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Review of Management Concepts

Discuss about the Replace A Labour-Intensive Paper Industry Warehousing System An Automated One.

This project is based on the technical views of an engineering management. This report will totally focus on the grasp of engineering management theories as well as many other techniques. Apart from that, it deals with all the relevant management concepts of the engineering management theories (McNeil, et. al,  2015).

In Australia, paper industry is a well known field and established by adopting significant innovations and sustainability features. In this project report, paper industry has taken into concern. The growth and development of the industry plays a significant role in the economy as well as it has created significant demand of paper productions within the country’s financial field. Nowadays, the biggest paper mill in Australia is mainly focusing on enhancing its operations by using technologies and efficient engineering management techniques. The introduction of automation in paper industry will help in bringing solutions towards better integration and proper utilisation of the paper warehousing. Apart from that, these big companies are planning to use Robots and robotic equipments in their warehouse to increase the production rate.

There is a significance of warehousing if it is implemented in a well manner by introducing certain techniques. From the project, one can feel that it is necessary to understand the concept of automation in a manner that is suitable for these industries. The project also suggests that there is an emergence in the need of automation in workplaces. This can replace the manual works. The manual works can be done by robots in future with proper automated systems based on machineries equipments and technical equipments. Installation of good technical products is suggested by the project (Pritchard and PMP, 2014). In present days, basically in paper industry, the work load is higher than any other workplaces. That is why many works that are totally based on manual hands in industries that are labour oriented, generally face errors that can have critical impact on productivity and efficiency of the paper production business. This project report aims to list clearly the technical engineering management techniques and theories that the paper industry of Australia can use and has been using for a long time. It will also examine the basic requirements for automation and introduction to robotics in the warehouse of these paper industries. The report also focuses on the need to replace the labour-intensive and labour oriented paper industry warehousing with fully automated robots oriented warehousing.  These fully automated processes in labour intensive markets can bring a major change in the social and economic field of the paper industries of Australia. However, this can enhance the development in these industries that previously had done all the industrial production work manually to handle these works easily and in a well manageable manner (Schermerho, et. al, 2014.).Through this automation, major benefits are obtained. These benefits can be well retrieved in the whole industrial management process that will be significant in reducing the labour costs. The automation process can also helps companies in enhancing the product’s proper sales and distributions in the market. There is always a high customer demand in paper industries. To fulfil this demand, automation is necessary. Apart from that, revenue gaining plays an important role in any kind of industry. It is obvious that the replacement of labour intensive warehouses with robotics and other technical tools in the paper industry of a well developed country like Australia may create a significant impact on the economy of the country, whether positive or negative. Business operations will also suffer a great change after this automation process will be applied. However, the report also deals with management theories in detailed structure to make the things clear on this field. The report works with collecting various relevant data from various sources. This will help in building logic oriented reporting of the whole thing. Detailed explanation of each data will be discussed and by this it will be possible to understand the main motive of the project proposal and the validity of the whole research material will come to existence (Goetsch and Davis,  2014).

First of all, it is important to know what a management concept is and how it is impacting a paper industry in Australia. More precisely, what are the aspects of the management concept in these industries is important to know for this report. While doing the project, many concepts are discussed regarding this field (Cardy and Leonard,  2014). A detailed report on those concepts will be discussed here in this context.

Before going into details, it is a must need to discuss the overview of the automation process. The process of automation in warehousing is a crucial step for any industry, especially for an industry which was fully labours oriented. After these implementations, many other things can happen which helps in bringing so many improvements in the economy of the country within the supply chain management. This can improved the total finance in the country. Again, the total cost of a manufacturing firm involves variety of expenses like transportation, distribution, allotments and many more that considerably exceeds the total charges of the paper industry in Australia. However, for getting the prices down, there is a need of replacing the labour-intensive works with automatic robotics work (Certo, 2018).

There is a lot of significance in the automation process which is implemented in this paper industry of Australia. Actually the automation process in any sector or any industry helps greatly in meeting the demands of consumers which is basically growing faster in the paper industry on a day to day basis. It directly affects the prices of products which typically goes cheaper. However, the spending power of consumers towards any products increases tremendously when automation happens in the industry. Again, the capital costs of each product can be more which is spent on buying of heavy machineries, robotic equipments, installation of software, etc.

Apart from that, in the views of Reaidy, Gunasekaran & Spalanzani, (2015), it is said that the risk related to use of available space in best possible way is a great challenge which can be faced if the layout of the labour is not managed in a proper way. Through implementations of the automated systems, the basic arrangement of products can be done in a proper way. This basically constructs an output of the whole implementation easily accessible. However, there can be seasonal demands too. In that case, the company must intake a good supply of raw materials. Seasonal demands need more raw materials for the supply of the product than any other demands (McNeil and Frey, 2017).

There are other management concepts which can be dealt with in this context. Typically 5 management concepts can be discussed which is related to this project. Innovation is the key to these management concepts.

Customer-based innovation: This deals with the total customer experience. Apart from that, design in emotion aspect of the customer is taken care of in this concept. Customer flexibility and demand management is another thing which is included in this concept. Flexible customer interactions and employee management are other key factors (Stevenson and Sum, 2015).

Proactive business model innovation: these concepts contain three most important keys of business model which is directly applicable in this project. These are the best innovation in business model ever implemented. These are ‘Thick value’, modular approaches and typical well developed market adaptations (Armstrong, 2015).

Frugal innovation: this is one of the rarely used terms in management concepts. However, it gives scope for a better management in the workplace as well as the management of the whole paper industry. It encourages the production team to implement new segments according to new needs. However, it maintains radically low cost in the market. Back applications in the workplace are supposed to be one of the most important key point concepts in management. Frugality and affordability is also important to maintain by the production team in the workplace (Madsen, 2014).

High speed/ low risk innovation: this also includes three major key concepts. These are the trial and experiment method, 24X7 development of products, gradual rollout of the product. These concepts are interrelated. The trial and experiment method is of outmost important. If the product is not sent for a trial, it is tough to decide customer’s feedback. So, experimenting is important (Richards, 2017). 

Integrated innovation: this includes few basic concepts which are very important for building a management concept and establishing a successful management technique. Innovation works along with proper planning of the project. The four key concepts which are included in this part is integrating the product management within proper strategy, systematic non-NPD innovations, embedded ownership of the product, and last but not the least, radical or disruptive innovation (Fichtinger, et. al,  2015).

Methodology is an important term in this project. Methodology can be defined as the approach of clearing the specification of the project along with applying different tools and techniques in the certain field to bring out a solution to the research problem and obtain an unbiased output of the whole research. In this project, the main aim is to replace the labour oriented workforce by a fully automated warehouse. Various analysis and data collection has been done to achieve the goal of establishing a successful management concept. Active methodologies have been developed for the same purpose (Lyon and Furse, 2017).

The project was focused on the approach of the research. Data can be obtained from research only. This section provides a good amount of information of what has been implemented during the replacing of the previous labour oriented workforce with new technologies. The project also focuses to get a good result after detailed analysis. Many fields in the project has a discussion on general theories and models related to warehousing and management concept. This will basically needs to be undertaken for identifying the successful method of this project. Proper in-depth analysis and data collection has been done during doing the project. This brings out various aspects of few specific issues related to the paper industry warehouse of Australia (Bottani, et. al, 2015). After the whole data has been collected, analysing process has been taken out. During analysis, various charts, graphs and data interpretation has been used. In order to attain reliable and authentic results data collection plays a very crucial role. While undertaking the project, research has been done on what kind of data is to be collected to make the process easy and reliable. Apart from that, the process must be time effective. So, the data which has been collected are mostly interpreted following primary and secondary research techniques. Collection of relevant data is also necessary in this type of project. If the data is not valid, analysing will not be possible for the same. Proper analysing is important for the researcher to evaluate the issues and problems associated with the project. Authentic result can be obtained by this (Jukic, et. al,  2016).

In this project, as said earlier, secondary data and primary data have been used. Secondary data is collected basically from the past researches and online government approved sites. Apart from that, other online contents have also been used. Company data has also been used to get real time realistic result after the process of analysing. Apart from that, many journals and magazines are used as reference materials. As a result, a good data interpretation became possible. Apart from that, the result also matched with different techniques and tools plan that has been introduced in the warehouse. The examining of these tools and techniques has been done automatically by this process (Lu, et. al, 2014).

Primary data is collected as a fresh data. This falls under the actual research paradigm. This can be obtained from interviewing and analysing the interview result of the employees who are currently working in the paper industry of Australia. Questionnaire has been created in order to collect relevant answers as fresh data.  Apart from that, various sampling has been done. Random sampling techniques have been implemented as well.  The data is collected and structured. After that it has been analyzed in a structured manner to fulfil the goal. Data analysis, in this project, is done on the thematic basis and concepts are made clear in every line of the research project. This will help evaluating the research issues clearly and in a more predictive manner. This will positively contribute in systematic learning of the topic.

The project aims at implementing robotics into the warehouse. For implementing technical tools like robotics, it is important to manage a good technical field in the workplace. A person should always be there to take care of the technical things. Starting from the circuits, to the body parts of the robots need to be taken care of. The head of the company should choose an experienced and responsible person for the above mentioned job. The person should also know about cyber systems. Information technology is another key requirement in implementing robotics. As new technologies are launching every day, it is important to get track of them and update the equipments from time to time. In case of software, updating is a must in order to make the software up-to-date (Rushton, et. al, 2014).

During doing the project, an overall knowledge about certain topics has been gained. Management concepts are read with extra care which helps the research project effective. Research plan has been made before implementing the project. This includes time in finding the project topic at first. After finding the project topic, research problems are determined and a set of questionnaire is made. Introduction to the topic is given after that. After conduction the detailed research, the data is collected and analyzed. In this kind of project analyzing is must. Various methodologies are used in this project which helps a researcher learn about each and every concept clearly. This can be helpful in future projects. Structuring of the project has been done in a standard business format. All of these are evident of a good project. This project scope can be implemented in future also while carrying out different projects.

Apart from that Gantt Charts are made to carry out an effective project plan. By this, time management has been done. The project is typically based on the standard project format because certain Gantt chart techniques are followed. The project is totally focussed on the technical aspect of the changes made in the paper industry of Australia. The changes are not easily analysed as they are big in number. Technical details about each and every tool have been given. By this, the researcher came to know about many tools as well as techniques to use them efficiently. The project also covers up the basic aim and objective of this research. The final research result has been obtained from primary and secondary research and well as analysis of the data of the respective research methods. The researcher can come to know about the profits of this project at the end. This profit can be helpful for the paper industry of Australia as it is based upon relevant and true information. It deals with lowering of the labour and equipments cost, better management of the workplace along with implementing good management concepts. Apart from that the project also deals with social and environmental aspects, such as, decreasing wastes, and saving energy costs (Patel,  2014).

If the project is given again, more data will be put and analysed. Interpretation of more relevant data will be done as this will increase the weight of the project. Economical and financial fields will be discussed broadly in order to make a good economic point. Warehouse techniques will be evaluated more precisely so as to make it less time consuming. The aims and objectives of the project will be fulfilled as it is the most important part of successful project. For a country like Australia, development in economy is necessary. So, during working on this kind of project, it will be focused that no financial database is wrongly implemented. Wrong database and wrong interpretation may be dangerous for a country’s economy, especially when it is dealing with a demanding industry like the paper industry.

Technical aspects will be taken care of in a broader way. In present time, technology is a very sensitive thing. It will be worst if the whole project is carried out without any technical knowledge. Apart from that, knowledge in good warehouse managing is also important, so, this field will be taken into consideration from the next time. Improved and safest way of researching will be implemented from the next time.


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