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Innovation and Creativity in Real Sydney Tours

Discuss about the Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship.

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. This leads to the tendency of generating or recognizing ideas, alternatives, possibilities that may be useful in communicating to others, solving problems, and entertaining ourselves and others (Amabile,1998,). According to Robert in his 3rd edition on human resource, explains that there is need to be able to generate new alternatives and need to view things from different perspective in order to be creative.

The uniqueness of these alternatives is experienced when fundamental qualities of thinking is applied (Berry,2006). Such qualities are; unpredictability, tolerance of ambiguity, the enjoyment of things heretofore, flexibility and be appropriate to the cognitive demands of the situation (Fillis,2010). Most creative individuals are very passionate about their works, remarkable humble, smart, openness and great deal of energy.

Innovations is application of new ideas that meet new requirement and existing market needs for better solutions (Matthing,2008). This is basically creating more effective processes, products and ideas. It involves imagination, risk-taking, initiative in deriving different values from resources, and deliberate application of information (Shallcross,1973). The innovation is prerequisite for business organization to create revolutionary products then create new markets. In business, innovation is applied when the company employ new ideas, create dynamic products and improve the existing services to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers (Sambrook,2009).

Alliance creation, joint venturing, creation of buyers’ purchasing power and flexible working hours are facilitated by innovation especially in the social context (Sambrook,2009). When you create culture innovation and creative problem solving tactics, leads to a successful innovation which is an in-built part of your business strategy (Archibug,2002). It can also promote efficient work process, better productivity and performance in any business. Moreover, the company should be more open to the new ideas and adaptive to changes.

Creativity is unleashing the potential of mind to conceive new ideas. This act as a starting point for perfect innovations because it’s all about introducing change into relatively stable systems (Anderso,2014). The companies that have done the best and made a difference over the long haul are those who are the most creative and innovative (Amabile,19880. They use innovative ideas from others as a spring board to create unique products, applications and extraordinary services for themselves.

The tourism industry is characterized by stiff competition due to globalization. The travel and guide industry is particularly of major concern for companies offering service in that the customers are able to compare prices and services online (Berry,2006). Real Sydney Tours has employed innovative technologies to transform customer experience out of its services. All travels conducted by the company involve use of either phone, tablet or laptop provided to guide and drive the company to enable them to make calls, access email services, check weather and store photos for the customers (Matthing,2008). The guides are able to differentiate their services by providing free internet services to its customers during the travel.

Communication with customers

Innovation is currently developing at a faster rate in Africa especially in industries, Agriculture and telecommunication. The developed countries like the US, Asian countries, Australia and Europe have had for a long time the most top innovative companies in the world as per Forbes (Sambrook,2009). African companies are slowly taking the lead in their respective countries in innovation ranging from media, shopping malls, fashion, tourism and hotels, restaurants, food and beverages. Safaricom is a telecommunication industry based in Kenya that is exploiting new ideas to offer excellent products and services to stay on the lead ahead of its competitors in this lucrative business. The major competitors for Safaricom in Kenya include Airtel, Orange and Yu Mobile.

Safaricom is the largest mobile provider in Kenya that is leading in telecommunication industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Its huge growth is attributed to huge innovation in mobile transfer services using mobile known as M-Pesa. M-Pesa is abbreviation for mobile (M) and money (Pesa is Swahili word meaning money). Safaricom also offer other services through their shops including sale of high quality electronic devices, airtime and payment of utility bills.

The company is most innovative in that it has best editorial team that publishes pamphlets and magazines to provide vital information to customers in relation to its products and services. Safaricom has revolutionized customer experience by offering real time assistance through use of social media and call centers. The customer can lounge for complains or seek assistance from the customer care employees who are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week to listen to customers. By combining a variety of channels including emails, social media and call center, Safaricom is able to enhance response rate to customers’ queries to handle growing demands of the customers. Safaricom use direct mail to send password secured financial statements to its customers (Anderso,2014). The Twitter enables customer to interact one-on-one with customer care. All these innovative communication strategies are meant to boost customer loyalty to Safaricom business.

M-Pesa is a mobile based money transfer that was initiated by the company in the year 2007 and has now grown significantly with a customer base of over 20 million customers in Kenya alone. This service has further infiltrated to surrounding east African countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Ethiopia. The money transfer requires the customer to buy Safaricom line and register with agents that are distributed across the country. A subscriber can then visit any Safaricom shop or registered agent with national identity card or Kenyan passport to deposit money on his or her line. The subscriber can then send money to a recipient at a low charges fee as little as $0.27 for sending up to $50 (Fillis,2010). The recipient on the other hand can cash out money at any Safaricom agent by presenting the secret code and ID. Safaricom has further incorporated other services to M-pesa, a subscriber can buy airtime from M-Pesa at no charges.

Partnering with other companies

Safaricom has diversified its service including allowing its customers to pay utility bills via M-Pesa particularly electricity bills. The majority of Kenyans rely on electricity as source of power and thus Safaricom has eased the way customers pay for electricity bills using pay bill number at their convenience. Some other services associated with M-pesa include transfer of money to non-users, purchase of airtime and the transfer of money between the service and several bank markets.

Safaricom has partnered with Old Mutual Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank to offer mobile banking services to its customers. The M-Shwari is an innovative banking product for M-Pesa customers that allow people save and borrow money through their mobile phones. The most important part about M-Shwari is that it allows earn great interest on money saved and the customers can get emergency loan from M-Shwari at affordable rates. This service has increased the loyalty of Safaricom customers.  M-Shwari is recognized as one of top innovation mobile industry since it has several benefits to customers including convenience, paperless, no transaction fee when moving money between M-Pesa and M-Shwari, access to credit facilities, no minimum balance, competitive interest and no ledger fees.

All saving on M-Shwari earn interest to customers at rate of 7.5% per annum (Berry,2006). Similarly, the loan is levied a one-time charge of 7.5% (Berry,2006). M-Shwari is also abbreviation of mobile (M) and Calm (Shwari, a Swahili word meaning calm or smooth). M-Shwari is product offered by Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) that partnered with Safaricom. The M-Shwari is innovative and has taken the Kenyan market by storm allowing most Kenyans especially in rural areas who do not have bank accounts to access digital financial services that increase value to customers.

KCB M-Pesa is newest innovation entering Kenyan market that is as a result of partnership between Safaricom and Kenya Commercial Bank. KCB M-pesa was introduced in 2015 to transform money transfer platform in Kenya due to increased mobile penetration across the nation. The features of KCB M-pesa mimics those of M-Shwari however, the loan limit for KCB M-pesa ranges from Kenya shillings (KShs) 50 to KShs 1 million.

Henry Wanyoike is one of the person(s) with reputable remarks when creativity and innovation is concerned. He was a promising runner on the Kenyan national team. At the age of 21, he lost 95% of his sight over a night in 1995 when a stroke damaged his optic nerves (Anderso,2014). Through several therapy sessions, he learned to become sufficient again and was able to return to athletics. This is because of his desire and willpower to become a champion despite the challenge he was going through. One year later, he was so passionate and he qualified for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic games (Sambrook,2009). His desire to take care of his guardian who was suffering from malaria, motivated him and he won the gold medal in the 5,000m, guided by the shouts of the crowds. He followed that performance with the gold medal in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games (Anderso,2014).

Despite many challenges, he has created numerous innovations in his country Kenya and world at large. Henry is involved with several charity projects in Kenya and throughout the world. He is also blessed to run his own organization, the Henry Wanyoike Foundation (HWF). This foundation is known to raise money that take care of the people with cataract operations in Kenya. He has also been nominated to the Kiambu county assembly to further the interest of the disabled. He has further become all round as people from his ward and beyond approach him with a myriad of social-economic problems afflicting them (Andrso,2014). This foundation is also involved in giving motivational talks to the Kenyan youth. The foundation is also concerned with campaign that really addresses importance of conserving the environment. Henry was acting as a role model by taking a walk with several youth as they clean garbage dumpsite areas in his county. During the valentine’s day when everybody in the world was celebrating their loved ones, Henry and his friend Joseph were busy planting trees at Karura forest which is one of the largest forest in Kenya.

Kenyan women are flowing with creativity and innovation in various fields. They have made their remarks in society by influencing a lot of change and progress in Kenya and world at large. Gina Din is a managing director of Gina Din Corporate Communication (GDCC) in Kenya and   ambassador of the Kenya red cross (Daniel,2013). This was a follow up of many times she was involved in mobilizing resources for humanitarian assistance on behalf of the Kenya red cross organization. She is specializing in strategic communication and public relations. Most of her clients are Safaricom, KCB, Kenya airways and Kenya Red Cross.

Through her innovations, she has spearheaded GDCC to a level that has seen the company consecutively win the prestigious public relations consulting firm ward for many years (Daniel,2013). She has been a member of Eco-bank Kenya Ltd. She has implemented several social multi-level retail merchandising business targeting skilled, unemployed Kenyan youth, operates. She is recognized for her business innovation and leadership in both her community and internationally.


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