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Students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unit learning outcomes:

a. Explain the significance of VPN for contemporary organizations

b. Discuss the role of VPN to support the security of business and corporations

Challenges Faced by Organizations in Safeguarding Their Networks

There is large number of organizations which increasingly depend on computer network for their business communication, database and distribution of data [5]. With the passage of the time, internet has become more and more accessible to bandwidth for capability grew.  There is large number of organizations who have offload their intranets for both webs and creating the things which are known to them. Extranets are considered to be linked for understanding both internal and external users. Much of the emphasizes is put on network security which has increased as result of public security break-ins [22]. Apart from this, there are threats and government regulatory agencies for understanding security related problems.

With the passage of time, internet has been changed and improved a lot for improving the information access to various business [15]. There is large number improved information access for the given business. Their network and related technologies have easily created door to increase in the number of technologies. It has ultimately opened up door to large number of security threats. The organization should protect themselves from these issues. There is large number of network-based attacks which are considered to be very serious at the time of inflicting upon business. This is due to the fact that they store sensitive data like personal and medical records. The effect of attack can easily range from inconvenient to complete debilitation [10]. There is large number of cost significant which are considered to be important for data, network downtime and third-party claims.

The main notion of this paper is all about having an understanding with respect to benefits that can be gathered by VPN. The issues have been discussed in the domain of how organization can easily value computer networks. There is large number of issues has been discussed on the fact that organization can value computer networks in much different way. With the passage of time, there have been remote access which is becoming a standard practice. It mainly helps in analyzing certain number of ways for overall productivity and staying in the competition [2]. The competition of business environment has almost gone electronic in nature. Remote access business should focus on certain number of ways for maximizing communication and interaction.

It focuses on empowering mobile employees and remote user with access to some of the critical information at any location and time. It also helps the organization in extending their reach beyond the employees for work effectively with contractors and consultants for working in much effective way [8]. Remote access has been traditionally set up through dial-up modes. Being effective, this particular method is plagued as a result of slow transmission of both speed and expenses. With the passage of time, remote access has come away long for understanding the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPNs mainly help in leveraging the power of internet which is needed for remote access. Remote dial-in done into the local POP and connecting the corporate network by the help of internet. This is considered to be significance of cost reduction techniques, improving the services at any time and place.

Importance of Remote Access and VPN Technology

According to (), VPN aims in connecting various kind of users on different kind of remote user or even offices for some of the enterprise networks over the internet. At the time of supporting traveling employee for a branch office which is very much similar [12]. The remote user aims to call internet service providers in the point of presence. Charges related to bandwidth are not only cost saving which has been afforded by VPN. VPN as aims to reduce the overall network complexity which result in lower operating cost. Helpdesk call aims in reducing the user in the network. They are offloaded to the help desk of ISP and services which is limited. It can be round off for loading the ISP help desk and services as a part of the monthly flat rate. It is simplified architecture which is needed connecting large number of users through one or more ISP. The remote connection for traveling sales is connected for traveling sales for connecting over 56 kbps. It focuses on branch of office which can connect T1 speeds by making use of router [2]. Cost entertainment and its accountability are also improved by the VPN structure as one leverage ISP administration for chargeback to system. The whole capital cost can be easily reducing because the individual pays for ISP access. ISP is mainly responsible for required establishing connectivity. It merely focuses on investment on certain number of equipment for remote user access for ISP.

A VPN can be defined as a virtual platform which helps in gaining benefit from network communication which is available on internet. An individual can easily conduct business on remote platform by making use of Internet. It is considered to be cost-effective private lines which tend to empower employees. It mainly tends to operate in highly competitive business environment. An individual can easily have competitive advantage by depending on VPN [10]. It is mainly done so that they evolve network in more rapid way. It is mainly done so that any competitors can be done with major investment in the whole network. With the changing time, the need of the network will be changing the major changes in the whole infrastructure. It tends to improve the overall scalability of the private network. It aims in having easy access to equipment which can be added an additional ISP based connection [17]. It emphasizes easy access to equipment which can shift additional equipment’s that run on internet.

Cost-Saving Solutions and Simplified Network Architecture

Fig 1: Basic VPN

Source: [1]

Both cost saving and simplified way of management are considered to be benefit for VPN. An individual can easily gain huge amount of competitive advantage from VPN. It is mainly done for guarantee of the security information which is transmitted on the network. At present, online business activity is not very much limited to communication and harmless access to public documents [18]. For various IT organization, security tends to play the key role in the implementation of VPN. With the help of private network, one can easily help in controlling the flow of information. Secure remote access over VPNs which can be achieved by business application. It focuses on employing security services which can be used for encrypting information and authenticate user for any kind of network access.

Encryption is one layer of protection which focus on confidentiality and integrity of given data which is needed for seeding, receiving and storing. It can be easily achieved with the help of encryption technology. Credit card numbers also make personal information and trade secret. There is large number of confidential files which are there in the network devices and unprotected [19]. One of the best of encrypting information is all about use of encryption technology. Encryption focuses on certain number of technology so it can benefit so that an individual can easily gain access to network.

The present business tends to exits at the given speed of thought and data needs to be transmitted to public network for open and public networks which cannot be trusted. One of the best ways is all ab outgaining access to network which is done with the help of encryption. It merely highlights the fact that information can flow in various public network which is important for looking for eyes.

Integrity of data is considered to be important for rest and transit which is important for any business purpose. The electronic orders come up with the request of more than 100,000 units which is quite different in nature. An individual need to be confident so that no can hold of the confidential information and changes. It can easily conduct e-business on the public network. Encryption technologies aim to provide option of booby trap.

VPN is considered to be private encrypted tunnel which is needed for protecting all the required information as it travels in the public network. For providing complete solution, an individual need to be aware of the authenticity of users. In the attempt of identifying large number of users, many kinds of VPN are protected by password mechanism. Password cannot ensure access as they are considered to be weak method of security. Password can be easily guessed, stolen and compromised and the user does not have any idea who is on another side of the VPN.

Importance of Encryption in Securing Information on the Network

As an individual has gained knowledge about the VPN security that is authentication. It is all about making identification and verification of authenticity of user. It plays a key role in gaining easy access to important data for both assets and resources. Password tends to play the weakest role and widely used as the authentication of data. It helps the user in protecting it with the help of password. Password cannot alone be used for securing the remote access. It is considered to be as weak form as it can be easily stolen or even compromised.

This particular method of authentication is considered to be much stronger than password as it requires two forms of identification before getting access. It is much like bank ATM where user known both the PIN and have the authentication device that is smart card. RSA is considered to be time secured tokens which can provide strong authentication which is needed by User for presenting something. The tokens are mainly designed in such a way that it is very much easy to use. It comes up with deploying option which is needed for replacing password. A weak form of authentication that is it can be easily guessed or even compromised.

Digital Certificates are considered to be a weak form of authentication. It is becoming widespread due to growth of internet-based connection. Digital certificates are needed for identifying some digital credentials which are used by some of the rightful owners. Digital certificates come up with two strong factor authentication which has the ability to protect web browser credential scores. Introduction of both smart cards and USB tokens are considered to be as one of the strongest methods of providing authenticate services. It does not provide access to smart card but to two-factor authentications [21]. But a pair of cards can be used for both storing and generation of smart card or USB. The private key never tends to leave card or token so that it can be never be utilized or even copied to a given server.

By the introduction of third factors like biometrics, an individual can easily achieve the best level of authentication. Biometrics can be considered to be characteristic which is unique to a user [11]. This particular measurement can be done by the help of fingerprint, voice printing and lastly retinal scanning. It is third-factor authentication which is combined with some of the certificate stores or even USB token which is impenetrable in nature.

Importance of Strong Authentication in Securing Network Access

VPN access can be easily protected by the help of password. It tends to offer weak form of authentication which can be guessed in easy way. It is used because stolen or even compromised. And many times, experts are not available as they can be hacked through password protection. A large number of system software tools are available like NT crack and LOPhtcrack. It can be considered to be as an automated way of guessing password which is done through brute force along with extensive dictionaries. This particular approach is considered to be best one which is needed for understanding the password.

Fig 2: Challenges in VPN

Source: [5]

Network monitoring also is known as sniffing of network can be considered to be based on certain number of facts. Ethernet route all the given network traffic for some past based individual user [9]. It is easily captured which is needed for managing some of the special nodes. Brute force dialing is another kind of program like ToneLoc which is automated for the processing of locating modem-based telephone lines. When a particular line is found it merely focus on certain number of attempts for which password alternatives.

At present, many kinds of tools have been designed for both controlling and improving the given network which can be used for destructive purpose [17]. Tools like SATAN (System Administrator Tool for Analyzing Network) can be used for analyzing the given networks. It has been merely designed so that it can help the managers in providing strength to the given network.


From the above pages that this report is all about VPN. In the last few years, VPN has emerged as the main technology for reducing the remote access to cost. It can provide various kind of transaction through internet. VPN aims to provide tremendous amount of business value if and only if they can provide proper level of security for guarantee of privacy and integrity of corporate information. It can be only accessed by some of the authenticated users. Each of the VPN aims to provide proper level of security for providing guarantee of both privacy and integrity of corporate information accessed by authenticating users. Each of the given VPN needs to provide security for preventing of unauthorized view of network. It emphasizes identifying each of the user and data is even passed by the help of internet. Network security is considered to be improving the overall importance of organization of different size. It is all about protecting the required information which is needed for transport of information in remote access and branch connection or even internal networks. VPN technology has been designed in such a way that it can easily provide the coming appearance of network. It is mainly used for understanding the use of shared network for understanding the physical connection. VPN intends to exploit the overall benefits of the given public network along with compromising with the overall security of the network. VPN intends to open up some new kind of option for implementing e-business application. It is mainly needed for extending the implementation of e-business for customer access to worldwide places.

VPN technology can be still considered to be in its infancy stage. But in the last few years, VPN technology has evolved a lot and demonstrated a large number of advantages which has been promised. VPN is a global technology which is linked to some of the various geographic regions of the world. Adaptation of technology like QoS will help the vendors in reducing issues related to interoperability. Both implementation and proper management of VPN can easily become complex for large number of organizations.


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