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Industry overview

Discuss About The Coastal Zone Management Practice In India.

Logan together is a long-term community campaign. It may generate the best life opportunities for every child in the Logan. It engages the diverse set of individuals from throughout the societies share a passion regarding future of their kids. Over 40,000 children in Logan come between zero to eight years old (Logan Together, 2018).   

In Australia, social care industry provides the different category of choices to attain the several care needs of each kid and family. The desire for social care is to educate the people for making their bright future. This industry also deals in different sectors such as education and health and well-being of family and their kids (Gronroos, 2016). 

Political Factors: Government Subsidies

The social care industry can be impacted by different factors such as tax legislation changes, insurance mandates, and protection of consumers. Government spending on community care could be influenced by the changing tax policy. But, at the same time, Australian government also provides the benefits in terms of offering the subsidies. The governmental alteration can impact on the community care facilities and the public in terms of changing the community care bills and plans (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, and Brennan, 2015). Thus, the government can support the Logan together for launching their new brand in Australia.

Economic Factors:

Community care organizations may be affected by different economic factors such as interest rates, unemployment, and inflation. Any of these alterations can modify how the public is competent to spend their money and impacting the policy spending. For example, Logan company deals in community care as it could not be able to pay a higher rate to their existing employees and recruit new employees in case of the higher unemployment rate. It is also evaluated that if fewer people are competent to work then they cannot get work benefits such as health and wellbeing facilities. In Australia, the unemployment rate is high hence company recruit fewer employees because people spend less on the community care activities (Chaffey, and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Thus, the economic factor can unfavorably impact on the service of Logan Together in Australia.

Community care is depending on understanding the change in public values and demographics. There are some communities who can share their beliefs, fears as well as cultural norms. If social care company has lack of understanding regarding ethical values then they can cause the issue for people. Hence, Logan Company needs to focus on the new trends for protecting and educating the family for their kid’s future (Babin, and Zikmund, 2015). 

Situation Analysis

For instance, the implementation of high-quality early education networks may provide the social and health supports to people. In Australia, the social trend of people is to focus on educating himself and their kids for making their career. People focus on investing a huge amount of capital in the child health hub and community maternity services for their wellbeing (Malhotra, and Peterson, 2014).

Australian society also emphasizes on improving the parental skill to enhance the literacy skills amongst their children. For producing the healthy life, people move towards the community and health organizations, Government partners, schools and early learning centers, charities, local business, community leaders, families, and kids. Thus, Logan together can get benefits to launch their new brand in Australian market due to social trends for making bright future (Strauss, and Frost, 2016).  

The community care industry is seeing the favorable alteration in dealing due to technological advancement. Development in community campaign permits the families to receive better care. For instance, early education service and employment projects for families provide a premium option to family and sound employment opportunity to the family. It is also evaluated that development in child health hub app, permitting the families to get care faster. There is a large number of organizations which connects Community Care Company to family (Scott, 2015). The competency to ask questions regarding social care involves the live-chat and emails on websites.     

The legal factor is associated with the legal atmosphere in which company operates. The introduction of disability discrimination legislation and age discrimination and increases in the minimum wage may affect the business performance of Logan Together. The legal alteration may influence the expenses of a company such as the development of new system and procedure and demand of customer as the law may affect the preference of customer’s buying decision (Baker, 2016).

The Australian legal system relies on primary belief in the rule of justice, law and the independence of magistrates. Each individual is treated equally before the edict. The Australian constitution of 1901 developed a federal system of government, under which rights are distributed amid the state and the federal government. Thus, this legal system may affect the day to day practices of Logan Together in Australia (Ottman, 2017). 

Environmental factor involve all non-living and living things around which people work and live. It also entails the changes in climate and weather. Australia has a large number of natural resources but it may highly impact on the global climate change. It is assessed that the market is not only feasible for temperate weather of Australia but also modifying the climatic and weather conditions. The market should find capital for unforeseen losses such as rainfall and bad weather days (Sridhar, Sachithanandam, Mageswaran, Purvaja, Ramesh, Senthil Vel, and Thirunavukkarasu, 2016).

Political Factors: Government Subsidies


It is assessed that there are different competitors of Logan Together in Australia such as QLD kids and AUS Kids. These competitors provide services at the affordable price to pull the attention of customers towards their brand.


Customers are an essential element for the company as it may impact on its revenue. Hence, Logan together targeted the customers from zero to eight years. In this way, it is assessed that Zero to a one-year baby makes effort to interact and attach with others. As a result, the company ensures baby feel safe and loved, which can be a significant mode to set the life of little one.  It is also evaluated that one to three-year babies learn all the sounds as the company needs to develop the competency by one year of age. Logan together will also focus on the growing, comprehension, speaking and co-ordination of babies (Morris, and Metternicht, 2016).

It is also evaluated that three to five years babies have chatty chipmunk on their hands. Hence, the company should focus on a basic sentence of kid and respond to their questions. Along with this, five to eight-year babies go to school and want to learn lots of new and build lifelong skills at big school. Hence, Logan together should focus on effective marketing strategy to influence the targeted customers (Ottman, 2017).


Logan together is a community campaign, which ensures Logan kids for growing healthy as any other set of Australian children. Logan people provide support in terms of leading work via co-design and co-leadership procedures. It also produces real insight to support alteration and make feasible judgments. There are six priority projects such as community maternity and child health hubs strategy, Engagement and early development strategies for kids 0-4, High-quality early education networks with health and social supports, A community education and mobilization campaign, Employment projects for families, and Social investment and service integration reforms. It is a lucrative strategy for providing social care (Malhotra, and Peterson, 2014).


· Graphics and color theme kept from the site via social media as it could be easily express and reliable branding.

· Site navigation is easy to use and simple

· Navigation links are repetitive and cyclical

· Content is multi-modal and attractive

· The target audience can access the media for obtaining the information regarding company (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016).


· Lack of links on Instagram

· Failure to update frequently Facebook and Instagram and Twitter as unable to catch the attention of people and easy to remember and inconsistent name may result in loss of followers

· Content with the level of literacy is questionable for the target audience

· A small number of social media followers (Baker, 2016).


· Make a partnership with domestic pre-schools as it can be a way to advertise initiatives for increasing popularity   

· Kids and parents hub can be expanded (Morris, and Metternicht, 2016).


· Rapid use of social media technology will cause loss of followers

· Complex for net profit organization for competing for the audience attention

· Big company brand names require more resources (Scott, 2015).


There is different marketing initiative that could be used by Logan together. These marketing initiatives are using social media for promotion and implementing online channels for distribution. Marketing initiatives will be used to increase the demand of customers, gaining revenues, and improving goodwill of the company (Scott, 2015).


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