item I require and the purpose I tend to use it for.  I believe that negotiation should be friendly and engaging and I should be positive to check the interest of every participant in the negotiation. I also believe that I should consider my objectives and aims of the negotiation before I even engage myself in the whole exercise. The scheme will help me to hold productive negotiation which will help get exactly what I desire, and by the means, price and condition that I want it in. The course readings were relevant to me as they pointed the popular weaknesses that I may possess during the negotiation. However, personal confidence and skills in negotiation has been boosted in me as my attitude has become positive in the negotiation dealings (Wagner, n.d).

I choose to use inaction strategy. Inaction is the strategy where you excuse yourself to gather more information before reaching any form of conclusion. Choosing this strategy gave me time to do more research on the laptop which I needed. I was not well informed on computer products. I had to do more research so that I am in a position to know the best laptop, the best model and at the best price.

The research I did, it majored in internet and computer dealers. Surfing on the internet helps you to obtain new information which one had no knowledge about. The internet helped me to know the different brands of computers and their prices in place. All the models of the computers are organized well in form of a list when I was searching in the web pages. The computers dealers were of great help to me. I strolled to different to computer shops where I obtained information from the dealers. Although the shop dealers concentrate much to individuals to buying their good, they have immense knowledge on the items they sell.


I engaged myself in a lot of negotiations with the computer dealers. Each dealer that I came across persuaded me to buy their laptop. I had many choices from the different dealers I came across. The main thing that I concentrated on is the price and the quality of the laptop which I was to buy (Kalyani, 2016). Most of the dealers gave me deadlines on which I was to buy the laptop. There were deadlines on which I was too but the laptops failure to which the laptop was to be out of stock. The general objective of the negotiation was buying and selling of laptop. My aim was to buy a laptop from the dealers (Walker, 2016).

Price and the specs of the laptop were the main things that I considered all through the negotiation. An affordable price is what I concentrated all through the negotiations. An expensive price which I could not afford forced me to exit. If the computers dealers did not meet the specs, it obligated me to look for a better deal in other shops (Brown & Duguid, 2017). The computer dealers made sure that I get convinced and but their laptops. The dealers concentrated on their interesting prices. Hiking off the prices is the main aim of the dealers before an agreement is made. If the dealers never met my preferred affordable price, it made me to just walk away to another shop.

On April 17, 2018, at 2:30 pm, I, the client, met with the Concord computer dealer’s manager to negotiate about a type of a computer with features which could support my undertakings as a student. I and the concord computer dealer’s manager held that meeting at the reception, Concord, Canada (Deresky, 2017). As a student, I needed to inquire about that particular laptop which could support greatly all my bulk work which includes; bulk assignments, research, project, and soft reading materials. I was able to explain the features of a laptop which I would love to own whereby, my laptop was supposed to be portable, more speedy, highly connecting to the internet while on, solid-state drives and faster processors, good graphics and screen and finally a price approximately 1500 USD dollars. According to my dream laptop description, the Concord computer dealer’s manager was able to provide me with a solution regarding my needs whereby, he proposed that I should purchase a MacBook Pro.

Negotiation Preparation

The MacBook Pro is a laptop which is a product of Apple Computer Company (Kong, Dirks & Ferrin, 2014). The MacBook Pro is an ultraportable laptop which has a faster processing system and performs better hence it maintains its productivity. The MacBook Pro has solid-state drivers and a faster processor. The major new characteristic in the new MacBook, which is now referred to as the MacBook Pro is that unlike the other laptops which sport the sixth-generation skylake processors, it sports the seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors. The seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake Processors boosts speed from the 2017 MacBook Pro over those MacBook laptops which were being produced in 2016 and 2015. The MacBook Pro laptops have improved the speed compared to the predecessors by 50% which makes them more desirable (Cascio, 2018). Screen and graphics; unlike the other laptops where their graphics processor is contained in the main central processing unit and supported by the laptop's key memory, the MacBook Pro laptop uses the intel high definition graphics 615. Therefore, MacBook laptops are more suitable than other types of laptops in terms of its graphics unlike other types of laptops whose graphics are Intel high definition 515. The MacBook’s screen is retina which is inched 12 and have a native resolution of 2304 by 1440 whereby, this feature makes the laptop more attractive.

The MacBook Pro has been made more portable by its less weight whereby, due to its lightness, an individual can carry it for a very long distance without getting tired, unlike those other laptops whose weight exceeds that of MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro has a length of 11.04 inches, a width of 7.74 inches and a height of 0.52 inches which contributes to its lightness (Dhar, 2018). Currently, The MacBook Pro is the lightest and smallest Apple laptop. The MacBook Pro is highly connectable as its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connections are in-built unlike other the other types of laptops whereby, some has built-out Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connections and some lack those features. Having that knowledge regarding the MacBook Pro laptop which the Concord computer dealer’s manager has advised me to purchase in relation to my needs, I was able to negotiate its price.

Although the price of the MacBook Pro laptop at Concord computer dealers was 1599 USD dollars, I was able to negotiate with the Concord computer manager up to 1500 USD dollars as per my budget. Before the Concord computer manager could agree, the negotiation was tough as I tried to convince him to sell it to me at 1500 USD dollars (McMains & Mullins, 2014). Though I would have wished to purchase a laptop with those features named above at a lower price, it was not possible as the only laptop which matched with my description was the MacBook Pro which was priced at 1599 USD dollars. As a result of price negotiation, I was lucky enough that the Concord computer manager sliced the price of the MacBook Pro laptop by 0.99 USD dollars from the initial price of 1599 USD dollars to 1500 USD dollars. Considering that the Apple has branded its name in the market, it is expected that its products are high on demand and thus, it was a bit difficult for the Concord computer dealer to agree to slice the MacBook Pro laptop. Through my negotiation persistence, the Concord computer dealer finally give in and  I was able to purchase my laptop at 1500 USD dollars although as per my opinion, I would have loved to purchase it at a more lower price utmost 1000 USD dollars. After the purchasing activity, the Concord computer dealer walked me out, thanked me and welcomed me to come and purchase again.

In-Depth Description of The Negotiation

I greeted him and introduced myself. Schmoozing gave me a nice start and them I had to disclose my personal information.  Schmoozing implies the act of having a close relationship with your partner in a negotiation. Both of you should be in a position to understand d the need of each of you so that everybody has a direct reference to the other. Starting a negotiation process is the notch of the whole thing. The beliefs I had about the negotiation and the attitudes on the issue had to be withdrawn so that I don’t shut the positive response from the computer dealer I visited. Afterwards, I had to identify exactly what I wanted. Immediately the computer dealer who served me was familiar with me, I made him aware of the exact item I required. I wanted the MacBook Pro laptop with my specifications with me. This made the concord computer dealers aware that I did not guess about my item but I had full information. The partners in a negotiation should be informed about their centers of interests so that no one lies or cheats the other (Maude, 2014). I also gave the suggested prices of the laptop I required which was approximately 1599 USD.

During the negotiation, I made sure that I was honest with the dealer. When I explained the specifications of the computer that I needed. I also knew that he was the expert and therefore, I had to get the information in a distinct way from him. Through that, the dealer gave me options of many types of the computers that served the same purpose and the ones that had those features, Therefore, I had to keep my aims and objectives I had at hand. Also, I generated the physical and psychological relation with the dealer, but also, I had an option to walk away if the product that best suited me could not be available. According to Harroch (2016), participants in the conversations should establish a professional and a courteous relationship.  A collaborative tone would be better during the negotiations so that the relationship could be beneficial, and that I could discover many things that were still new and unclear to me about the computer of my choice. Another deal of tactic was about the negotiation dynamic whereby, I was sure that I was the customer, and the customer is the king in a sales setting ("31 Negotiation Tactics Based on Psychology,").  I had an alternative to leave the shop but again, it would be so unjust to just walk away from the deal, having had spent so many hours bargaining about the MacBook Pro of my choice. Therefore, I was patient until the agreement of the price and the product was reached.

Discount and warrant were among the concessions which I came across during my search to get a laptop from the computers dealers. These were agreement concessions. Many of the computer dealers offered me discounts so that we could come to an agreement (Cunningham, 2016). Reduction of price makes many customers go for the goods which are being offered even if they are not the best ones. The dealers gave me quotations which seemed favorable to me. Mostly, I urged the concord computers dealers to give me a certain range of price so that I could buy the laptop. Agreement concessions are allowances which are made so that different parties can come to an agreement. I indicated may price to the computer dealers as 1500 USD which if they agreed upon, I would by the MacBook.

To close the deal, I used the consultation as a tactic so that I could exit a negotiation. I also said that I lack enough cash to buy the laptop, this I used as an exit method. By indicating that you are going to consult another party or person is a good stopper to a deal. It helps to close the deal peacefully avoiding any form of wrangles. My main consultants which indicated to the dealers was my parents if they could afford the price. I also requested them to give me an ample time to consult with a friend who has knowledge about the computers before coming to a consensus. The tactics used to close a deal should be ethical without any form of rudeness (Henson, 2016).

The ethics of a professional skills that should have been considered were, honesty in quoting the prices, the language of communication, the advices and the chances of the customer to select their own product of choice. I believe that the professionals should embrace honesty when giving out services and that the customers should be given a chance to select their desired items. Also, language of communication should be key in the success of any business setup (Maude, 2014). Therefore, I expect that the dealers should have sook to explain the relevant details to me, advise me on thee good item to take and finally, allow me to take. The dealer was rude when he told me about the prices as he told me that, if I am not able to buy with fixed price, to leave the computer I wanted. Also, he quoted a high price and expected me to bargain. The first price was higher than the one the item was to be sold. The MacBook computer in the shop went for around 1599 USD but he had quoted a higher price which I also bargained to the price of 1500 USD. Therefore, honesty is a business virtue that should be embraced.

The main reason for engaging in negotiations was to reach a price which is favorable to both the buyer and the seller. I was trying to save cash in form of the number of dollars that I could spend while buying the laptop. Initially, the computer dealers were offering the MacBook Pro at 1599 US dollars but I bargained until I reached a price of 1500 US dollars (Johnston & Marshall, 2016). It led to saving around 100 US dollars. I learned that parties must be willing to come to a consensus before joining to an argument. One must learn when to say no and equally when to say yes. I learned that I was not a good negotiator but I learned that one must define their priorities before joining a negotiation. Many dealers have good skills to which help them to be good negotiators. Most business people have good negotiation skills which help them to transact deals.

I learned two key things when doing negotiations. Definition of priorities and consultation are the two things are I learned. One must define the things one wishes to get into a negotiation. The things one wants to in an association must be well defined so that an agreement to be reached. Consultations are very essential in an agreement, it helps one to obtain knowledge which one did not have prior to a deal. It helps one to make the best decision when one is required to. Good decisions are made under consultations.


In conclusion, all that is required in negotiation is confidence by an individual, the negotiator (Smith & Smock, 2016). With confidence, the negotiator can undertake negotiation effectively and with success. The parties involved in negotiation can manage it by playing fair which is usually the main goal of all the negotiators. Also, an individual negotiation depends on individual skills whereby, a negotiation can be made effective depending on how you say something


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