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Background and Overview


Discuss about the System Science And Light Rail Network.

The light rail network is one of the most innovative techniques that have been developed in the Australian city of Sydney, New South Wales. The network is highly advanced and connected through the power lines which are meant for providing the best services to the customers by avoiding much chaos and traffic. The project is extending more and till date, it has covered more than a 12km route with 19 stops. The 12km route connects several parts of the country, even the hilly areas, and high street. The combined structure of the light rail network significantly provides the best transport access to the majority of the public along with the major sporting and entertainment (Zamani, et al., 2017).

As per Addison, the health services are also facilitated along with the additional rail services which provide the extra capacity for the majority of the events. The high-frequency services of the light rail structure "turn up and go" operates in every four minutes in the peak. The customers are highly satisfied with the services as they are very much reliable and considered as high-capacity services. Some additional special events in between the stops are also arranged in the road stops (Addison, 2017).

The process of constructing the light rail network in the city was quite challenging when compared with the old street of the Australia. The requirement to build the network was high and meets all the safety standards. The light rail network in the Australia will be the speedy transport system which will be running with the help of the electrical power along with the drivers who will be operating it properly. It aims to reduce the more congestion and will evaluate more public capacity transport solution in the city.

This particular design discusses the detailed features of the light rail networks that have been in the Australia city. The report also discusses the rail networks facilities in the city that aims to make the transport more easy and smooth (Ahlberg, Nilson & Walsh, 2016). Some recommendations are also mentioned in order to reduce the traffic-related problem of the city.

The light rail network is one of the transportation design developed in the Australian city, New South Whales. The entire system is mainly controlled by the New South Whales government. The extended versions of the network are faster in movements rather than the weight. The Sydney has developed the extensive network in order to combine a wide range of public for the service by reducing the issues of the traffic congestions (BRINSON & Brinson, 2016). The facility is one of the most vital transports for the passengers and provides the sustainable system.

Features and Benefits of the Light Rail Network

The traffic problems have probably increased the stress and tensions of the passengers to travel from place to the other. Various analyses were done regarding the network development to check the feasibility which is mainly attached with the pollution and safety of the citizens. The improvised lines are used to reduce the congestion in CBD. The lines are connected to several routes with the bus facility and the LNR construction has been started from the year 2015. The LNR has been developed in the underground which again provides the best services for reducing the traffic. All these operations are done with the help of the single class of light rail vehicle. The primary design of the system was mainly used with the help of the gauge tracks by using the 750 volts of electric current.

According to Chaichan, et al, the design was incorporated with the Inner West Light which mainly operates in the L1 Dulwich Hill Line. The recent network is connected up to 12.8km and connects 23 lines (Chaichan, et al., 2016). The second line is under the construction and the further lines are under progression which will be serving the Western Sydney. According to the reports, more than 9.1 million passengers can be accommodated on the network. The network is also compared with the automobile industry and the increase in the network is considered as the most cost-effective approach to the government.

The effective lines, as well as the growth in it, are providing the relevant services to the Australian citizens. The increase in the speed of designing of the network is making the people more curious. According to the discussed light rail design, the speeds of the system will be 20-15km/hr which will be depending on different movements of the abatements (Hybertson, 2016).

In general most of the rail infrastructure are poorly planned by the organization and the people those who are associated with the project design and implementation. But the light rail structure of the Sydney is one of the extraordinary approaches to transform the public domain of the city. The design covers the 12 kilometers from the Randwick and Kingsford towards the central station and the Circular Quay, the Sydney CBD as well as the South East Light rail project is designed to reduce the congestion issues of eth cities and improves the reliability of the transportation (Madland & Nix, 2017). The network from the George Street into the world-class shared pedestrian boulevard is the Australia's first wire-free network.

Design and Construction of the Light Rail Network

Hassell is in the partnership with the transportation of the NSW that delivers the reference design to guide the sensitive integration of the light rail project and also to distinguish the urban-environment diversification.  It creates the high-quality and friendly domain and the system has been befitting with the global status of the city. The urban design is quite critical that ensures the simply infrastructure of the projects that are more focused on how the people work and use the resources, puts efforts on the context and unlocks the potential for the urban transportation. For the light rail network, the HASSELL have designed the stops and interchanges, access the public and environment domain opportunities and impacts; develop the landscape for the public according to the strategy keeping the fundamental and economic conditions as the first priority (Mallick & Patro, 2016).

The reference design provides the detailed framework for the rail's infrastructure that is more focused on the making the stops which are legible and visible on the street, improve the connectivity, creates a beautiful public domain that is characterized by the Sydney.  These designs are provided by the Park, civic and boulevard each of which is responsible for the existing built design form and the character of the landscape. It creates the ordered and unified thread for the light rail network.

The reference design provides the range of opportunities in order to introduce the sustainable initiatives, the benefits and the outlines of the networks that are implemented through the strategic urban planning and permeable surfaces. The strategic planning supports the process of water treatment and mitigating the heat island, reuse, and the collection (Pulkkinen, et al., 2017). The design is now focused on the "leading rating" as well as on the sustainable rating scheme for designing the light rail network. The Sydney light rail network reference design aims to create the exceptional framework that for the public that will provide the vision to a greener will connect a number of people and sustainable in nature.

The Sydney's light rail network was put its paces in the last week for the testing purpose in the France, where it has proved to be a resounding success. The first test took place at the Alstom, which saw a test drive for 750-meter test track and they reached the speed of 70km/hr. the vehicle has gone through several testing with the first 30 vehicles for the South East light rail and CBD. It was done a few months ago in the Australia. The early light rail network system was able to carry only 450 people at a time, but advancement in the new design is capable of carrying more than 13,500 passengers per hour (Ranjhitha & Rajkumar, 2016).

Impact of the Light Rail Network on Traffic Congestion

This leads to the reduction in the congestion of the traffic of the city. The vehicle will further decrease loads of the passengers with the efficient energy magnet tools, the improvised LED lights, sensor-based air-conditioners as well as the capturing activities of the parts used in the system. As per Regalbuto, the vehicles are able to recover and capture the 99 percent of the energy from banking and are recycling in nature (Regalbuto, 2016).

After the proper evaluation, the light rail system of the Sydney is considered as the best across eth world. The cities are increasing and turning to the buses which are relatively less flexible and efficient.  They are coming in small scope and provides fewer chances in maintain the road networks in the city. The dense location in the Sydney has more than 6,000 buses which makes the roads more busy and fussy. So, the government has planned best network with the advancement in the technology that will reduce the pollution, noise and lumbering vehicles in the city (Shackelford, et al., 2016).

After appropriate testing and evaluation of the networks and street levels, the idea was suggested in the center where the walking is the primary mode. The light rail network is capable of taking the load and operates in minutes with high frequency and efficiency.

The South East light rail and the CBD are expected to be completed in the year 2019. The validation of the network will run until the end of 2034 that will operate and maintain the entire network system of the city (Wang, 2016).

The process is highly efficient and optimized in nature which is capable of adopting any changes made during the designing phase. Basically, the optimization of any device is according to the implementation of the various parts used in it. In the same manner, the advanced technologies that are used in the network make the light rail system highly optimized across the country (Zaidi, et al., 2016).


The entire report gives the detail information about the light rail network of the Sydney which is capable of reducing the traffic congestion of the city. The infrastructure is designed by the HASELL and NSW that covers the wide area of the city along with several stops. It helps to minimize the issues that were rising between the residents and pedestrians on one hand and provides the best services of rail to the citizens which can accommodate more than thousands of people at a time. It also avoids the excessive dependence on the single on the CBD and convinced the travelers with the best entertainment programs. The best part of the project is, it contributes and operates on very less amount as compared to the buses in the city.


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