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Project Description

Discuss about the Fundamental Requirements For High-Performing Networks.

Nowadays for one to come up with a good IT infrastructure first of all one must study all the existing IT Infrastructures in the organization. This helps one in knowing what to keep and or what do away with. Transmission control protocol in information technology is a very wide topic and when doing the analysis of such it may need us to be very keen.  The idea behind networking design is understanding the needs of AusEd organization. As the IT manager for AusEd to design a network infrastructure we use consider many things that need to be met at the completion of the entire project. In this research we intend to understand the principles and the exact model that need to be used in designing the network for AusEd in making the work flexible, resilient and much more very easy to manage (Adato, 2015).

The project is for AusEd in which we need to maintain an accounting system to run the proprietary MYOB software, improving the customer relationship management through the systems where they intend to use the Sugar CRM software and the MS Exchange Server 2007 for the email System. We want to give an analysis of the network design of the IT infrastructure that need to be setup by AusEd. The institutions has about 2000 students and about 100 staffs without necessary considering the external users of the premises. We need to do an evaluation and give a detailed analysis that will be based on the student computers, the work stations of the staffs, photocopying and scanning facilities, video-conferencing facilities, wireless connections and many other.

We are needed to come up with an IT infrastructure diagram that will help in creation of the proposal of the stated new infrastructure of IT. The diagram to be drawn is to explain all the types of servers that have been used and their location in the network indicating the devices for securities such as the firewalls and the virtual private networks.

The purpose for doing an analysis report is to help AusEd in meeting and achieving its strategic plan which comprises of two elements that is; increasing its come through diversification of sources used for funding, minimizing the cost of all the non-core activities. The other purpose for AusEd is coming up with technology plan in future that will help in creation of offline Moodle where students will be able to maintain their personal computers and also develop an add on Moodle which is kind of a project where student do photo exam on their personal computers.

Purpose and Scope of the Problem

The main objective of this project is understanding the network future scalability that will help in accommodating additional devices in future (Coleman, 2012). We would also a network design that will be easy to manage when problems arises and when there is need for troubleshooting in cases when they arise. Also the security of the network will be a great consideration as making this network design we will need to consider the security of the network and that is why we have told to explain on the use of security devices and software’s such as the firewalls and the virtual Private networks (VPNs).

The assumptions that have been made in this context is that we have used a small diagram showing the way the content and devices in the whole network infrastructure will need to be laid. We have also considered to use the three-layered Hierarchical network model for designing the network. The cost used for analyzing the devices is not necessary the actual price.

Device Name



Fiber cable

This will be the cables used for connecting the networking devices, workstations, printers and scanners


Scalable switches

This is a switch that will help in enhancing the flexibility and the scalability when we are configuring. They have ports that they use to connect all the other devices in the department Invalid source specified. .



A device that will be used to connect the local area network with the internet.


Wireless access point (Transceiver WAP)

The wireless Access Point devices are used for broadcasting the WI-FI signals across the ITech company where many users can access the network using wireless connections.



They are used in enhancing the storage and sharing of resources of the network of AusEd. In this case we will have some different servers where we will use such:

1. Dynamic Host Configuration protocol Server (DCHCP)- this is used for assigning the IP address to other devices connected over the network.

2. Mail server- an application that manages transfer of emails across the network. In this case the server must ensure that all emails are effectively stored and that they users communicate efficiently.

3. File Server- stores and manages the transfer of resources across AusEd network.

4. DNS server- used for matching the domain names with IP address associated within the network Invalid source specified..


Access devices

These are the devices that are used for communicating across the network. These devices include things like printers, scanners and personal computers.


Security Devices

Firewall- this is a hardware or it can also be a software that will help in enforcing all rules of the data packets that enter or leave the network. They are used for filtering the traffic and lowering the risks that the travelling packets over the public internet may impact over the security of AusEd Network.

VPN- this is a technology that is known for creating a network connection that is very safe and it offers encryption hence it makes the network to be very secure especially when internetworking with the internet.


Other devices that will be used By AusEd in making its network complete are as follows:

- RJ 45 connectors and points

- Ethernet cables (cat 6e)

- Computers

- Printers

- Scanners

- Hubs

- Modem

- Network interface card (NIC)

- The media converters

The following is a simple diagram that shows the use of a three layer hierarchical of AusEd network.

In the above simulation we see that we have some computers that are using the access layer acting as the end user devices which are connected to the switch via an Ethernet cable. The DHCP server will be used in configuring the way the computers and any other workstation IP addresses are assigned automatically (Macken, 2016). In the diagram as shown below the DNS Server will be used for matching the web files of all hosted resources on the server while all webservers are used for hosting the website of AusEd and its web applications that will be used by the outsiders or external students who are doing distant learning. In this case as seen from the below simulation any staff or student in AusEd network can be able to view all files hosted in the web on the webserver when accessing over the network (Meena, 2017).

In demonstrating the three-hierarchical network design we will have to break the network in to three layers where each layer is modelled in a way that they will perform specific functions which always will help to simplify the design of the network and thus making it easy to scale and manage (CISCO, 2014).

The three layers above gives us the design model and functions as follows.

Core layer- layer that help in connecting the layers of distribution to very large local area networks in AusEd.

Scope of the system and Assumptions

Distribution Layer- layer that is used for connecting all the components in the access layer by enabling their connection at the access layer and the associated services (Cisco, 2013).

Access Layer- offers the provision that directs the end user to connect in the network

Lastly is the sample diagram that was drawn using the packet tracer clearly indicating all the necessary and significant devices that will need to be connected over the network? 

Device Name

Brand Name



TOTAL Cost ($)

Personal Computers


Core i5






Web server

Mail server

File Server

DNS server













- Display of about 5” with a graphical TFT color display.

- Support codec of up to G.722





48 ports-Its support 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports

Each has a forwarding capacity of about 71.4 mpps





Supports up to 10G

- It has two antenna

- Has a frequency channel of about 2.4ghz and 10Ghz

- Supports all WEP, WPA and the WPA2

- Its compliant to ABCs standards of 802.11






RV220w network security firewall

- High performance Gb Ethernet connections

- 4 ports 10/100/1000

- Supports 802.1Q (VLAN)





VPN 3002 hardware

- Offer secure remote connections

- It has VPN-aware routers that communicates with the routers through firewalls to help in permitting the legitimacy of the VPN traffic to pass when the need arise (Tittel, 2016).






-supports all Ethernet cables

-can support up to about 328ft




414,125 $

The reason why we applied the use of cisco switch and router is because they are extremely reliable and Cisco excelling well in the field of networking this has helped them in diagnosing and trying to fix and issues in the software with the equipment they are connected to. The other reasons justifying their selections is because of the manageability as the switches will provide remarkable uptime that is always as a result of the enhanced diagnostics.

Scalability of cisco devices is very easy and offers a wide range of varieties of products. Interoperability of the devices from cisco and those from other companies providing an assurance that the compatibility would not be a problem when we buy Cisco equipment’s. The cost is friendly as compared to other organisations like IBM (Cisco, 2012).

The community goal for any organization is establishing the local economy that is viable in the economy, that is environmental sound and socially responsible. In achieving this goal we have to participate in all fields or sectors that are within AusEd and outside AusEd institution. We have to determine the needs of AusEd institution as well as identifying and implementing the innovative and the solutions that are appropriate. If the technological advances are put in to application the environment around may it be the business, health and the education will help in providing new opportunities for the people globally. The information available will have many implications about the current guiding the economy accordingly.

In this case the technique applied is like that of the e-waste where we apply the electronic waste by dismantling all the already existing network equipment’s where we break them in to smaller components in different locations in AusEd. In this case they are broken down in to frames (Layers). The three hierarchical layer model of the network design is a techniques that has been applied by IT manager as it will allow future scalability of the network hence this makes AusEd a sustainable economy.


The research is based much on the equipment’s and how this devices can be arranged to interconnect with each other, where a router and a switch can communicate over the wide area network of AusEd from all the branches. Sales, Course Delivery division and the operations division all have a central data center where all the resources they share are stored and managed. We have used the Three-hierarchical layer network design in explaining the way the devices will be arranged from the access layer to distribution layer and lastly to the core layer. If the above information is applied by AusEd then they will be guaranteed a smooth network implementation in all its branches.


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