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Discuss about the Project Management In Denver Airport.

This report focuses on the objectives to be followed by the Denver International Airport. The development of a baggage automated system is being considered in this case. The reasons for implementing a baggage automated system are to increase the efficiency in luggage handling systems. It was considered that this integrated system will help in improving the ground time efficiency involved, reduce the luggage handling requirements and reduce the close-out time for hub based operations. This paper will discuss about the project based influences which will be aimed towards the analysis of the system. This paper will also include an analysis of the project viabilities. Lastly, the planning of this project is also included in this report.

In this section of the report, the main aspects of the project will be discussed.

Since the year 1970, the Stapleton airport of Denver was responsible in catering the needs of the local population. However, the management of the airplanes were not being efficiently met which resulted in the risings of various problems. In the year 1980, the population of Denver increased which led to the increase in the economic stabilities of the government (Montealegre et al., 1996). The lack of good infrastructure was also responsible for the airport to delay the fights. This led to the development of a replacement or expansion system of the airport which will be able to cater the needs of the population.

This section of the report discusses about the PESTLE analysis of the case involved.

PESTEL analysis

There are six different analysis of the case study which will be done by conforming to the standards of PESTEL evaluations. These six elements of evaluations include political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental aspects.

In case of the political considerations of the project, there were certain problems associated to the expansion of the airport hub. In the year 1983, there were three candidates who opted for running as the mayor. Due to this, the mayors were forced to gain a strong point in the airport based expansion activities (Montealegre et al., 1996). During these processes, the previous mayor was responsible for the construction processes. These election processes were responsible in changing the development progresses. For this reason, the political reasons led to the presence of delay in the normal processing of the system.

For the economic considerations of the project, the project was greatly impacted due to it. The economy of the city of Denver was also subjected to varied amounts of employment based risks. These were responsible in leading to issues in the system. The impact due to such systems could have made varied problems to the system which in turn would have led to halt of the project.

Business Case

In case of the social considerations of the project, the associated aspects including the government were associated in creating an impact to the constructional project. Moreover, the people were also related to the construction project. The votes from the people for turning the eastern side into a constructional site were also a consideration. If the people turned against them, the impact could have led to a stop in the construction projects.

The technological aspects of the project, involves the technology to be used in the process. For considering the baggage system automation, the utilization of the various technological aspects is required (Applegate et al., 1998). This helps in streamlining the operations pertaining to the area involved. The automation of the baggage system, the technological impacts can play a great role.

Legal aspects involved in this project must be effectively analyzed. The requirement for completing the project in the set timeline is the first requirement of it. Failure to accomplish such requirements can lead to rising of various legal issues. The cost and budget of the project should also be met so that it can be legally shown to the associated stakeholders.

Environmental aspects involved in the project correspond to the problems that will be associated to such constructional activities. The use of proper materials must be submitted in the proposal such that these can be referenced in the constructional activities.

Steps taken for preparation

As the project manager for this case, the first step involves should include the need to maintain the stronghold in the project background. As the election processes of mayors provided a small time related halt to the process, the need to identify them is required. The next step involved must consider the economy of the city involved. The third step that should have been taken includes that the social aspects are to be considered (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). The associated stakeholders are to properly give their influence on the project. This will remove the presence of any legal charges to the system. Lastly, the environment based problems are to be effectively considered before commencing with the project.

Evaluation of building decisions

The development of the airport was required for the city to address the growing population concerns. It was a great choice for upgrading the airport hub of Denver. This would definitely help in solving the delays and problems due to weather conditions.

This section discusses about the concepts of viabilities of the project.

Project Influence

Project feasibility

There are various steps that should have been taken for considering the project feasibility.

Step 1 involves researching business drivers. The problems associated with the project are called business drivers. These are the need for expansion to address the associated issues.

Step 2 includes confirming alternate solutions. This will help in identifying any present alternate solutions which can be adopted for mitigating such problems.

Step 3 involves determining the feasibility involved. This will help in determining the problems to be associated and the efficiency of the solution In addition the cost, timeline and other aspects will also be determined.

Step 4 includes selecting a solution. This solution will help in addressing the concerns more effectively than the other alternatives.

Step 5 involves assessing the project at a lower level. This includes assessing the project requirements with the lower level staffs to get a sufficient data of the project aspects involved like time required to complete, cost and other parameters.

Approaching the scale of project

It is required to consider the size and scalability of the project. This will be considered useful in knowing the scope of the project. As this project is a large one with a huge amount of investment and timeline, the need to scale it is a concern (Pinto, 2015). This can be done by knowing five different characteristics of the project. These are applicability, formality, flexibility, documentation and details.

Needs for estimation

Estimating the project parameters are a necessity which will be utilized in knowing the project base details. The project cost must be effectively estimated and passed on to the stakeholders involved so that a budget can be prepared (Walker, 2015). Similarly, the profitability of the project is the first thing that comes to mind when adopting the feasibility involved. The preferred outcome of a project will help in adopting it.


The decisions that have been taken can lead to positive or negative impact on the project. It is thus required to assess them by accounting to the risk assessment factors. If the processes pose risks, the mitigation factors are to be accounted for.

This section of the report discusses about the implementation of various plans in the constructional project.

The adoption of value management system is considered by including reviews and workshops which in turn help in evaluating the various project based parameters. It is also utilized in making an establishment of value in front of the stakeholder concerned. Moreover, the role of value management is also used in defining the objectives related to the project.

Project Viability

The role of risk management is to analyze the impact of varying finances on the constructional projects (Sears et al., 2015). This is also associated with identifying various alternatives such for maintaining balance among the whole project. Another benefit of a risks management plan is to prepare an assessment of the risks associated so as to minimize them.

For determining the quality assessment processes, the utilization of various adoptions are to be undertaken. This is mainly because the utilization of quality management systems helps in ensuring higher quality in services (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017). The role of quality management is also involved in increasing customer satisfaction which leads to increase in customer revenue.

The utilization of change management system helps in developing a vision in the system which helps in strategizing the impacts associated. The utilizing of changes in the system is mainly done to change the processing so that it can be effectively handled.

The use of environmental management systems helps in considering the cases involved which can have an impact on the environment. This can be directly linked to penalties to the company associated for construction (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). Moreover, its utilization also helps in creating brand awareness for the betterment of the society.

Health and safety management is utilized to account for the safety associated to the workers involved in projects. This will help the company retain their employees and streamline their working progress.

Resource management is involved with managing the resources so that the allocated resources will be effectively managed (Joshi & Khandekar, 2015). This is also associated with the proper project progress so that the assigned deadline is met.

Impact of these plans

The utilization of all these afore-mentioned plans can have certain benefits to the system. The project progress will be followed very smoothly and all the necessary parameters will be followed. However, the cost involved in implementing these systems and the additional resources involved for such actions will increase the budget by some extent.


Thus, it can be concluded that the utilization of various project based parameters can help in meeting the required project objectives. This will be utilized for the constructional project involved in Denver. The development of an efficient system will thus be maintained. This report has successfully discussed about the various projects based influences. In addition, the project viability has also been discussed in this project. Lastly, the planning parameters required for the project have been discussed properly.


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