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Organizational Values of Comptech Solution BPO

Discuss About The Excellence Quality Management Organizational.

The Business process outsourcing can be defined as the contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third –party provider. Some of the chief services provided by the COMPTECH SOLUTION BPO businesses include payroll, accounting, Human resources and consumer call centre relations. The mission statement of the mentioned BPO is to enable their client to grow their business by providing flexible and smart outsourcing as well as off shoring solutions in Australia while contributing to the development of the nation. The vision statement of the same institute is to become the leader for offshoring and outsourcing solutions in Australia.

The organizational value of the COMPTECH SOLUTION BPO is responsible for the formation of a strong foundation which dictates the management how to work in an ideal way. The aim of the company is to live up to their core organizational values that are discussed bellow

  1. Integrity

In order to ensure integrity in the COMPTECH SOLUTION organization, the management of the company implements strategies to act responsibly, stay committed to their duties and to demonstrate ethical behaviour in all interactions with the consumers, employees as well as the community.

  1. Transparency

The management of the mentioned BPO conduct themselves with condor and openness where all the interests are aligned.

  1. Value Creation

In order to create value, the BPO partners with their stakeholders with the aim to understand, meet and exceed their expectation from the company.

  1. Professionalism

The company focuses on their service delivery by implementing the best tools, people as well as the best industry practices in the daily operation in order to gain consumer loyalty and brand reorganization.

  1. Social Responsibility

The social aim of the company is to impose a positive impact on the people of Australia along with all the people and communities who interacts with the mentioned organization.

When it comes to the BPO business, the IT industry of Australia is highly saturated. Some of the crucial competitors of the COMPTECH SOLUTION Company in Australia include Aditya Birla Minacs, Atento, Concentrix and Conduent (Zott and Amit 2013).  All the above mentioned companies are well reputed for their Outsourcing services and hence posses similar kinds of strengths as well as weaknesses.

  1. High Brand equity: As mentioned earlier, all the four business industries are well reputed and belong to the IT industry for quite a large amount time. The amounts of revenue earned by the mentioned companies are much higher than that of the COMPTECH SOLUTION Thus it can be understand that brand equity can be considered as a major strength of these companies.
  2. Consumer Loyalty: Being well-reputed, consumers of Australia as well as overseas consumers prefers to the above mentioned companies to any start-up companies. Moreover, due to the high quality of the service provided by them helps the companies to maintain as well as enhance their consumer base.
  3. High quality of Service. All the four above mentioned competitors of the COMPTECH SOLUTION Company are well known for their outsourcing service provided by them. Hence the high quality of their service can be considered as another major strength of the mentioned organizations.
  1. The Aditya Birla Minac and Condeuent Company have been found to suffer from high employee attrition. Some of the major reason behind the attrition of the employees includes low job satisfaction and lack of incentives.
  2. Another major problem faced by all the four institutions is the cultural differences. Considering the fact that the service provided by the BPOs is 24*7, the festivals and holidays of company often found to be contradicting with that of the clients requirement (Van Der Aalst, La Rosa and Santoro 2016). Hence to deal with that this, the companies hire extra manpower during the festive season to deal with absenteeism. However, though festivals are temporary, the cost of the extra man power is not temporary.


·         Human Resources: The COMPTECH SOLUTION  Company has a strong Human resource department that helps to prevent employee attrition and enhance the productivity of the employees by providing effective training.

·         Round the clock service: Like other BPO companies, the COMPTECH SOLUTION  Company also provides round the clock service to its clients.

·         Technologically advancement: The Company uses high technology to deal with the clients’ requirement which facilities the communication procedure as well as enhance the productivity of the company.


·         Marketing issues: Being a small sized firm, the mentioned company reported marketing as a major issue faced by it.

·         Transaction costs to explore market possibilities are also very high. Besides that, larger companies often select well reputed BPOs to give their contract.


·         The company can enhance its infrastructure as well as the skill of its employees to enhance the quality of their services.


·         High competition can be considered as a major threat for the mentioned Company

·         The anti-outsourcing bill in the US in order to deal with the unemployment rate can be considered as another major strength for the Organization as well as the industry.


·         The Australian Government is highly supportive to the BPO industries of the nation (Kasemsap 2013).

·         The entry cost of running an Outsourced business is low.


The strong currency makes exporting more difficult to raise the price in term s of foreign currency.


The BPO industries in Australia face difficulties due to the aging population as well as frequent changes in the social trend of the nation. The efficiency of older employees is not as high as that of younger employees.


Being a highly developed country, Australia is highly advanced in technology. This provides the company with the opportunity to enhance their communication and productivity with the help of advanced technologies (Galliers and Leidner 2014).

Before making the strategic plan each department of the company need to conduct individual research and generate a documented report for their department and should be presented in the initial meeting for building the strategic plan (Ward 2016). The following tables represent the involvement of the departments with required documentation:


Required documents, research and background

Business development

Financial turnover during the marketing campaign

Resultant profit and loss for the campaign

Number of business attainment of each month and percentage

Number of industry attainment in each month and percentage

Existing market share and potentiality

Cost of client validation and sustaining

Target market segment

Target performance measurement of each staffs and team members

Performance management

Number of employee

Rate of employee turnover

Comparison of employee turnover among previous months

Percentage of validate appointment by employees

Cost of validate appointment by employees

Time line of settling the key performance target and the number of days needed

Operation management

Internal profit and loss including the human resource and other expenses

Required campaign to meet the target

Required employee count to meet the performance level

Current target and Key Performance Indicator of each team

Current mission and vision statement and operational objectives

Potential operational improvement and work flow alterations

Strengths and Weaknesses of Comptech Solution BPO

The report and documentation of each department are analysed to identify current operational position and potential operational position without considering any changes.

The appropriate Target Markets have been analysed through the group discussion. It is also helpful to formulate the feasibility of the market expansion strategies. Currently the most powerful competitors are in the Telecommunications industry (Cotter and Fritzsche 2014).

It has been found that the Business Development required more campaigns to execute. At the same time, controlling the time and energy investment for the unhappy clients can be very helpful to generate new happy client count. 

The operational efficiency and potentialities of the Staffs have been also analysed and found that their performance had decreased significantly. Faulty recruitment, selection, training and development process have been identified as the major key holes for this declination.

To enhance the workforce performance and productivity Operating Hours have been changed to regulate the optimum performance level (Wheelen et al. 2017). It has been found that the overtime market operation will not be beneficial as the smaller and accurate market operating and campaigns.

Detail of each strategy with the assigned priority, a timeframe, responsible parties and measurable indicators



Responsible person



KPI’s were set where were not enforced properly

Current Strategies had to be rolled out

Employee performance manager

3 month


The total running cost and cost per employee had been identified

More frequent and tangible action plans have to be submitted.

Employee performance manager

1 month


The Business Development has changed deliverable Sales Message

Communication plan has to be made on a daily basis

Manager of sales department

1 weak


The backup plans were delivered to each member of the Business Development Team

Each team member has to report on a daily basis

Operational Manager

1 month


Effective Performance Management must initiate the Warning Process.

Additional training as been scheduled for all Departments

Human Resource Manager

1 month


Each Head of Departments will deliver the by-products of the strategy to their Team Managers

New Company Handbook with the updated Mission Statement will be delivered to all staff

General Manager and operational manager

5 days


Review the effectiveness of the strategies is the most essential part of the strategic business plan making (Van Der et al. 2016). The developed business plan can be monitored by the comparing the equivalent financial report regarding the daily cash-flow. Collection of regular basis feedback from the marketing staff and the team leaders will be submitted once in a weak.

Making necessary changes to the strategic plan and objectives is also the essential part of ensuring the optimum effectiveness of the regulatory strategic business plans. With the help of Forward Plans refinements the key faulty issues identified in the review part will be modified (Goetsch and Davis 2014). As an example if an potential employee cannot meet the required of KPI, the immediate training will be initiated. If the employee would not have the potentiality he or she can be terminated. Similarly, if the Target Markets cannot fulfil primary objectives the immediate alteration within target marketing section will be conducted.

During the initial execution of the strategic business plan Evaluation will be the chief concern for the Comptech Solution. In every alternative week, the alteration process will be conducted within the existing strategic planning (Cowley and Domb 2012). This operation will be done with the presence of all the valuable stakeholders and operationally responsible person.

  • It allows the business organisation to be proactive in spite of reactive
  • It provides the business guidelines and directions
  • It enhances the operational efficiencies
  • It makes the business more sustainable
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Work Heath and Safety
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Fare Trading Act
  • Competition and Consumer Act
  • Working with Contracts Regulations
  • The mission statement focuses on the present goals and objectives concerning the regulatory environmental components and organisational strategic objectives.
  • The vision statement focuses on the future to develop the source of motivation and basic philosophy to make the busyness profitable as well as ethical.
  • Brief clear and precise
  • Abstract as well as challenging
  • Endure organisational purpose
  • Attainable and matched organisation’s success measure
  • Tax plan and financial plan
  • Business structure and start up advice
  • Employee management advice
  • Legal and partnership management advice

It s a external environmental analysis of a business industry that regulates the opportunity and threats for a business under a certain industry including Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors

  • Political: Government support, Political stability
  • Economic: Tax rate, GDP growth of market
  • Social: Consumer trends
  • Technological: Digitalisation, advancement of operational equipments

Equal opportunity: Providing equal opportunity for all employees and pursuing candidate

Ethical principles: Maintain the operational ethics for both internal and external environment

Codes of practice: Following the acts and regulation enforced by the government

Privacy laws Victoria: Preserving the rights of having confidential data and information

Occupational health and safety: employer rights and responsibilities towards the employees to maintain the healthy and safety environment within the work culture

Anti-discrimination: employer rights and responsibilities to provide equal privilege to all the employees irrespective of their gender, age, race, religion, background and other divisions.

  • Anti-discrimination Act: Employer has the responsibility to provide equal opportunity for all employees and pursuing candidate irrespective of their gender, age, race, religion, background and other divisions.
  • Work Heath and Safety Act: Employer and Employee have the responsibilities to maintain the healthy and safety work environment while providing financial and operational support for any WHS related discrepancy.
  • Australian Consumer Law: The business organisation has the responsibility to serve their consumers with transparent and ethical business operation while providing adequate support for any case of discrepancy.
  • Working with Contracts Regulations: The business organisation has the responsibility to maintain the agreement and contractual regulation within their partnership management and other value exchanging operation.
  • Higher profitability and market share
  • Stable and flexible business operational structure
  • Sustainable business growth  and potentialities..


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