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1.The Long term visions

This is what a person plans to achieve or where they want to be after a certain period of time. The objective of creating a long-term vision is to show the type of life a person wants after 10 or 20 years (Tuominen, 2014). The following template explains my vision after 10 years:

2.Potential roles and suitability

I will discuss the roles of a retail manager and a digital marketer since these are the fields I am quite interested in.

3.The Belbin tests

This outlines the type of roles each member should have in a team (Mostert, 2015). The following questions will help identify the roles and the points for each role.

4.Participating in meetings

5.The outcomes of the meeting

6.How time was managed

7.How did people communicate in the meeting?

8.How did the group deal with conflicts?

9.How did you participate in the group discussions?

10.What was your contribution?

11.How did you communicate with the other?

12.How did you manage the meeting to ensure it was a success?

13.What can your group do in the future that will better the meetings?

Long Term Visions

1.The following are some of the skills that a retail manager should have:

  • To be an effective leader.

I have to be more experienced with good leadership qualities to manager others.

  • Be a good planner

Need improvements to be able to plan operations on how to market our products.

2.These roles quite match my vision since I am a flexible person with the ability to work in any environment (Ertug, 2017).  There is still a small problem since most retail managers have to work for long period of time than the 30 hours I have planned for.

The following are some of the skills a digital marketing manager must have:

  • Good communication skills

I am developing this skill slowly as I move on with my life.

  • Ability to multitask

I was once an assistant ad had to deal with various tasks.

  • Being confidential and ethical

I have always been good with keeping classified company information safe (Fourie, 2015). I am also a good person with morals.

  • Conflict resolving

I am trying to grow my skills to solve issues as time goes by.

3.In a project with my team members


What are your visions to this objective

How important is this objective to me?

Which place do you plan to live?

My main objective after this period of time is to live in wonderful city with a very good neighbourhood.

This is important since it is where I will spend my entire life

What are some of the most important things you want to have after that period of time?

I plan to have a good family who will assist me achieve good characters.

These people are fundamental in ensuring that my objectives in life are achieved.

What are the kinds of workmates do you plan to have?

To have active caring workmates who will assist me achieve my objectives

These colleagues are not that important to me since I can adapt to various working environment.

What are some of the stresses you will experience when pressurized?

I have to make sure that my senses

I do not like pressure but I admit I perform best when I am I am under it (Tuominen, 2014).

What are the amount of time you will work in a week?

I plan to work 30 hours a week since this will help me earn that living to support my family members

Working 30 hours a week will help me earn income that can adequately support my family

Do you plan to be a leader or manager in your organization?

I will be glad to be a team leader in my organization

This helps me feel comfortable in the team

Where would you mostly perform the company operations?

I love to work in the fields as well as the office areas.

I am flexible to any job environment.

What type of company do you plan to work for? Is it a small, large or own company?

I love working with a small number of people who are passionate about their environment.

This form part of my working life and hence very fundamental (Hehl-Lange, 2010).

Do you plan to do the same job or plan to adjust

I am flexible and thus plan to adjust my job

This is important since I gain more knowledge

How will you contribute to your society?

Take part in voluntary and charity works.

It is always important to always make a positive impact to your society

What will be your main objectives in life?

To have a positive impact towards the society and family

It is the best part that will happen to me.

When solving a complex situation




1. I make sure that work is organised


2. My suggestions are authentic


3. When projects are underperforming I have strong reactions



4. I am good at coming up with new ideas and strategies


5. I love other people’s strong suggestions

6. I make good analysis of people’s ideas

When solving a complex situation

 When a new project has to be launched Scores from the tasks should be then tabulated and then added. The totals with the highest marks will represent your primary and secondary roles.From the above analysis it will be okay that my role to offer the best job has the highest marks and this shows that it is in my nature to give a perfect job (Gündüz, 2008). Team roles will include behaving well with others and contributing more to the team. This templates above indicate that.Cross cultural awareness/ NegotiationCross cultural awareness is knowing that different cultures exist. This is understanding the different tribes and races and how they are viewed in a certain environment. I have to understand the different cultures in our society and appreciate them (Zhou, 2008). No culture is superior to the other. I have to be culture sensitive in that I can work alongside other people in a proper way.



1. I am keen to identify the causes of the problem.

2. I develop ideas helpful in solving the situation


3. I like to evaluate all solutions before I choose the appropriate one


4. I can use talents and abilities of other people

5. I am always ready to offer my views


6. I am always available for consultations




1. I begin searching ideas concerning the project.


2. I prefer to give a perfect job


3. I critical analyse the problems.

4. I can take the leadership role to set up the project.

5. I can respond positively to my colleagues and their initiatives.


6. I cannot undertake projects with no defined objectives


4.After participating in the meeting, the following should be addressed.

5.We were able to come up with new ideas and also agreed on the roles each individual should participate in building the team (Frank, 2013). We were also able to come up with the research areas.

6.The members were effective in delivering out their ideas. They were straight to the point and thus the meeting took some few hours.

Potential Roles and Suitability

7.There was effective communication between the members since discussions were handled accurately

8.There was a small disagreement since some members did not want the roles assigned to them (Nielsen, 2007). However, a solution of allocating a role for each member proved to be good.

9.My participation was good. In the discussions, I was active enough and came up with new ideas and was able to contradict appropriately in case some decisions were inappropriate.

10.I am the one who came up with the idea that each member should pick role then other roles were to be decided.

11.I am an excellent speaker and thus articulated my ideas effectively. Some members even nodded as I was explaining my ideas (Lazarus, 1991). I am also an excellent listener and was able to listen to the ideas my work mates shared.

12.I like taking notes during meetings and so I encouraged my team members to do the same. I also encouraged them to go make researches then come up with feedbacks.

13.Improving on time management will be essential in making sure that the meeting is a success. We should also revise on our objectives next time by included other information (Nielsen, 2007). We will also have to improve on communication skills so that these meetings are a success. We will also hold several meetings that will help maintain our progress and thus improve them.


Actions or steps to be taken

Due date

Person responsible

Evidence that the step has been accomplished


Group discussions on the opportunities

18th July 2018

First Name

Minutes complied by the secretary.


Group discussions on the skills needed for the roles you have chosen

20th July2016

First name

Minutes compiled by the secretary.


Group discussions on the tips needed by the graduates to succeed in obtaining jobs (Platts, 2005).

22th July 2018

  First name

Minutes complied by the secretary.


Group discussions on the analysis and evaluations of top companies in the


25th July 2018

  First name

Minutes complied by the secretary.


Group discussion on the employment trends in the business environment.

27th July 2018

  First name

Minutes complied by the secretary.

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