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1. Develop and implement strategies to ensure that physical resources and services are acquired in accordance with the organisation’s policies, practices and procedures

2. Recognise and incorporate requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities in recruitment and acquisition of resources and services

Role of Operational Plan

The actual role of creating an operational plan is to provide the workers of the organisation named Mount Buller Ski Resort with a clear picture of the various tasks, roles and responsibilities so that these are in line with the organisational goals and objectives to be achieved. The objectives are included in the strategic plan, which creates ease in ensuring that the operational plan is implemented to accomplish the business goals and objectives with ease and effectiveness

The legislations, laws and rules are imposed for guiding the development of an operational plan and for ensuring that the packaging and transportation activities are managed properly. MT Buller, being one of the major ski resorts in Australia, can be reached by a 3-hour drive from the Melbourne airport.

This has helped in promoting the Ecotourism campaign, which has maintained values, leadership aspects and even maintained the integrity through innovation and delivery of better customers’ services too (Blos, Wee and Yang, 2010,368). The business activities are managed sustainably with the implementation of Alpine Resorts Management Act, which considers the environmental aspects and maintained proper strategic plans too for ensuring meeting up to the clients’ expectations and higher revenue generation through proper management of logistics and supply chain activities too 

The entire process of consultation is a very significant concept in the context of operating an organisation plan. Organisation usually exist to design  value for all the available stakeholders thus consultation involve a process by which the management of MT Buller will purpose for improving better understanding of needs,wants,demands and anticipation of various stakeholders in order to create high value (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66). It opens formal and informal communication process between the Mt Buller and stakeholders present.

The consultation process inside Mt Buller operational plan include the following procedures

  • Open meetings where the management invite the stakeholders to meet
  • Survey by uses of an online survey paper or document
  • Installation of focus groups by selecting a panel of stakeholders to attend various series of consultative meetings (Briscoe, Tarique, Schuler, 2012,p.44).
  • Inviting the company’s stakeholders to create a written immediate response on a proposal or operational plan
  • Use of informal meetings

A consultation process will serve the following

Invitation of various stakeholders to give proper advice to the managers of Mt Buller regarding wants, demands, preferences, and expectations thus telling how the company can add value

To invite them on how to indicate about the set operational plans as designed by the managers

To lower or comment on an critique regarding growth of strategic and operational plans

It is evident that if operational plan is done without critical consultation process with the stakeholders managers it will be deemed to have an unsuccessful implementation (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66). 

In Mt Buller. There is ultimate requirement for all staff, stakeholders, managers, shareholders who has the responsibility of formulating the operational plan to consult with the employees, customers, suppliers and agencies that will be affected by the actual pla (Blos, Wee and Yang, 2010, 368). For instance the managers of Mt Buller should clearly set a budget for all areas of the entire company with proper consultation on the available financial budgeting resources and annual budget plan. It should also construct a given plan for a new sport program with high consultation with the program users such as stuff and customers.

Therefore a lack of consultative process makes employees feel left out and gives negative perception to the merging operation plan. It gives much knowledge and improve and expertise 

Legislations and Regulations

There are various group members and partners with whom I have been working with in the Hospitality unit of Mt Buller. Our purpose is to provide tourists and visitors top quality hospitality services with high quality food and customer service (Bols, Wee and Yang, 2010, 368).We have kept the standard of this by partnering up with other hospitality businesses like Bolle and Fox.
Below I have prepared an organisational chart for the year 18/19 periods.

Business location

Near Melbourne in Australia

Job positions available

Number of people required

Front office receptionist


Food and drinks la carte waiters


Cleaners and bar staffs


Health care workers




Supervisor of the ropeway and skiing


Mt Buller’s financial period is between June and July of each year.

The information can sources from the following

Previous operational plan

The budget event calendar

Budget working papers

Asset register

Online investment tools such as

Yahoo finance

Financial statements, lance sheets

Mission Statement
The mission is to promote, develop and manage the resort in a sustainable manner for maintaining the ecological balance in nature and at the same time makes ecological and economic considerations (Briscoe, Tarique, Schuler, 2012,p.44).

Vision Statement
More than a mountain. Mt Buller and Mt Stirling are welcoming and accessible Australian alpine resorts. Their unique environments, histories and their sense of community create great mountain adventures and experiences all year round.

as marketing manager, it is my duty to ensure proper implementation of the Ski Resort insurance program and keep the visitors of the place updated with latest information about the services available (Blos, Wee and Yang, 2010,368). The social media platforms are involved to ensure that the followers of the company website are kept updated with the compensation, employment and accommodation facilities before availing the services of the hotel.

S- To deliver the best quality ski services keeping in mind the protection of environment and conservation of natural resources

M- To ensure that the transportation of visitors to the location is done properly

A- To conserve the environment and natural resources so that an ecological balance in nature is maintained

R- To improve the brand image and attract more customers while keeping in mind the health and safety of workers too

T- To ensure that the tourists are made to reach the destination on time and are provided with the right services to ensure satisfaction  

The project is called The Ecotourism Campaign. The focus of the project is to manage ecotourism through various activities like controlled bushwalking, wildflowers viewing, and controlled mountain biking (Blos, Wee and Yang, 2010,368).This is achieved by following the values of leadership, teamwork, communication, integrity, innovation and customer service. The typical climate of high altitude alpine resorts makes it favourable for viewing rare flowers and fauna. The business strategies are fulfilled by managing license to conduct organized tours and innovate the business aspects for future benefits (Briscoe, Tarique, Schuler, 2012,p.44).  

Financial Year












Cost of Services






Operating Expenses






Interest Expenses






Net Income






 KPI’s for our Ecotourism Campaign-

  • Equipment’s being properly examined and maintained every two months by our maintenance staff for optimum use.
  • Providing necessary training to staff members for bushwalking and bike riding experience.
  • Hiring the correct and most suitable staff members for our projected Ecotourism campaign. 

Below is a chart providing timing of activities of 2018/2019 and how this will be achieved.

Activities included in the plan

Time period

Gathering information about entity and assessing the needs and preferences of people

January 1st to February 28th

Developing the resort facilities through betterment of services

· Managing the recruitment of individuals to fill the job positions

· Creating an online website and adding some more features to make people aware of the services delivered

· Improving the infrastructure and creating a positive work culture

· Preserving the resources and ensuring that the environment is not harmed and health environment is fostered.

March 1st to June 31st

The partnership working with the other companies has helped in maintaining a strong brand image and made people aware of the services provided by the organization

July 1- July 20

Respecting the Alpine environment and keeping the environment cleaner, healthier and safer.

July 21st to September 15

Involving with the third party individuals to ensure proper stakeholder management and improving the brand image and identity too.

September 16 to November 30

Preparing a proper budget and compare it with the previous year’s budgetary plan

December 1st to December 31

There are third party tools like the business partners that have promoted the brand and even made them aware of the services available. The key challenges could be the lack of enough time and money, because more and more tourists are visiting every day, which may already harm the environment (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).

Consultation Process

Increased customer relationships

Increased market control

Competitive market advantage

Increased customers

Favourable Finacial statement


Lack of enough resources

Risks and hazards in the mountains

Lack of funds and incentives

Limited space or room

competition from other resorts 

Method 2

Number of staff: 234

Full time


Part time.99

Number of contractors.59

New assets purchased.

Furniture’s such as tables, benches, swimming costumes, safety gears, mountain climber gears

Other consumables and utilities include the following:

Gas for safety gas mask

Electricity sources

Payment for safety and insurance such as fire, life

Rent payment for the rooms designed to host the visitors 

The following are the resource acquisitions strategies

  1. Money
  2. New market
  3. High utilization
  4. Intellectual capability
  5. Credibility bonds

Strategies used to ensure workers are recruited within Mt Buller’s HRM policies

The organisation has a clearly procedure ND enacted processes that are not transparent and has no bias in the recruit and selection activities of workers (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).  This results to the appointment of the best employee required for the job. It is done based on the merit perspective whose skills and knowledge to fit with the job specifications and specialisation. It is also done in complete conformity with the Mt Buller’s values, philosophical approaches and overall long term strategic goals.

It is huge level of developing staff by helping them reach their professional potential.

Strategies such as administering policies and laws regarding anti discriminative ensures workers are selected based on merit and are not discriminated

Offering a platform for career development program (Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24). This ensures selected candidates understand the benefit that come with working with the organisation. This will form grounds for professional development and job satisfaction hence contributing to overall employee performance

This will involve preparation done on workers in order for them to have the ability to take on more responsibilities in future (Briscoe, Tarique, Schuler, 2012,p.44). Effective development ensures employees are retained.

Use if team work strategies. This motivates employees thus reduces boredom. They are able to increase their skills diversification and share ideas

Initiating mentorship program and doing a skill gap analysis

Providing employee handbook

Benefits and free rewards during induction.

Some of the strategies sued include

Recognition and offering reward programs. Giving rewards such as bonuses based on employee’s performance reinforces strategies that facilitate motivation and change in desirable corporate values of example customer focus (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).

Through use of promotion opportunities equally for all staff, the organisation can be able to develop them by ensuring increased workers motivation and commitment strategies in a long time horizon

Use of succession planning strategy. This involves grooming the right staff to step in the positions of senior manage (Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24).  This is done by continuous training and encouraging some staff who will have the capability of becoming senior managers in case of occurrence of a particular existing vacancy. It gives specific skills and detailed knowledge on how the organisation operates

Uses of job rotation. Moving employees from one area of operation to another reduces work boredom exposing employees to new situations offering a variety of skills

Hospitality Services

Mentoring. Some activities such as coaching ensures aiding the workers as they learn and acquire experience and significant skills

Designing formal business training programs. Some school programs given to employees in order to benefit include Masters of Business administration (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).

Training. This ensures that developed workers are equipped with proper skills to help them reach their utmost professional potential or unleash their improved capabilityx

As employees or staff move from strategic work point to another younger workers considers on experiencing a variety of responsibilities in order to establish suitable interests and talents. The experience can develop specialists as others move to other mentored and senior positionsx

The management committee, executive director

Salaried officers

The HRM manager involved on recruitment

In various instances the implementation of key strategies and task in the operational plan ultimately depends on existence of physical resources. If not solely owned, they can either be hired or bought.

Strategies used include planners determining the total amount of funding needed to purchase, borrow, or maintenance of the physical resources

Some of the standards to be adhered to include

Safety standards

Information standards

National construction code

Building codes

Australian competition and consumer commissions

Australian consumer law 

  • Some of the sustainability principles include Fair Trade goods
  • Ethical practice principles through ‘
  • National code of ethics
  • Fair competition
  • Australian standard furniture
  • Competition and consumer act 

When recruiting and acquiring resources and various services required, the organisation management should consider and focus on intellectual property and responsibilities.

Not complying with various intellectual property rights can lead to negative outcomes such as complex legal consequences to be faced. It is therefore vital for the organisation to make increased efforts in order to ensure total compliance with rights when getting both resources and services.

The intellectual property in a particular organisation is usually protected by various, procedures and dataset saucers that contributes to information need in reinforcing intellectual property responsibilities in the specific resort (Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24).  This some of the policies and relevant procedures to be followed include the following

Intellectual property policies

Implementing licensing agreements

Procedures regarding copyright protection

Procedures involved during registering intellectual; property of the organisation

Complete registering of the available intellectual; property in form of assets

The intellectual property policies governs the ownership and managing properly the property of a given deals with issues like utilization and protection of the intellectual property. It is subjected to legal provisions, regulatory matters relating to the ownership rights o (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).  organisation property. The policies might include the following recognition aspects;

Explanation of the available intellectual property disclosure of existing property

Nature and extent of assets

Types of property

Ownerships levels, commercialisation and licensing procedures required

Explanation of existing legislation procedures


Constantly carrying out audit to determine ownerships

Having intellectual property insurance

Designing of a an infringement strategy

Recording the intellectual property in an annual register for example licenses given

Staff and contractors to continuously sign a confidential agreement

Identification of an induction property ownership strategy

Another important aspect in the plan is to identify which specific employees might be harmed if affected by the risk

The management then has to evaluate the risk and install a risk assessment program. Some of the operations or alternatives should be employed for example trying to have a lower risk alternative. Organising the work operations to decrease much risks exposure(Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24).

Mission and Vision Statements

One has also to involve and consult the employees to offer precaution systems

Carry out a risk model assessment

Document format involving risk assessment template

Identify long term solutions to the expected risks and also carry out regular review of the designed risk strategic assessment program 

Ensuring the operations are kept on the agree parameters involving strategic aims, purpose and objectives

Issuing operations that consistent with organisation vision and values 

Gantt chart for monitoring progress 

As the manager of the organisation I would essential keep records effectively and conveniently.

 I would keep the information in the databases of the computer system

Use of filing system to keep the written plan of the proposal for future retrieval in the records office (Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24).

Backing up data to secondary sources in online platforms

Government storage offices

This is done to ensure no other organisations copies the strategies and operation plan of Mt Bullet resort (Boxall & Purcell, 2011,p 66).

The management can opt several ways of distributing the important communication to the relevant stakeholders. Some of the communication channels to be selected include

Holding and inviting open ended meetings with the stakeholders to convey the information through one on one level

Use of emails

Use of memos and minutes

Use of online platforms such as direct messages

Use of fast message delivery letters delivered to quickly to the stakeholders premises

Use spreadsheets methods

The future operational plan of Mt Bull resort should also take into account various aspects and theoretical perspectives (Briscoe, Tarique, Schuler, 2012,p.44).They should also focus on the employee diversification, the society, public domain, the government agencies and other competing firms. This should be done in order to involve all the key players in the entire market and those who contribute to the success of the organisations. How the company relates to the potential customers or prospective clients is also important (Brinckmann,Grichnik &  Kapsa,2010,p.24). A clear plan laying out proper strategies on how to improve customer relationship should be done. This will ensure curbing future problems and thus making the company establish a competitive advantage over the rivals dealing with the same products. The plan should also acknowledge product development and marketing control,

The following staff should have the authority to ensure the plan is signed and becomes an aim to be implemented over future operation period

The management committee

The executive directors’



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