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Key Features of a Good Quality Job Description

Job description refers to the process which outlines the role and responsibilities of a particular job. With the help of a correct job description the human resource manager can easily pool down the qualified applicants who are fit for the job. After recruiting the human resource, this information further helps the manager to ensure that thee employee in the organization is working according to the requirements of the job (Bush, & Middlewood, 2013). Further the key features of a good quality job description are discussed below:

- Job summary: at the initial stage of job description, the data includes a short summary about the details entailed in the job. This gives an introduction to the description of the job and helps the candidates to understand the job profile in a better way.

- Duties and responsibilities: just after the job summary, the job description outlines the precise duties and responsibilities which are to be fulfilled by the recruits. Each duty defined in the job description should include the outcomes of the task performed by the employee. For instance, talking about the sales manager, it shall state to create a spreadsheet using Excel to analyze product sales. In this way the description shall include a list of responsibilities which the employees are obliged to fulfill (Aithal, & Kumar, 2016).

- Qualification: this part of the job description specifies the education and experience which the employees inherit in them. It also provides an overview of the skills which the prospective candidate shall hold in them in order to attain the job.

- Company information: along with the job description, company profile in also circulated in the market so that the candidates adequately gets to know about the company and what position they are providing and mainly the code of ethics which the employees need to fulfill during their course of job (Drucker, 2013).

Also there are many phases in the organization the job description is used. Thus, it shall be noted that job description is an important part of the organization’s recruitment process as it bring more and more candidates for employment in the organization. It also gives a clear view of the job to the personnel and the candidates and decreases disputes as well (Drucker, 2017).

- Clinic receptionist: the professional should inherit adequate skills to manage issue with children in NWRH. The below mentioned is the job description which a person shall understand before apply for the job.

Job Description in North West Regional Hospital (NWRH)

- Open the children ward and prepare summary of every patient after their meeting with doctor. Assist the doctor with their appointments and recall them important meetings as well (Hudson, 2017).

- Assist the patients with their booking with the doctors. Perform all the front line duties like receiving calls, patient visits etc.

- Lastly the clinical manager shall know how to deal with children and their issues.

- Further the candidate should know Microsoft office training and basic computer skills as well. Also the receptionist shall possess sound organization management skills, and they shall have efficient speaking skills so that they can attract and retain the patients (Breaugh, 2017).

- Community Health Registered Nurse: the employee will be a part of NWRH but their work shall contribute on outreach sites of NWRH. Further description about the job are discussed below:

- Serve patients by visiting them at their homes. Determining the health care plan fit for the family and their needs.

- Work with team and group themselves according to localities and provide facilities in particular locality.

- Provide information related to disease spreading in the environment.

- Lastly, they shall initiate survey and provide the gathered data to the hospital. the key skills which they shall hold is that they shall have the key skills of good verbal communication, heath promotional and maintenance, quality management and listen skills, integrity, nursing skills etc. are some of the mandatorily skills required for the job in the organization (Lewis, & House, 2015).  

- Emergency Department Registrar: the job description of this post in the NWRH is discussed below:

- The employee needs to provide care of patients present in the emergency ward. They need to have adequate knowledge of the difficult situation related to trauma or disaster.

- The NWRH is committed to provide facilities to the patents for 24*7; the employee recruited in emergency wards needs to be attentive all the time.

- The employee will get double pay in case of overtime, and shall be no deductions from their basic pay. Also the employee shall show full commitment towards work as the management team can call they any time and it is their duty to respond in case of any problem (Frey, & Osborne, 2017).

- As it is the duty of the emergency ward employee to be present at any time, due to which there is special incentive scheme derived for them. This scheme is applied to all employees work under this job description.

Recruitment Advertisement for Online Use and Evaluation Method

- Lastly, this designation is very crucial position in the hospital, so the emergency team should be accountable for their work and if they want to resign then shall give prior notice to hospital one month ago (Peters, et. al., 2016).

For the purpose of evaluating the job of a nurse in NWRH, the management team needs to initially create a selection panel. This panel should hold adequate expertise so that they can judge the qualification of the recruits and prospective candidates. For the organization, maximum panel of three people is recommended. These people are responsible for recruiting nurses in organization and placing them in different sections of the country (Zwerink, etl al., 2014).

The panel shall create a selection criterion which shall decide the criteria on the basis of which they shall recruit people in a fair manner. The next step of the evaluation process is the viewing and shortlisting of candidates’ process. The selection panel shall view all the application and state the requirements to candidates as well on a prior basis. Shortlisting matrix created shall include all the major aspects of job description and person description. And the candidate who looks fit for the job shall be hired by the organization (Ren, et. al, 2017). Screening shall be initiated by the selection panel in the recruitment and section process. The recruitment and selection process shall be implemented in the following ways:

- Written application: the candidates shall present their CV and they shall also fill the application form presented by the hospital.

- Pre-screening question: questions shall be asked from the candidates related to their post in the organization. Also they shall ask questions related to the hospital, its working  and code of ethics as well. They past performance shall be judge after which interview shall be conducted and lastly skill testing shall be initiated after which the qualified individual shall be hired (Methot, et. al., 2016).

- Your skills and qualified for the job of community health nurse

-The foremost basic question that should be asked is that ‘what is your greatest weakness for the position of community health nurse?’

- What qualities do you possess which you think will help you to formulate the job and achieve the goals.

- What is your field experience for the respected job? Do you have any experience of community health nurse or any other experience which can help you to perform this job?

- What have you done to improvise your skills of community health nurse position considering from previous year.

- What knowledge do you have about the company and what kind of work you think the respected job holds.

- Why should we hire you?

- What do you think can act as you weakness in this job profile. Also tell one strength which can help you to complete the target in this job.

- What is your salary expectation from us?

- What kind of work you will have to do in this job?

- Any doubts from your side related to work and the company?

The below mentioned are the three people who shall be present in North West Regional Hospital for interviewing purpose.

Administrative manager: the administrative manager is the person who manages the human resource etc. activities in the organization. The administrative manager should be the part of the panel he is the person who has to deal with the employee and train them and look for their problems.

Senior doctor: the senior doctor of the hospital is aptly qualified to become a part of the panel. As they are the person who will judge the skills of candidate in the work field, thus they need to become a part of the panel (Nasra, & Heilbrunn, 2016).

Chief counselor: chief counselor is person who counsels the patients along with the employees of the organization. They have adequate skills to judge the communication skills and understanding skills of the candidate in the workplace. Thus, they shall also form a part of the panel in the organization (Wihler, et. al., 2017).

All the three people are qualified to become a part of the selection panel in the organization.


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