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1. What is the lawful obligation for retention of data?

2. What are the legalities of acquiring and licensing practice of the system? 

Formal Methods for Requesting a Quote

The chief objective is to have a competent and effectual system of administration through which it can be more consistent and applicable, enabling the organization within time frames and sustaining standards of quality.   

Formal methods for requesting a quote can take into account:

Requesting for quotation; these are very frequent in the small-scale system or changes sustaining in the small to medium enterprises. All the project specification must be documented along with the objectives and standards essential for the work.

Requesting for tender; larger projects have the ability to make use of tender where numerous qualified bidders compete. Tenders can be stated as systematic documents that outlines the explicit requirements in the organization. Tender work can take up to months and even years depending on the level of work. 

Business Ethics: These takes into account the common and constitutional laws of contracts and the moral scope applied to dealings in the business. It can be payments being made timely, doing work to an adequate standard and presentation of new business to suppliers without chauvinism.

Privacy Laws: The necessities for individuals may relate to negotiations in contract and the corporation law that would be applied considering the property of company and the secret related to it.

Copyright and IP: Outsourcing can often necessitate reliance on continuing preservation of contracts that is being based on the principles of severe ownership. 

Consideration of cost: It might be less exclusive in making changes with expertise of the internal staff.

There should be productive use of interior knowledge and understanding that is making use of the existing idle capability

Designing secrecy: It is a requirement for protecting the proprietary technology 

For maintaining the staff member’s confidence while implementing the changes:

Ensuring clear and accurate direction through all the management levels

Involving the usage of significant members within the work groups in order to act as ‘change agents’ for supporting the project

Provides feedback in a formal way along with the testing opportunities

Staff involvement is necessary for which they might be invited to provide suggestions on the present working environment.

Planning of the momentary diminution or growing in workload for those who are involved

Testing of the new system

The new system implementation if found to be creating problems should be strategized in creating negligible contact by:

Performing a risk investigation on the implementation of system and recognizing the main criterion of the issues related to the implementation, the eventuality can be acknowledged as:

Approximation of the total costs of the project, corroboration of the option’s outcome, conniving and implementing the standards as per based on the performance for every area that is being recognized and planned for the contingencies. A proper channel or system of communication needs to be implemented for all the challenges and problems like the technical helpline, a service manager hotline or an online platform for the staffs to discuss.

Making sure that the users has enough confidence with the implementation of new task

Monitoring takes into account the checking of all the systems that have been functioning proficiently. All users (inputs and outputs) are contented with the echelon of simplicity of operation and the information that is being documented and security is successfully preserved through the software of antivirus and process of storage; detailed reports live observing competence, functional data to managers and security personnel. 

Business Ethics

The new technologies need to be investigated:

During the change in the purpose and nature of the system

At times when the requirement of users or their needs have altered

Transformation of the size of the system

Availability of new technologies 

It needs to be acknowledged the changes needs to be made, entrust responsibility to the suitable personnel for notifying the changes in their functions and accountabilities by:

Explanation of new-fangled position (system dependency)

Retraining notification

Notification in a personal way through the supervisors 

A risk analysis needs to be done on the project of system implementation during the phase of planning along with:

Testing the system before it is introduced, in case of any problem occurring it is essential to have a plan B or a back-up plan

Scrutinize the morale of staffs and recognize the need of offering extra support

Offering extra additional training to the staffs

Opportunities in the professional development taking into account the society at practice where information is being shared and helping each other at times of need, personal research and prospect of study

Policy guidelines are being upgraded along with the procedural manuals for offering a ready reference to innovative measures

Handbooks of training that are being used within the areas of function or by the contributor of central training (internal or external)

Instruction through using of the electronic media, which presents unswerving, steady and effectual lessons over a period of time

Whether the system can be used transversely through numerous sites and several users?

What is the law that governs the possession of data if it is being stored in the cloud server?  

Ascertaining the circumstance in which the accomplishment would occur

Creating a model of learning suiting the context

Establishing factors that leads to critical success

Choosing from a variety of tools that assist in accomplishment and monitoring progression

Selecting the measures that best goes with the learning culture of the organization and the significant accomplishment issues aligned with the objectives of the organization

For handling the managers of data security and each worker who makes use of the system assuming the accountability for the safekeeping of profitable and responsive information

Personal logins and passwords, which is an universal process where only the certified personnel can have the admittance to the system enabling the organization to manage and observe the ways an individual makes use of the system

Confidential agreements: They are contracts between the individuals within an organization that pre-sets the stern procedure of the corporate knowledge like the procedure, system, details of products and services and development and research related to it.

Safeguards: This takes into account the spam and the virus protection, firewalls that might prevent the outside hackers to create major issues. Though, hackers have been continuously trying to formulate ways approximately the system which is significant to the observation realted to the system currency. 

The organization might come across enormous faults and malevolent attacks if they are not in a position to improve their software. Moreover, it might be feasible that the existing software system reasons the crash due to the unsteadiness. Such a problem might result in data loss, information and files. Data insecurity is another thing that the company might suffer if the company lacks effectual and competent anti-spy software mainly for the data security. Failing to upgrade the software would land BizOps in deep trouble as they would then be vulnerable to hackers and viruses that would result in data loss. Another important factor that the company needs to focus on is the advancement of technology that is essential in allowing effectiveness for the production to augment.

Privacy Laws

BizOps Enterprises should be able to employ the least possible expenses in the upgradation of the software. It is fundamental in recognizing and understanding the essential necessities that would enable the workers efficiently with the business being running in a suitable manner. The organization should be able to upgrade the software with the OpenOffice Suite where the following questionnaires would assist in assessing the entity of the present and future prerequisite into the upgrade of the software:

  1. How many of current employees of the organization understanding the usage of the software and its functions?
  2. How long would the employees need to train themselves for understanding the system?
  3. How much of the financial capital is the organization willing to use in the upgradation of the software?
  4. How long would it take to fully install the software for running the system?
  5. How would the upgradation influence the previous nature of data?

Option 1. Paying a yearly license for the purpose of proprietary software

Option 2. Continuation of use of the open source software, which is OpenOffice

Option 3. Amalgamation of both the proprietary software and the open source software

Option 1. Paying an annual licence for proprietary software



Source of information

Probable costs

preliminary costs


Human resource


Information technology technicians

(putting in)

Information expertise trainers








Total amount



  1. Per computer a license fee is being paid
  2. The hourly pre rate of the technician is $ 60/hour

A budget needs to make assumptions on the ways an internal and external business transformation might persuade the presentation. Taking into consideration, the upgradation of software in BizOps enterprises needs to focus on the following assumptions:

-The value of sales would linger constituency at the time of completion and expansion of the upgraded software

The cost of administration would be diminished by approximately 8% once the period of upgradation is over.

The end of the fiscal year might witness the organization reducing the inventory by 2%

Budget has always been considered as a significant part of organizations doing business. Budget is important from the perspective that everything that the organization does is within a stipulated budget. People looking after such matters needs to have that required expertise on focusing on matters that provides the things that they need the most and sidelining those that does not generate any income to the organization. Previous financial data are being taken into consideration to forecast one in future that helps in determining the returns expected within the organization. BizOps is in need of an appropriate budget that displays the amount of capital required for fulfilling the needs of the organization.

A software license submits the legal agreement that explains the specific terms of using the definite software that defines the producer’s rights and that of the end-user. State government have been using their particular bodies of organization for overseeing the applications of the software that are lawfully licensed prior to their installation. BizOps should also focus on the kind of installation required with the most common being proprietary license providing rights to make use of one or more copies of software.

The management has put forward three options wherein the first option states paying a yearly license for proprietary software and the opportunity of continuing to perform open source software. Thirdly, there is another option of mixing the two alternatives based on the fact that computer users’ needs varies regarding use of software. The organization opted for paying of the yearly license as the organization lacks funds for buying the outright of the software licensing. It signifies the fact that the company would possess the software for a year after which they have to re-purchase it again which might prove to be expensive. The second process takes into account the requirement of individual specializing and investigating the needs of the individuals using computers.  In this way, the organization would be able to expand towards the procedure of implementation along with utilization of the funds required for software upgradation.

Copyright and IP

There are various other factors that needs to be taken into consideration for coming up with the best possible option. It takes in the availability of income, and constraints related to time and resources. In case of BizOps they need to go for the least possible financial use in upgrading the software.

An appeal for quotation in business facilitates the organization in tempting the suppliers into the process of bidding on a particular task.  It has always been the case where the lowest bidder gets the opportunity of offering the best services that is being specified within a contract. The following is the specification of quotation: 

                                           BizOps Enterprises

                                           Quotation Request

RFQ Specific Information

Issuance Date

Deadline for Quote delivery

Contact Person:

For business Questions

For technological Questions


Deliverance Term

Compensation Term

Binding Period of the Quote

Requirements of Quality

Sample Quality confirmation

Assurance Time

Delivery Address

Name of Company

Street Address

City & Zip

Phone Number

Drawing Number Description

Quantity Price

The most preferred option would be to upgrade the office software having both the options. It is significant in considering the exact needs of the users of the computer for increasing their capacity and competence along with maintaining the whole process within a limited budget. An implementation plan generally takes in the process and ways on which the upgradation of the office software would be carried out displaying the resources, required activities and the key milestones. The project timeline helps in figuring out that the time required for implementing the project is generally three months.

A rough forecast has been taken into consideration of the fact that the content inventory would consume approximately 3 weeks. The IA design would take around 1 week that would lead to branding which is supposed to take another week. The migration of the content would be expected to take in further 2-3 weeks that would be followed by planning process of the performance management consuming another 2 weeks. In case of the communication and the plan related to launch matters two approaches would be considered. One is the pilot approach and the other one is the absolute company launch. Training in letting others know about all this stuff would take in another 2 weeks as these are the things that would be carried out during different times at the implementation stage.

The staffs should be provided ample time in getting use to the new system that would also contain formal training in areas of improvement and adjusted to the company’s operations.

A data plan for backup needs to be established for ensuring that none of the information gets lost. Both the previous and the new one would be run parallel to each other facilitating the process of transition not witnessing any sort of problem. The word processing existing and the templates might become outdated and need the process of reconstruction. The senior management would be accountable for the process of assessing the risk and identifying the same. A risk sheet would be maintained where ratings would be made available to understand the level of risk associated with a process that can be catastrophic, moderate or critical. Alleviation of risk would be the likely response for lessening the factor of probability and impact. A contingency plan of risk needs to be considered for any sort of occurrence of adverse risks.

The implementation of new software might witness a significant drop in their efficiency where project risk needs to be carried out. A response to that risk needs to be prepared and conducted through the creation of the mitigation strategy that might lessen the impact. The operations of the organization might get affected as the upgradation of the computer system might slow down computers for a certain length of time. Risk responsibility, assessment of risk and planning of risk contingency that could be used for addressing of the instantaneous risks that would be associated with the computers being down for certain length of time.

Five key performance indicators (KPI) needs to be identified with the first being LOB measure of efficiency. The efficiency of the organization would be put to check along with the ways it is being conducted in stores. This takes into consideration the hours put behind production of number of units in an hour and the time percentage that the stores would be in service. This takes in conducting survey for the coming six months. The second KPI that needs to be considered is the satisfaction of employees. This takes into account the strong growth and augmentation of the entity in the long-run. Employees who are happy and satisfied would strive hard with the system where the system should be made user friendly and well-organized. The third KPI would be the Net promoter score where carrying out of the NPS is the best possible option for indicating an organization’s long term growth. Surveys would be conducted for the same for understanding the customer’s perception on whether they would be recommending the organization to others. The fourth KPI would be the Quality Internal process. This takes into account that the products and services from the company would be according to the standard expected of them. Customers get selected randomly and their feedbacks are considered. The fifth would be the Financial Performance Index. A financial department is often considered as the backbone of a company that is expected to demonstrate the monetary value and shareholders satisfaction.

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